It’s Your Move…

There is a lot of shit going down recently.  But of course there always has been.  It’s kinda like a sewer…the affairs of the world.  And I mean that literally.  There are times when waste seems to flow unfettered.  Then there are times when the volume of crap stresses the system to its limits, and you gotta call a plumber.  Or cut the crap.

I have heard a lot of rumbling about that shitty little country south of the Mediterranean threatening to use the Samson option.  Will the US back a preemptive strike by the jews on Iran?  Will they go it alone and suffer certain annihilation? Will they then prove that the rumors of Dimona nukes have always been fact, and unleash hell on the world?  Well, to my way of thinking…they already have.  A few of their well directed nukes would just seal the deal. 

But you guys are young.  And you don’t remember these fears.  They have been around a long time.  The PTB like to dig them out from time-to-time when all else fails.  But back then…when hell was young…this nuke fear was all anyone could talk about.  It was a cold thing to do to an unsuspecting world, to raise the consciousness of these nightmares…but hey, it was a cold war.  That was when everyone hated the former USSR.  They opted out of the Samson option, of which they were also capable.  They watched their empire tumble into the hands of so many greedy jewish oligarchs, rather than plant mushrooms.  The Soviet Union communists were mad-dogs.  We all knew it.  Don’t fuck with them…they could push the button.  Uh-huh.
Well, the world moved on.  And so shall it move after israhell is merely a disgusting memory.  When what is left of the Palestinians return to the entirety of their country…from the river to the sea.  And we will once again sing the praises of Omar Khayyam. 

It seems this little racist terrorist-camp has painted itself into a corner.  And I for one, couldn’t be happier about it.  They know it’s now or never.  Attack and lose.  Or attack and lose and nuke the world.  Not much of a choice…because the concept of ‘lose’ is in both options.  
The former Soviets were not mad dogs.  They were humans. As are the ‘mad-dogs’ in israhell.  The US people….I mean the REAL people, are fed to the teeth with fighting and spending their way to oblivion for a jews-only patch of stolen land.  I feel this here.  Deep in my chest.  If I am correct(and I always am), this threat of attack being spewed over the jewish-owned MSM(for how many years now?) will die on the vine when it becomes obvious that the mouthy neighborhood bully doesn’t have his bodyguards behind him any more. 

I’m-a-dinner-jacket has played this well.  I wouldn’t want to sit down at a chess board across from him.  While he is in Jew York City playing the peace-keeper and talking rational negotiations, his Generals are telling Iran’s adversaries that they better think twice before they attack, and that US installations in the area are viable targets if israhell goes postal.  Brilliant.  I couldn’t have planned that better myself.  And you all know what an effective diplomat I am.
Everyone likes to see the bully get his ass kicked.  Well, find a comfy seat and get your popcorn.  You are about to see it happen.  For real.
So…zionism…it’s your move.  Be careful.  Because in all actuality, the entire world is against you if you use that ‘democracy’ ethic you love to push.  The recent conference of the Non-Aligned Movement represents the “majority” of the world.  And as you profess to love…the majority rules.  You are alone now.  As you should be.  And you are about to be ‘ruled’.

And after you make your move…no matter what it is…the world will move on.  And no one will care about your pathetic holocaust lies, or antisemitism bullshit any more.  You can’t buy protection forever.  So, go ahead.  Make your move.


The Little Game…

Some men can wear hats.  Some can’t.  Well, shouldn’t.  I fall into
the latter category.  I wish I could wear one.  It just doesn’t fit me, either inside or out. Some men are homosexual.  Some aren’t.  I don’t think the two groups necessarily overlap.  I’ll have to do some study on it.

