Render Unto Caesar…

After having watched Caesar’s Messiah”, I have a swirling bee-storm in my head.  I guess I should let them out here.  For most of them are pertinent to the thrust of this site. Firstly, I highly recommend this film. It’s one of those head-smacks for anyone that has ever pondered the beginnings of Christianity.  Whether one accepts the myths surrounding this particular religion to be taken literally or as allegorical…or has a more secular ‘atheistic’ view  of it… I think you will come away impressed.  Very little presented in the film can be disproved by the most scholarly of Christian, or in fact, jewish apologists.  And you get the added bonus of listening to one of my favorite gals…D.M. Murdock.

But it goes beyond that.

It is delightful to watch myths fail.  When the fairytales that fail are harmful to the world.

Many have accused me of being soft on religion here at ‘howdarei”.  And with good reason. Apart from judaism, I am.  I learned long ago about the power of myth.  It‘s place in the human psyche.  It‘s stubborn and sluggish transition into more logical thought patterns. The comfort it affords…the tradition it supports…and in general, the need to walk softly concerning it.  But those times are changing.  And I am glad for it.  It is very much like confirming to a child, that ‘yes, there is no Santa Claus, when they grow to understand that he might just be mythical.  Because you are beneficiary to the supportive conclusion to that slight disappointment by telling such a child “Your Mom and I give you these gifts because we love you and look forward to seeing you so happy on Christmas”.  But of course Santa never waged war on anyone.  A purely beneficent mythical creature, Santa. It is easy to replace him in the eyes of a child, with an even more beneficent and objective reality. Just as science has replaced so many myths about the very real need for knowledge of when to plant and reap, so too will the myths of all religions give way to a much more impressive and useful understanding of our own human history. 

Of course, not all of you understand this now, and may not in your lifetime.  And that’s okay.  Though I am not gifted with any special wisdom or knowledge that you yourself cannot acquire, I understand that the personal needs for religion vary from person to person.  I am not the first, the only, or the most clever to hint to you that there is no Santa, or Christ or Mohammad.  And, if you are religious in any way, I know you have your arguments prepared and memorized against such blasphemous debate.  And that too is okay. I won’t even debate the issue here.  That’s not what this place is about.  For if you side with me on the evil intent of judaism…and use your own particular myths as weaponry in such battle, I would hate to see you fail…so I will point out your lack of artillery.
But continuing the allegory of SC that I started up there(I love allegory…as does religion itself), it too can be replaced with a more objective and much more awe-inspiring view of the universe and our place in it.  Each religion(save one)glorifies love/regard for its fellow human.  That is in us regardless, (and probably shaped) of the myths to which we cling. It isn’t ‘Santa-given‘.  So this gives me hope that such dangerous mythological incentive used as tools to coerce and subjugate, that this compendium of the world’s religions(save one) will ‘boil down’ to the essential precepts of regard for it’s fellows.

You, of course, have noted my “save-one” references.  So I will, using the myth-busting attitude of the subject film, direct you to understand that judaism and its rebellious ‘chosenness’ attitude is indeed what brought about the Roman need to create Christianity in the first place.  As explained in the documentary, it was the warring jew that would not conform to Roman influence that, through a jewish-turncoat, gave rise to the very Gospels that are yet revered as the peaceful edicts that are the very foundation of any and all good that Christianity has brought to history.  Whether you believe the jew to be an ‘evil’ entity by way of metaphysics or as this cult is simply explained in the study, you are on the right track.  For very little has changed over the millenia with either religion.  The Christian still seeks to improve the world(by doctrine)through peaceful/trusting means…and judaism still wars through adoration of itself.
I couldn’t have ordered a better explanation of the way things are in our modern world from the true history of both religions.  It fits.  It is entirely objective. No Santa Claus required. 

So don’t miss this one.  Believe it or not.  Understand the objectivity of the research and conclude what you must. Anti-semitism is as essential to propagate today as it was to the Romans during their reign.  We must destroy this cult.  Then and only then, can we render unto humanity what is humanity’s.


