Yes And No…And Maybe It’s Time

If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that things are not black and white.  I don’t deal in absolutes.  They are too simple.  Simple conclusions for the simple-minded.

Of all the compliments(angled for, or otherwise)that I have cherished throughout my tenure in this coma we call life, the most flattering one came from a bum.  Well, that is what we used to call them.  I don’t know if the man was homeless, so I wouldn’t presume to hang that PC moniker on him.  He was a man of some obvious education but wore rather shabby clothes and was asking tourists by the river in London for change. I gave him all I had in my pocket because I was about to take off for other foreign seaports and needed to be shed of the local metal nuisance.

Sensing my accent, he said “are you an American?”.  “Yes”, I said…with reluctance.  Then it came.  That glorious flattery.  “You don’t look like an American”.  I had arrived. Perhaps all the hatred I have for this country somehow showed in my demeanor.  Perhaps the bum was not too good at sizing up his prey.  I dunno.  But I beamed over his appraisal for weeks.  I still look back on the incident as a blessing of sorts. 
We spoke of other things that evening.  The bum and I.  About his boyhood trip to Los Angeles.  How marvelous it must be to have grown up in that wonderland, he posited.  And how dangerous America must be with a population that owns guns.  Your typical fair for a chat between a Brit and a Yank I suppose…sitting there on a park bench by the Thames.  But to him, I was a curiosity.  I liked that.  Proving stereotypes to be wrong is a priceless experience. Not all amerikans are loud, complaining assholes.  Some of us…well, actually most of us are kinda nice people.  Not that this is a personality trait borne of geography.  I have met few Brits(or most anyone else for that matter) that I didn’t like right off the bat.  But that’s as may be.

“It’s the joos, stupid”.  I see that a lot out here.  That black-and-white valuation. 
“You are either against jews or you are with them”.  All jews are evil or some jews are evil or no jews are evil…it’s all too muddling for me.  Of course, if you are a regular reader of this site(I HATE the word ‘blog’), besides being remarkable for your tenacity over the years, you know that I don’t agree with any of the above-mentioned view of things.  And not only have I paid the price for trying my best to expose this criminal network of talmud-followers, I have also had to pay a high tariff for disagreeing with such all-inclusive group hatred.  I paid in popularity.  No one out here seems to want to address the ‘jewish question’ logically.  You are either for or against.  Say anything else…and you will generally be ignored by the hoards effected by the very beast-like talmudism that I decry.  Or you don’t even address the question at all.  You can allude to it(either way)in your alternative blog…but not publish your conclusions. Funny that. 

I took on the task of not only naming, but dissecting the beast.  That is to say trying to hit at the root of the problem. Not hack at the branches.  For that I am relegated to being either too wishy-washy, or a zio-agent, or heaven knows what else.  Maybe my task is finished.  I have about had it.

I always placed my faith in the ability, if not the intent, of humans to communicate.  Black does not mean white.  This is this. It’s mostly yes and no out here.
I have spent a great deal of time reiterating my viewpoint considering ‘the jewish question’ over the last 3-4 years and some have taken notice.  Most because…and I hate to say this…they read their own agendas into what I say.  Or they think… that I think something other than what I write.  Things don’t work that way.  At least not here.
I have written well over half a million words saying the same thing.  You would think…brevity being the soul of wit…that I shouldn’t have had to use so many words.  Of course I use the relief of current events over the backdrop of my philosophy in most posts, as is the fashion of alternative sites.  But it all comes out the same in the end.  I haven’t changed my mind about my mission here.  But I think that it is nearly at an end.  As much as I enjoy putting quill to parchment, one can only say so much about a subject. Especially espousing such a narrow viewpoint that I have concerning it.  And the repetition thereof can become tedious.  I don’t wish that.

I can still turn a phrase. I can still write.  But if anyone wants to know my ‘vyoos on joos’…well, I have half a million words archived here and a published book on the subject.
But as many friends and readers have suggested, I might widen my horizons.  Perhaps I should indulge in writing about something else while maintaining the footnote of my alleged anti-semitism.  It may be time.  I am not a jew.  So I don’t have the network connections to garner followers in the numbers to which so many goyim subscribe.  I don’t play the saxophone. I don’t have a ‘spiritual’ bone in my body. I don’t have the energy to become one of the ‘news services’ with an anti-jewish slant, that I enjoy reading.
Heaven knows I have a lot of opinions.  And I am always right.  All of these opinions are not necessarily about the talmudic slant to the issues in our modern world. I think I can be reflective, humorous and even poetic at times.  Perhaps I will explore these possibilities.  Perhaps not.