As children, my sister and I took our brains out and played with them.  A lot.  I think that is what’s the matter with us now.  Too many fingerprints on those delicate organs. We did a lot of weird things. But one of the most valuable things we did was trying not to laugh. Yes, you read that right. It is fun. It can also be very sobering.  Try it. Get yourself a performance of comedy…a video…a movie…and watch with a sober brain.  That is, do not let anything said or done in this performance that would normally elicit laughter(canned or not),make you even smile.  It is amazing.  Because as you listen to/watch the antics before you, they take on a …I dunno…pathetic texture, rather than one of mirth, when you force your brain NOT to react as you are supposed to.
When you do this, you understand very quickly why you are supposed to laugh at certain points.  And these ‘punch-lines’ are simply not funny most of the time.  Of course, if you cannot refrain from laughter at something…then I think we are talking serious humor.  Something over which you should laugh.  Fun little game.  But I think a little more than just fun.  Because you can do this on the other side of the coin.  With drama. It also works with music. The arts. It is a kind of universal cleansing process, this little game.  The rules of which stay with you.  Maybe it is a small beginning to ‘critical thinking’. ♫I try to be hip and think like the crowd…but even the crowd can’t help me now♫.
I can’t do this thing with videos of George Carlin.  It doesn’t work with Shakespeare.  I can’t make it happen with Mark Twain. I won’t even try it with Vincent Van Gogh. There is something intrinsically funny/dramatic/true about these people that defies my little game.  But even today I still use this fun skill, that maybe you one day could master, as a filter of sorts.  Maybe I’m nuts.  Maybe my Sis is nuts too.  I dunno.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

But perhaps this is the answer to all of man’s problems.  This little exercise.  Force yourself not to listen to political speeches as you are supposed to listen to them.  Force yourself to evaluate every cent that you put in a jew’s bank.  Force yourself to criticize every aspect of the media placed before you with all of it’s canned laughter and applause signs flashing before the studio audience. Be the asshole that questions everything.  Perhaps.  It’s a start, I think. It works like magic. Forcing your brain to work for you, instead of against you.  It can be done. Because when you are taken out of the moment…when you break the rhythm of the patter being performed for your benefit…the truth seeps in.  These things aren’t funny.  They are not true. 

Again, I petition you to try this at home.  Yes, it is dangerous.  If you get hurt in the process…you can sue me.
But I must warn you.  Once you start this little game and it goes beyond, say…a stand-up routine by Robin Williams, or Bill Maher…it will fuck up your brain.  You will involuntarily apply the rules of the game to everything around you…eventually.  It has been known to take over people’s very lives.  It is addictive.  And the only cure is death.  So be careful.

I have noticed playing this game over the years, that it works like a charm with jewish comics.  I don’t know why, but if a yiddish stand-up comic is billed as hilarious, and you use my ‘method’ of watching them, I would bet my new pork-pie hat(it looks silly on me anyway), that you won’t even crack a smile.  AND, you will probably come away with a feeling of disgust.  One of my readers described the experience of watching a foul-mouthed jewish comic, as coming away feeling dirty.  I can relate to that.  There is something about jewish humor that has always been lost on me.  It is always so mean-spirited or sex-based.  To my way of thinking, neither is funny…meanness or sex.  But I started playing this game when these kinds of comics were becoming popular.  It made it so easy…watching these ugly little turds on stage spewing their filth and selling it as humor.  No laughs here.  Just disgust.  Easy.  So why don’t more people see these things the way I do?  I dunno.  There is no accounting for taste, I guess.
It hasn’t changed much for me since then.  Only gotten worse.

But a word of warning.  Don’t take your brain out and play with it.  Not if you want to enjoy jewish humor.  Not if you want to go to political rallies.  Not if you want to become absorbed in the evening news.  Not if you want to take that course in history next term.  Cause, I guess you could say that this little game is a game-changer.
I’ll get back to you on the hat vs. homosexual thing…

Oh, Please…

What’s making the ‘alternative’ rounds?  Not much…if you actually look at it.  Outside of the false-flag of a faux film supposedly causing Muslim outrage…not much.
It seems the readers out here either enjoy the constant ‘gloom and doom’ of fear porn…or they are being directed.  Yet again.
The latest brilliant observation that I see coming from the pen of my old nemesis, Henry Makow, is that lo and behold; we white European males were duped once again and we didn’t even know it.  He explains for us that a play written by Tennessee Williams is the epitome of ‘male bashing’.  If you are not familiar with “A Streetcar Named Desire”…the play, or the movie version, or even if you are…well, you are in for a shock.  It appears that the late Mr. Williams was part of some illumi-naughty plot to denigrate the Western male by personifying all of us as Stanley Kowalski, the play’s male antagonist.  And all these years (65) we poor victimized white males have had to live with this rapist image.  So THAT’S why delicate Blanche-type women have always shied away from me!  Well, it all makes sense now.  Thank the stars that Mr. Makow is here to explain these things to us.

