Never So Proud…

I talk a lot about pride on this site.  I say you shouldn’t have any.  Well, at least not have any in some amorphous group that you belong to due to the happenstance of birth.  That is to say pride comes before a fall.  You can take pride.  Or you can earn it.  But you can’t steal it.  I take no pride in the spot I live in on the globe.  I assume a lot of guilt for it…but who wouldn’t considering what this area is known for.  But I think we all can find something over which we should hang our heads…in the shenanigans that some duly elected official of the area we live in has accomplished.  That’s a given if you identify with areas, countries, clubs, parties et al.  I don’t.  But when someone correctly places me in the category of “amerikan”…my first emotion is that of shame.

But that isn’t what I wanted to tackle here today.

When I was a teenager I had a frequent hang-out.  A resteraunt in which we kids felt at home and could drink coffee, cut-up and smoke for hours on end without hassle.  I’m sure you had such a place.

My oldest brother was a cop.  We weren’t too close for various reasons, one of which was that I was supposed to hate ‘the man’.  I didn’t hate my brother….but I also didn’t advertise the fact that the town’s first hippie…had a ‘pig’ for a sibling.
One time in this hangout of mine, a patron flipped out.  It started with an argument with his(I assumed)wife.  He got out of control.  Waiters and even the eatery’s manager tried to calm him down or get him to leave…to no avail.  He became violent.  Turning over tables…slapping his companion…screaming at other patrons…a very ugly scene and it was getting worse by the second.  Just as he had grabbed some guy that told him to “either shut up or leave”… in came the cops.  I immediately recognized my brother leading two other officers…and I thought “oh no, this is going to be embarrassing”.
My brother strode over to the guy and had his arms behind his back and hands cuffed before you could blink an eye.  All the while…calmly reassuring the perpetrator that “everything’s going to be alright”…and “we need to go outside now”.  He carefully led the man out of the coffee-house and by the time they reached the door the man was weeping on my brother’s shoulder.  He had obviously just had enough that day…and snapped.  He didn’t need beating or manhandling…just a firm hand and a calm, cool voice of authority.  As they walked by the front window outside…people began applauding my brother’s action.  We all watched as they both talked a few minutes and my brother patted him on the back and helped him into the back of the squad car.  I looked around at the grateful patrons cheering and at first my heart swelled with pride for my brother’s expertise and judgement…then shame for not understanding and appreciating him before that night.  Such ambivalence.  Pride and shame can go hand-in-hand at times.

I read everywhere out here about cops gone bad.  Shooting innocent people…manhandling citizens.  I see videos that clearly show such action.  I am not going along with what these reports…mostly on the MSM outlets…want me to believe about them.

I am not going to defend such police mayhem either.  But I am going to point something out.  You see and read…generally speaking…what someone(usually a jewish editor) wants you to see or read. Yes, even on the ‘alternative’ sites.  And I think the fare is loaded.  It is fashioned to produce an outcome…an emotion…that benefits the ruling class.  An emotion of fear and loathing; not only in the spectator of such reportage…but in next week’s ‘viral video’ of police brutality.  Cops are also subject to the media’s influence.  They are only human…I can attest to that since quite a large portion of my family were police officers or worked in law enforcement.  Some time later I asked my brother about that night.  He barely remembered it…but when he did, he related that it turned out to be a sad story.  The man had just that day lost his job.  He had also recently lost a child to illness.  He had had enough of everything life had to offer on that evening.  But it was just another shift report to my bro.  I’m sure he handled many such cases as efficiently.  As do most cops.  However…cops also watch…and are shamed by these video reports.  They are trained to fear for their lives more and more every day.  Much more than even those that watch the evening news.  It is all purposefully ‘divide-and-conquer’.
They are made to believe now that there is reason for fear from every citizen…especially those that they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

There were mass murders…insane people in public…robberies and all sorts of crimes two hundred years ago…but no instant media to scare the public about regarding them.  And no agenda driven purpose to do so.  There is now.  And both the public and the police are subject to such horrific intent.  Our police are now even being trained by IDF soldiers in dealing with the public uprisings that their bosses contrive.  The world is not going to hell-in-a-handbasket…it is being driven in that direction by those same people that bring you the evening news while they sell you their wares.  I wish more people understood this.  Police violence…and indeed most violence is self-propagating due to this type of ‘journalism’.  This is a fact of our modern world.

Of course there are ‘bad cops’.  Ones that join the force to prove their masculinity by any means they see fit.  There have always been.  Of course a line of police facing an angry mob are going to react to aggressive behaviour from such a crowd.  That is their job…basically. And often with emotions coming to the surface that are planted there deliberately.  But human frailties aside…most police officers are dignified individuals, I have found.  So forgive me if I am still very proud of one that I know.


