The Little Game…

Some men can wear hats.  Some can’t.  Well, shouldn’t.  I fall into
the latter category.  I wish I could wear one.  It just doesn’t fit me, either inside or out. Some men are homosexual.  Some aren’t.  I don’t think the two groups necessarily overlap.  I’ll have to do some study on it.

As children, my sister and I took our brains out and played with them.  A lot.  I think that is what’s the matter with us now.  Too many fingerprints on those delicate organs. We did a lot of weird things. But one of the most valuable things we did was trying not to laugh. Yes, you read that right. It is fun. It can also be very sobering.  Try it. Get yourself a performance of comedy…a video…a movie…and watch with a sober brain.  That is, do not let anything said or done in this performance that would normally elicit laughter(canned or not),make you even smile.  It is amazing.  Because as you listen to/watch the antics before you, they take on a …I dunno…pathetic texture, rather than one of mirth, when you force your brain NOT to react as you are supposed to.
When you do this, you understand very quickly why you are supposed to laugh at certain points.  And these ‘punch-lines’ are simply not funny most of the time.  Of course, if you cannot refrain from laughter at something…then I think we are talking serious humor.  Something over which you should laugh.  Fun little game.  But I think a little more than just fun.  Because you can do this on the other side of the coin.  With drama. It also works with music. The arts. It is a kind of universal cleansing process, this little game.  The rules of which stay with you.  Maybe it is a small beginning to ‘critical thinking’. ♫I try to be hip and think like the crowd…but even the crowd can’t help me now♫.
I can’t do this thing with videos of George Carlin.  It doesn’t work with Shakespeare.  I can’t make it happen with Mark Twain. I won’t even try it with Vincent Van Gogh. There is something intrinsically funny/dramatic/true about these people that defies my little game.  But even today I still use this fun skill, that maybe you one day could master, as a filter of sorts.  Maybe I’m nuts.  Maybe my Sis is nuts too.  I dunno.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

But perhaps this is the answer to all of man’s problems.  This little exercise.  Force yourself not to listen to political speeches as you are supposed to listen to them.  Force yourself to evaluate every cent that you put in a jew’s bank.  Force yourself to criticize every aspect of the media placed before you with all of it’s canned laughter and applause signs flashing before the studio audience. Be the asshole that questions everything.  Perhaps.  It’s a start, I think. It works like magic. Forcing your brain to work for you, instead of against you.  It can be done. Because when you are taken out of the moment…when you break the rhythm of the patter being performed for your benefit…the truth seeps in.  These things aren’t funny.  They are not true. 

Again, I petition you to try this at home.  Yes, it is dangerous.  If you get hurt in the process…you can sue me.
But I must warn you.  Once you start this little game and it goes beyond, say…a stand-up routine by Robin Williams, or Bill Maher…it will fuck up your brain.  You will involuntarily apply the rules of the game to everything around you…eventually.  It has been known to take over people’s very lives.  It is addictive.  And the only cure is death.  So be careful.

I have noticed playing this game over the years, that it works like a charm with jewish comics.  I don’t know why, but if a yiddish stand-up comic is billed as hilarious, and you use my ‘method’ of watching them, I would bet my new pork-pie hat(it looks silly on me anyway), that you won’t even crack a smile.  AND, you will probably come away with a feeling of disgust.  One of my readers described the experience of watching a foul-mouthed jewish comic, as coming away feeling dirty.  I can relate to that.  There is something about jewish humor that has always been lost on me.  It is always so mean-spirited or sex-based.  To my way of thinking, neither is funny…meanness or sex.  But I started playing this game when these kinds of comics were becoming popular.  It made it so easy…watching these ugly little turds on stage spewing their filth and selling it as humor.  No laughs here.  Just disgust.  Easy.  So why don’t more people see these things the way I do?  I dunno.  There is no accounting for taste, I guess.
It hasn’t changed much for me since then.  Only gotten worse.

But a word of warning.  Don’t take your brain out and play with it.  Not if you want to enjoy jewish humor.  Not if you want to go to political rallies.  Not if you want to become absorbed in the evening news.  Not if you want to take that course in history next term.  Cause, I guess you could say that this little game is a game-changer.
I’ll get back to you on the hat vs. homosexual thing…


6 thoughts on “The Little Game…

  1. I miss Bill Hicks. Not a single "mainstream" comic has touched 9/11. Not exactly a funny subject I guess but considering the role that many comics have played throughout time you kind of hope that at least one will mine that ridiculous pack of lies for some kind of comedy gold.

  2. Anon@5:24 – Excellent obs. Not only mainstream, but I haven't heard any comics/humor about it. It definitely could stand some poking fun. Specially the 'conspiracy theory' that the jewish neoCONS came up with.I think if Hicks, or Carlin were still around, one of them would have put it on the table eventually. I read that Hunter Thompson(gonzo) was working on one of his 'fear and loathing' pieces about it and was investigating the way only he could, when he got suicided. Maybe that's what happened to him really?

  3. Trimester. This is very enlightening!! I will practice more, although I don't watch television and very rarely see a movie. I try laughing or crying in family situations only when it is authentic to me. I rarely socialize anymore, I have no common ground left. The conditioning from when we were very young was to pay respect to big people, even if they looked or felt creepy. Teachers, priests, uncles, neighbors and so on. When we wanted to scream or cry we couldn't and when we wanted to laugh we were not allowed. It was all controlled. So your game is a good way to loosen our minds from all the bullshit!ThanksMarigold

  4. Marigold – "Trimester"…HA.I like that word 'authentic'. Somehow it got lost in the world of advertising. It isn't used enough anymore…well, used correctly. Thanks for the comment and let me know how my game works out for you.

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