Safeguarding Our Allies…


9 thoughts on “Safeguarding Our Allies…

  1. So the zionist jews invent the TSA after they did 9/11, and then they exempt themselves from nude-nuking and sexual-groping?What is wrong with this picture and how come John and Jane Q. Public aren't complaining?Is the American middle Gentile class now officially brain dead?

  2. Hey Timster,…Wow, talk about synchronicity, I posted this at 08:25ayem your time (+10:00), isn't it a vulgar looking shrew, eh?!The jUSA is owned, freehold, outright, PERIOD!veritas

  3. Definitely puts into the proper perspective about the college student and the swastika don't it! Poor! poor! people! Oh wait a minute there are no poor among them! Twenty nine standing ovations proof of who kneels at who's feet!

  4. V – And coming to a theater near you!Great minds think alike, eh?Yep. I think everyone should see this. There are no shallows so deep to which our ZOG will not sink! Creepy looking bitch.

  5. "Is the American middle Gentile class now officially brain dead?"On attempting to shed a little light on Jewish criminality today, a nice Protestant woman told me, "I just don't believe Israel is evil."All but a select remanat of the American public is OBD.We continue to write for and inform only ourselves. Will it ever change?

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