Who Started It?

Every Mom does the same thing.  After separating the two fighting kids, she will inevitably ask the question “Who started it?”.  Dumb question when  you think about it.
It’s like that *old riddle about the twins at the crossroad.  You want to choose the right path and you can ask one and only one question.  You are aware that one of the twins will always lie…no matter what the question.  And you know the other will always tell the truth. But you don’t know which of the twins is which.  Both know the right path.  What one question do you ask to ascertain the correct direction to take?  Well…it is a puzzle involving a bit of logic.  Something that every Mother seems to give a miss when trying to find the culprit in the barney she just stopped.  Of course, each will say the other started it, and Mom is back to square one.  So she usually punishes both.  That seems fair.  Even though it isn’t, it solves her problem for the moment.  She knows that the instigator is rightfully being punished.  The other will just have to suffer for the common good. 
I never liked that.  Collective punishment.  It punishes the innocent and causes anger and resentment.  It rewards the guilty, knowing that no matter how harsh the sentence meted out, his victim will also be similarly disciplined, and he always retains the illusion of truth.  Lose-lose situation.  This is a paradigm that is prevalent in our world today on many levels.  It seems that good old Mom is punishing everyone…when in fact she is a bitch-queen from hell, and the actual perp to begin with.  From israhell, to the UN to the US to the IMF to the educational system to your local police department; somehow this method of punishing all, in lieu of finding the real miscreant, has become a pervasive meme.  I don’t care for it.

The recent “Batman” shootings are being questioned.  Besides being another incident to stoke fear, some feel that they are a setup.  A stage upon which to present the passion-play of gun control, for the general public and more importantly for Congress to keep in mind when voting on the upcoming UN small-arms treaty that effectively nullifies our second amendment.  I dunno.  Could be.  Everything in this media-circus story seems to point toward such an agenda.  I’m not a gun owner.  Never have been.  I always had it in the back of my mind to become one however.  When push-comes-to-shove.  When drones start circling my property and I feel like taking a few pot-shots.  But I have yet to exercise my uniquely amerikan right to purchase such a weapon.  Perhaps I should now.  Now that it is obvious that such a purchase will soon be removed as an option.  Again…I dunno.  A spooky proposition.  Guns are dangerous.  I am dangerous with a hammer, let alone a firearm.  But has the pushing I feel all around, just about to feel more like a shove?  This brilliant article has given me pause to consider it.  Even if I have enough to eat and retain my home in the coming few years…there are many around me that soon might not be so fortunate.  Which side do I want to be on when and if such shoving happens?  I think that would be obvious. You can say you are with the rebels all you want, but at some point you have to back up your convictions or you will be sitting in a corner being punished with the rest, even when you didn’t start it.  And when the revolution starts…and make no mistake…it will start, there will be no Mom punishing anyone.  She will be taken out along with the ones that REALLY started it.  And they will not be able to plead their case to any parental personage.  I think we all know ‘who started it’.  You wouldn’t be here if  you didn’t.
But this revolution that I speak of will not be without its own collective punishment.  Most all will suffer as in any conflict.  This time however the momentary decision to punish all involved will be final.  There will be no ‘time-outs’ issued.  No probation or fines.  No time off for good behaviour. No lawyers. All punishment will end in death.  For the guilty as well as for the innocent.  So I think it is important in this time of calm before the storm, to identify for yourself who is guilty; who abets them by deed or intent…and who must be spared.  For in a time coming soon, you will be the judge and jury and you might carry such power in your pocket as did this man.  Will you exercise discretion and common sense in your judgements?  Will any of us?  I wonder.

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8 thoughts on “Who Started It?

  1. Hi Timster!When I think of punishment at all, I am not comfortable! It feels wrong to my being. I don't feel that anyone is ever "wrong". Yes, misguided, energy gone wrong, conditioning gone deep, but these can all be healed with understanding. Most moms are misguided terribly every time they look for the guilty and plan on punishing. No, she must try to understand how things went wrong and help to clear them up!The idea that anyone is special is simply untrue. Either we are all special or nobody is special! The Jews have a deep conditioning that "I am special!!!". We can't support that but nobody needs to be punished for their conditioning. Only understanding can help. Nobody can be "bad" or "good" for that matter. We are all human and precious. But each one must come to know this in a very personal way. Once we know it about ourselves we come to see how true it is of everyone else!So the ones who hate or who feel inferior or superior, just haven't known themselves very intimately. Self- understanding then seems to be the only way out of this hell we have created!So, my feeling is that no one needs to be punished, ever!!!And.nobody is ever really guilty. It's hard medicine but I think it does the job!!As long as we go on punishing anyone, we are creating more hells. Like Gibran said we all march together, the lowest we go down with, and the highest we rise up with. Thank you as alwaysMarigold

  2. Marigold – Well, some feel that they are 'above' understanding by mere mortals. That is when they have to be taken down a couple notches. Thanks for the comment!

  3. For some reason I thought winning would make me feel different, oh well.Marigold could the feeling that no one should be punished come from a position that you just aren't capable of doing the punishing, not that someone shouldn't be punished. To illustrate; I do construction, when I look at a house I admire design and quality as well as critique any flaws or needed repairs. I am capable and see issues in a structure that most who are not trained do not. I believe, like you, that education is necessary and root issues to problems addressed in order to change unsocial behaviors,but what to do with the incorrigably ill willed.

  4. Anon@10:36 – No, we have all learned the untrue art of punishing, including myself! I just don't choose to do that, to see that way!We all have repressed energies which come out in horrible ways. So let us repress less and just be natural, no matter the cost! And in a sick society like ours, you pay a heavy price when you remain authentic. Even children in their homes have great difficulty being who they really are!The society punishes the true and rewards the false. So to be responsible for myself and to use self-understanding looks to me to be the only way through our mess. The incorrigably ill-willed are simply those who were told from childhood, you are always somehow wrong! That is the root cause and the education that says anything other than this is destructive. Marigold

  5. Interesting to think that the effect of these shootings (regardless of who perpetrates them) and the following calls for more gun control is that more people become gun owners, or at least more arms are being sold (supposedly).

    Does this mean that your society/country/nation (I am not American or Amerikan) becomes more violent as a result.
    Perhaps a better more effective response would be a greater effort toward non-violent activism rather than reactionary armament.

    I realize that these Khazar’s/Ashkenazi’s (or whatever they want to call themselves) are merciless, unremittingly violent and well, evil, yet they are profoundly outnumbered and I think ultimately this is a war of will and mind and spirit and truth rather that a war of arms…but I say this at a great and comfortable distance from the Gaza strip don’t I.

    I myself have no fixed conviction concerning gun ownership. If I was in the States I think I probably would own one.
    In Australia only one mass shooting at Port Arthur in Tasmania (Tasmania incidentally has the oldest Synagoge in Australia) was necessary to implement major gun control reform).

    Pacifism’s potential against a ruthless aggressor is debatable yet we ( the ‘humanists’, non-indoctrinated/ non-psychotic) must win, but we must win with our souls intact.

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