The Planetary Brain…

If this is true, what does it mean for all of us?  That is to say if the internet is analogous to the human collective brain.  That is to say if all of these connections are a learning process.  That is to say that ‘real’ progress in our infantile awakening of this thinking and learning tool.
I watched a film recently:”Surviving Progress”.  Apart from the ‘greeny’ attitude it took, it had many other lessons to teach.  Now, I am not a tree-hugger.  You know me better than that.  But as a manifestation of the disease that is humankind…well, then, yes.  I’ll go along with the observations of symptomatic destruction of our planet.  It all boils down to a few very simple deductions.  Firstly, the production-consuption paradigm in which we have been held prisoner as a species for well over two centuries, is a failed one.  That should be obvious to even a school child.  Returns diminish.  Just the way it is.  Secondly, the entire idea of finance, upon which such a paradigm is built is a scam that benefits no one but those with the most dead presidents in their pockets.  Those that do not labor and incur debt from this system.  We have to come up with a new idea.  We have to trash the old one.  Or…as Carlin once put it, the earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.
Of course the film of which I speak did not make the leap into the realm of WHO is actually responsible for the continuation of this failing experiment on we lab-rats.  Other than to say that, these illusive “bankers” and their investors…or these shadowy “Corporations” are at fault, it implies that the thought process that continues such rape of the planet(and hence the rape of its inhabitants) is somehow inherently a human failure.  And that through the collective intelligence of humankind and its ability to excel when its back is against the wall, we will find solutions through this emerging intelligence of world-wide communication via computer technology.  I beg to differ…slightly.
But it’s a good start.  Recognizing and revealing the error of our ways in detail.  And that is happening more and more often recently. 

 Well…it would, wouldn’t it.  We don’t have much of a choice in the matter.  When within two more generations the wealth gap in the world will widen to the point of those that are starving and those greedy assholes that are living in luxury. There won’t be much more. Haves and have-nots.  And I gotta say that a certain cult for which I have a bit of loathing, seem to be as unequally represented in proportion of the ‘haves’, as they are in the media, banking, education and politics.  That is the way it is now.  I don’t expect such a trend to change.  So this cult must, as a mindset, own our global decline.  This to me, is a given.  All one has to do…without an agenda…is to look up who these bankers and corporation owners are exactly.  When you come up with a percentage above 70% of these greedy fuckers being jewish…well…what’s a Mother to do?  But make the conclusion that something about this ‘religion’ and its teachings allow such greed.  Such simple-minded pleasure-seeking avidity that seems to know no bounds…well, most of the travails of the human species seem to fall into the shape of a huge arrow pointing in the direction of modern-day Jerusalem.

So how do we get from where we are…to where we want to be?  Well, short of ‘storming the castle’…this film and most of those that contribute to this new planetary brain of ours…have few suggestions that amount to much more than band-aids.  As you probably are aware, my sentiments lie along the lines of the ‘castle’ thing.  But that’s just me.
An interesting fact that one of the financial talking-heads in above film laid before the viewer was this.  The first empire that refused to wipe all debt of its society…that is to say, start with a clean slate financially…was the Roman empire.  The head suggested, and I concur, that one of the major reasons for the decline and fall of said Romans was indeed this stubborn pronouncement that “a debt is a debt”. And that all debts AND their interest must be paid, no matter what. Why were they the first?  Because they were the first government in history that did not own their society’s debt.  The first to hand such matters of usury over to ‘private’ interests.  Well, we all know who represented such ‘private’ interests.  The same ones that insist on continuing such folly at the expense of everyone else today.
If we continue with this analogy of the planetary brain, I feel, that the outlook is a very positive one.  And I do subscribe to such a philosophy.  Our ‘brain’ is going to go through the self-same learning paths that our biological ones do.  We must, and will eventually defer selfish concerns for those altruistic ones.  We must…or perish.  No matter how imbedded these old paradigm instructions are in our slow-moving bodies, our new mind will take hold and cast us in a new direction where such materialistic endeavors do not rule the day.  I believe this wholeheartedly.
The efforts I put forth here and those of many, many others in our ‘brain’ will cause us to take that last step in identification, and eventual eradication of these tribal ‘kill the golden goose’ memes. It is only logical.  And our new brain is nothing if it isn’t that.

Our planetary brain was always needed.  It is here.  Teach it.  Learn from it.  Act upon the knowledge it supplies.


2 thoughts on “The Planetary Brain…

  1. that was a hand made flogging device used by the man on the moneychangers….who were not actually who they claimed to be…John 8:33…the truth is no one on earth has to be a jewish…especially not the khazars who were not israelites, either.the most logical solution is very simple…THE OVEN.if "THEY" truly are hebrews, no worries – like shadrack, meshack & obednigo…they'll be perfectly OKon the other hand, if they aren't …well…GOOD RIDDANCE.Mullins' Book THE WORLD ORDER is a good read on the who & how…

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