The First Annual IIAJ Day…

I’m a normal guy.  With a normal heterosexual libido.  So I have had my adventures with women.  Oh my, yes.  Girls…the following confessions will seem sexist…and they are…so be warned.

As a young man, I made the biggest mistake in the ritual of courting the fairer sex.  Chasing them.  I did it for quite a few years. 
Then two things happened.  I got a job in the summer one year to pay for the following semester’s college and I met an old guy that gave me some advice that lasted a lifetime concerning this “courting” behaviour.  And two…before I got this advice…I had gone to the wrong bar looking for female companionship. 

 A friend and I were sitting in a beer-bar on campus one spring night when the most gorgeous creature(female) that I had ever seen, walked in and sat down with her female companion at a table far at the back of the bar.  I was struck.  I had to get to know this girl.  So we ordered another pitcher of courage and I decided to approach her…with one of those “my friend and I wondered if you ladies would like to join us for a beer” lines.  The bar was packed…loud and boisterous as college students get after class and a few brews.

So I carried this pitcher and four mugs to the back of the bar where they were sitting and delivered the line just as I rehearsed it.  “No thanks” came her reply.  Uh…what do I do now, thought I?  There was no alternative.  After trying a couple more times to cajole them into joining us, I began the longest walk of my life.  It couldn’t have been more than 20 yards…but the jeers from those that had seen me shot down and my embarrassment made it a mile at least.
When I got back to the table, I made a solemn promise that I would never put myself through that kind of ordeal again.  Never.  And you know what?  I have kept that promise.  No.  I didn’t turn gay.  I got smart.
After that spring is when I got the job…and the advice.  This old guy that I worked next to in the factory told me after my telling of this story…”Son, you approached the whole situation wrong”, he imparted.  “Try this method”, he said.  “The next time you are in a bar or a party and a woman like that attracts your attention…do this.  Ignore her.  I mean ACTIVELY look right through her.  If she tries to make eye contact, turn your head.  Pretend she is just an empty chair. Talk and drink with other girls…but ignore her.  I guarantee you will walk out of the place with her hanging on your arm”.  I tried it.  It works. Almost every time. Especially with the more attractive women.  For two reasons. It offends.  It intrigues. The more vain and attractive the woman, the better it works.  For years guys have asked me how I do it.  How do I always seem to score with the best looking women. I was never unattractive but that wasn’t it.  I had the secret and I didn’t share it.  It is the old “treat queens like whores and whores like queens” thing.  Of course the only problem with my “secret”(shhh…don’t tell anyone), is that the ones you trap with this method are the attractive ones, yes.  But they are also, for the most part… vain, shallow and stupid.  Oh well.  A guy in a beer-bar isn’t necessarily looking for a life companion. It is also the “conquest” thing that both genders play…but you know that.
Now before you start wondering where this is going and what it has to do with IIAJ day(whatever the hell that is), I will have to add some more background.  

Offense is a big thing with people.  They can get ‘offended’ at the drop of the hat, even if they have to drop it themselves.  I always felt that no one can offend or hurt me very deeply unless I am close to them.  I’m talking very close.  Because you would have to gain my complete trust to betray it and thereby hurt.  That makes sense, right?  Well, it does to me…but many have their “feelers” turned on all the time.  Always seeking imagined offense.  As the attractive woman teasing onlooking males.  She seems self-confident, but is she?  Vanity is a shallow monster.  Weak.  It needs constant reassurance.  When it doesn’t get it, it becomes offended and collapses.  Of course we men are just as vulnerable in this whole mating ritual, but that’s as may be. 

I suggested to a friend the other day that there should be an “International Slap-A-Jew Day”.  And I purposed to start the movement for the observance of this new holiday, here on my site.  “Huh-uh”, he said.  
“You can’t do that”.  
“That could be construed as inciting violence”.
 I swear this guy should have been a lawyer.  Ok.  
“So how about “International Spit-On-A-Jew Day?”  
“Nope”, says he.  “That could be prosecuted as a health-issue thing”. 
“But jews do it to Christians and Muslims all the time in Palestine”, I said. 

“Most of the world has rule-of-law, outside of israhell”, he reminded me. 
“And these laws come down hard when a jew’s precious ego is involved”.

So how can we increase that “offense” level of which I speak, that can illicit so much corrective reaction from the vain, I wondered.  For, if anything, active members of this yiddish cult are that. But is there anything legal in the Occident that can produce this gut-wrenching offense I seek, for those that have offended us all too much? 
Then I thought of that bar-scene and the advice that the old guy had generously presented me.  “Actively ignore them”.  For nothing will knock the vain and self-assured off their pedestal more effectively than to ignore.  International Ignore A Jew Day.

Of course the BDS movement seeks to do this on a monetary scale.  I have donated money and time to this movement.  I approve.  And it gets israelis where they live.  Right in the shekel.  But I want more.
Over on the left side-bar, I have a picture of a star-of-david with the words “Boycott jews” across it.  I am serious about that.  Not enough people, I think, understand the power of it.  The Amish do.  When they “shun” a member of their religion as punishment, it quickly brings the offender back in line.  Of course, many cultures have such rituals and they work.  I think we should take a cue from these rituals.

