It’s Twue…It’s Twue!

If there was a law against publishing articles that contain too much irony, the author of an essay that I read yesterday would be serving a life sentence. Everything we have all been saying…and even more, is contained in this expose’.  All the points I have been trying to make…everything.  And directly from the rabbi’s mouth.
Of course it isn’t spoonfed to you.  You have to read it with a view other than the author’s. One of Gentile common sense. But he spells it out.  And it all fits together like the puzzle that I have been trying to put together for my readers for years.  It couldn’t have been written more effectively.  This is a rare glimpse under the fetid skirts of jewishness and its hellish spawn, zionism.

In the article “Jews DO Control The Media”, the author spells out exactly what I have been saying, and from a jew’s point of view.
Much is said out here about mind-control and propaganda directed at dumbed-down Gentiles by a jewish-owned media.  Much.  But few understand, I think, that most of the power and cohesive quality of this tribe is the result of such marketing being directed at their OWN.  Few.  This author reveals it in Technicolor.

In the essay, Mr. Nehorai wants you to believe, as he does, that jews are a “funny bunch”.  Quirky.  Kinda harmless in their eccentricities and superior abilities. Yes…he sheepishly admits that his tribe really does have superior abilities to excel in all they attempt…but with these super-human skills, he warns, they must do good things.  He doesn’t really define ‘good’.  But he also doesn’t seem to know the meaning of “better”.  He prefers the word “special”.  Of course if you as a Gentile notice this ownership of the United Snakes by the jews, they will call you an anti-Semite…but you were right all along in doing so.

     “The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have
something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world.”

Lo and behold!  So as the author points out in his misguided fashion, we are right in being offended at the over-representation of the jewish in the media and Washington…but hey, they can’t help it…they are ‘special’.  I am sure that this man actually believes this.  The ‘special’ part.  It is child’s play to see that they indeed do own us; lock, stock and smoking barrel.  I wonder if it ever crossed his ‘special’ mind that the way they attained this ownership was through lying, cheating, murdering, blackmailing…and generally being THAT kind of ‘special’?  Well…it wouldn’t, would it.

But no matter…now that they HAVE risen to such heights…all of a sudden, in his Machiavellian view of things, they now have the ‘responsibility’ to do good things with all this power.  Well, as he points out…’good’, like ‘better’ are relative terms.  But taking into account how his clan got to this ownership…heaven help us from further jewish ‘ethics’.

Further, the good rabbi explains that in doing good, :

“…It means that they’re(his tribe is) suddenly culpable when they create dirty TV shows that sully the spiritual atmosphere of the world. It means that things can’t just be created for the sake of amusement or fun or even “art.”

Suddenly, we can’t screw up the world.”
I hate to be the one pissing in the pool here, rabbi…but don’t ya think that ‘suddenly’ happened a long time ago?
Damn! Now this little sparrow-fart yid is putting CONDITIONS on his own people’s rule!  Tsk, tsk….
 Do you think?  Do you think even THEY are getting a tiny bit  disgusted by their own…I dunno…’special-ness’?  Well, not so much, no.  I’m sure he didn’t submit a copy of this piece to the ADL for approval before revealing such soul-searching.  But hey…maybe I’m wrong.  
Perhaps after all these long years of hatred for the Goyim and all the wars from which they have profited and the heaps of REAL burning flesh to which they set fire, they are finally going to man-up and take credit?  Taking off the gloves.  Special credit to  special people.
Although the essay was printed in zio-hell and obviously intended for jewish eyes only, he seems to delight in telling us that:
“…We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country.
I am seeing more and more of this type of blind hubris coming from the camps of the indoctrinated jew.  Those that not only accept that they are better than the Gentile, but revel in this fact.  And why shouldn’t they?  They fought tooth and nail to get where they are…offending the rest of the world…and by Yahweh, they are not going to try and hide the facts anymore.  I mean, “so what?”.  What do you intend to do about it?  Resist?  They will just relegate you to the pile of “kooks” that try to predict their next move toward world domination.
Can people like this actually be that stupid, I wonder.  That certain of their inflated self-worth. Or is this bait for we kooks, gauche enough to point it out?
I don’t know, but as Madeline Kahn said in “Blazing Saddles”*:
“…is it twue what they say about the way you people are….uh…gifted?  Oh, it’s twue!  It’s TWUE!!!”

 *incidentally, the brilliant idea and most of the dialogue for “Blazing Saddles” came from Richard Pryor…not Mel Brooks(jewish)


20 thoughts on “It’s Twue…It’s Twue!

