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Yes, Virginia There Is No Santa Claus…And A Vote

Wow is all I can say.

I wrote a piece last week…very tongue in cheek…that even though most readers understood the intent(most), they were still offended.  I attacked a sacred cow.  Well, that’s okay.  I never held any fondness for the bovine genus. Sacred or otherwise.

I don’t remember, and I’ll wager you don’t either…that particular moment in your childhood when you realized there was no Santa Claus.  Or Father Christmas or Easter Bunny or various other benign characters (fill in the blank).  At some point you grew mentally to the point that logic overtook your wondrous vision of the universe and you realized that life was simply not like that.  There is no magic…for good or bad.  And you just had to slog on through life understanding this fact…as disillusioning as it is.  Reality is reality and no matter how much time you spend on your knees pretending to yourself that your magic requests will be granted…you know somewhere in the back of your mind that things just don’t work like that.  Or maybe you haven’t reached that point concerning the really BIG Santa Claus yet.  No matter.  If not…I’m sure you have at some point questioned his existence.  But this is merely an example of what I wanted to cover today.

What I do want to say to my readers…besides the fact that I am not in fact an Illuminati Lord or a Masonic ruler…is that these myths of evil are just as, if not more powerful than your erstwhile childish imaginings of a beast-under-the-bed.  Hello people.  There IS no Illuminati.  The Masons aren’t plotting to subjugate the planet.  I think I can pretty much bet my life…and yours…upon these assertions.

But perhaps some people miss that mysterious character under their beds or in the bedroom closet that seemed so close and threatening.  They feel a void if they can’t concentrate all the evil of their little lives into a beast with an amorphous appearance…so they allow the real beast in the world to construct a replacement for them.  
When Henry Makow and Rixon Stewart and Alex Jones et al, tell you that there is symbology abound in the media of Masonic evil, or that this-or-that celebrity have sold out to Illuminati forces evidenced by their hand-gestures…well, you gotta question their motives.  And their intelligence level.  
Me, I question their motive.  For if there is one thing that I will take to the bank, it is the willingness to tug on false beards and turn the bedroom light on while actually looking under the bed.  I want to know the truth.  Facts are big with me.

I understand why the British are concerned with and more suspicious of Freemasonry than most of the rest of us.  Unlike a lot of the Western world, the Britons are very class oriented and make few bones about it.  Masons in England are generally speaking, of the upper class.  No one but the upper class trusts the upper class.  I get it.  In the United Snakes however, although there is also a highly defined class order, we try to ignore and are ashamed of that fact.  So our Masonic membership will allow just about anyone to join that truly wants to participate in this social club.  If that someone is a male.  It is here…and everywhere else in the world…only  a little-boy-secret-clubhouse-no-girls-allowed club, that is about as dangerous as the D.A.R. in Ottumwa, Iowa.  I know many Masons and have all my life.  I have been invited to join them on occasion.  These are not evil people, people.  Of course many dodgy people belong to this social club.  But in truth, it is merely an ancient trade union that has lasted many centuries…well, because it is fun for the members to have secrets and get away from the wives for a few hours.  In all fairness I have to say that there is even a woman’s version of it…Order of the Eastern Star, I think it is called.  They too plot evil bean-suppers and charity drives.

I challenge anyone reading this that still cowers from that demonic monster under their bed…to name ANYone that is known to be a member of the jewish-fabricated ‘Illuminati’.  Go ahead.  Dig up a few names…I’ll wait here.
I say jewish-fabricated…when in fact I should say ‘jewish-marketed’.  For few other than the false-hebrew understand as well, the value of the concept that nothing could ever be as horrifying as that that is imagined.  The fertile imagination of a normal adult is also fertile ground for picturing Satan himself.  So that is what they will market to you.  Prey on your fears with this hands-down, most evil of all “Secret Societies”…the illumi-naughty.  Don’t pay attention to the marketers of this childish myth…just believe in their product.  While they bend you over.