Let’s Pretend…

Do you remember “tend like”?  That is short for ‘let’s pretend as if…”
A fun game with which girls would begin every doll-playing session, and boys began a rousing game of cowboys-and-Indians.  It was the ultimate in subjectivity.  An exercise in role-playing for the young.  Good training.  They would have to play it time and again as they grew.  And we did.  “Let’s ‘tend like I’m the Mommy and you are the Daddy and a corporate exec about to lay-off thousands of people”.  “Then let’s tend like you are a factory worker, slaving away for 50-60 hours every week to make ends meet and raise all those ‘tend like’ babies...but this time you get laid off.  Let’s tend like this makes us happy”. If one does this enough, the subjectivity of it all begins to melt away and leave the reality of being careful what you wish for.  Being careful what you pretend.  But what of those that pretend while at the top of the heap?  What about their subjectivity?
I watched and read two empirically important things recently, that gave me pause.  Things don’t often do that.  Make me think differently than I have ‘tended like’ in the past.  I have thirsted, as I am sure you have, throughout my life for things that teach me.  That change my perceptions of things.  Someone with some truly objective answers.  
The first of these two things was a book suggested by a friend: “You Gentiles”, by Maurice Samuel.  And the video was a sermon by used-to-be-Bishop Williamson(“Will no one rid me of this turbulent Priest?”), on Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.
In the book, Mr. Samuel tells it like it is.  There is no anti-semitism in it, of course…but by its very nature, it supports everything I have been saying about jewish identity.  You would have to read it in lieu of my detailed analysis, to understand the specifics about which I speak.  But the gist of what I garnered is that the jewish culture is one bent on destruction of the Gentile ones.  They do this simply because they view the Gentiles as children at play.  Societies other than kosher ones are not taken seriously by the judaic, so they do not play by their rules.  This is, of course, quite true.  I have been trying to get this simple fact (objective) through to Gentiles for a long time.  Mr. Samuel makes no bones about this fact, but he does quite a bit of ‘tend like’ in rationalizing it.  He implies that jews understand (innately), that Gentiles at play are dispensable simply because they do not understand the equality with which the jewish see themselves to God himself.  Truly ‘chosen’.  Chosen to rule.  Chosen to be their own messiah.  Chosen to be Gods.  Let’s ‘tend like.
Bishop Williamson’s sermon, although covering quite different ground, depicts such delusional thinking.  In it, he states that although Orwell‘s novel was brilliant(as was Orwell himself),the author fails to see his own lesson concluded in the tome.  That is that his protagonist eventually lost the battle against the Party, simply because he had no real view of the objective…ie, the objectivity of faith.  Well, I would quarrel with that point…but I see where he is going, and I like it.  Two plus two does indeed equal four.  I at least have faith in that.  I like the fact that the Bishop always returns to the objective.  Not the subjectivity of the “jew“-world order.  He names it without naming it.  And because he has denied the objectivity of the holocaust…if pushed, and off the record…I think he would reiterate much of what we know to be true considering the ‘tribe’.  I believe he understands who is behind the decline of the Catholic church just as clearly as you and I do.  He understands who was really behind 9/11, as indeed do we.  I would nit-pick religious particulars with him if I had the chance, but on the whole, I cannot think of anyone I would rather hear a sermon from.

So let’s ‘tend like’ given the chance…we could all return to the objective view of things.  This is this. It isn’t what you want us to think it is.  It doesn’t matter who wins elections, if indeed they were real elections.  Pretending that a vote counts for anything is subjective and a waste of time and energy. I don’t wanna ‘tend like’ any more.   As a matter of fact…I will go out on a limb and break one of my own rules.  I will quote the Bible:  “…when I became a man, I put childish ways behind me”.  And pretending things are something other than what they are…is childish.  And for the most part, as adults, is very dangerous. 

So how are these two things related?  They both identify ‘childish ways‘.  The jew’s pretense that they are in any way ‘divine‘ and that our Gentile lives are in anyway important to them, except as slaves.  And our tendency to believe that they are not simply playing a game with us.  Both of these instances of pretending will spell the downfall of the world as we know it.  That is a fact. 

My First Re-Print…

With the recent release of “Atlas Shrugged-Part II”, I thought about writing a little personal history concerning my tussle with ‘objectivism’ and Alisa Rosenbaum(Ayn Rand).  Especially since our republican VP nominee claims to be an ‘objectivist’.  
Then I thought…hey, I have written this before.  Why not re-print it, since it is one of the essays I left out of my book(now a word from our sponsors).  So, without further ado…and no punchingup.  I take a cue from the Queen-bee herself in quoting myself by doing my first reprint.  To wit:


Skepticism, The Unknown Ideal…

When I was young and dumb I thought a lot of crazy things. Besides being completely enthralled with the fairer sex, I believed many things that have since fallen by the wayside( excluding my fascination with women).

