Man I Was Mean But I’m Changing My Scene…

Well, actually I’m not.  But I have to admit it’s getting better.  I think.
I’m def confused.  They got even me…the know-it-all.  I can’t figure out their next move…if there even is a ‘they’.  I dunno.  The o-bomb-a administration is apparently distancing itself from the pariah state of israhell. And we all know that ‘da bro is in for fo mo’…no matter what placards you carry outside McDonalds…so WTF?  I mean, they are not going to appoint someone that is going to ring your doorbell with tracts in his hand while you are having dinner.
Some ass-wipe jew in So Cal takes a cinematic jab at Mohammad and the Muslim world busts apart at the seams.  This is all planned, I’m sure.  Provocation..provocation.  Is this guy funded by Al-Jazeera?  But where does it fit in the scheme of things to come?  They are fabricating ‘victims’ of a lone-gunman shooting.  There I go with that ‘they’ thing again.  Is there a they?  Barry would rather do an appearance on Letterman than suck Bibi’s dick?  Well, I gotta agree with him on that one.  But what does it all mean?
There is this guideline that I have always lived by…maybe you have the same one.  Don’t believe anything.  If they say day – think night.  If they say it’s raining – go out and look.  But this subjugates a rather basic function of the human brain.  It supplies a new synapse path for us all to take.  Believe nothing…react to nothing. Communication is now reduced to a small circle of friends and family for the new critical thinker.  This new forced evolutionary survival method is changing the countenance of the planet.  And I for one, am all for it.  It undermines what we understood as ‘education’, for education is just one man’s opinion of moonlight.  And that is probably a hebrew seeking to sell you the nocturnal illumination.  So let’s burn books(not mine, please).  Let’s ignite the world.  It ain’t much of a place anyway.  Pleasure is always trumped by pain.  If you don’t believe this…you need to step back a few paces and take a good look.  You are too close to picnics at the beach and birthday parties for the kids.

Keeping with this new meme of ‘believe nothing’, I watched this vid today.  Interesting.  Sort of.  One facet…or at least one false facet of the world’s history of the past couple hundred years.  It has gone kinda viral out here.  I got a couple of pains in my side…like punches from which I am supposed to reel…when the director compares the prevalent police-state to Nazi Germany.  Red lights and bells going off.  And there is that nagging punch-pain in my ribs…but I keep watching.  It seems this guy is advocating…no, PREACHING violent in-your-face-hang-the-motherfuckers revolution.  Well, in all fairness…he only says that is a last resort.  But I’m thinkin.  With my new synapse-paths.  If this guy starts talking about the holohoax…veiled or not…what does he really want?  I’m back to my original summation…WTF? 

Well, here’s another clue for you all.  I don’t like being provoked.  I am the Walrus.  I will turn on you at the mere mention of a jewish-fabricated porno fairy tale of suffering.  They ain’t seen suffering till the Walrus is pissed.  “Stop that crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”.  I used to be told that a lot.  Then I wiped my tears and got tough. Maybe we all should.

So, to add to the mix-up, we got a 9/11 truth vid that was aired on PBS last week(JBS as I like to call it…figure it out).  That’s mainstream tv for the intelligentsia that supposedly don’t watch commercial tv.  Well…good.  I think.  But….but….if this public airing of some really mephitic amerikan laundry accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish, well… somewhere down the road a piece, there will be a new investigation into that false-flag op.  Okay.  All well and good.  Let’s assume that happens, and the ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ get what they want.  We all know that a controlled pre-wired demolition is going to be the verdict.  Okay again.  But then we, the members of ‘Arrogant Believe-Nothing Pricks For 9/11 Truth’ are going to demand that we just take a few more baby steps that lead us all to israhell as the perps. It will be clear as day.  I gotta say it again…WTF?  Are zionist yids going nuts?  Well, more nuts than they already are.  Why did JBS air this?  And without disclaimers proclaiming it to be a film by nut-jobs.  

I gotta scratch my Walrus head in wonderment.  But I’m changing my scene and I have new synapse-paths…so I’ll wait.  Wait for ‘their’ next move.  It’s bound to be big.  And I won’t believe a word of it.  Nor should you. Koo-koo-ka-choo.



12 thoughts on “Man I Was Mean But I’m Changing My Scene…

  1. welcome my friend… to the show that never ends!a carnival of sorts…but be careful of the monkeys…they defecate and throw it at you!!so..step aside, step aside.; ]

  2. Tim,what we have here is too many differences in communication -that's how they do it divide,reduce, obfuscate -You may well scratch you head as we often all do however what must be done is best informed by this quote: Albert Camus, in his lecture at the University of Uppsala on December 14th, 1957, used the Gordian knot as a metaphor for the civilization falling apart at the sword of rampant politics of power and nihilism of the 20th century. He called for the new-born artists, the "anti-Alexanders", to heal the wound and repair the knot: "Yes, the rebirth is in the hands of all of us. It is up to us if the West is to bring forth any anti-Alexanders to tie together the Gordian Knot of civilization cut by the sword. For this purpose, we must assume all the risks and labors of freedom."[live well

  3. WHAT? You, "the Walrus" don't know what's going on? The Walrus fits you old man! Is senility setting in? We turn to you in times of trouble, cause nary other will talk to us, so we'll just have to let it be! Nice humorous post with points, damn!!! Its been a hard days night so I'll cut this short!We love, ya, yeah, yeah, yeah, with love like that you know we can't be wrong! Damn Timster you've fried, me brain, imagine that! Glenster

  4. "Why did JBS air this?"i missed the damn thing.. maybe one just got by em?lotza strange stuff lately… maybe it's les visible's mr. apocalypsO has decided to use his walkin stick to tee off these tiny points of light sending sparks across the dark lanscape of insanity… i dunno either…. headscratch.

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