Ya know…this guy gets under my skin.  Now here is a nice jewish boy whose cult connections bought him fame-and-fortune at an early age.  He became…a couple of eons ago…the youngest syndicated columnist in our nation.  He even got a spot on “What’s My Line”.  A parade of jewish tripe that most of you readers don’t remember.  Well…Hank hasn’t done much since then.  Though of course…how do you follow an act like that? Well, in all fairness, he is credited, ironically, with this shit. But recently this erstwhile columnist has taken to gate-keeping.  Well, considering his tribal affiliations…that would make sense.  But how does this jew get so much traction out here where bullshit is called on a daily basis?  How does this happen?  Well, he is still connected, I’m sure, to his cultural network…but that would normally only get him a seat at Ramjack Corporate News.  However, like Noam Chomsky his crap is distributed on the alter-net like Amy Goodman, Mikey Rivero and Max Kaiser.  Ya know…I got my fill of these liberal jewish interlopers in the 60’s.  My mind hasn’t changed about them.

But back to Streetcar.  Makow(and his team of writers) would have us believe…since the movie version of Streetcar reached the popular culture of the time…that all those connected with the film version were somehow complicit in a nefarious subplot to subvert the image of white European males.  Gentiles all(maybe that’s what bugs him?).  First we have the director, Elia Kazan, known for his award-winning scathing attack on the jewish underground communists in Hollywood(“On The Waterfront”), then we have the stars of the film.  Marlon Brando, infamous for his candid criticism of the judaic.  Vivien Leigh, a British actress known for her portrayal of Scarlet O’Hara and severely mentally imbalanced at the time of filming Streetcar.  

And lastly, we have the author.  Tennessee Williams.  Arguably, one of the best American playwrights of all time.  Also a gentile.  A Southern, gay author.  All of the male characters in every one of his plays were flawed.  As were the female parts in his plays.  Perhaps the heterosexual males were often cast in a brash bullying light…but hey, he WAS a homosexual.  I really don’t think that these portrayals necessarily afforded Mr. Williams a membership in the New World Order.  But who am I to disagree with Dr. Henry Makow?  Who indeed.
Why do people out here read this crap.  Your guess is as good as mine.
As I have mention here before, I had a bit of a heated exchange with the good doctor a few years ago, (as have several others).  It was his contention that I should stop blaming the innocent(the jews), for the world’s travails, and concentrate on the real culprits…which ever booga-booga group of terrorists he named at the time.  Well, fuck him.  And I told him this…in so many words.  And I am reiterating my disgust not just for this jewish misdirector’s tripe, but also for those that provide him a platform from which to spread his bullshit. I am ashamed to call such people colleagues, in this battle against the zionist criminal network.

I know…I shouldn’t get so bent about this guy.  Anyone with half a brain, would disregard this jerk by just reading the titles of the shit he and his staff churn out.  There are hundreds of such jewish prestidigitators on the scene today…and he is so obvious that he shouldn’t even be considered as a threat.  I dunno.  As I said before…of all of them…this one pisses me off to no end. This horse’s ass personifies a fundamental evil to me. Gatekeepers. Side-show carneys that turn the heads of the ignorant.  I should just chuckle at his ridiculous tribal shit.  And maybe I will since going off here about it.  Again…I dunno.  I usually don’t let these types get to me.  I will be happy to point them out to you…as if you couldn’t see for yourselves what they are.  But I will usually let it go at that.  You know better than to lend any credence to these people.  But Makow gets my goat.  Perhaps he attempts to.  
But STREETCAR?……oh, please!  In the yiddish vernacular; Stop already.  Or in mine…Henry Makow, shut the fuck up!

There.  I have said all I’m going to about the matter.  Maybe.

The Hedonic Treadmill Of The Freudian Leeches…

Do you want to be happy?  Sure, we all do.  All you have to do is just send $19.85 a month…just pennies a day…to Shlomo Bladderstein.  Happiness is guaranteed.  Well, actually it is not.  For you.  Or Shlomo.

There is a difference between hatred(what many people assume I have for jews), and recognizing a concerted effort on the part of a clan to place stumbling blocks on the road to everyone else’s path to the above advertised happiness.  And that is their mantra.  It is ingrained in their(the jewish)minds as a group-goal.  Whether they realize it or not.