Ayn Rand was one of these. For some reason when I embraced the whole notion of atheism, her writings just seemed a natural extrapolation in those times. I was a card-carrying “Objectivist”. I don’t even know what that means. But then it meant to me that I thought her characters, Howard Roark and John Galt were essentially Gods. They “objected”. And objected to some pretty damned important things…like architectural norms. Huh? Who in hell cares about architecture? I mean really. Well, of course I sell her “philosophy” a bit short by this, but essentially it comes down to rebellion…and critical thinking and skepticism. 
But I was so deeply committed to her view of things that I even went so far(hundreds of miles one winter night) as to attend a performance of her play “The night of January 16th”, and do a meet-and-greet with her and her entourage afterward. Oh it was wonderful. I met and shook hands with the Brandons and even got about a 12-second presentation to the “queen-bee” herself. I was pretty naive back in those days. Ha. Who am I kidding…I was a dumb-ass. Still am in many ways. But if nothing else(and there WAS, for all intents and purposes nothing else) she taught me skepticism. For that I thank her posthumously. Ding-Dong, the witch is dead…la la la…etc.

For those of you that have NO idea who the hell I am talking about, Ayn Rand-nee Alisa Rosenbaum was a jewish/Russian/amerikan novelist/philosopher whose main purpose in life was anybody’s guess. But she wrote a bunch of books. From silly-ass novels to treatises on economics, espousing her talmudic background and rebellion against a collective Russian society. Somehow, she caught on here in the States in the late 40’s(hmmm I wonder how?) and she plagued us all with her jewish-inspired crap for what seemed forever. Well, until 1982 anyway.

I could go on with a diatribe concerning ontology and epistemology and the finer points of her works…but I won’t bore you. Long and short of it….don’t bother. She was an exercise in vanity, sexual perversion, intellectualism… and she was Uggggly.

I didn’t want to talk about her anyway.

What I do want to cover in my round-about way is skepticism and how that whole notion has somehow gotten lost and is rarely used in the right context lately. I can honestly say that I am NOW a card-carrying skeptic. And no bad thing. I squint down my nose at the most innocuous seeming things anymore. Of course I always had those leanings, but basically I am the guilty-until-proven-innocent type. Why aren’t more of us like that? It never got me into any trouble and probably saved me from untold amounts of it, if the truth be known.
Actually I think it is that damned Christian/Muslim ethic of “trust”. These are the only two of the three religions of Abraham that adhere to it. Take each man at his word. Bullshit.

Jews like Rosenbaum taught me that you assume every man(to me, that means every man that is jewish or represents them) is lying through his damned teeth…first. Then and only then, if it is important enough to you, do you dissect what he is saying and prove to YOURSELF that it may be the truth.

In this day and age(of the jew), it is a necessary reflex. It’s a shame. But there it is.

Holocaust?…6 million? Prove it. Jews aren’t over-represented in every seat of power in the world? Prove it. Palestinians lob thousands of rockets into israhell? Prove it.
The IDF isn’t a bunch of murderous thugs killing for a bunch of racist butchers? Prove it. Jews have nothing to do with organ theft, sex-traffic, drug-traffic, international terrorism, false-flags, economic blackmail,usery…etc, etc….PROVE it. As I said, they have taught me to hold NO affinity for trust, so I reciprocate. Hey, I’m just doing what they do. It has been a long, trying lesson they have taught me, but they got their point across. I know my talking points as well as they now.

The jewish people have taught the world skepticism, it’s time WE use it where it can do us the most good… on them.

…for Ronn

A Little Of This…A Little Of That

I used to have an Aunt that loved to read. She would give me books and have me tell her what I thought of them later.  It was nice.  I learned a lot.  Mostly what not to read.  But she was of the opinion that everyone should  be heard once…at least. “Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice”.  Well, that’s all very good in a perfect world…but.  It is getting harder.

Anyway, I would read an author suggested by her and really enjoy him/her…for a while.  Then move on to someone else.  This puzzled my Aunt.  “You get bored with writers pretty quickly, huh?”, she once asked.  Yes, I do.  Even my own drivel.  And I can control that. But I take what I can.  What is there for me.  Why stay?  The authors are only human.  They normally have only a few things to say and when they have said them, the rest is mere repetition…right?  I have found that to be true of most all those that express themselves in any artform.  Music, painting, prose or poetry… you name it.  I certainly am a prime example of the above.  I have a few things to say that I have concluded from taking a little of this and a little of that from those with only a few things to say.  Y’know…humans.  That is fine for artistic purposes.  For politics it is kind of different.  But that’s as may be.

