The Hedonic Treadmill Of The Freudian Leeches…

Do you want to be happy?  Sure, we all do.  All you have to do is just send $19.85 a month…just pennies a day…to Shlomo Bladderstein.  Happiness is guaranteed.  Well, actually it is not.  For you.  Or Shlomo.

There is a difference between hatred(what many people assume I have for jews), and recognizing a concerted effort on the part of a clan to place stumbling blocks on the road to everyone else’s path to the above advertised happiness.  And that is their mantra.  It is ingrained in their(the jewish)minds as a group-goal.  Whether they realize it or not.

Happiness can be enduring; in the moment and in the memory thereof.  Pleasure is fleeting.  This seems a simple concept, but is missed by so many.  The momentary pleasure of materialism soon fades as quickly as its tiny injection of dopamine into the body’s system.  And yet like heroin addicts, so many of us are living for the next fix. Constant trips to Wal-Mart to buy plastic shit that we don’t need.  Saving for that new car.  Over extending our budgets to get into that new house that will be the envy of friends and family.  And you can easily surmise…assuming the old saw “money doesn’t bring happiness” is true…that the ‘money men’…the ‘robber barons’ (that all seem to be jewish nowadays), then are not happy at all  because they have all the money, essentially.  Definitely more than it would take to make you or I happy.  And you would be correct, I think.  Happy people do not hate.  They do not war.  They do not lust for more…money, power or anything material.  So we see very clearly that the purveyors of the material are also the purveyors of hatred.  This is all they know.  To be pleased.  Not to be happy.
Before you start thinking I’ve turned Buddhist or something, I can assure you, my thoughts on this matter are purely logical…not spiritual.

You may also be thinking that these premises are simple matters.  Forgone conclusions.  Hardly profound in any manner.  But I would disagree.
So much ‘Freudian’ effort has gone into treating our depression, our anxieties, fears and general lack of happiness, that we have lost sight of simply examining what it IS that makes us genuinely happy.  And that IS a worthwhile effort.  For without happiness in varying degrees, we cannot create, we can not get along with others or be ourselves.  So in my mind we have a yiddish ‘triple threat’ for which the following is a panacea.  Firstly to resist material pleasure. Secondly, to resist the hatred that is packaged with so much material ‘one-up-man-ship’.  And thirdly to realize that if we are lacking said happiness, to look for what makes us happy in the first place.  What we have abandoned in the search for pleasure.
I began thinking about this subject after my sister lost her memory.
Temporarily. Yes, it does happen. It is called Transient Global Amnesia, or TGA.  It scared the shit out of her.  It caused her to question everything in her life.  The effects are short-lived.  The memory returns but the questions remain. It changed her outlook on her life profoundly.  And not necessarily in a totally good way.  I don’t want to question myself that deeply.  Well, at least not yet.
I think we all have the capacity for happiness, given our respective circumstances.  But a real crimp can be put on that capacity if we happen to spend much of the day dodging drone attacks.  And we all know the source of such incendiary hatred.  Everything the talmud touches turns this capacity and longing for happiness into shit.
With this jewish/material mindset being purchased by the West, it places normal Gentile people on the hedonic treadmill WITH the very people that push it on us. There is no truer adage than “misery loves company”…and no group of people that personify it better.

Not too long ago in this country a roof over your head, something to work at and three meals a day were all the things that were needed…or more importantly wanted.  The rest was life.  Family, friends and community.  Things with real and lasting value. Happiness.  I think if we are to progress any further as a species, we need to get back to that point.
So what happened?  Well, I can speak for this country.  The jewish won WWII. This country became theirs.  With their new ownership, they began the onslaught of the material.  The desire for constant acquisition of bigger and better.  The Eddie Bernays way of life. Their type of life, in which knowing nothing other than material acquisition, they could be kings.  So we all began playing their game. And real life fell to the wayside.
Now, I don’t preach going back to the horse-and-buggy.  But I seriously question the value of at least 80% of today’s technology.  It has advanced beyond its value or need.  And we are not happy.  With these material things…or ourselves for lusting after them time and time again.

The basis for jewish Sigmund Freud’s theories is that men are no more than beasts with seriously dangerous tendencies that must be harnessed.  By nature, man is only a herding animal that must be directed to do good(Sigmund excluded, of course), otherwise he will destroy himself.  Gosh, I wonder where he came up with that notion? Of course his nephew took what is true of this theory and ran with it.  That part being that we are social animals and require herd-like interaction with our own kind.  This can be exploited…and indeed is daily.  But I seriously disagree with Siggy’s basic tenet.  I feel that man is generally a caring and altruistic herd of beings.  It is only the ‘tribe’ that uses that against us by dividing and directing for their own material profit and shallow feelings of power.  Again…pleasure rather than happiness.
I watched a film recently about this very subject.  Well, happiness and the illusive methods to reach it.  I have read a few things about happiness research before and it got me in this mode.  And even though the books and this film that I devoured didn’t specifically point to the false-hebrew as the perpetrators of our species losing its way along this path of life…to me the implication was obvious.  They are the money-lenders.  They are the corporations.  They are the advertisers.  They are the news.  They are the haters.  They are the leeches.
Benjamin Franklin said: “The Constitution only guarantees the American people the RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness…you have to catch it for yourselves”.

Give it some thought and let me know what you come up with.


6 thoughts on “The Hedonic Treadmill Of The Freudian Leeches…

  1. I have had many experiances in my time here and happiness can be a most natural flow of thoughts and perceptions, it most certainly can never be "manufactured" as some may be lead to believe. And even though one particular segment of the worlds population may deem it their "right" to profit and gain from natures bountiful provisions IN THE END THEY WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS, WITH OR WITHOUT THE BRAIN DEAD'S ASSISTANCE!

  2. Timster,Thank you for sharing your thoughts on something that is so missing and so not often found. Happiness. I think happiness is what we are before others take it away from us. We come here happy, then everything goes wrong! And it doesn't have to. Happiness is not something we earn or even deserve. It is not like a right it is more like a gift that we can see and appreciate or miss. As children the big people said we children didn't have much, they had it all. We had to go get it. They lied!We had it, they had already lost theirs, which included innocence, trust, openness, playfulness, not-knowingness. They gave us their knowledge and took away our innocence. At some point we try to come back home to who we are, which is happiness. The others can try to sell us what they call happiness. It's up to each one to see that nothing they have is what we need. And I have found that trying to be happy only chases it away. It can't be sought, purchased, gotten. It just comes when we have stopped searching for it. It comes in unexpected moments when we weren't looking for it at all. Mostly I just try to enjoy my unhappiness and now and then I get surprised by a simple happiness. Isn't it a wonderful thing to share our feelings about?Someone I love more than anything right now is not knowing her happiness. She is in a rehab and struggling. And I am trusting that somehow it will all be understood and brighter!Thanks for listening to my sad heart,Marigold

  3. No I haven't Tim, it just comes out that way! I have been reading A LOT, mostly current events and sites like yours and other like minded people, and it just seems that "flow" is only way to go. I am trying to break away from most of the distractions of this Iron Age and have learned to look at Nature to answer my questions. I truely detest these creatures that take advantage of the giving nature that is inherent in most of us. But I take it that this is all part of the "plan".

  4. Mike – Oh. Well 'flow' is a term used in these happiness studies to describe a facet of what makes people happy. The term is usually applied to work that folks enjoy…they get into a 'flow' of work and are happy as ducks. Interesting.

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