Happiness can be enduring; in the moment and in the memory thereof.  Pleasure is fleeting.  This seems a simple concept, but is missed by so many.  The momentary pleasure of materialism soon fades as quickly as its tiny injection of dopamine into the body’s system.  And yet like heroin addicts, so many of us are living for the next fix. Constant trips to Wal-Mart to buy plastic shit that we don’t need.  Saving for that new car.  Over extending our budgets to get into that new house that will be the envy of friends and family.  And you can easily surmise…assuming the old saw “money doesn’t bring happiness” is true…that the ‘money men’…the ‘robber barons’ (that all seem to be jewish nowadays), then are not happy at all  because they have all the money, essentially.  Definitely more than it would take to make you or I happy.  And you would be correct, I think.  Happy people do not hate.  They do not war.  They do not lust for more…money, power or anything material.  So we see very clearly that the purveyors of the material are also the purveyors of hatred.  This is all they know.  To be pleased.  Not to be happy.
Before you start thinking I’ve turned Buddhist or something, I can assure you, my thoughts on this matter are purely logical…not spiritual.

You may also be thinking that these premises are simple matters.  Forgone conclusions.  Hardly profound in any manner.  But I would disagree.
So much ‘Freudian’ effort has gone into treating our depression, our anxieties, fears and general lack of happiness, that we have lost sight of simply examining what it IS that makes us genuinely happy.  And that IS a worthwhile effort.  For without happiness in varying degrees, we cannot create, we can not get along with others or be ourselves.  So in my mind we have a yiddish ‘triple threat’ for which the following is a panacea.  Firstly to resist material pleasure. Secondly, to resist the hatred that is packaged with so much material ‘one-up-man-ship’.  And thirdly to realize that if we are lacking said happiness, to look for what makes us happy in the first place.  What we have abandoned in the search for pleasure.
I began thinking about this subject after my sister lost her memory.
Temporarily. Yes, it does happen. It is called Transient Global Amnesia, or TGA.  It scared the shit out of her.  It caused her to question everything in her life.  The effects are short-lived.  The memory returns but the questions remain. It changed her outlook on her life profoundly.  And not necessarily in a totally good way.  I don’t want to question myself that deeply.  Well, at least not yet.
I think we all have the capacity for happiness, given our respective circumstances.  But a real crimp can be put on that capacity if we happen to spend much of the day dodging drone attacks.  And we all know the source of such incendiary hatred.  Everything the talmud touches turns this capacity and longing for happiness into shit.
With this jewish/material mindset being purchased by the West, it places normal Gentile people on the hedonic treadmill WITH the very people that push it on us. There is no truer adage than “misery loves company”…and no group of people that personify it better.

Not too long ago in this country a roof over your head, something to work at and three meals a day were all the things that were needed…or more importantly wanted.  The rest was life.  Family, friends and community.  Things with real and lasting value. Happiness.  I think if we are to progress any further as a species, we need to get back to that point.
So what happened?  Well, I can speak for this country.  The jewish won WWII. This country became theirs.  With their new ownership, they began the onslaught of the material.  The desire for constant acquisition of bigger and better.  The Eddie Bernays way of life. Their type of life, in which knowing nothing other than material acquisition, they could be kings.  So we all began playing their game. And real life fell to the wayside.
Now, I don’t preach going back to the horse-and-buggy.  But I seriously question the value of at least 80% of today’s technology.  It has advanced beyond its value or need.  And we are not happy.  With these material things…or ourselves for lusting after them time and time again.

The basis for jewish Sigmund Freud’s theories is that men are no more than beasts with seriously dangerous tendencies that must be harnessed.  By nature, man is only a herding animal that must be directed to do good(Sigmund excluded, of course), otherwise he will destroy himself.  Gosh, I wonder where he came up with that notion? Of course his nephew took what is true of this theory and ran with it.  That part being that we are social animals and require herd-like interaction with our own kind.  This can be exploited…and indeed is daily.  But I seriously disagree with Siggy’s basic tenet.  I feel that man is generally a caring and altruistic herd of beings.  It is only the ‘tribe’ that uses that against us by dividing and directing for their own material profit and shallow feelings of power.  Again…pleasure rather than happiness.
I watched a film recently about this very subject.  Well, happiness and the illusive methods to reach it.  I have read a few things about happiness research before and it got me in this mode.  And even though the books and this film that I devoured didn’t specifically point to the false-hebrew as the perpetrators of our species losing its way along this path of life…to me the implication was obvious.  They are the money-lenders.  They are the corporations.  They are the advertisers.  They are the news.  They are the haters.  They are the leeches.
Benjamin Franklin said: “The Constitution only guarantees the American people the RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness…you have to catch it for yourselves”.

Give it some thought and let me know what you come up with.

