That Thing In The Mirror…

I hate that moment when you are in a department store or restaurant that has a surprise mirror.  Some unfeeling, cruel designer decided that a mirror would add space to this public area…not caring that patrons wouldn’t have time to put on their reflection-face first, before it reveals them in their candid poses.  Then you have to reassure yourself by looking at that(what you probably see as chubby/old…choose your poison)image with your best expression and push your hair this way and that to find that persona that you know from your bathroom mirror.  That sucks.  Then you leave the establishment not fully confident that you are that(thin/attractive…choose your poison)person that you think other people see when they look at you in public.  Those bastard designers.  It is a side-swipe to the ego.  But you get over it.  Push it to the back of your visual cortex and file it under “Oh, well…the lighting was bad or the mirror was probably slightly bent”.  We all have an image of ourselves that is positive…generally speaking…or we would change.  I think.

I watched a video today.  I know.  I watch too many videos and should get out more.  But this one was like that public mirror I describe.  It is most likely how others hear/read me.  Well…a LOT of ‘others’.  Not you.  You have come here often enough to know that I am not really the ‘whack-job’ that many people feel I am, for expressing my views toward the jewish tribe.  But the man on the other end of the phone in this vid…Glenn Miller…was such a distorted reflection to me.  And I’m damned if I will accept it as a true one.  This isn’t the one in MY bathroom mirror.  The guy I have gotten to know and love.

 My first question was: “Do I sound that f****** stupid to most people?  Do I sound that dogmatic and hate-filled in my ramblings here?  Do I come off as a bigoted know-it-all, like this guy…just because of our (probably similar) views of judaism as a negative force in the world?  Or, do people actually listen to me and the dynamics of my views?  Do they understand that blind hatred has nothing to do with my philosophy?   And that I don’t wish water-boarding/violence for anyone simply because of how they were raised?

At any rate it is a sobering video to watch. For me anyway. In my last essay(although I hate to quote myself) I said: “…the best way to undermine a cause is to champion it poorly”.  A whole 3 days have gone by since I uttered those words…and I still hold to them. So my explanation for the image that I see in this passing mirror is that “Hey, that isn’t me”.  It is an imposter.  I wouldn’t even completely rule out the possibility that this Mr. Miller is paid by the tribe to make “rational antisemitism” sound ridiculous.  As they have been known to do with the “Neo-Nazi” movement.  After all…his last name is Miller.  A common jewish name.  But that isn’t important.  This essay…is about “me”.  I get to do that every once in a while…it’s my site.  Right?
But then comes perception.  How I am perceived by others.  Of course, it is easy to say that I don’t care what others think of me, but that would be untrue…or you wouldn’t be reading this.  I don’t care what the organized zionist/jewish tribe thinks of me, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  And as much as I hate to get introspective on you…it is this type of perversion of our message that spills my milk big-time.  It is so powerful.  It is so easy for this jewish talk-show host to shoot down.  All he has to do is roll his eyes…ask a few baited questions…and the rest of his job is done by the idiot on the other end of the phone.  A neatly wrapped package.  If you buy this guy’s rantings…you are obviously as bigoted as he.  If you go off the deep end concerning the ‘poor jews’, then your position is laughable.  Very powerful indeed.

This is why I have spent so much time here  over the years, constantly trying to show that the above isn’t the case.  I have taken on as many “white-supremacists”, “racial separatists” and general assholes that have wandered into my camp, as I have the tribe itself.
To me it is important…and as I said…this is about me now.  People like Glen Miller have made it personal.  And I won’t have it.  I have a reflection to look at in my bathroom and I kinda like it.  I won’t look at your carnival mirror, casting these imposter images at me.
I won’t stand for this being portrayed as ‘me’…just because they own the airwaves to attempt it.  None of us should.  Whether these types of ‘antisemites’ are plants or not…shoot them down as you would do to such jewish media hosts.  They are both dangerous.

So, as I said at the beginning of this…we all have an image of ourselves that is positive.  Mine is.  So I don’t intend to change it by changing myself.  No matter how many times these faux-reflections are purported to identify us.  And don’t you.


7 thoughts on “That Thing In The Mirror…

  1. Timster, you have made me laugh!You are not capable of blind hatred for anyone and you have nothing in common without this man! This is why so few are willing to explore their feelings openly! Even hatred is not wrong if you honestly feel it and are trying to understand it!Thanks for everything you do and say. Marigold

  2. Hey timster,…"Why hasn't there been a jooish prezident?" Hello; WHICH FUCKING ONE could you have picked from Tim?? Why did you Post this shyte?Glenn Miller fucking yid smug middle-class kunt. Has a grandstand moment on How dare YOO!There is a war on dood, oh and it's against yoo and your family, by the fuckin' by!!veritasThings are polarizing my friend, I hope we are on the same side of the Barricade, I am not doing this Blog thing as a favour to my publicist.

  3. V – Hahaha…you have a publicist too?I dunno…I think these "strawman" tactics ought to be shown for what they are…and yet it dawned on me that it WORKS, and I want to be the first to disavow. So many buy this shit when artfully done. This is one of the best.The jewipedia entry on Glenn Miller:"Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. was born in North Carolina, and named after his father."That's it. Sounds like another makey-up neo-nazi role-player for Morris Dees/Abe Foxman to me. Just sayin…

  4. Hey Timster,…WOW! Am I nutz or what? Well, yes, actually PTSD ex-sevicemen, nutjob, lol, it's in my resume! That's why it so important to re-read your stuff before you publish,, haaaaargh!Still want that jock dick slapped! (wtf?)veritas ☺

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