Confession Time…

I can’t handle it anymore.  What is left of my conscience won’t allow me to continue this ruse.  I feel terrible for what I have done, but I am going to make amends here and now.
A few people have suspected it, and stated so in comments that I dared not publish, and although I will undoubtedly be killed for what I am about to reveal, my life has little meaning anymore.  I have served my purpose in our subterfuge …so here goes.

I am actually a seventh-level Lord of the Illuminati.  Yes, you read that right.  I am also a 35th degree Mason.  Both of the organizations that I represent are bent on world-domination.  We will succeed.  Your life means nothing.  You are cattle in the fields and you are becoming highly dispensable.

I was ordered by my superiors to start this site(among other missions) to divert your attention away from our evil plans of conquest.  The site was meant to distract you with childish jewish-conspiracy nonsense while the final stages of our master-plan can be put in place.  It hasn’t been easy, but I think it is a valiant struggle and I was once proud to be part of it…considering that we…the new master race…will revel in the glory of a truly new world order.  One in which you reading this can only witness the transition in awe through your FEMA camp cell bars.  Yes, you all are about to die to further our goals of One World Illuminati.  Consider yourself lucky that you were present for a short time at this burgeoning era of our rule.  As we step from behind the shadowy curtain of mystery into a new dawn of enlightenment.

I reveal this now because it is time and I can no longer allow you people to go to your tortured deaths without at least knowing why you passed.  Without understanding that you played a small part in our glorious emergence as the the new earth.
Also, too many of you have begun to figure it out.  Our secretive plans and handshakes did not go unnoticed in days gone by…but with our mistake of allowing the internet…millions of you have become aware of our goals.  Writers such as Alex Jones and Henry Makow have led the way in naming we that seek to dominate.  Their constant pressure on our world-wide network has forced us to accelerate our plans. We tried to recruit these people, but they weren’t having any.  They have too much ‘integrity’ that you animals seem to value.  You have these urchins to thank for the hastening of your impending doom.
As you are marched to your prison cells to await death, I feel that you should know that this site was merely a decoy to keep you from discovering the true identity of we, the new masters.  Jews play only a small part in our plan.  They are mere minions.  Dupes placed in showy positions to fertilize conspiracy fears in you idiots.

But now…as the time of our final phase draws near, I feel toward you readers as I would a pet.  You are so trusting and loyal…I cannot keep these secrets to myself any longer.  I will sacrifice my small life so that you may know at least why you perished…even though I must die for my decision.  But for your final edification, I reveal the following:

Our organizations have planned this all for more than 8 centuries.   We have tried desperately to hide our symbols within the governments over which we have taken control…but many of you have deciphered them.  You are clever animals at times.  Our handshakes are pure evil.  When two Illuminati members shake hands…the world shakes.  Bank accounts empty.  Wars begin.  Cattle die and cats go missing.  These greetings are that powerful.  WE are that powerful.  And there, of course, is nothing that you mere mortals can do in the wake.  We are the ILLUMINATI.  And we are Gods among men.  However your constant meddling and curiosity can no longer be ignored.
Of course we have had our ‘bean-suppers’, ‘membership drives’ and ‘Masonic charity picnics’…but as you can see now…this was all a smokescreen designed to put you off your guard against your future jailers and assassins.  Oh, the tales I could tell of your stupidity in the face of our all-powerful influence over your petty work-a-day lives.  But that is of little consequence now.  Now that it is just about complete.  Our hand-signs and cloaked rituals will no longer be performed in secluded parks and dark cellars.  They will take their rightful place, replacing your simplistic halls of worship…where we will worship the true one-and-only God ….Moloch!

You will hear nothing more from me…as I must pass into judgement for what I reveal here.  My life as an Illuminati Lord will end soon in exchange for the information that I have written today. 
But as you are led to your cages, remember that I alone have revealed the true reason for your sacrifice.  I have always had a soft spot for you inferior beings whose only purpose was to serve ours.  Enjoy what is left of your domestic cow-like existence.  The time is short for us both.

Satan Is God!  All Hail Moloch! Illuminati Forever!!!


25 thoughts on “Confession Time…

  1. You're giving your life so that we may have knowledge.That makes you a Jesus!Can I pray to you now or do I have to wait until you are dead?

  2. Good deal Timster, just to let you know I may not comment very often, I am still reading your site. Also, just a suggestion, you might check out Age of Volcanoes blog.See what you think.Best regardsBeaver

  3. Very clever. I see what you are saying that all this Illuminati shit and masonic crap is nothing but fearporn and we are ignoring the jews in our face. very well done indeed. and I like the foghorn-leghorn jones thing. Lol.

  4. Hey did you read the comments over at Les Visibles site about this post? Les got it but you really stirred some shit, Timster. Keep punching.Regards,Wintergarten

  5. Beav – Thanks for the link. I think they need therapy, but that's just me. Long time-no see. Glad to see you are still around. Thanks for reading!

  6. Anon@8:50 – Well, I'm glad to see my thoughts aren't lost on all that read them. There was a boy that when he went to school, a gang of bullies would punch him in the nose everyday and take his lunch money. He got used to it. But at night he would imagine horrible monsters under his bed. Then he grew up and realized the monsters were the ones roaming the school punching and robbing everyone. In plain sight. Duh.Thanks for reading AND for the comment to set the record straight!

  7. Winter – Nope. But Les is nobody's fool. I'm sure he got it. Thanks for the tip though. I like that "punchin". Think I will continue against all odds. Thanks for reading.

  8. wow… are a naughty one aren't you… i looked at this….and looked at this… and i actually saw…between the lines!! lol!!

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