Just Like A Kardashian…

As you are well aware, I was cured of the debilitating disease of media-consumerism as a youth.  I took the cure.  I quit.  Haven’t gone back. Won’t.  I can breathe out here and there are no somnombulant hours of which I can recall nothing of substance because of sitting motionless on a couch in the evenings.  What caused me to do this was an odd quirk of fate.  I got a life.  Yep, I saw one on sale…and having to have the latest and greatest…I bought it.  The time I spent living this spanking brand-new life left little time for staring endlessly at bright screens.  At the time to me, it wasn’t really a conscious choice to opt out of what I now know to be talmudic conditioning propaganda.  I just never seemed to have the time.  I couldn’t cough up those required six hours a day.  I was too busy fightin’ and fuckin’.  Readin’ and writin’…so to speak.  Living. Working. Interacting with people and my environs.  And experiencing life outside the tube.
Now, I don’t recommend this lifestyle for everyone.  Oh, gawd no.  If you haven’t given up such TV matters at a rather early age…well, life without it would probably bore you to tears.  You wouldn’t know what to do with yourselves.  You would have very little fear of strangers; would have to make judgements for yourself; take my word for it…you couldn’t handle it.  I used to have a friend that was similarly afflicted as myself…out of the media loop…and when he would visit his Mother, he always noticed that her clocks were never running.  They had all stopped by virtue of not being wound or having run out of DC power long ago.  She told time by the sun.  Well, at least a bright object that mimicked the sun’s arc.  The television in the corner. It shone when the sun beamed and went dark and reassured her of which glorious country she lived in at the end of the broadcast day.  It was always half-passed “Days of Our Lives”, or a quarter to “Family Ties”.  She knew what time it was by deciphering what images were on the screen, in relation to what was in the code book…the TV guide.  His Mother didn’t get out much. Staggering, to say the least. But I don’t want to talk about that.

I saw a horrible movie the other day.  On my computer.  I don’t do TV, as you know.  It was a bad attempt at a science-fiction think piece. 
“The Penitent Man”.  I do not recommend it.  It was atrociously pretentious, full of logic missteps, vanity…you name it…very few oft made mistakes of film were left out of this stinker.  However.  
It did have an interesting notion woven into its childish message.  The main character was a man that had stumbled onto the secret of time-travel.  OMG!  How many times since H.G. Wells has this tired old theme been explored?  But before this character had perfected a way to travel back in years…he had invented the technology to “see” history.  That intrigued me.  Not just the possibility to witness history as it really happened, on a screen…but the fact that the writers of this tale had envisioned exactly what this would cause when it became a consumer product.  Chaos.  When Christians could see for themselves that in the year zero…there was nothing in the middle-east but ignorant goatherds.  No Jesus.  They lost faith in everything they had always lived by.  Similarly, seeing that there was no Buddha, the Quran was just a fairy-tale etc… would add to the hopelessness of the world’s religious  When people would go back to Dealey Plaza on their time-screens and witness the fact that JFK was not killed by a ‘lone nut gunman’,(and various other false-flag events in history), all government propaganda fell apart. Anyone could witness the greed and avarice throughout the tenure of man on earth.  Even back to the slime crawling onto the shores. This new screen caused unimagined horrors. And on and on.

Interesting notion.  And an accurate prediction of the results that such a technology would produce, I believe.

Someone once said concerning ‘science fiction’, that anything man can imagine, can and will be accomplished.  Heaven help us.

So I am reading the jew-news on a mainstream site(I like to keep an eye on what the enemy is planning and pushing).  Everything there seemed to be concentric to a tube-knowledge.  Considering that I don’t know anything about “Kardashians”, when the VP said he felt like one of them…and knowing that this surname is probably Armenian…well, I had to assume by just reading the headline that he felt as if he was a victim of genocide.  Not so Bucko. He was talking about celebrity.  And yes, that old nemesis…television.  Go figure.  I think this shit has gone too far.  
In case you get ALL of your information on the propaganda screen…not the aforementioned ‘truth screen’…the Armenians(approx two million) were slaughtered by the jewish Turks way back at the beginning of the 20th century.  I don’t think you will see that on the history channel.  Now we have those of Armenian descent occupying popular culture. And as jewish sex-symbols no less.  I cannot even address the irony of some things. Oh brother.