29 thoughts on “Never So Proud…

  1. Cops are generally bad because people are generally bad. I have less respect for them than your average citizen though because they(not all of them obviously, including your brother) choose to be tools. They choose to serve the corrupt and the powerful. They choose to victimize their fellow man with their badges and guns. If they dont recognize that thats what they are doing by locking up pot smokers and other petty "criminals" who engage in victimless "crimes" then thats their own fault as much as it is the media that predictably lies to them.

  2. And with all due respect I must disagree. Your brother and the Oath Keepers are not the majority. As you point out, the police are not only being trained to see your average citizen as a potential "enemy" but they are literally being Israelized. See their treatment of the OWS movement that got at least close to the mark with their banker protests. They paid with cracked skulls,mace to the eyes, beaten pregnant women etc. courtesy of your local police(and not just the NYPD and Oakland PD, though they hurt their fair share pf people).

  3. Maybe it's just me but I see this article as more than about police.I completely agree on the MASS MEDIA THING! People cannot repond to what they never knew of. Their focus was on their lives and local neighbors, for survival. We most certainly are being played by the ones who own all the 'magic playing instruments of the media!' That's what you write of every post.In my own little neck of the woods, I think about pride at where I spend my eight hours. It has deteriated plenty!WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS, I QUOTE YOU "He didn't need beating or manhandling…just a firm hand and a calm, cool voice of AUTHORITY." My sentiments exactly at where I work!" "Respectable, Responsible, Authority! AH! Them were the days! Did we really have them, or did it just seem so?" Glenster

  4. Good write up and I appreciate the fact that someone points out that not all cops are bad.However (you might have known this was coming), I can attest from personal experience (I hail from a very small county in NE Mississippi) that the majority of the cops were not so wonderful.At 17 (in 1978), just having gotten off a date, stopped at a small store and bought a honeybun and a carton of milk, I saw some friends parked and talking at the local hangout. I stopped and was eating my pastry and milk when the cop pulled up and immediately started in on us (we had the permission of the owner to be there).He told me to get out of my car because I was drunk (I was completely straight). He told me to put down my food/drink and get out… walk a straight line towards his car. I did, turned around and walked back.He pulled out his stick and hit me in the head, then put me in the back of the car, because he didn't "tell me to come back".Over the next couple of years, this cop and several of his buddies would constantly harass me and take me to jail over stuff I didn't do (once took me and two others to jail for public drunkness and none of us had been drinking or drugging, again totally straight.Where I am from, this is common practice, to this day.Also note that during those years, one sheriff was indicted/prosecuted for trying to kill off his adversaries that called him out publicly (he, conveniently, is now a preacher). Another, known as "Cocaine" Paine, was imprisoned for his namesake.Surely, my area is not the exception to the rule.(I love you blog, Man)

  5. My grandpa was a cop in the Omaha Police Department for years, and I know him to be a good, honest, decent man, at least for the most part. He's passed on now, but there are some good guys out there. I have had plenty of bad experiences with cops, but I've also had very good experiences with cops. They are a mixed bag, as is most everything. The first two comments made by Anon were right on the money, as was B'Man's. "I talk a lot about pride on this site. I say you shouldn't have any. Well, at least not have any in some amorphous group that you belong to due to the happenstance of birth."I completely disagree with you here Timster. I take it you have individual pride, whatever that means, right? How can one have pride in one's self by completely eliminating or taking out of the equation one's unique race, culture, history, family background, etc.? This sounds very multicultural and, quite frankly, very Jewish. The Jews want to completely eliminate unique races, cultures, languages, etc. in their Jew World Order. I thing we should all be proud of our unique race (or races), cultures, languages, histories, etc., while at the same time recognizing their faults, errors, misdeeds, or outright crimes of the past, and doing what we can to rectify those wrongs.

  6. Anon@1:41 – You certainly are allowed to disagree. I knew this would be a 'touchy' subject when I wrote it. It seems that everyone has a pretty concrete opinion on the subject. I was merely trying to bring a different dynamic to the table. I was on the receiving end of unnecessary police roughness…believe me. I also experienced things like this. As I said…cops are just humans. When the media tells me they are all thugs with guns…I gotta call bullshit. As I do with most media agendas. Thanks for the comment and for reading!

  7. John – Ain't this great?! We can disagree on very basic issues concerning politics and society on the whole, and yet still fight essentially the same battles. I love your comments and your site. They are thought-provoking to say the least and you have real talent as a journalist.You say "I take it you have individual pride". I have only a modicum of pride for what I have accomplished as an individual. I have not done these things because of any group I belong to…willingly or not. How can one take 'pride' in something over which they have no control? That to me sounds more jewish than anything. As in stealing and marketing other's accomplishments rather than create themselves. I won't take credit or blame for anything over which I have no control. If you define yourself by these arbitrary categories…'white', 'amerikan'…what does that say about you? Are you that lacking in personal qualities that you must resort to race or national identity? I know better. Israeli jews are known for this however. Read about "identity politics" in Atzmon's "Wandering Who". Then reexamine exactly HOW you identify John. To resort to racial identity, in my mind anyway, is such an individual short-selling. And more for the non compos menti that belong in White Nationalist groups, than someone of your obvious talent for writing and critical thinking.And thanks for the comment and for following my little blog.Keep Bloggin!