So why did my article cause so much offense?  Why do those offended want to believe in these inane evil fairytale groups?  I dunno.  Why do the same people still watch television.  Your guess is as good as mine.  But I’ve had it with them.  There is no telling them anything.  They won’t have it.  When you listen to them pontificate about what is wrong with the world they use the words “Masonic” and “Illuminati” almost like a tic.  As if.  As if most listening agree with these silly-assed adjectives to describe the REAL demons of the world.  The ones whose headquarters lie in broad daylight on the Southern shores of the Mediterranean.  The ones that own your mortgage and your job and your car and your lives.  The ashkanazi that has you cowering under your covers just KNOWING that they aren’t the ones making your life much more difficult than it should be.   It is the Freemasons and the fucking illuminati.  Oh dear.  Who was it that said: “If you want to know who rules you…look to those that you are not allowed to criticize.”  I think it was Voltaire.  I am paraphrasing, but I think you get the meaning.  Truer words were never spoken.  You can criticize till the above mentioned sacred cows come home, when it comes to the Masons or the illuminati.  You can call them everything in the book and then some.  Nothing.  No response.  There is a reason for this.  First…those down at the Masonic lodge know better and are not in charge of anything that has to do with your lives. And if the truth be known…probably giggle uncontrollably at your imaginings.  Second…the illuminati doesn’t fucking exist. 

But just take on a mission like this one…”How Dare I”, and many other sites like it that TRULY name the TRUE beast of judaism…and see how much friction you encounter.

Now to be fair…I’m going to give you a good-old ‘democratic’ opportunity to vote.  The results of this poll, I’ve decided, will determine if I continue the blog. After all these years…I guess I need to know this shit.  I can’t fight this war on too many fronts…I’m sure you understand.  Now…be honest.  You can only vote once.  The (to me)almost nightmarish quality of the response I got to the post in question has placed me in the precarious position of not really giving a shit, one way or another.  To wit…you decide. I figure as long as we are being childish…well…

More “nay” votes and I continue my little battle by getting on with a more adult discussion.  More “yay” votes and I will delete this site and get out of your hair…and we will consider the jewish to have won another tiny little skirmish.

Do you believe in the Illuminati and the evil intent of Freemasonry?
Yes to both
Yes to Illuminati, no to Freemasonry
Yes to Freemasonry, no to Illuminati
No to both
You are kidding right?


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Confession Time…

I can’t handle it anymore.  What is left of my conscience won’t allow me to continue this ruse.  I feel terrible for what I have done, but I am going to make amends here and now.
A few people have suspected it, and stated so in comments that I dared not publish, and although I will undoubtedly be killed for what I am about to reveal, my life has little meaning anymore.  I have served my purpose in our subterfuge …so here goes.

I am actually a seventh-level Lord of the Illuminati.  Yes, you read that right.  I am also a 35th degree Mason.  Both of the organizations that I represent are bent on world-domination.  We will succeed.  Your life means nothing.  You are cattle in the fields and you are becoming highly dispensable.

I was ordered by my superiors to start this site(among other missions) to divert your attention away from our evil plans of conquest.  The site was meant to distract you with childish jewish-conspiracy nonsense while the final stages of our master-plan can be put in place.  It hasn’t been easy, but I think it is a valiant struggle and I was once proud to be part of it…considering that we…the new master race…will revel in the glory of a truly new world order.  One in which you reading this can only witness the transition in awe through your FEMA camp cell bars.  Yes, you all are about to die to further our goals of One World Illuminati.  Consider yourself lucky that you were present for a short time at this burgeoning era of our rule.  As we step from behind the shadowy curtain of mystery into a new dawn of enlightenment.

I reveal this now because it is time and I can no longer allow you people to go to your tortured deaths without at least knowing why you passed.  Without understanding that you played a small part in our glorious emergence as the the new earth.
Also, too many of you have begun to figure it out.  Our secretive plans and handshakes did not go unnoticed in days gone by…but with our mistake of allowing the internet…millions of you have become aware of our goals.  Writers such as Alex Jones and Henry Makow have led the way in naming we that seek to dominate.  Their constant pressure on our world-wide network has forced us to accelerate our plans. We tried to recruit these people, but they weren’t having any.  They have too much ‘integrity’ that you animals seem to value.  You have these urchins to thank for the hastening of your impending doom.
As you are marched to your prison cells to await death, I feel that you should know that this site was merely a decoy to keep you from discovering the true identity of we, the new masters.  Jews play only a small part in our plan.  They are mere minions.  Dupes placed in showy positions to fertilize conspiracy fears in you idiots.

