Hand Tighten Only…

Help!  There are a lot of “nuts” out here.

I’m going to have to admit that some of the criticisms of ‘citizen journalism’ on the net are valid.  Well it takes all kinds of ingredients to make a good fruit salad.  There are those lovely grapes…when mixed with cheese and nuts…yummy. But not too many nuts please. Though that isn’t what’s bugging me.  The world again, is too much with me today.

In a way, I like furniture in a box. That is what those that can’t afford a real furniture store resort to.  A big-box chain store and an end table that comes in a flat box full of parts…and instructions that are poorly translated from the language of the third world country in which these press-board panels and screws were packaged.  A puzzle really.  Not only do you get to look at poor drawings and directions that don’t always make sense in English…when you’re finished…you get to take it apart and start all over using common sense to assemble it correctly.

But I always liked step number 4.  That’s the one that says “…do not tighten these screws too tightly” or “…hand tighten”.  I get to use my fingers, not a tool, to allow for as much ‘give’ as I see will be needed when I add on the rest of the components.  Using my common sense.  I like that tool…common sense.  It rarely fails me, but is often not in my toolbox.  I leave it lying around and rarely take care of it.  I think too many do that.  Let their most useful tool rust from too little utilization.

But anyway, when I was practicing my craft of engineering, I understood as do all mechanical engineers, that there is a thing called ‘buildup of tolerance’.  Without getting too technical, every part in the world of manufacturing has a tolerance.  It is the plus or minus dimensions of the part to which its manufacture must be held for the part to fit in relationship to other parts around or attached to it.  Few parts in the world of manufacturing have a zero-tolerance.  Nothing is perfect.  And some variance is allowed in most everything built. 
It is however, a problem when many parts are put together in an assembly, that these tolerances can sometimes ‘build up’ so that the final product is out of its allowed ‘tolerance’…and simply doesn’t work or fit.
This little concept, I think, can be applied to a lot more than just mechanical engineering.  We see it everywhere.  If you are going to say that this ‘nipple-slip’ or wardrobe malfunction is naughty but ok to show in your media…well, we can be tolerant.  Maybe we should. It is only the human female breast. But you have to ask “what’s next?”  If you are going to say that those killed accidentally in a war zone are ‘collateral damage’, then somewhere down the road a piece, war becomes about how many civilians you CAN kill with such accidents.  It is only common sense.  That tool that can also be utilized out of context.  But now we are seeing that the final assembly doesn’t work.  It doesn’t fit.  It doesn’t serve its original design and function.  Our entire world is approaching such a condition.  Because of its leadership. And they preach tolerance still.  And they preach no tolerance. Those in charge.  And I think we all know who is in charge most recently(see masthead). 
But even that isn’t what I wanted to rant about today.

I was talking about screws.  Lefty-loosey;righty-tighty.  I like them.  Some Shakespearean scholars have observed the Macbeth quote; “…but screw your courage to the sticking place…” as being a modern techy-type reference to a rather new invention; the screw.  I dunno.  Maybe. They have held our world together for quite a while. Too tight…and it doesn’t allow things to fit.  Too loose and the whole thing could come apart.  A neat metaphor. I think we are looking at both scenarios nowadays on a social/political scale and that is what they want. It is common sense that Mexicans are merely people looking to live their lives as are we.  But using the same sense, zionists should be afforded no tolerance.  That tolerance they preach for everyone but themselves. There is a middle ground here for us however. Common sense comes in to play in the most unusual of circumstances…that tool we don’t maintain.

I recently helped a friend pare down a list of celebrity ‘jews’ that has been making the rounds out here for years and is almost as inaccurate as it is effective. I won’t link it…you have seen it.  I recently read(or rather, dismissed) a long essay explaining how John(Baby Your A Rich Fag jew)Lennon was actually a member of the tribe himself.  Oh please…  I won’t link it.  The reason is obvious.
People…we need to get this tool all cleaned up and lubricated for the job to be done out here.  We can’t over-tighten, or leave loose the wrong screws.


11 thoughts on “Hand Tighten Only…

  1. Tim,A mech eng with pen flare – liking your posts more all the time! Keep up your critique of the world as we know it, I believe you are correct in your assertions. The truth will set us free.

  2. Thanks Timster!The world is too much for me much of the time lately. I just take it as a hint to come back home to myself, which is never too much!I struggle with the bullies out there, they make me tremble and cry!Marigold

  3. Timster I fear you have outdone yourself. What you have tied in together is amazing! Screws, Engineering, Jews, Lennon, wardrobe malfunction, tolerances. You seem to be making sense. That's absolutely so uncommon today!

  4. As a former so called engineer, quality, technical 'expert' in the nut and bolt industry this post resonated with me.The analogy of tolerance buildup is a good one.Sometimes I've gotten the feeling that although we probably never crossed paths we did travel in some of the same industrial areas. If a manufacturing plant used American made 'nuts' (fasteners not the human ones) I've most likely either been there or dealt with them in some way.

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