I’m not going to try and tell you how to live your life.  I guess that you have kinda figured that out already.  I’m sure you have a handle on things…or at least think you have a handle on things.  Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t.  As long as you can function in your life as you see fit, and your opinions dovetail with things that happen around you…well, you probably do have a correct view of things.  If you don’t, well you may beat the shit out of your wife and kids regularly, or drink too much, or need to take drugs of various kinds. If this is the case…you need some adjustments.  But that isn’t you, I can tell.
More and more of us need to listen to the few things that others say.  And when those wise few things have been repeated and not heeded over a great length of time…and our souls are sick…well, we should start looking for answers in these eclectic endeavors.  A little of this guy‘s opinion…a little of that one’s.  One ingredient in a soup makes for a pretty bland, non-digestive and unsafe diet.  I am reminded of a phenomenon about Irish poachersHundreds of them died over a period of time because rabbit was all they ate.  Following their intuition that meat is to be eaten by the carnivores that we humans are…they ate rabbit.  Exclusively.  They met their demise through malnutrition. And so shall we all perish by worshiping selected individuals whose ‘few things’ that they have to say, lead us down a path of their agenda…which is not necessarily good for us.  Celebrity can take over your better judgement. The first bite is with the eye, is a true maximBut you don’t have to take the whole kit.  You can open the package and take what you need, leaving the merchant to peddle what is left to suckers.
When it comes to celebrity, I ain’t interested.  John Lennon had Yoko, a calculating antithesis to all his efforts.  Kurt Vonnegut sold the rights to one of his best books to Jerry Lewis, and was married to an opportunistic jewess.  Martin Luther King was known to sleep with several women at a time when on one of his peace march campaigns. Bill Hicks was a severe alcoholic.  JFK was a notorious womanizer. And on and on.  This is not smearing…this is fact. There are no gods among men.  No messiahs that have blood in their veins. Few that have more than a few helpful things to say.  And that is one of the few things that I have to say.
Bubbles burst when humanness is exposed.  But that is a GOOD thing. Learn from that fact. It is grounding and sobering and instructive. And humbling. For there is a tendency to even take ourselves too seriously, I think.  To make celebrities of ourselves.  Of course I began this site to point out those of a certain cult that excel at this.  And I will continue to do it.  But it is just one of the few things that I have to say that might help you.  And to help the cause to remove them from social and political power.  Because in my view of things(and many others now), the few things that they as a culture/cult have to say, are not helpful to anyone but themselves.  A self-indulgent culture from which you can learn nothing of value for your journey through life.
But some have more to say than others.  That is, more of value.  That doesn’t make them worthy of worship however;even though I have found myself symbolically bowing to the knowledge and wisdom of the author I quoted at the top up there.  It seems that there is nothing that I have learned throughout my short life, and hold to be true, that hasn’t been covered in one of Shakespeare’s works.  He had more than just a few things to say and is one of the few humans that I will take more than just a little of, to form my opinions.  And an author about which my Aunt and I agreed.  There is no better.
That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
In me thou see’st the twilight of such day
As after sunset fadeth in the west;
Which by and by black night doth take away,
Death’s second self, that seals up all in rest.
In me thou see’st the glowing of such fire,
That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,
As the deathbed whereon it must expire,
Consumed with that which it was nourished by.
This thou perceiv’st, which makes thy love more strong,
To love that well which thou must leave ere long.”
So take what few things I have to say and roll them around in your brain.  Take a few things from all of us out here and use what you can.  Discard what you must.  But unless we are talking about the likes of the Bard…don’t take it all from anyone.  Just sayin.

Iran’s Secret Weapon By Robert Faurisson

A slightly edited version of this article, with pictures, captions and additional commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

It is a far deadlier weapon than any weapon Israel has in its armory — and it is capable of destroying Israel. What weapon? To find out, read on.

“If everyone who claims to be a Holocaust survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?” — Norman Finkelstein’s mother, quoted in Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. 