But now…as the time of our final phase draws near, I feel toward you readers as I would a pet.  You are so trusting and loyal…I cannot keep these secrets to myself any longer.  I will sacrifice my small life so that you may know at least why you perished…even though I must die for my decision.  But for your final edification, I reveal the following:

Our organizations have planned this all for more than 8 centuries.   We have tried desperately to hide our symbols within the governments over which we have taken control…but many of you have deciphered them.  You are clever animals at times.  Our handshakes are pure evil.  When two Illuminati members shake hands…the world shakes.  Bank accounts empty.  Wars begin.  Cattle die and cats go missing.  These greetings are that powerful.  WE are that powerful.  And there, of course, is nothing that you mere mortals can do in the wake.  We are the ILLUMINATI.  And we are Gods among men.  However your constant meddling and curiosity can no longer be ignored.
Of course we have had our ‘bean-suppers’, ‘membership drives’ and ‘Masonic charity picnics’…but as you can see now…this was all a smokescreen designed to put you off your guard against your future jailers and assassins.  Oh, the tales I could tell of your stupidity in the face of our all-powerful influence over your petty work-a-day lives.  But that is of little consequence now.  Now that it is just about complete.  Our hand-signs and cloaked rituals will no longer be performed in secluded parks and dark cellars.  They will take their rightful place, replacing your simplistic halls of worship…where we will worship the true one-and-only God ….Moloch!

You will hear nothing more from me…as I must pass into judgement for what I reveal here.  My life as an Illuminati Lord will end soon in exchange for the information that I have written today. 
But as you are led to your cages, remember that I alone have revealed the true reason for your sacrifice.  I have always had a soft spot for you inferior beings whose only purpose was to serve ours.  Enjoy what is left of your domestic cow-like existence.  The time is short for us both.

Satan Is God!  All Hail Moloch! Illuminati Forever!!!

Who Started It?

Every Mom does the same thing.  After separating the two fighting kids, she will inevitably ask the question “Who started it?”.  Dumb question when  you think about it.
It’s like that *old riddle about the twins at the crossroad.  You want to choose the right path and you can ask one and only one question.  You are aware that one of the twins will always lie…no matter what the question.  And you know the other will always tell the truth. But you don’t know which of the twins is which.  Both know the right path.  What one question do you ask to ascertain the correct direction to take?  Well…it is a puzzle involving a bit of logic.  Something that every Mother seems to give a miss when trying to find the culprit in the barney she just stopped.  Of course, each will say the other started it, and Mom is back to square one.  So she usually punishes both.  That seems fair.  Even though it isn’t, it solves her problem for the moment.  She knows that the instigator is rightfully being punished.  The other will just have to suffer for the common good. 
I never liked that.  Collective punishment.  It punishes the innocent and causes anger and resentment.  It rewards the guilty, knowing that no matter how harsh the sentence meted out, his victim will also be similarly disciplined, and he always retains the illusion of truth.  Lose-lose situation.  This is a paradigm that is prevalent in our world today on many levels.  It seems that good old Mom is punishing everyone…when in fact she is a bitch-queen from hell, and the actual perp to begin with.  From israhell, to the UN to the US to the IMF to the educational system to your local police department; somehow this method of punishing all, in lieu of finding the real miscreant, has become a pervasive meme.  I don’t care for it.

