Good Ideas…Bad Ideas

A lot of people ask me for my take on current events.  I don’t have the answers that they want to hear…as a rule.  They don’t seem to realize that they are petitioning a very narrow mind.  It has been narrowed, or ‘focused’ as I like to think of it, by many years of bullshit. Honed by mistakes. Mistakes borne of listening to the opinions of others.  Others always with an agenda.  A mind that took off in the right direction but was detoured many times before it arrived at the place that it is now.  A place I don’t recommend, but preferable to many others.
What do I think of Julian Assange’s invoking of Rachel Corrie’s name in a speech.  I think he should be hung.  Not just for that…but for being the controller of the opposition.  A tool, if you will. 

What do I think of anarchy?  I’m all for it.  If you can be ‘all for’ the lack of something.  In this case, any type of governing of people.  I think people can pretty much do for themselves…if others will just get the hell outta the way and let them get to it.  I don’t need anyone to tell me to wear seat belts for instance.  I have been in several accidents which I would not have walked away from had I not been so restrained.  It is common sense…as are most things that prolong or improve one’s life.

What do I think of the recent NAM conference in Tehran?  I think it is a great start. One of the few good ideas recently. And from this conference came one of the best ideas that I have heard in many a moon…blue or not.  The issue of world media was discussed and assessed as the voice of Western hegemony.  Well, of course it is.  Duh.  But further, it was suggested and agreed upon by the NAM participants to boycott such media.  Hooray!  They finally got to the point.  For without the global viewpoint of zionism being foisted upon the world…zionism is up the creek without the proverbial paddle.  

I watched an extremely good movie the other day.  And I have to say that I watched it a second time.  This is rare for me.  And a rare thing indeed that a film has that ‘re-watchablility’ quality.  Even if it hadn’t been on what I see as the right track politically speaking.
I cannot for the life of me pin down what particular quality a film must possess that begs you watch it again.  Several films over the years affect me like that.  Funny.
Anyway, the most recent one, and the movie in question was “Pontypool”.
This is a movie made from a bestselling novel(actually series).  I haven’t read the book(s).  I will.  Because the message is so intriguing.  I don’t know if what I saw is the director’s take on the book, or the actual intent of the book’s author…but it a heavyweight moral.  And could even be viewed as ‘antisemitic’…if you were yiddish and you wanted to kill it.  And it’s been my experience(see above mentioned ‘narrow’ reference) that anything truly innovative, creative or beneficial to mankind will soon be killed by the tribe.  But that’s just my restricted view of things that took me to the place from which I can enjoy such films.
So…without spoiling the experience for you…I will tell you at least the following: It is billed as a ‘horror’ film and/or a ‘zombie’ movie.  It is neither.  Well, that is to say that although it uses these backdrops…it has nothing to do with slasher-flicks.  It has to do with the power of words.  I won’t tell you any more.  Watch it(if you haven’t already…it isn’t a new movie) and tell me what you come away with.
I came away with…’that is a good idea’.  
Bad ideas?  We have stacks of them around the back.  You can get em for a song.  Two for a penny.  They come pouring out of the media like they are going out of style.  And perhaps they are.

I recently read a manifesto that reportedly came out of the Obama administration think tank.  Not a jewish one, apparently.  I don’t know if it was tongue-in-cheek, a “we-wish-this-would-happen” kind of thing.  Or if it is real. The paper I refer to is named “US Preparing For A Post-Israel Middle East?”

This seems too good to be true. And probably is.  It sounds too much of a ‘good idea’ to be real.  But hey…at least the ideas, like the above movie, are out there.  The tribe may be trying to kill them but they can’t kill everything.  And they can’t kill everybody, as I am sure they want.  To think that you can keep people ‘zombies’ forever is just another ‘bad idea’.  But some groups are known for that.


6 thoughts on “Good Ideas…Bad Ideas

  1. Timster, I enjoyed this post! I am a lover of freedom for the individual and hate when we are interfered with. Which is almost all that ever happens! Who is free really in our world?Who can be himself or herself utterly?Who can love a child, a dog, a husband, a friend, and not interfere?Parents everywhere are not allowing their child to trust his own nature and to follow it no matter what!Nothing should be imposed from the outside. The inner needs to be trusted and nurtured. Any child, every child is prevented, even punished for following himself. I love Henry Thoreau. He said, " I wasn't born to be forced". How can you control somebody and say you love him?How can laws and courts help anyone?I really hate how stupid our world has become!Being savages might be better!Thank you for your free spirit. I hadn't heard what Julian Assange said concerning Rachel Corrie??Rachel Corrie followed her heart. From a young girl she was disturbed by the fact that children worldwide were suffering everywhere. Her parents didn't prevent her way, and we might all learn from that. One thing to learn is that, yes we live in greater difficulties when we just do what we see to do, but at least we live and Do not merely exist. Marigold

  2. Hey Timster..Try bad old satanist and jew ass kisser Stephen King's bookfrom last year "11/22/63".All the "Usual Suspects"…Al KaderDe Morensheldt and afew hints ofthe future toward the end.

  3. I think Assange is the real deal, in that he is an authentic computer hacker who lucked on to a foolhardy Bradley Manning and the rest is history. I knew a guy at uni who reminds me of Assange. He was the designated driver the one and only night any of us drove with him. In his parent's classic Mercedes saloon he drove us through stop signs and red lights, in the supreme knowledge that no one would dare be coming the other way and run into him, because there was no way he should ever be shown to be in the wrong.Assange is a tool, as you say, but I think it's likely that he genuinely doesn't see himself as a tool. The real blame lies at the feet of the piss-weak liberal-left, which jumps at the chance to get behind a "new-radical" like Assange, because it means they don't have to confront any more uncomfortable issues than what Assange brings to the table. I forget exactly what he said about 9/11 (that it was a silly distraction or something), but it was just the thing the left needed to hear in order to get behind him and stay behind him. And it's not a conspiracy – Assange himself would never touch 9/11 because ulitimately, like most people, his views are too much under the influence of what others will think of him for holding them. He'll only follow the truth so far, and no further if it leads to condemnation.

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