The energy crisis is causing worry. However, Iran, which possesses huge reserves of oil and gas, wishes to exploit them better, with our help, and sell us the products, a procedure that would lead to a marked softening of worldwide petrol, diesel, fuel oil and gas prices. A good many nations have an eye on this great potential wealth and would be apt to respond favorably to Tehran’s business proposals. But the United States has decreed the boycott of Iran and, up to now, the world’s policeman has generally been obeyed.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can make all the proposals he likes: he still finds himself considered a criminal. His request for a collaboration that would let him fully re-equip the country’s drilling, production and processing operations is refused. He goes so far as to suggest that countries using the single European currency pay in euros and no longer in dollars, but to no avail. People turn their back to him. Some threaten him. Even the Pope refuses to receive him.

In many countries, President Ahmadinejad’s embassies and diplomatic staff are deprived of contact with the local authorities and foreign delegations; they have ended up with pariah status.

One may well ask oneself where such radical behavior towards the Iranians ever originated and why the international community acts so obviously against its own economic interests.

Three grounds are usually brought up to explain this policy of boycott and open hostility toward Iran:

1) The Iranian president is perhaps trying to arm his country with nuclear weapons.

2) It seems he wants to exterminate the Jews in Israel.

3) He holds the extermination of the European Jews during the Second World War to be a myth.

The first two grounds do not make much sense; only the third is serious and, for that reason, instructive.

In reply to the first ground, it’s fitting to observe that if Ahmadinejad’s accusers possessed the slightest evidence that Iran was trying to acquire nuclear weapons, such evidence would long since have been brandished before the world; however, up to now, they have supplied no real evidence.

In any case, if Iran had a nuclear bomb at her disposal, she could not launch it towards a geographic zone populated by as many Palestinians as Jews, since her bomb would kill or maim both populations without distinction.

The second bone of contention against Iran — that it seeks the extermination of the Jews in Israel — is without foundation. It rests on the absurd manipulation of a text. Ahmadinejad has had, and continues to have ascribed to him, an incendiary statement according to which the Jewish State is to be “wiped off the map”, words taken to mean the extermination of the Jews in Israel.

Actually, Ahmadinejad had merely repeated (in 2005) Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 declaration that “the regime occupying Jerusalem” would one day “vanish from the page of time”. This was the repetition of someone else’s prediction, not a threat.

Ahmadinejad took care to spell out his phrase by specifying that, if all the inhabitants of the land of Palestine – Moslems, Jews and Christians – had the right one day to vote freely and opt for a regime of their choice, the Zionist regime would disappear from Palestine just as, for example, the Communist regime disappeared from Russia. The Western media, as a whole, have reported neither the exact wording nor the explanation.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD’S EXACT WORDS: “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.” —The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time“.

A literal word-for-word translation of the Farsi: Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem)  bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

Note that the word MAP (nagsheh in Farsi) occurs nowhere in Ahmadinejad’s speech; nor do the words ISRAEL or WIPE OUT. The English translation “I want to wipe Israel off the map” is therefore much more than a mischievous mistranslation. It is a complete fabrication. [LD]

The third ground is the true one: if the Iranian president causes so much fear, it’s owing to his revisionism. He has wielded the sole weapon that can deeply worry the Jewish State and its ally, the United States.

He possesses what I’ve called the poor man’s atomic bomb. In the findings of historical revisionism, he effectively holds a “weapon of mass destruction” that would kill no one but could neutralize Israel’s number one political weapon: the Great Lie of the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of Europe’s Jews.

Raised in the religion of “the Holocaust”, the peoples of North America and Europe generally believe in this Great Lie and see Ahmadinejad as a heretic. Thus they dare not defend any policy of rapprochement with Iran, or call for a lifting of the boycott, although therein lies the only chance of seeing their energy costs decrease. Doubtless some of these peoples’ leaders desire an understanding with Iran, but they back away at the prospect of being criticized as accomplices of the new Satan, of the “denier”, the “negationist” who “kills the Jews once again by denying their death”.

The news of the international “Holocaust” conference in Tehran (December 11th—12th 2006) rang out like a warning shot. By no means reserved to revisionists, that conference was open to all. Confrontation of opposing views was allowed, and it took place. The rout of the anti-revisionists was dramatic. And President Ahmadinejad, already fully apprised of revisionist argumentation, was thus able to restate that “the Holocaust” was a myth.