  8. "How can one take 'pride' in something over which they have no control?"Well, to me this is like saying, "Mom, you're cool and everything, thanks for raising me, but I didn't have any control in you being my mom, therefore, I can't genuinely love you as a Mom, or take pride in our family, people, race, country, etc." I just don't see what is wrong with having pride in one's culture, race, religion, etc. – whatever it is. Of course it's out of our control, but that's how life works. As we know, the Jews claim they are the superior race/culture/"people", God's chosen in fact, which is obviously supremacist at its root. My point is that we should all have pride in our own unique backgrounds, while recognizing the same uniqueness – or lack thereof – in other cultures. "Are you that lacking in personal qualities that you must resort to race or national identity?"No, not at all, but I do not deny race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture, etc. You seem to though, right? How else do we define ourselves then? The Jews want us all to define ourselves as "world citizens", with no unique race, culture, language, religion, etc. Exactly like what is depicted in "The Jewish Utopia". I've been saying we all need to unite against Jewish tyranny, criminality, and subversion, while recognizing our own and each other's uniqueness.

  9. John – Well, I don't know how we got from racial bigotry to filial love…but I think you have a few questions that you should resolve for yourself.What is wrong with with taking pride in one's culture, race, religion? There is nothing wrong with taking satisfaction in your choices in life at all. But when it leads to bigotry…well, you have to take the whole package, John. When you say "I'm a white Anglo-Saxon and proud of it" Then you have to own not only the little community of wasps in which you were raised…you have to take ownership of all the 'white' man has accomplished throughout history. I don't think you want to do that. You and I are unique enough without taking that on our mantle?Humanism is the key. I am a human first. Period. Father, husband, old guy, arrogant…etc. These are my individual identifiers. Things made through conscious choice. The only modifier which I must admit I didn't 'choose'(and of which I am least proud) is the first…'human'. You know what stinkers they can be.Of course I deny the IMPORTANCE of race, ethnicity, culture and religion. Not their existence. It is when people place TOO much importance on these things that bigotry and hatred rear their ugly heads.And remember…the 'jews' which you and I both vilify…are "white" as well. They are not a race apart. They are a 'white' cult gone berserk. You know this. Are you proud of them? And yet you fall in their trap when exclude them from your whiteness group.We are on the same side here when we point out the racial bigotry of this cult. Don't emulate their group 'pride' as they want you to.The ruling jewish elite don't want you to abandon your racial/ethnic/religious differences…they encourage you be proud of them. Then when they impose 'multiculturalism' as they have already begun to do world-wide…it foments the friction that they desire. The friction and wars that they encourage. While they remain on top all the while. Surely you can see this?

  10. Kenny recently posted "I'm still a little disappointed that some in the alternative media are posting that this 'art' is just another form of free speech and don't see the psyops." I responded to Kenny "Except for you, most of the alt. bloggers are weasels when it comes to psyops such as AG, JF etc."Excellent retort @JF. Obviously I need to scratch you off from the wimpy list! :)Just because he praises your works, please don't let him get by slapping slightly on the wrist. Hold him accountable for his racist & xenophobic views. At least you're one of the rarest bloggers I know of who doesn't shy away from discussing the ugliness of supremacist mindset weather Jewish or White. "Will the world be a better place if the White supremacists take over from the Jewish controllers? Rest of the world can't tell apart Whites from the Jews – Marilyn Monroe, Bar Refaeli, Scarlett Johansson or Elizabeth Banks. To them, they are all beautiful White celebs. Research who is a full jew, half jew or a converted at your own leisure. "

  11. Sadly JF is no wonder bread. He is just as Xenophobic & racist as the chosen ones, his imaginary arch nemesis. JF doesn't have to scream the "N" word but his un-holy alliance with the racist & xenophobic drones (prothink, americangoy & incog man ) begs the question.When AmericanGoy writes "South African Airways rejects applications from ALL White people applying for jobs as pilots", Mr Friend's there to show support:Good work AmericanGoy, keep it up.

  12. John Friend and those at blogs like his(white nationalist/supremacist/whatever you want to call them) don't seem to understand just how similar they are to the zionist jews who thrive off of thoughts of their own supposed superiority. Or, you know, they understand fully and just don't care.

