Yes, Virginia There Is No Santa Claus…And A Vote

Wow is all I can say.

I wrote a piece last week…very tongue in cheek…that even though most readers understood the intent(most), they were still offended.  I attacked a sacred cow.  Well, that’s okay.  I never held any fondness for the bovine genus. Sacred or otherwise.

I don’t remember, and I’ll wager you don’t either…that particular moment in your childhood when you realized there was no Santa Claus.  Or Father Christmas or Easter Bunny or various other benign characters (fill in the blank).  At some point you grew mentally to the point that logic overtook your wondrous vision of the universe and you realized that life was simply not like that.  There is no magic…for good or bad.  And you just had to slog on through life understanding this fact…as disillusioning as it is.  Reality is reality and no matter how much time you spend on your knees pretending to yourself that your magic requests will be granted…you know somewhere in the back of your mind that things just don’t work like that.  Or maybe you haven’t reached that point concerning the really BIG Santa Claus yet.  No matter.  If not…I’m sure you have at some point questioned his existence.  But this is merely an example of what I wanted to cover today.

What I do want to say to my readers…besides the fact that I am not in fact an Illuminati Lord or a Masonic ruler…is that these myths of evil are just as, if not more powerful than your erstwhile childish imaginings of a beast-under-the-bed.  Hello people.  There IS no Illuminati.  The Masons aren’t plotting to subjugate the planet.  I think I can pretty much bet my life…and yours…upon these assertions.

But perhaps some people miss that mysterious character under their beds or in the bedroom closet that seemed so close and threatening.  They feel a void if they can’t concentrate all the evil of their little lives into a beast with an amorphous appearance…so they allow the real beast in the world to construct a replacement for them.  
When Henry Makow and Rixon Stewart and Alex Jones et al, tell you that there is symbology abound in the media of Masonic evil, or that this-or-that celebrity have sold out to Illuminati forces evidenced by their hand-gestures…well, you gotta question their motives.  And their intelligence level.  
Me, I question their motive.  For if there is one thing that I will take to the bank, it is the willingness to tug on false beards and turn the bedroom light on while actually looking under the bed.  I want to know the truth.  Facts are big with me.

I understand why the British are concerned with and more suspicious of Freemasonry than most of the rest of us.  Unlike a lot of the Western world, the Britons are very class oriented and make few bones about it.  Masons in England are generally speaking, of the upper class.  No one but the upper class trusts the upper class.  I get it.  In the United Snakes however, although there is also a highly defined class order, we try to ignore and are ashamed of that fact.  So our Masonic membership will allow just about anyone to join that truly wants to participate in this social club.  If that someone is a male.  It is here…and everywhere else in the world…only  a little-boy-secret-clubhouse-no-girls-allowed club, that is about as dangerous as the D.A.R. in Ottumwa, Iowa.  I know many Masons and have all my life.  I have been invited to join them on occasion.  These are not evil people, people.  Of course many dodgy people belong to this social club.  But in truth, it is merely an ancient trade union that has lasted many centuries…well, because it is fun for the members to have secrets and get away from the wives for a few hours.  In all fairness I have to say that there is even a woman’s version of it…Order of the Eastern Star, I think it is called.  They too plot evil bean-suppers and charity drives.

I challenge anyone reading this that still cowers from that demonic monster under their bed…to name ANYone that is known to be a member of the jewish-fabricated ‘Illuminati’.  Go ahead.  Dig up a few names…I’ll wait here.
I say jewish-fabricated…when in fact I should say ‘jewish-marketed’.  For few other than the false-hebrew understand as well, the value of the concept that nothing could ever be as horrifying as that that is imagined.  The fertile imagination of a normal adult is also fertile ground for picturing Satan himself.  So that is what they will market to you.  Prey on your fears with this hands-down, most evil of all “Secret Societies”…the illumi-naughty.  Don’t pay attention to the marketers of this childish myth…just believe in their product.  While they bend you over.

So why did my article cause so much offense?  Why do those offended want to believe in these inane evil fairytale groups?  I dunno.  Why do the same people still watch television.  Your guess is as good as mine.  But I’ve had it with them.  There is no telling them anything.  They won’t have it.  When you listen to them pontificate about what is wrong with the world they use the words “Masonic” and “Illuminati” almost like a tic.  As if.  As if most listening agree with these silly-assed adjectives to describe the REAL demons of the world.  The ones whose headquarters lie in broad daylight on the Southern shores of the Mediterranean.  The ones that own your mortgage and your job and your car and your lives.  The ashkanazi that has you cowering under your covers just KNOWING that they aren’t the ones making your life much more difficult than it should be.   It is the Freemasons and the fucking illuminati.  Oh dear.  Who was it that said: “If you want to know who rules you…look to those that you are not allowed to criticize.”  I think it was Voltaire.  I am paraphrasing, but I think you get the meaning.  Truer words were never spoken.  You can criticize till the above mentioned sacred cows come home, when it comes to the Masons or the illuminati.  You can call them everything in the book and then some.  Nothing.  No response.  There is a reason for this.  First…those down at the Masonic lodge know better and are not in charge of anything that has to do with your lives. And if the truth be known…probably giggle uncontrollably at your imaginings.  Second…the illuminati doesn’t fucking exist. 