The recent “Batman” shootings are being questioned.  Besides being another incident to stoke fear, some feel that they are a setup.  A stage upon which to present the passion-play of gun control, for the general public and more importantly for Congress to keep in mind when voting on the upcoming UN small-arms treaty that effectively nullifies our second amendment.  I dunno.  Could be.  Everything in this media-circus story seems to point toward such an agenda.  I’m not a gun owner.  Never have been.  I always had it in the back of my mind to become one however.  When push-comes-to-shove.  When drones start circling my property and I feel like taking a few pot-shots.  But I have yet to exercise my uniquely amerikan right to purchase such a weapon.  Perhaps I should now.  Now that it is obvious that such a purchase will soon be removed as an option.  Again…I dunno.  A spooky proposition.  Guns are dangerous.  I am dangerous with a hammer, let alone a firearm.  But has the pushing I feel all around, just about to feel more like a shove?  This brilliant article has given me pause to consider it.  Even if I have enough to eat and retain my home in the coming few years…there are many around me that soon might not be so fortunate.  Which side do I want to be on when and if such shoving happens?  I think that would be obvious. You can say you are with the rebels all you want, but at some point you have to back up your convictions or you will be sitting in a corner being punished with the rest, even when you didn’t start it.  And when the revolution starts…and make no mistake…it will start, there will be no Mom punishing anyone.  She will be taken out along with the ones that REALLY started it.  And they will not be able to plead their case to any parental personage.  I think we all know ‘who started it’.  You wouldn’t be here if  you didn’t.
But this revolution that I speak of will not be without its own collective punishment.  Most all will suffer as in any conflict.  This time however the momentary decision to punish all involved will be final.  There will be no ‘time-outs’ issued.  No probation or fines.  No time off for good behaviour. No lawyers. All punishment will end in death.  For the guilty as well as for the innocent.  So I think it is important in this time of calm before the storm, to identify for yourself who is guilty; who abets them by deed or intent…and who must be spared.  For in a time coming soon, you will be the judge and jury and you might carry such power in your pocket as did this man.  Will you exercise discretion and common sense in your judgements?  Will any of us?  I wonder.

* free membership for those that can answer without cheating and looking it up

It’s Twue…It’s Twue!

If there was a law against publishing articles that contain too much irony, the author of an essay that I read yesterday would be serving a life sentence. Everything we have all been saying…and even more, is contained in this expose’.  All the points I have been trying to make…everything.  And directly from the rabbi’s mouth.
Of course it isn’t spoonfed to you.  You have to read it with a view other than the author’s. One of Gentile common sense. But he spells it out.  And it all fits together like the puzzle that I have been trying to put together for my readers for years.  It couldn’t have been written more effectively.  This is a rare glimpse under the fetid skirts of jewishness and its hellish spawn, zionism.

In the article “Jews DO Control The Media”, the author spells out exactly what I have been saying, and from a jew’s point of view.
Much is said out here about mind-control and propaganda directed at dumbed-down Gentiles by a jewish-owned media.  Much.  But few understand, I think, that most of the power and cohesive quality of this tribe is the result of such marketing being directed at their OWN.  Few.  This author reveals it in Technicolor.

In the essay, Mr. Nehorai wants you to believe, as he does, that jews are a “funny bunch”.  Quirky.  Kinda harmless in their eccentricities and superior abilities. Yes…he sheepishly admits that his tribe really does have superior abilities to excel in all they attempt…but with these super-human skills, he warns, they must do good things.  He doesn’t really define ‘good’.  But he also doesn’t seem to know the meaning of “better”.  He prefers the word “special”.  Of course if you as a Gentile notice this ownership of the United Snakes by the jews, they will call you an anti-Semite…but you were right all along in doing so.

     “The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have
something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world.”

Lo and behold!  So as the author points out in his misguided fashion, we are right in being offended at the over-representation of the jewish in the media and Washington…but hey, they can’t help it…they are ‘special’.  I am sure that this man actually believes this.  The ‘special’ part.  It is child’s play to see that they indeed do own us; lock, stock and smoking barrel.  I wonder if it ever crossed his ‘special’ mind that the way they attained this ownership was through lying, cheating, murdering, blackmailing…and generally being THAT kind of ‘special’?  Well…it wouldn’t, would it.

But no matter…now that they HAVE risen to such heights…all of a sudden, in his Machiavellian view of things, they now have the ‘responsibility’ to do good things with all this power.  Well, as he points out…’good’, like ‘better’ are relative terms.  But taking into account how his clan got to this ownership…heaven help us from further jewish ‘ethics’.

Further, the good rabbi explains that in doing good, :

“…It means that they’re(his tribe is) suddenly culpable when they create dirty TV shows that sully the spiritual atmosphere of the world. It means that things can’t just be created for the sake of amusement or fun or even “art.”