Bush, Blair, Chirac, who know nothing of revisionism, responded by making a terrible fuss. As for the Israelis, they are aware of the Jewish authors’ utter inability to answer revisionist arguments on the scientific level; they now uphold their Great Lie only with Elie Wiesel-style fake testimony or cinematic guff in the manner of Claude Lanzmann, when they don’t resort to novels, drama or even sham museum exhibitions like those at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem or the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.


— Elie Wiesel, the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor and — some would claim — the world’s most widely acclaimed liar. “In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 persons to their deaths each day,” he lied. “I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?”

Concerning Babi Yar, a place in Ukraine where the Germans executed Soviet citizens, Wiesel wrote of Jews being killed: “For month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.” (Reporting another witness to this miraculous event).

In 2007, Wiesel stated that President Ahmadinejad of Iran had openly admitted he wanted to nuke Israel into oblivion. “When he says he wants nuclear weapons to destroy the state of Israel, I must believe him,” Wiesel said.

The late Christopher Hitchens had no time for Wiesel and was not impressed by his Nobel Peace prize or his 76 honorary doctorates. “Is there a more contemptible poseur and windbag than Elie Wiesel?” he asked rhetorically. (The Nation, February 11, 2001).

Holocaust revisionismi.e., any doubts about the official version of the Holocaust as laid down by the Zionists and their camp followers — is illegal in many parts of the world. Questioning the magic six million figure is now a “thought crime” which can get you sent to prison for several years in the following 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

Here are two photos of the author of this article, Dr Robert Faurisson, after he was savagely beaten up by three Jewish fanatics for daring to question the sacred tenets of the Holocaust: namely, that 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler. To this day, not a single gas chamber has actually been seen by anyone. [LD]

The Zionists and their friends are getting more and more alarmed at the diffusion of revisionism over the Internet. They make many attempts, cynical or veiled, to strengthen Internet censorship but, up to today at any rate, they have not yet achieved their aims. Throughout the Western world repression of revisionism is worsening, but it’s all a waste of effort so far. The holocaustic propaganda and Shoah Business grow ever more deafening, but henceforth they tend to annoy or tire people.

The Zionists have therefore seized the occasion to draw up a bill in the Knesset that would let the State of Israel demand that any revisionist, wherever in the world he might be, be delivered to its own courts!

When there’s no proof to show, the cudgel is used.

Herman Rosenblatt and his wife Roma, smirking contentedly after having conned the world into accepting their fake Holocaust memoir Angel at the Fence. TV celeb Oprah Winfrey was taken in by their touching concentration camp romance and gushed breathlessly, “This is the single greatest love story we’ve ever told on the air!” Asked why he had lied, Mr Rosenblatt explained, “I wanted to bring happiness to people.” Despite the book being a proven fake, a $25 million blockbuster movie is now being made by Jewish producer Harris Salomon.

Rosenblatt’s fake memoir is one in a long series of Holocaust hoaxes, some of them even more flamboyantly absurd. e.g., the case of Misha the Wolf Girl who was raised by wolves and fed on raw meat like a wolf cub — a story that netted her over $20 million and was also made into a movie. Nor are matters made any better when we learn that Holocaust scams are frequent, with thousands of fraudulent claims being  made every year by bogus “survivors”, costing Germany and other countries tens of millions of dollars. In one case alone, Germany was cheated out of $42 million. All this blatant dishonesty by unscrupulous Jews — to quote a Jewish friend of mine — “only brings the Holocaust into disrepute and gives ammunition to the Holocaust deniers.”

This, then, is the “secret weapon” against Israel that Iran wields so effectively — a weapon far deadlier than all of Israel’s 200-300 nuclear warheads: Holocaust truth. If the truth about the Holocaust should ever turn out to be what historical revisionists and millions of other increasingly skeptical people think it is — a spectacular hoax to prop up Zionism and give the Jewish state a semblance of legitimacy — Israel’s days are numbered.

