Arrogant Prick…

I like that.

I was recently dubbed an “arrogant prick”.  Well, I’m going to have agree with that assessment.  I have been called arrogant all my life, it seems.  I once had a woman explain what she meant by that.  The arrogant part…not the prick.  She said that I take entirely too much pleasure in being right about things. I didn’t understand the indictment at the time.  I mean, if you are correct in your opinions…and heaven knows I have plenty of those… well it would seem to me that it would be a pleasurable experience to best your adversary with facts.  Not brow-beating.  Not ad hominem.  Not name calling…but logic.  Common sense in the face of emotion.  But hey…what do I know?  Some people don’t like to lose arguments.  And I rarely lose my temper.  That bothers people as well.  But that would be part-and-parcel to the logic-vs-emotion thing.

However…being right about the things you choose to debate is a bit of a trick.  And I do understand hating the self-righteous aspect of winning an argument.  No one likes a poor winner. Cue the ‘prick’ part of my latest moniker.  I don’t even like winners in general…when it comes right down to it.  That seems to be a uniquely amerikan pastime.  Winners.  Competition.  Full of dynamics.  I dunno.  There was a platitude that went around in the sixties: “The most revolutionary thing you can do is to change your mind”.  I liked that.  It seemed to be ammunition for any political encampment.  A kind of catch-all for trying to push your agenda.
 ♫ “You say you want a revolution”…and so on.

I don’t know beans about financial matters as an example of the trick I mentioned up there somewhere.  Other than putting me to sleep, it never appears to have had any influence on me.  Money.  Not interested.  Oh, I understand that it is equivalent to power over others…but I never found that prospect appealing in any fashion either.  I never had any political aspirations.  So I am almost never right if I venture an opinion about such matters.  So I don’t.  That’s the trick.  Find what interests you…do a lot of reading from both sides of the issue.  Do a lot of thinking about it…as in, follow an idea completely to its conclusion(and most thoughts do have that point if you stick to it), make your determination and bingo-jingo…you are “right”.  Do this enough with what you consider to be important issues and… miracle of miracles… you are considered to be ‘wise’.  Or a ‘wise-guy’.  Or an arrogant prick.  I’ll settle for any of the above.

The above description to which I have been saddled comes most recently about my viewpoints concerning race.  Skin color.  Physical attributes that seem to cause humans so much worry.  Frankly I don’t give a shit.  But a lot of people do.  Especially within the community of people with which I have found company recently in this endeavor of calling a jew-a-jew…and pointing out that cult’s misbehaviour.  
It seems that within this effort to single out the judaic in their tribal identity, quite a few so engaged, take the quick route.  The ‘racial’ one.  Now some might say that it is the only path to take when dealing with a ‘race’ that climbs up on a pedestal.  A knee-jerk reaction that basically states that “hey…you aren’t superior to us…we are superior to you.  And I can prove it because my skin is white and you are trying to destroy my race”.  Well…I ventured down that path and it is a short one.  It leads nowhere.  To no logical conclusion that I can defend.  Nor can anyone else, I believe.  I’ve done the math on this.
For the life of me…and I am dead serious about the following statement; I cannot for even an instant, understand what the pigment of human skin, facial shape or the shape of one’s buttocks, for that matter, has got to do with anything of social import.  Call me a lefty, commie NWO stooge, or anything else(but I prefer arrogant prick).  I don’t care if babies born in the next thousand years are pink or brown or green.  Or whether they have lips or eyes slanted toward their elbows. I pretty much think, that no matter what they look like…they will probably be humans.  Bogged down by gravity…having occasional headaches…growing old before they are prepared to do so…etc.  If all this forced multiculturalism that the yiddish seem bent on imposing on the world produces ‘grey people’….so what?  They will still be people.  And people can do some surprising things.  Like recognize when they are being flim-flammed by ‘pinkish jews'(since by all doomsday scenarios they will be the only ‘white’ people left).  And when all these grey people realize that they have indeed been taken for a ride by this criminal cult…well there will be a REAL genocide on white folks.  The only non-assimilating minority left.

Now ‘Culture’ is another stumbling block to quite a few.  This is another cheap identity thing in which I never placed much faith. It is one of those things to me that is…I dunno…quaint.  Like religion however,  it causes WAY too much strife in people’s desperate attempts to preserve it in the face of common sense.  Surely…somewhere we can lose these things that weigh us down on our journey to evolve?  Diet, clothing, hygiene…to my way of thinking should be locked within the bounds of common sense.  But it seems that the majority of humans find so much identity in these cursory concerns that when any of them are threatened…call out the militia.  Humans are goofy. 

I have also stated a few times here that white people bore me.  They do.  Well white amerikans anyway.  They have no culture.  Or I should say that their culture is on their televisions.  That seems to be their only bond.  If it ain’t on tv…they never heard of it.  And I can think of nothing more boring than to sit in front of a fucking television.  So if the ‘white’ race disappears…I say ‘good riddance’.  Perhaps the ‘grey’ descendents of it will absorb a bit of wisdom from the truly interesting cultures of the past.  Before the ashkanazi took hold of and diluted their positive impact on the species.  Hope springs eternal.

Before you say it…I know, I know.  I am not winning friends and influencing readers by this bit of a rant.  Oh well.  I’m an arrogant prick, remember?  That’s what I do.


11 thoughts on “Arrogant Prick…

  1. Timster,Do you know why you were labeled as an "arrogant" prick?'cause you don't foam HATE in your mouth enough! They desperately wanna see you doing that and falling all over, like the possessed ones on tele-evangelic shows. I've posted in your previous article not too long ago, where I've compared you to John Muir, one of my heros. You better find it and post it, or I'm going to call you a Humanist😀

  2. John Friend projecting as usual. Don't take it personally. Some people tend to get mad when you dont walk into their traps. Friend and his Prothink lackeys set traps for weak minded types. Good to see you're not one of those.

  3. whenever i interupt one of the kids with the comment 'nobody likes a wise arse' i immediately smile because that is just not true.i love wise arses.i love arrogant pricks with a sustainable argument.good one you arrogant bastard, long may you arrogant the planet.

  4. Anon@5:55 – It's hard to take anything personally out here. I don't really know these people, so I can't give them that kind of power. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I can't put up with your average white preservationist for very long before something rankles with me, but I am at the end of the day sympathetic to the idea of preserving the white breed. That makes me sound like a racist, doesn't it? But it's based on the most simple and pure impulse in the world. White women are among the most beautiful in the world. It'd just be a crying shame if they were to become extinct, and if ALL skin and eyes were to become mid-brown in colour. Simple as that. Especially if it turned out that the decisive factors were that long-term forces were at play seeking to make them extinct, and white people were both ignorant of these forces and not particularly interest in their own preservation as a breed mostly as a result of these forces.

  6. Peter – "White women are among the most beautiful in the world. It'd just be a crying shame if they were to become extinct."Well, now there's a podium on which to base a social philosophy. I never thought of that eventuality. Oh dear.

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