Suddenly, we can’t screw up the world.”
I hate to be the one pissing in the pool here, rabbi…but don’t ya think that ‘suddenly’ happened a long time ago?
Damn! Now this little sparrow-fart yid is putting CONDITIONS on his own people’s rule!  Tsk, tsk….
 Do you think?  Do you think even THEY are getting a tiny bit  disgusted by their own…I dunno…’special-ness’?  Well, not so much, no.  I’m sure he didn’t submit a copy of this piece to the ADL for approval before revealing such soul-searching.  But hey…maybe I’m wrong.  
Perhaps after all these long years of hatred for the Goyim and all the wars from which they have profited and the heaps of REAL burning flesh to which they set fire, they are finally going to man-up and take credit?  Taking off the gloves.  Special credit to  special people.
Although the essay was printed in zio-hell and obviously intended for jewish eyes only, he seems to delight in telling us that:
“…We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country.
I am seeing more and more of this type of blind hubris coming from the camps of the indoctrinated jew.  Those that not only accept that they are better than the Gentile, but revel in this fact.  And why shouldn’t they?  They fought tooth and nail to get where they are…offending the rest of the world…and by Yahweh, they are not going to try and hide the facts anymore.  I mean, “so what?”.  What do you intend to do about it?  Resist?  They will just relegate you to the pile of “kooks” that try to predict their next move toward world domination.
Can people like this actually be that stupid, I wonder.  That certain of their inflated self-worth. Or is this bait for we kooks, gauche enough to point it out?
I don’t know, but as Madeline Kahn said in “Blazing Saddles”*:
“…is it twue what they say about the way you people are….uh…gifted?  Oh, it’s twue!  It’s TWUE!!!”

 *incidentally, the brilliant idea and most of the dialogue for “Blazing Saddles” came from Richard Pryor…not Mel Brooks(jewish)

From Les…

Here follows the J. Paul Gettysburg address; Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers allowed to come forth upon this continent, an AskeNAZI ruled nation, conceived for Central Banker profit and dedicated to the proposition that all gentiles are created equal beneath the hobnailed boots of their degenerate masters.
Now we are engaged in a manufactured war, showing that this nation and any other ignorant nation is well disposed to fight for the profit of those printing the money. We are met on a continuing battlefield of endless war. We have come to dedicate a portion of this blood-soaked land as a final resting place for all of the fools who gave up their lives so that that nation can continue to live in servitude to bankers. It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this because we are the very definition of morons.
But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate – we can not consecrate – we cannot hallow – this ground because it is a testimony and enduring evidence of just how fucking stupid we are. The brave and deluded men, not hardly living and dead for real or simply walking dead, who struggled here, have profaned it, far below our poor power to spin or morph it into something other than what it actually was. The world will little note, nor long remember what we said here because it is a pack of lies, but it can never forget the art deco colored bullshit of our attempt to lend meaning to it. It is for us, the zombie sheep, rather, to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from this dishonored crows food we sanctimoniously pretend to a tedious devotion to which they gave everything for the banking houses of Europe and their branches here in the host body – that we fatuously and with empty words bombastically proclaim that these feckless and programmed idiots most definitely did not die in vain because the bankers made a killing in every sense of the word – that this pathetic nation, under a cloud of delusion, shall see an unending redundancy of stillborn and oft aborted freedom and that a government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers, shall not perish until there is nothing left to steal. Shalom Baby.”
Happy 4th of July!
The preceding selected from Les Visible’s Reflections in a Petri Dish – Source

Uber Alles And The Wrong Path…

I could have predicted this.  And did.  That those out here uncovering the machinations of the criminal-jewish-mafia would eventually turn to national socialism.  When those infused from childhood with ‘patriotism’ for a country whose ideals were never, and more importantly CAN never, be achieved; and they see these ideals being usurped by foreign interests…it is natural that they would revert to the type of idealist socialism which Adolf Hitler envisioned.  Natural.  But wrong. Terribly wrong.

I listened to Deanna Spingola’s interview with John Friend today.  Both bright and aware individuals.  Truly critical thinkers, the pair of them.  However both trying to deal with a void.  A trap that even they do not acknowledge…if I am hearing them right. 
Like Hitler, they long for a time when all are aware of the desecration caused by organized jewry.  A time when the last pogrom is enacted, to rid the West, and indeed the world, of the zionist threat to humanity.  For this I applaud them.  However, from this ideal, they turn back the clock, to a time in the US anyway, in which nationalism allowed for the yiddish infestation in the government and society of this country in the first place. Where we disagree is at a fundamental juncture, I think.  