It is for this reason that Israel is perhaps so desperate to destroy Iran: to silence it before the truth gets out.  (LD)

The Planetary Brain…

If this is true, what does it mean for all of us?  That is to say if the internet is analogous to the human collective brain.  That is to say if all of these connections are a learning process.  That is to say that ‘real’ progress in our infantile awakening of this thinking and learning tool.
I watched a film recently:”Surviving Progress”.  Apart from the ‘greeny’ attitude it took, it had many other lessons to teach.  Now, I am not a tree-hugger.  You know me better than that.  But as a manifestation of the disease that is humankind…well, then, yes.  I’ll go along with the observations of symptomatic destruction of our planet.  It all boils down to a few very simple deductions.  Firstly, the production-consuption paradigm in which we have been held prisoner as a species for well over two centuries, is a failed one.  That should be obvious to even a school child.  Returns diminish.  Just the way it is.  Secondly, the entire idea of finance, upon which such a paradigm is built is a scam that benefits no one but those with the most dead presidents in their pockets.  Those that do not labor and incur debt from this system.  We have to come up with a new idea.  We have to trash the old one.  Or…as Carlin once put it, the earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.
Of course the film of which I speak did not make the leap into the realm of WHO is actually responsible for the continuation of this failing experiment on we lab-rats.  Other than to say that, these illusive “bankers” and their investors…or these shadowy “Corporations” are at fault, it implies that the thought process that continues such rape of the planet(and hence the rape of its inhabitants) is somehow inherently a human failure.  And that through the collective intelligence of humankind and its ability to excel when its back is against the wall, we will find solutions through this emerging intelligence of world-wide communication via computer technology.  I beg to differ…slightly.
But it’s a good start.  Recognizing and revealing the error of our ways in detail.  And that is happening more and more often recently. 

 Well…it would, wouldn’t it.  We don’t have much of a choice in the matter.  When within two more generations the wealth gap in the world will widen to the point of those that are starving and those greedy assholes that are living in luxury. There won’t be much more. Haves and have-nots.  And I gotta say that a certain cult for which I have a bit of loathing, seem to be as unequally represented in proportion of the ‘haves’, as they are in the media, banking, education and politics.  That is the way it is now.  I don’t expect such a trend to change.  So this cult must, as a mindset, own our global decline.  This to me, is a given.  All one has to do…without an agenda…is to look up who these bankers and corporation owners are exactly.  When you come up with a percentage above 70% of these greedy fuckers being jewish…well…what’s a Mother to do?  But make the conclusion that something about this ‘religion’ and its teachings allow such greed.  Such simple-minded pleasure-seeking avidity that seems to know no bounds…well, most of the travails of the human species seem to fall into the shape of a huge arrow pointing in the direction of modern-day Jerusalem.

So how do we get from where we are…to where we want to be?  Well, short of ‘storming the castle’…this film and most of those that contribute to this new planetary brain of ours…have few suggestions that amount to much more than band-aids.  As you probably are aware, my sentiments lie along the lines of the ‘castle’ thing.  But that’s just me.
An interesting fact that one of the financial talking-heads in above film laid before the viewer was this.  The first empire that refused to wipe all debt of its society…that is to say, start with a clean slate financially…was the Roman empire.  The head suggested, and I concur, that one of the major reasons for the decline and fall of said Romans was indeed this stubborn pronouncement that “a debt is a debt”. And that all debts AND their interest must be paid, no matter what. Why were they the first?  Because they were the first government in history that did not own their society’s debt.  The first to hand such matters of usury over to ‘private’ interests.  Well, we all know who represented such ‘private’ interests.  The same ones that insist on continuing such folly at the expense of everyone else today.
If we continue with this analogy of the planetary brain, I feel, that the outlook is a very positive one.  And I do subscribe to such a philosophy.  Our ‘brain’ is going to go through the self-same learning paths that our biological ones do.  We must, and will eventually defer selfish concerns for those altruistic ones.  We must…or perish.  No matter how imbedded these old paradigm instructions are in our slow-moving bodies, our new mind will take hold and cast us in a new direction where such materialistic endeavors do not rule the day.  I believe this wholeheartedly.
The efforts I put forth here and those of many, many others in our ‘brain’ will cause us to take that last step in identification, and eventual eradication of these tribal ‘kill the golden goose’ memes. It is only logical.  And our new brain is nothing if it isn’t that.

Our planetary brain was always needed.  It is here.  Teach it.  Learn from it.  Act upon the knowledge it supplies.

