I Should Say Something…

My heart is not in it…but I feel the need to say something. 

I don’t know why I expected anything other than the outcome we see today concerning the Corrie’s civil suit.  We all knew what they would do.  In a way, even though they tossed an opportunity for some good PR, it is altogether fitting and proper that they did this.

And we should revel in the fact that they have yet again proven that they are ‘the beast’ that we all know they are.  There is no way to spin this verdict.  All israelis share in this indictment against the jew. For that is clearly what it is.  It is again the ‘blood libel’.

Funny that of all the professed Christians out there…they do not even recognize this martyrdom for what it is.  According to your own book, they killed Christ.  And on another mound of dirt not far away from that incident and just a blink of an eye in history…they repeated their barbarism.  Funny.  Well, not too funny.
I just felt I should say something in memory of a slight little girl that had more courage than all of us put together.
I won’t go on about this…you know the importance of what happened then and today.  Live with it.


11 thoughts on “I Should Say Something…

  1. 1Rachel Corrie speaks to me again and again, reminding me to ask myself, "why am I alive?". Rachel Corrie I love you!!You cannot be dead, no! I see so many dead and walking around and they look nothing like you. You live on and for your great Beauty and Courage I humbly bow to you!Marigold

  2. Had it been ANY other country that killed this brave woman every American would know her name. As it stands I would guess that maybe 2% of the population knows who she is. Thats a fucking crime.

  3. I really don't get how anyone expected anything different.It did not occur to me for even a billionth of a nano second that they would seek redemption.All is as it always has been.And you know what if they had held themselves accountable it would still have been too little too late and would have meant absolutely nothing.This way her purity remains intact.Let them never tarnish her with their guilt.They need to carry it within themselves for eternity.There is no absolution in this case.

  4. Hello Timster,This is SOOO SOOO SAD when "evil" Iran names a street after Rachel and what our govt. has done? Oh …I hear pin dropping silence. She is definitely one of my greatest heros. A true humanist. Off topic, I was wondering if you know what cousin Veritas is hiding lately? I've sent him an email while ago. Anyway, just tell him to join us.

  5. Su – I don't know how they do it. I cannot understand that mindset…and I profess to be able to see at least a glimpse of anyone's side of things. It baffles me like nothing else in life. Always has.

  6. Hi Timster, I didn't expect anything different when word first got out the Corrie's were going for a civil suit. To these animals, it was just another non-Jew that got killed, along with how ever many Palestinians got killed/abused that same day.Have you noticed the "anti-semitic" happenings are starting again? To louse up a good ELP song……."Not content with that, we pull Hitler from a hat, get into that, get into that!! Actual lyric was "Jesus" instead of Hitler. Karn Evil 9, I think, the First Impression. The perpetual victims victimizing everyone else, while screaming in pain.

  7. Did anyone even dream for a nanosecond that a good Jewish boy could be found guilty of murder of a goyim woman who had no right interfering with what his god/army wanted him to perform? How can a human being be held accountable for killing an animal? That is the legal Israeli stance according to the Talmudics in these cases. Meanwhile the trials for the killers of Vittorio Arigoni commence.

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