Man I Was Mean But I’m Changing My Scene…

Well, actually I’m not.  But I have to admit it’s getting better.  I think.
I’m def confused.  They got even me…the know-it-all.  I can’t figure out their next move…if there even is a ‘they’.  I dunno.  The o-bomb-a administration is apparently distancing itself from the pariah state of israhell. And we all know that ‘da bro is in for fo mo’…no matter what placards you carry outside McDonalds…so WTF?  I mean, they are not going to appoint someone that is going to ring your doorbell with tracts in his hand while you are having dinner.
Some ass-wipe jew in So Cal takes a cinematic jab at Mohammad and the Muslim world busts apart at the seams.  This is all planned, I’m sure.  Provocation..provocation.  Is this guy funded by Al-Jazeera?  But where does it fit in the scheme of things to come?  They are fabricating ‘victims’ of a lone-gunman shooting.  There I go with that ‘they’ thing again.  Is there a they?  Barry would rather do an appearance on Letterman than suck Bibi’s dick?  Well, I gotta agree with him on that one.  But what does it all mean?
There is this guideline that I have always lived by…maybe you have the same one.  Don’t believe anything.  If they say day – think night.  If they say it’s raining – go out and look.  But this subjugates a rather basic function of the human brain.  It supplies a new synapse path for us all to take.  Believe nothing…react to nothing. Communication is now reduced to a small circle of friends and family for the new critical thinker.  This new forced evolutionary survival method is changing the countenance of the planet.  And I for one, am all for it.  It undermines what we understood as ‘education’, for education is just one man’s opinion of moonlight.  And that is probably a hebrew seeking to sell you the nocturnal illumination.  So let’s burn books(not mine, please).  Let’s ignite the world.  It ain’t much of a place anyway.  Pleasure is always trumped by pain.  If you don’t believe this…you need to step back a few paces and take a good look.  You are too close to picnics at the beach and birthday parties for the kids.

Keeping with this new meme of ‘believe nothing’, I watched this vid today.  Interesting.  Sort of.  One facet…or at least one false facet of the world’s history of the past couple hundred years.  It has gone kinda viral out here.  I got a couple of pains in my side…like punches from which I am supposed to reel…when the director compares the prevalent police-state to Nazi Germany.  Red lights and bells going off.  And there is that nagging punch-pain in my ribs…but I keep watching.  It seems this guy is advocating…no, PREACHING violent in-your-face-hang-the-motherfuckers revolution.  Well, in all fairness…he only says that is a last resort.  But I’m thinkin.  With my new synapse-paths.  If this guy starts talking about the holohoax…veiled or not…what does he really want?  I’m back to my original summation…WTF? 

Well, here’s another clue for you all.  I don’t like being provoked.  I am the Walrus.  I will turn on you at the mere mention of a jewish-fabricated porno fairy tale of suffering.  They ain’t seen suffering till the Walrus is pissed.  “Stop that crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”.  I used to be told that a lot.  Then I wiped my tears and got tough. Maybe we all should.

So, to add to the mix-up, we got a 9/11 truth vid that was aired on PBS last week(JBS as I like to call it…figure it out).  That’s mainstream tv for the intelligentsia that supposedly don’t watch commercial tv.  Well…good.  I think.  But….but….if this public airing of some really mephitic amerikan laundry accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish, well… somewhere down the road a piece, there will be a new investigation into that false-flag op.  Okay.  All well and good.  Let’s assume that happens, and the ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ get what they want.  We all know that a controlled pre-wired demolition is going to be the verdict.  Okay again.  But then we, the members of ‘Arrogant Believe-Nothing Pricks For 9/11 Truth’ are going to demand that we just take a few more baby steps that lead us all to israhell as the perps. It will be clear as day.  I gotta say it again…WTF?  Are zionist yids going nuts?  Well, more nuts than they already are.  Why did JBS air this?  And without disclaimers proclaiming it to be a film by nut-jobs.  

I gotta scratch my Walrus head in wonderment.  But I’m changing my scene and I have new synapse-paths…so I’ll wait.  Wait for ‘their’ next move.  It’s bound to be big.  And I won’t believe a word of it.  Nor should you. Koo-koo-ka-choo.


Yes And No…And Maybe It’s Time

If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that things are not black and white.  I don’t deal in absolutes.  They are too simple.  Simple conclusions for the simple-minded.