  13. "I don't know how we got from racial bigotry to filial love…"I would love if you or any of the anonymous clowns could demonstrate to me how I am a "racial bigot" in any way, shape or form. "And remember…the 'jews' which you and I both vilify…are "white" as well. They are not a race apart. They are a 'white' cult gone berserk."Absolutely, 100% WRONG Timster. The Jews are not white, come on now. The Jews are Jews, a totally separate people, and they would even tell you this themselves. "The ruling jewish elite don't want you to abandon your racial/ethnic/religious differences…they encourage you be proud of them."The ruling Jewish elite don't want non-whites to abandon their racial/ethnic/religious differences, but they surely want whites to, there is no doubt. Why are "white supremacists" always demonized in the Jewish media? Why are "white supremacist" "neo-Nazis" always set up as patsies in these false flag attacks (OKC, for example) and shootings (recent Sheik shooting, for example)? Why is even being cognizant of your white racial identity demonized? Why are you immediately called a racial bigot for evening bringing this stuff up?

  14. John – "… how I am a "racial bigot" in any way, shape or form."Well, it is probably because you align yourself with the flawed racial bigotry of Hitler. Notwithstanding his battle against international jewish thinking and dominance in banking and the media…he WAS a racist. But we have been through this all before.The jewish tribe will have you believe that they are anything from a race to a culture to a religion. Which ever suits their cause at the moment. Go to the ADL website, and from the horse's mouth they will admit that they are merely a 'culture'. Not a race. I would place emphasis on the first four letters of that word. And yes,they(notwithstanding truly semitic jews), the ashkanazim are indeed white." Why are "white supremacists" always demonized in the Jewish media?" Easy target…because they are stupid…would be my take on that. Easily manipulated.The white race in the West has always been the ruling majority. When they get a taste of the discrimination that they have always meted out to the minorities, they cry foul. And the weak-minded begin clinging to 'racial identity'. As far as amerikan whites go…they HAVE no culture. Never have. So they try to assimilate the various cultures of European ones as if they had always had folk dances at the town square in silly costumes. Puhleeze.I won't go on with this…but I think you need to do some soul-searching concerning these issues and identify those that would take advantage of the path you have chosen recently. You are being played for a sucker and rapidly becoming ineffectual in your struggle against the cult.

  15. Timster,Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥ As long as there are sensible people like you around, the world doesn't seem so ugly. I just found out that when I'll be saying sayonara to my physical body and my poor skeleton will be left behind, it doesn't matter if you're black, white, brown or yellow – we all have white skeletons. How freaky is that, right??!! SHHH, please keep that a secret from the white supremacists, would you please? 🙂

  16. "…I think you need to do some soul-searching concerning these issues and identify those that would take advantage of the path you have chosen recently. You are being played for a sucker and rapidly becoming ineffectual in your struggle against the cult."LOL, well, I've said this once and I'll say it again: Fuck off Timster, you arrogant prick. I'm not being played for anything. I'm not being manipulated by anyone. I think for myself, do my own research, and come to my own conclusions. Peace out bro.

  17. on & on…Chicken or egg…divide and conquer, Hansel & Gretel..and the bread crumb trail leads to…WACO….Alamo… Santa Anna "JEWISH"…? can the {Anti-Mankind} MONSTERremain invisible…EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO A FAUX NARRATIVE…[Evicted from Spain 1492] Miasma is truly an unhealthy cult to join if one aspires to raise healthy Children…in A FREE COUNTRY…Posterity defined in the Constitution is not Multicultural moshpit headbanging to "Jewish" thubba thubba crotch grabbing pelvic thrust university curriculum…go figure.Is it truly wicked for White People {Europeans} [Israelites] to want what is GOOD & healthy for their Children in a Free Country ?To Clarify – the POLICE & "LAW" so-called ENFORCEMENT…this is a bit involved but when the Synagogue of Satan so-called "Jewish" Bankers = ECONOMIC TERRORISTS – had rosenfeld call in the Gold – 1933….Talmudic "LEGALISM" became the POLICY being ENFORCED…WACO…OKC …9/11 …an ongoing WAR (Economic) against the Goy….White People Nations…& Everyone else…300 million last century …NWO "Army" ZOGUS…{suicides}The organic LAW Upheld by Sheriffs was Sheilded by the 6 pointed hexagram…SEE Andy Griffith…Parens Patraie…Curiously Tim, in the 6th floor Window the view is of the reflecting pool; and Waco Like Dallas is Run by the "MONEY" Federal Reserve and the - CULT…COMPOUNDS….as an aside, They Were White and They Were Slaves…is a good read for perspective, that and the Crime stats…poor white boys in Scotland & England & Ireland didn't OWN the slave ships, and Don't OWN the Media MK-MIND CONTROL /CURRENCY PRINTING PRESS …Sheriff Mack has a good book also,Be Brave and true to yourself..truly PRIDE goeth before destruction..{fast & Furious}humbly,Davy

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