I don’t feel like trying to keep up with the Kardashians.  I feel more like their ancestors.  I feel that the same tribal ultimatum has been issued me…the jew’s way or the highway.  Is that the same? 
So here is to the invention of the ‘truth screen’, the chaos and revolt it can bring, and to the death of the ‘untruth screen’ to which you are all addicted.  I’ve about had it with keeping up.



13 thoughts on “Just Like A Kardashian…

  1. Timster,I enjoyed your Timster-vision!! The untruth screen, so true!All of these movies and tv shows have simply defeated real living. We can't possibly live up to what they do on those "untrue screens". I am so sick of it. I wish all the screens would explode!!They don't entertain us, they replace us!Even in my home, who am I? Everyone on the tv is better than me. My voice is too small, too loud, too real!I am sick of all the stars and experts and great people parading across the screen. I never watch tv and very rarely see a movie. The reality, the real screen is what I am drawn to. I want to see the real stars in the real sky that belongs to all of us!!Marigold

  2. cue time bandits…scene in the fortress of ultimate darkness"Oh Benson, you are so mercifully bereft of the ravages of intelligence."Life without Talmudvision & "driving" especially in a city…allows for more time to read, think & walk…eating healthy and meeting people…not quite as much fun as riding horses into town to go "SNAKE" (attorneys,scribes,Pharisees & Moneychangers} hunting…but it's a start…{10 years+}…it might not appeal to you, but Steven McDonalds'….Sons of Somerled….appealed to my genetic memory…broadsword flapping on my back… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G61AmCqtzN4my riding into town tune…

  3. Anon@7:08 – I LOVED that movie. As I also am a fan of "Brazil".Nice tune. I can see you in your battle gear behind the wheel, preparing to take on another day!Thanks for the link and the comment.

  4. Tim, while viewing some of the t v my wife watches it occurred to me were the Shakespearean audiences so much more astute or what?- does t v entertainment have to be so graphic, so disturbing so inane, so prostate to the evil that sees into your home and crawls into the brain like a worm-W T F we appreciate your writing, your observations about what is seriously f&(ked up keep on keeping on

  5. The State where I'm from(Which is Ohio).If your on the Football Team or Play Football then your Celebrity.Especially if you Play on the Ohio State Football and are a Star.ThenYou are a God!!!So the easiest way for your Kids to be a Kardashian in Ohio is:Play Football!!!

  6. I'm assuming you removed your latest post "And in the end." Second guessing yourself again?I thought it was very good. A deep look at our potential last seconds and plausible speculation on the Sikh shooter as a patsy.

  7. Kenny – Yeah. About that. No second thoughts…I just accidentally deleted it and for the life of me can't remember what it said. Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

  8. Darn that title of the missing piece grabbed my imagination Mr. T!I watch movies on tv. This weekend was devoted to mob movies and I was glued for hours…. something about that whole genre gets me, especially the Godfather series.It is the ads that are aimed to an adult IQ level of -45 that gets me as well!But regular programming? Not a chance.

  9. Noor – Yeah. It shall henceforth be known as the "missing essay". There will be rumors about it for hundreds of years…one day it will be found in cyberspace and will fetch trillions of shekels(that will be the world currency then). Ha. It's time to go to the mattresses.

  10. Hey there Timster. I don't know nuthin about The Kardashians! One time I was teetering on the precipice of insanity a few years back, I was out of my fricking mind from boredom. I turned on the bOOb tube, lOOking for something entertaining to break up the monotony I found myself in. Guess what? I ran across someone who looked like a battered old B. Jenner from the Olympics. You remember, the real B. Jenner was on the Wheaties box. Any way, I later learned this was 'The Kardashians'. I thought it was a show about people who looked like famous people, you know! I take it this is the show you're talking about!OH! By the way interesting post. Once I seen Kardashian I lOOked no farther I seen yer points, two actually!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha! Just !@#$ing with ya pal!

  11. Kardashians or John Friend? I will take the K's over John Friend any given day. 24/7 shitler adulation has really gone over his head. He has turned into a egotist, racist, & supremacist pig – just like the zionist camp, he pretends to criticize. Secretly he aspires to be just as vile as 'em. On the brighter side, you get free bottle of perfume when you hang out with the K's. Works for me.

  12. Hitler – Jew, his girlfriend – Jew, his chef – Jew, his doctor – Jew, his lawyer – Jew, his sister – Jew, his film-maker – Jew, his generals – Jew, his financiers – Jew, his maternal and paternal families – Jew.All willful enemas of German people.The Kardishains? Huh? No clue.

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