Of all the compliments(angled for, or otherwise)that I have cherished throughout my tenure in this coma we call life, the most flattering one came from a bum.  Well, that is what we used to call them.  I don’t know if the man was homeless, so I wouldn’t presume to hang that PC moniker on him.  He was a man of some obvious education but wore rather shabby clothes and was asking tourists by the river in London for change. I gave him all I had in my pocket because I was about to take off for other foreign seaports and needed to be shed of the local metal nuisance.

Sensing my accent, he said “are you an American?”.  “Yes”, I said…with reluctance.  Then it came.  That glorious flattery.  “You don’t look like an American”.  I had arrived. Perhaps all the hatred I have for this country somehow showed in my demeanor.  Perhaps the bum was not too good at sizing up his prey.  I dunno.  But I beamed over his appraisal for weeks.  I still look back on the incident as a blessing of sorts. 
We spoke of other things that evening.  The bum and I.  About his boyhood trip to Los Angeles.  How marvelous it must be to have grown up in that wonderland, he posited.  And how dangerous America must be with a population that owns guns.  Your typical fair for a chat between a Brit and a Yank I suppose…sitting there on a park bench by the Thames.  But to him, I was a curiosity.  I liked that.  Proving stereotypes to be wrong is a priceless experience. Not all amerikans are loud, complaining assholes.  Some of us…well, actually most of us are kinda nice people.  Not that this is a personality trait borne of geography.  I have met few Brits(or most anyone else for that matter) that I didn’t like right off the bat.  But that’s as may be.

“It’s the joos, stupid”.  I see that a lot out here.  That black-and-white valuation. 
“You are either against jews or you are with them”.  All jews are evil or some jews are evil or no jews are evil…it’s all too muddling for me.  Of course, if you are a regular reader of this site(I HATE the word ‘blog’), besides being remarkable for your tenacity over the years, you know that I don’t agree with any of the above-mentioned view of things.  And not only have I paid the price for trying my best to expose this criminal network of talmud-followers, I have also had to pay a high tariff for disagreeing with such all-inclusive group hatred.  I paid in popularity.  No one out here seems to want to address the ‘jewish question’ logically.  You are either for or against.  Say anything else…and you will generally be ignored by the hoards effected by the very beast-like talmudism that I decry.  Or you don’t even address the question at all.  You can allude to it(either way)in your alternative blog…but not publish your conclusions. Funny that. 

I took on the task of not only naming, but dissecting the beast.  That is to say trying to hit at the root of the problem. Not hack at the branches.  For that I am relegated to being either too wishy-washy, or a zio-agent, or heaven knows what else.  Maybe my task is finished.  I have about had it.

I always placed my faith in the ability, if not the intent, of humans to communicate.  Black does not mean white.  This is this. It’s mostly yes and no out here.
I have spent a great deal of time reiterating my viewpoint considering ‘the jewish question’ over the last 3-4 years and some have taken notice.  Most because…and I hate to say this…they read their own agendas into what I say.  Or they think… that I think something other than what I write.  Things don’t work that way.  At least not here.
I have written well over half a million words saying the same thing.  You would think…brevity being the soul of wit…that I shouldn’t have had to use so many words.  Of course I use the relief of current events over the backdrop of my philosophy in most posts, as is the fashion of alternative sites.  But it all comes out the same in the end.  I haven’t changed my mind about my mission here.  But I think that it is nearly at an end.  As much as I enjoy putting quill to parchment, one can only say so much about a subject. Especially espousing such a narrow viewpoint that I have concerning it.  And the repetition thereof can become tedious.  I don’t wish that.

I can still turn a phrase. I can still write.  But if anyone wants to know my ‘vyoos on joos’…well, I have half a million words archived here and a published book on the subject.
But as many friends and readers have suggested, I might widen my horizons.  Perhaps I should indulge in writing about something else while maintaining the footnote of my alleged anti-semitism.  It may be time.  I am not a jew.  So I don’t have the network connections to garner followers in the numbers to which so many goyim subscribe.  I don’t play the saxophone. I don’t have a ‘spiritual’ bone in my body. I don’t have the energy to become one of the ‘news services’ with an anti-jewish slant, that I enjoy reading.
Heaven knows I have a lot of opinions.  And I am always right.  All of these opinions are not necessarily about the talmudic slant to the issues in our modern world. I think I can be reflective, humorous and even poetic at times.  Perhaps I will explore these possibilities.  Perhaps not.


I’ll get back to you on this…