I’ll get back to you on this…


12 thoughts on “Yes And No…And Maybe It’s Time

  1. I thought that your vyoos on joos was what this blog was all about-or is it the entanglement of joos in the deliberate destabilizing of the planets future- or are your views born of no justice no future -all this disclaimer as to your motives is what? something for us the reader to muse on – ?Is this a mental form of someone bouncing his foot all the time they are sitting and one is watching -Having easy access to readers doesn't mean writing about things your don't have a grip on ! whatta think?live well

  2. Superb topic, Timster!Everytime they scream "It's the joos, stupid", we should remind them that it was really their spineless great, great, great, great grandpa to blame. Yes, he is the one who had sold 'em out to the equally greedy Jews. After all, it takes two to tango. The massacre of the real owners (Native Americans) of this land? Jews were behind it! Why didn't poor 'ol righteous grandpa do anything to stop it? Was he wearing a big & frilly dress and behaving submissively when the big evil Jews overpowered him? No, it was rather the smell of vast & wide land made 'em to look the other way. Slaughtering of the magnificent whales for oil & massive deforestation, logging etc. at the turn of century? Once again, poor ol spineless greedy grandpa to blame with the greedyJews.I Do know the sites you are talking about! All of 'em foam xenophobia & hatred at the mouth for the brown and Jewish people, who aren’t part of the sinister zionist enterprise. It seemed very odd to me seeing these hate mongers put out Rachel Corrie tribute articles not too long ago. Did they forget that Rachel – the brave White Jewish woman who stood up for the brown Palestinians and did not faze while being bulldozed to death by the White & racist Israhelli govt.? Why do they shed phony tears for Rachel is beyond me! After all, they are the descendent of a spineless grandpa, aren’t they?

  3. Dearest TimsterOnly you can know when you are finished speaking. I don't know precisely what draws me to your words, but it must be a rare trueness that comes forth. I love to hear people admit that they are fed up or whatever. Why must we be so fine always??? I also feel that my words are perhaps finishing up in the world where I live. My task may be done too!Do what you love! If it keeps you bright to write here, then go on writing. And there are those rare souls like you who will not only read your words but hear you, even if only a little. People are so defended and insecure these days, still we find ways to do what we love. I'm discouraged this moment about many things and I will love to know you are trusting yourself either way!I only comment here on your site, thank you for allowing my ramblings. Marigold

  4. Timster my good friend, old pal of mine. I compare you to my favorite teacher in school. He was a terrific teacher! One can only do so much! Spread your wings and fly. Try some of that automatic writing you tell me about!Your overall message was about the, the, the, I can't say it! You must know those of us who regularly visit 'how dare I,' also learn a little about the man behind those words. We have a sense of knowing you, we look forward to being entertained, no matter what you choose to write. Hey, if you feel like a tantrum every know and then, revisit 'how dare I!' Damn old man, we the ones that, can still read, like to read. Give us goose bumps, take us with you wherever you wish to go! You'll need a new name for your site. How about 'burn one with me.' I kinda like 'just you and I' or 'EVERYTHING R I" A catchy reminder, 'so go for it!" 'Just a thought' from one old man to another, goodnight my friend! I wish you well! We need something new to charge are old batteries, don't we? Glen

  5. Rib – Well…yes, and no. I started this site initially to add my voice to the political concerns raised by those aware of the talmudic influence thereof. Then, I added my own personality and prose abilities to the mix(what little I have). My views represent my views only. A very narrow set, to be sure. For that, I have lost sponsorship of a few referring sites and a lot of readers. Which I do not regret necessarily. I have had my say…but kinda got hooked on banging out these essays. No matter what the subject. So, as you can see, I am at a crossroads. Tailor my views to fit the 'alternative' community, keep repeating my own brand of 'antisemitism', take off in a new direction entirely(almost assuring oblivion), or quit. To be, or not to be….and all that.

  6. Robert Anton Wilson coined a term that seems to be perfectly suited for the purpose of avoiding the lumping-together of people under nearly any kind of label: "sombunall". Although it sounds like some sort of over-the-counter sleeping potion, it's just short for "some, but not all". It works beautifully: sombunall Scotsmen are pennypinching misers, sombunall Americans are fat, lazy couch potatoes, sombunall jews are lying, deceitful et cetera.

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