On this IIAJ day every year, all Gentiles will see empty chairs and hear nothing that any jew has to say.  We will de-legitimize their culture as a whole for 24 hours(which of course also means turn off their media).  Just for practice.  Maybe this will become an IIAJ MONTH!  Like…I dunno…”National Fresh Food and Vegetable Month”(which, as you know, is June).  Then it could become a whole section of the year like Beaver Trapping Season.
Now…I don’t want to walk out of any bar with a psychopathic jew on my arm.  But I do want the conquest thing.  We all do. We all want to reveal this cult for what it is.

So Happy IIAJ Day.  YAY!


11 thoughts on “The First Annual IIAJ Day…

  1. Ah, I dunno Timster!I don't like when any behavior is planned. I love it when I can be real and so can the other. Even if I get rejected I can learn something too. I want to go to someone innocent and naked as you did (well, not literally!) in the bar and be surprised that that other one was liking me as well. I hate the games. Men and women have learned them, just like teaching dogs certain tricks! And what's so bad about being rejected?As far as intentionally ignoring those that have been very wrong, I think we should simply be spontaneous in each encounter. What if a small child is ignored in the group , why should he suffer for the group! Also if I am in a happy space, people who are mean or arrogant will not be attracting me anyway. I'll be too busy celebrating myself to even notice them!I want to lavish myself on someone and then see what happens. And like you said look at the ones who fall for the ignore them trick. Do we even want them on our arm?I just want everyone to be more transparent and risk everything. I have known very few men who can just come to others in utter innocence. Like a child. It really works!Still thanks for the fun, I hope I haven't spoiled yours. I can be a little too serious. Marigold

  2. For me it worked.The aloof guys were the more interesting – they had a wider scope than me.But moved on since then – fuck relationships is what I say. Friendships yes. Masseurs yes.Traditional romantic coupling no.My shop a jew day although it was on a different day and although I did not shop one went like this.I am going to a medicine ceremony. For some reason the standard venue is unavailable and we have to go up to a cottage in the mountains. We need a lift. As I jump into the back of a van another guy does to. He says something and someone asks where he is from – he says Israel. I think oh fuck, here I am about to embark on a journey of vastness and sometimes seemingly little compassion and I am doing it with th is guy. So mind comes in and says hey nothing is for nothing, embrace the situation. Perhaps the healing of the middle east situation starts here.But then as we get there he makes some disparaging comment about the arabic idiots. And now it is too late.So the journey continues and I am uncomfortable , deeply resistant, I need to leave the room. I go to the kitchen and there is blood all over the floor. And he is puking it up. I go outside and there is blood on the couches and around the fire. And it is he who is puking it up. I don't take a 2nd dose I want to be present in the midst of this.After the ceremony he was nowhere to be found. There was no healing.There was just bloodshed. And I have no idea why his puke was red.

  3. Your story reminds me of something that happened when I was around twenty years old..Was in a large bar in the city with lots of tables and chairs surrounding a stage with a DJ and packed with young folk like myself. There was a particularly sexy and beautiful young lady sitting at a table with her girlfriends. Had seen her knock back all the hopefuls,but having a particularly good track record assumed I was in with a chance. The only problem being that she sat at a table within a large group of trendies who would notice who passed by and get the thumbs down. A slow number came on and the scene quietened. Anyway off went I to try my luck. Negotiated my way through the sitting throng and arrived in front of her. Bent towards her and said "Excuse me, would you care to dance?" She glared me, with an uppity look on her face, and in ear shot of her friends sneeringly said, NO! A few of her friends grinned. She was most rude, and certainly no diplomat or lady , and I thought to take the wind out of her sails. Standing up straight let vent with "WHAT ! TWENTY DOLLARS? YOUV'E GOT TO BE JOKING". People turned around and stared, She went bright red and stood up and left with her right hand woman. She was the one to take the long walk. Have often wondered if it wasn't a tad unkind But being a twenty year old ???

  4. Anon@12:15 – Ha! Wish I had had the presence of mind to think of that one! WTG! From the pedestals they can fall. Hell, she might have turned out to be a better person for the embarrassment. I know I did. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Can I ask why males insist on hitting on ONLY the most attractive women in the room? Don't you know everyone else does this? And that you've just killed your chances with the runners up? (They're all watching). And you can't figure why you're getting dissed?Isn't it a tad hypocritical to call them shallow?

  6. Anon@6:20 – You make several good points. To hit on the most attractive is an ancient DNA instruction to produce the healthiest children, I think. Blonds get hit on more than brunettes…etc. I called them MOSTLY shallow because that is just my experience. I would be interested to hear other guys experience about this whole thing. Thanks for the obs!

  7. On a serious note : boycott really scares the Jews. Think of the BDS movement against Israel. But you can do it in the diaspora too. Boycott all their goods and "services". They have only so much power as we give them. As parasites they need hosts, without hosts they die.

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