Down For The Count…

This is how it starts. This is the list of complaints nailed to the church door.  The list goes on and on.  And it is having an impact.  Well, sort of. So far it is a war of words in the West. The list is here on these types of sites.  The church door is the internet.  “You’re an antisemite”.  “You’re a racist war-monger”.  Blah blah… It goes on.
Ad Nervousum.  Like the dog that has treed the mountain lion who is perched on a limb about to break.  Relief…one way or another is coming soon.  Each party threatening to rip the other’s face off and eat its children.  Yeah.  Well.  I can’t denigrate this war fought with pens.  I am part of it.  But it is only the preliminary fight.  The main bout is coming.  Hold on to your tickets and seats.  The opening scuffle is almost finished.  All hell is waiting in the green room.
I see that some council of Christian mumbo-jumbo is starting to grow a pair.  Maybe this is the announcement echoing over the intercom introducing the contenders?

  “In this corner, with a record of 6, 871 losses, and no wins…JEEEE-OOOOOOO-DY-ISM!”  “And in this corner, with a record of over 6 billion wins, and NO losses…the reigning champions…HE-YUUUUUU-MANITY!”

If it was only that simple.  But when the referee explains the rules to the fight…judaism is complaining about being mismatched with an opponent outside its weight class, as it slips horseshoes in its gloves.  With some opponents…well…ya’ gotta take off the gloves.  Some of them just don’t fight fair.  This biatch is going down.  Although, as a species we have rarely delivered that knockout punch to a woman…judaism is one…and her time is coming.  To kiss the canvas. The whore of Babylon. She has cheated on us once too often.  Turned our kids against us. Stolen our money, our house.  Made us slave in jobs we hated to battle her debt.  This isn’t a matter for her ‘courts’ anymore.  It’s time to settle this once and for all…in the ring.
Now, I apologize in advance for the seemingly misogynistic ring of the above analogy.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.  If you are a female of the species, you will have to forgive some once-bitten recollections of a man that has been-there-done-that with the wrong female, a few times.  And as the courts have rarely been fair to the male in matters of marital disillusionment, so has “her” media been biased toward judaism and her spawn from Hell itself…zionism.  I find this equivalence very fitting.  But in this one, Ladies…you get to be on our side(grin).  I watched a YT vid the other day that has gone viral.  Now, I have never struck a female(I tell a lie.  Once I hit my wife with a sock)…and I do not condone it.  But sometimes a man gets tired.  After 22 years of taking shit from mouthy bitches like this…well, should he be fired?  I think he deserves a medal.  But maybe that’s just me.
This guy, on the other hand, is looking for a good night’s sleep.  And I applaud it.  Like Gilad Atzmon, Peled comes from Satan’s lair.  But something went wrong.  The identity didn’t take with these guys and they are telling you about it, no matter what their motivation.  From as deep inside as you can get, they spell out the jewish psyche.  With the BIG crayons, so there can be no confusion;no obfuscation about what they are saying.  They are telling you that the new breed of zionists, as their Grandfathers, have no aspirations of ‘peace’ in the Middle-East.  That was never their goal.  Domination always won the day.  Subversion and ethnic cleansing is and always was the purpose of that terrorist state.  And some can’t live with it.
Now I take exception to a few things that he says(continuing the myth of the holohoax, for one), but on the whole he and many ‘self-hating-jews’ are evolutionary leaps away from the supremacist cult of judaism.  It is my contention that you cannot reject zionism, while still embracing judaism on the whole.  I think that is the next logical step by these jewish dissidents.  For zionism is merely the logical outcome of such an uber-mench thought pattern. If you honor soldiers…there will always be war.  If you honor rabbinical talmudism…there will always be hatred for all  Gentiles.  This is simple.  As ugly is the child, so too are the parents.  But then natural selection arrives on the scene.  On a grand scale, when things don’t really work for a bastard off-shoot of a species…it gets selected out.  And nowhere in history is there such a prime example of a dead-end variation, of humanism and religion, than that of judaism.  It does not further the species.  It is counter-productive in every sense.  And by its very nature it is the prey of too many predators…as well it should be.  This is only evident if you look at it from the perspective of man’s short tenure on this watery world. That blink of an eye that is our history.

But that’s as may be.  We are watching evolution’s wheels turning this anomaly into grist.  It won’t be pretty.  As he says in the video, it won’t be voluntary.  The hard-core zionists will go down fighting as do all bad ideas in our earthly providence.  But go down, they will.  The squeaky wheel in this instance will no longer be greased…but removed and replaced.

And it does the heart wonders to be alive in these times to witness this all happening.  Even with all the darkness the jewish have caused in our world…it is all the brighter for humanity to behold a new age in which no ancient cult rules…personally or by proxy.
They are on the canvas and evolution is counting.