Of Hobby-Horses And Proof…

I really don’t remember a time in my childhood when I wanted to be a cowboy.  Most boys my age did.  Shoot-em-up. Cowboys and Indians.  How politically incorrect is that?  Anyway, I always liked “Zorro”.  I liked that he comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable.  Zorro was and erstwhile journalist.  And he relied on anonymity.  A mask for good.  I liked that a lot.  Potshots taken at the ruling Mexican class from the dark of night.  I guess I never really got over wanting to mimic that persona. 

We all have our hobby-horses.  Heaven knows I have mine.  But I remember my first.  Old Paint.  It was a new breed when I lusted after it.  It wasn’t just cheap wood attached to radiused stiles to rock on.  It had bucking action.  To accomplish this, the engineers of Old Paint had affixed four industrial-sized springs to Old Paint’s feet(painlessly, I hope) and then to a pipe-like frame, so when Zorro went on one of his night raids, he merely had to hop on and hold on to the two pegs which they inserted into Old Paint’s head(ouch) and start moving back and forth.  The springs took up the motion and pretty soon Zoro would almost be bucked off from the insane bouncing action. I had to have him.  Christmas came…and so did Old Paint.  Shining and new under the tree. This new design, I found, had its drawbacks.  It was all well and good if you are expecting such a rough trail on your mission to foil Sgt. Garcia once again…but there was a problem.  Flailing little legs had a tendency to get pinched in Old Paint’s springs, causing some nasty blood-blisters.  Ow-ies that soon ended your night raid.  Engineers.  Go figure.  I don’t know if they ever ironed out that little flaw.  But Old Paint got turned out to pasture pretty quickly after a few such injuries and I never really lusted after a hobby-horse there after.  The toy kind.

I do however hop on my favorite one here on this site…often.  Not often enough for some readers…too often for others.  Oh well.  You can’t please everyone. It’s tough enough just trying to please me.  I’m high-maintenance.
My latest and greatest steed is that ‘jews cause most of the problems in our modern world’.  ‘They are at the bottom of most of our species anti-human behaviour’…and ‘they have been taught this disgusting outlook on life by the cult to which they belong, and they in turn teach it to their children’ .  That’s my hobby-horse now.
I ride it constantly.  Most of the substance of this, I can prove…the rest is just a matter of “I wouldn’t be surprised”.  I try not to be too illusive, poetic or obfuscating in my views.  That wouldn’t serve.  I want to reach the common man.  I still take the potshots that I did while astride Old Paint.  Ones that can’t be interpreted any other way than they are intended.  But Zorro has his battle scars.  Even from friendly fire.

But that ‘common man’ is a hard guy to reach.  Hitler tried. He tried to reach the common Brit anyway.  He dropped leaflets over England that explained that their REAL enemy…the one that he was really fighting… were the jewish banking houses and their communist Russian takeover that threatened all of Europe…and that their Churchill was in league with them.  The British common man wasn’t having any.  ‘Stiff upper’ and all that.  Many here in the Snakes warned that FDR was a tool for the same bankers and that he was planning all along to get us into another war.  We watched war movies.

As did those that warned then…we have proof of what we are carrying on about today.  Even that doesn’t seem to matter to Mr. Common.  Common now is as common always was…kinda numb.  Numb and easily led.  Like…well…a horse.  A hobby-horse.

“Illuminati” – Ouch!~ spring pinch

“Masonic fear” – Ouch!~ threw me off
“Hitler worship” – Damn…bucked again

It’s tough keeping my new Old Paint on the trail…and tougher yet to keep this gaggle of hobby-horses behind me in check.  They tend to wander off toward anything shiny. Even when we hold ‘truth’ out like a carrot.


6 thoughts on “Of Hobby-Horses And Proof…

  1. You got something there with the horse thing and Zorro (the headless horseman riding the plains looking for buffalo or am I confusing all the horses and men and wishes that turned into horses– sigh ) getting pinched or is that us getting pinched on the trojan horse we are invited to ride?appreciate your work!

  2. Tim ,was just exploring the imagery associated with the horse- the trojan horse of antiquity-the headless horseman of sleep hollow fame,the Buffalo hunters of the old west(Bison skins were used for industrial machine belts, clothing such as robes, and rugs. There was a huge export trade to Europe of bison hides. Old West bison hunting was very often a big commercial enterprise, involving organized teams of one or two professional hunters, backed by a team of skinners, gun cleaners, cartridge reloaders, cooks, wranglers, blacksmiths, security guards, teamsters, and numerous horses and wagons. Men were even employed to recover and recast lead bullets taken from the carcasses. Many of these professional hunters, such as Buffalo Bill Cody, killed over a hundred animals at a single stand and many thousands in their career. One professional hunter killed over 20,000 by his own count. A good hide could bring $3 in Dodge City, Kansas, and a very good one (the heavy winter coat) could sell for $50 in an era when a laborer would be lucky to make a dollar a day.) -the saying that if wishes were horses we would all be riding LOL- and images of the horseman from the bible – your essay conjured up a ton of horse imagery and purposes and i tried to cram a few into my own take on your hobby horse essay and how it reflects our times- didn't intend to scramble your thoughts I look forward to reading your blog at every postingregards

  3. I like that "he comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable." Good one old man! I was getting worried about you! Been a while since you posted. I was thinking in the early morning hours making my normal late night deliveries for the man, you know we got to make a living! Sorry I get carried away sometimes! I was afraid one of them Jew Space Ships may of beamed you up and done all sorts of unmentionable things to you! You know, seems Aliens poke every where looking for??? Hell I don't know! Anyhow I figure if they leave your brain intact and working, maybe a couple fingers, we could still read your blog! HAHA!

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