But just take on a mission like this one…”How Dare I”, and many other sites like it that TRULY name the TRUE beast of judaism…and see how much friction you encounter.

Now to be fair…I’m going to give you a good-old ‘democratic’ opportunity to vote.  The results of this poll, I’ve decided, will determine if I continue the blog. After all these years…I guess I need to know this shit.  I can’t fight this war on too many fronts…I’m sure you understand.  Now…be honest.  You can only vote once.  The (to me)almost nightmarish quality of the response I got to the post in question has placed me in the precarious position of not really giving a shit, one way or another.  To wit…you decide. I figure as long as we are being childish…well…

More “nay” votes and I continue my little battle by getting on with a more adult discussion.  More “yay” votes and I will delete this site and get out of your hair…and we will consider the jewish to have won another tiny little skirmish.

Do you believe in the Illuminati and the evil intent of Freemasonry?
Yes to both
Yes to Illuminati, no to Freemasonry
Yes to Freemasonry, no to Illuminati
No to both
You are kidding right?


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22 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia There Is No Santa Claus…And A Vote

  1. In Mackeys' Encyclopedia of Freemasonry [1924] the wordsAssassin – Babylon – Captivity….indicate Talmudic Judaism to be the anti-mankind – Anti-truth – anti-Justice religion of truth hating terrorists who later become so-called "Jews"…with a cult for the goy called freemasonry…100% of so-called "Jews" are NOT Israelites…in fact 90% of so-called "Jews" not being Semitic NOR Hebrews …should bring into question the validity of their so-called claims…please, please do not deprive the growing volcano of righteous indignation among those awakening to this historical epic war of your inciteful ascerbic wit and rapier observations conceived in Good Faith to pull the curtain aside for the mindless strawmen on the Net….double down, and give 'em one ferDavy

  2. Timster, I got the tongue in the cheek and thought it was a great post.What fuckin' outrage are you talking about? I don't get the green poll.Yeah, I believe in the Freemasons and Illuminati as tools of the Synagogue of Satan. Lure in people who should have the nation's interests at heart and dupe them with some Jew mumbo jumbo.Love the site. You're a tonic.It's a continuum thing. People are moving in the right direction even if there still only got one eye out of the arse.Many, many thanks if you do bail. Fes

  3. Timster, I'm so glad that you don't give a shit either way. Please don't leave, I really love your words here! Your passion and courage is nurturing to me. And your bare-naked honesty!Oh, I have to disagree with you on the magic. It is all around, in moments of love or beauty or even in the loveliness of truth. It's just not where they said it was, Santa and Easter bunny and all of their lies and ugly stories. Thank you for being here!Marigold

  4. How dare you talk about leaving?No one rants in out more clearly than you.I voted yes to the masons but not as leaders just as corrupt fucking bastards who have too much power. thing is that to keep us believing in Santa Claus takes massive effort because once your realise his mythness then you will never ever again be able to believe in him.

  5. Your last two posts have helped your readers to focus. Thanks for your effort. When playing with my 5 year old I enter into her world and I've realized that her world is a better world than mine. Mark

  6. Never take your eyes off the brass ring. Over in the U.S of Israel they do have a certain section of the population firmly believing in the Illuminati, the same ones that they traded as slaves years ago. It is required reading in the gulag system.

  7. Now is the time to knuckle down my friend. Your sense of humor cracks me up! Sometimes to get ones to think you have to hit them in the head with a 2×4!

  8. Dear Pranksteryour last two posts require some further clarification on a reader´s notice.You enlighten on a regular basis with the histrionics of the pharisees and their almost endless carnage brought unto our world affairs to bear. But you repudiate and trivialize the notion of the command and influence of the masonic pyramid on whole peoples daily lives. I mean, who knows first about your walking papers – you or your boss ?You know, you´re one of a kind, debunking the whole notorious history of the order. You force me to believe that you´ve turned suddenly from thinking sceptic to hopeless doubter.It would have been much more comely if the seventh lord were presumed to be dead by now and would have spared us his eulogy for the chutzpah behind a mason´s apron.Martin

  9. Su – Thanks. We all think about quitting at some time, yes?"…never ever again be able to believe in him." Interesting point. Perhaps when the mask of the reviled is removed, no one will believe them ever again? Hope springs eternal.

  10. Pig – Well there are flat-earthers still that firmly believe in the monster over the edge of the world. Doesn't make it exist. And not what I'm about here. We have bigger fish to fry…and they are in your face. Thanks for the comment.

  11. Martin – Do you know any Masons? I do. Of course they have their secrets…it wouldn't be any fun without them. I have questioned Masons…I have attended membership meetings. Take my word for it…pyramids of destruction is not on their minds. If you posit that there are those that would use unwitting Masonic membership to further evil goals, well…none that I have met are aware of it, and if they aren't does it exist? Do you have proof of this outside of some jewish shill trying to misdirect? No, you don't. Let's not look for hidden evil when what we can see is enough. And in plain sight. Don't be afraid to name the REAL beast. Look to israHELL. That is enough evil for anyone.

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