  1. Tim, be werry werry quiet,let the hubris build ,let the fiddler fiddle steal and dream ,let them finish the golden calf ,let them polish it bright -the rumblings from the mountain haven't distracted them now soon the word will come down written in stone -amenThe fact that identities ,locations and motives are being reveled is going according to the revelations of Daniel and John we are told they will be judgement !keep on keeping on!

  2. Amazing the chutzpah mmmm? I had just posted the original when I came across your analysis. Top of the page is a link to your work here. As usual, you be brilliant, Mr.Tim.I love how they admit these truths figuring either we goy are too dumb to understand or because they are just full of hubris and don't care.

  3. I wonder if you will publish this,probably not.You target the jews, yet they are not your target, any man with religious convictions will fight for his cause with relish, and kill for it, even when he doesnt understand that the ultimate driving force behind human war is religion, all and any religion.. and even when he does realise that the religious leaders are all motivated by corrupt beliefs. The Christians killed and massacred many with false witch hunts and inquisitions, but the reality is their leaders were motivated by procuring wealth, land and control over whole societies. The nazis killed many besides jews, Hitlers true motivation was power and control, not any 'holier than thou' belief. Please be clear, we humans are our own worst enemy, and power corrupts no matter what race or religion, no man is immune to its seduction… so target anyone and everyone, its great to have a scapegoat though, it releases you from your own guilt, and that of your predecessors, and all of humanities failings, but if it makes you feel better, blame the jews, in the end it just shows ignorance.. trust no one, because in the dark even your shadow leaves you!!

  4. Anon@9:04 – Of course I will publish your comment. It is a civil criticism. No ad homimem. No profanity and no scripture quoting.However, I think you are wrong on a few points. Allow me to elucidate.You bring some interesting points, but also put words in my mouth.You imply that I am picking on jews. Out of all the religions, I have it out for the 'jew'. Well, I must agree with that. If you have read all of my posts, you will run across many references to this seeming inequity. The fact is that the jewish are merely the religious bullies of this age. If you deny that…you just aren't paying attention. I have also stated several times that if I had lived im various times in history, I would have rebelled against other religions/political and social regimes. This includes the age of the bullying and wars of the Christians.I also state that judaism is the ONLY major religion causing wars and misery that literally have it in their religious coda to do so. The only religion that by its nature is supremacist. Why can't people see that? I dunno.You say that Hitler killed people other than jews. Well, of course. He was embroiled in a war on 3 fronts. And I don't think that you, or anyone can say they know his "true motivation", other than what he said and wrote.You also say that "…no man is immune to its (power's) seduction". I beg to differ. I am immune. And I'll wager that you are also. Neither of us would subjugate a fellow human to attain it. You are correct in naming religion as giving mankind the excuse to inflict this subjugation and horror. And the jew is merely the latest.I don't think I use the jewish as a scapegoat necessarily. As I said before…they are the ones in power right now. They are culpable. They are not behaving responsibly with the power they have grabbed. I don't think I am ignorant of these facts. Are you?Thanks for the comment. Hope this helps.

  5. hey, i just came across this website from i like what i see so far. i am learning of the shocking truth about the jews/khazarians/zionists. (maybe we should make a new word out of the acronym? like, oh i dunno, JeKaZi? perhaps?) anyways, do you have any real information about the holohoax writer Corrie Ten Boom? it appears that she was totally out of the loop concerning the deviousness of these "jekazi's" i read her book the hiding place many years ago, BEFORE i learned the true story of these "jekazi's" so, there were no gas ovens?…there was no plan to exterminate the real hebrew jews? (meaning the real hebrews of the old testament, NOT these jekazi imposters) i have to admit, i am skeptical of such magnitude of deception! neevertheless, i really want to know why miss ten boom never said anything about there not being any ovens for the jews, as she was imprisoned in ravensbruck labor camp. not a word. anywhere. i have looked high and low, without success. do you any info at all? thank you.

  6. Anon@5:04 – Glad you like it. All I know about Ten Boom, like you…was that poorly written book. Her whole "forgiveness" thing turned me off. But you are right. There is no mention in her book or in any of her speeches(that I remember) about gas chambers, jewish-genocide or any of other holohoax cornerstones. Good obs. and thanks for the comment.

  7. Actually Genie, it was possiblyCain (first jew?) who commitedthe first murder….Abel as in"able bodied man".Acording to some jewish sources,Kabala and the Talmud, Cain toreout Abel's throat with his teeth,thus explaining Jewlywood's obsesionwith vampirism?

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