This country was never the white Christian bastion of freedom that many seem to treasure in the backs of their minds. And thank heaven for that. That, like the jewish-revised biography of Mr. Hitler, is also a myth.  A dangerous one.  When one starts down the path of nationalism…well, I think true history is filled with reasons not to tread that particular trail.  It leads to justification for all sorts of undesirable human behaviour.  Usually ending with a “Deutschland Uber Alles” mentality.  
Don’t get me wrong.  I fully understand what Hitler was trying to accomplish under the umbrella of the Third Reich.  For anyone(as they point out in this program), that reads his book and his speeches…it is clear.  The German people were tired of being shat upon.  Since the loss in WWI and the repartitioning of the Rhineland, the Weimar Republic with all its decadence and the general decay of German social values…they were ripe for someone who correctly identified the culprits behind such a national demise, that happened in merely one generation.  To Germans in the early thirties, Hitler was a hero.  He is not one of mine.  No matter how correctly he assessed the talmudic threat to decent societies.  He was an arrogant nationalist.  Not arrogant only to the jewish movers-and-shakers…but to the world. No matter how you feel about his political views, he was a racial supremacist. He truly believed that the Aryan race was superior to others, simply by virtue of bloodlines, and tried desperately to prove this flawed conclusion.  Again…wrong path.
When you are at a breakfast buffet…don’t go back to your table with a plate full of bacon, simply because you like bacon and you never seem to get enough of it at home.  Take what you like, yes…but be open to all that is offered.  It doesn’t have to be ‘this and only this’.  It’s unhealthy for starters.

I have read Mein Kampf…I have listened to the speeches of Hitler.  He was not a stupid man.  There is much to glean from his experience and insight.  But there is also much to avoid. I understand that every action causes a reaction…but that reaction can often swing to as far an extreme as the cause.  Such was the case of Nazi Germany.  Of course his vilification of the ‘jew’ found support in a war-torn country…that let’s face it were exceptionally nationalistic to begin with. Hitler’s appeal to decent family values, and work ethic should be listened to…especially now…when we are seeing the same jewish-led disintegration of such, in many Western countries.  However, I am afraid I cannot buy the whole blister-pack of National Socialism.  Who else does this patriotism exclude besides the target groups of pre-war Germany…jews, gypsies, homosexuals etc?  We then begin to see where such national pride leads.  Always to supremacism.  Look at israhell.  Nazi Germany pales in comparison to its bigotry and racial hatred.

So before we begin lauding Mr. Hitler’s accomplishments in totum…let us see exactly where his entire philosophy will lead us.
I won’t ‘bash’ Hitler.  Nor will I worship him.  He was as flawed as any that set themselves up as leaders.  We take what we can to help us in our struggle against jewish oppression as we see it…and cast aside the same flaws that we see in the very group we seek to dis-empower.  This is common sense.

Hitler did not want war.  But he was as prepared for it as he could possibly be…so I cannot help but believe that he expected it.  I’m sure he wanted peace, but prepared to suffer war for it.  He knew international jewish money interests would not go quietly.  He was not ignorant of their influence in England and Amerika.  Even though there was no historical proof of anything like a “holocaust”, he and members of his staff truly were prepared to kill jews when they got in his way during the war.  The machine-gunning of many thousands of jewish peasants in German-occupied Kiev is but one example.  Is this right?  Or laudable?  Did the end justify the means in his mind?  Is this the Machiavellian leadership around which we should rally?  Or like countless other political leaders, was he flawed in his ‘nationalistic’ ideals, that from the start are little more than supremacism with a flag.

I revere his insight…no his ‘courage’ to speak truth to power.  To name those responsible for the degradation of Western society.  My admiration stops there.  As it should for any critically thinking folks in this movement against the jewish/zionist criminal network.  Let us not sink to their level of national supremacy as did Hitler, in his flawed efforts to defeat their influence. 
So whether it is “Deutschland” or “Israhell” or “Amerika”, remember…it is just a spot on the globe.  And geographically or demographically…it isn’t “Uber” anything.  I think that is the wrong path. Just sayin…