How Sweet It Will Be…

I always liked Jackie Gleason.  I dunno why.  Maybe it was because he never crossed that line of decency that the jewish comics have all but erased.  And notwithstanding George Carlin’s idolization of Lenny Bruce… to me, it was that sick jewish  fuck that all but destroyed the art of stand-up.  But comedy doesn’t mean that much to me anymore. Decency is big with me nowadays. It seems these two notions are mutually exclusive in recent times. I don’t know why that is. I can imagine.

But I was talking about my rediscovered fondness for all things decent. Maybe after all the ‘free love’ and drug hang-overs of the 60’s and 70’s…I grew up a little.  Maybe we all need to do a bit more growing up.  Even those that haven’t done so chronologically.  Those times for me and many like me were a luxury that I’m afraid won’t be able to be enjoyed by the next few generations.  There won’t be time or opportunity. Life itself will be luxury enough to those battle-weary youths of the near future when the coming down comes down.  And it is coming.  Trust me.

 But I don’t want to talk about comedians.  I don’t think there is much to laugh about. My favorite part of a Carlin routine was when the laughter stopped.  Maybe it’s time we all stopped laughing…best medicine or not…we need more than medicine nowadays.  We need a transplant.  And you better plan for a stay in the hospital.  An extended one.  But as Jackie always said “how sweet it is”.  And how sweet it will be when they all get their comeuppance.  Those that deal in human flesh and dashing dreams.  Like the crack addict or the alcoholic, our spirit will rebel and we will seek to return to normalcy, but normalcy was long since eroded by the Lenny Bruces that command all the stages now.  We will all be seeking Jesus or someone like him when we realize the stand-up is no longer funny.
I want to revel in the times to come.  I want to share…no, exceed the joy of a fellow human’s demise and suffering.  The demise and suffering of those that afflict us all right now.

You know that I am going to name the beast…but.
You can say “it isn’t just the joos”, and I’m okay with that.
You can say “it’s the NWO”  and I’ll say “right on”.
You can say “it’s a conspiracy of Masons” or “Illuminati”,and I will let it pass.
I will be clicking my tongue to myself, but I understand why you say these things.  I will let these things slide because I know that you can at least see that there is a horror in this world.  A sickness that needs cured.  The lab report will come back soon enough in this crime-scene-investigation that details exactly whodunnit.  But at least you know there IS a crime.  And it is one that is of a serial nature.  And that’s enough for right now.  The perpetrators in israel and Brentwood and Miami and Jew York and Chicago will become apparent to even the dullest of wits, for their time is coming.  And it will be sweet.  I feel I know who’s fingerprints are on the weapon right now.  Few listen.  But they will.

Listening to reason is an acquired taste. It begs to become more popular, and it will when the laughter stops.  There will be a kind of joy…a glee in the retribution that is coming to the vampires in charge now…but it won’t be funny and it won’t cause laughter.  It will be sweet revenge to witness that karma coming back around the bend when we know it isn’t coming for us.  We addicts that have given up the jew’s drug of decadence.  So keep the goal in mind. There will be a time when we all have homes and food on our tables and something to laugh about.  No matter who you think is pissing down your back right now.  The time for noticing that it isn’t raining is now.  And the time for reversing pisser and piss-ee is coming.  It will be glorious. I guarantee it.  Pendulums do swing and circles complete themselves even if they have to be guided in their paths. Gravity will do the rest.  The shit-storm that is coming to the tribal adherents will be like none other.  And for the first time in the history of man, history will not only be written by the winners…it will be written as it actually happened.

So as hard as it is to live today, it will be all the easier tomorrow.  When we all know the inhuman orders being screamed over phones from the back rooms of the khazar.  When we grasp how far it has gone.  And we all understand there really is a mentality that has no concern for human life and actually enjoys extinguishing it, we will begin to look for the patterns that prescribe this horror.  And we will find it in the talmud.  And we will stop it forever.  
And how sweet it will be…



28 thoughts on “How Sweet It Will Be…

  1. Thank you for your voice Tim.I am noticing a veritable choir beginning to make itself heard in the space of cyber. As in the seed – so in the plant that grows.The music is so sweet!Kudos,Mouser

  2. Timster and allAnd you said you couldn't write for toffees.Well i beg to differ.You're right in saying that its long past being a joke being under the jewish thumb and time to get medieval on these parasites that are ruining OUR world.The illuminati,masons and the NWO are the jews only under another name.Its time to wake up folks to your oppressors.To coin a Visible phrase Mr Apocalypse is on his way….. i cant wait.Received your book in the post earlier in the week but saving it for my holiday.Thanks Timster.

  3. My much older cousin was married to Sammy Spear (born Sammy Shapiro)who was Gleason's band leader for a good while. They were married for several years until Sammy died in '75 at the age of 65. She met him in Miami where she worked as a private nurse for the rich. Our family was a little perplexed that she married a jew.They came up for a visit a couple of times and of course he told us tales of Jackie and their time together. Everything was very positive and he portrayed Jackie as a very generous man. I got the impression that they often partied hard. Whatever money Sammy made was gone by the time he died. All he left my cousin was the small house they lived in. Anyway, thanks for bringing up a few memories. I hadn't thought of them for a long time. …sweet.

  4. W/out quoting from scripture : Here's an Intro to my FAV,…some people JUST DON'T GET IT…The TRUTH is just not in them…Interestingly this dynamic – TRUTH can not be LAUGHED AWAY…Chapin : "Truth is wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed way."90% of so-called "JEWS" are proselytes to Talmudic Judaism, made TWO FOLD THE CHILD OF HELL…most when discovering TRUTH will by design…knuckle under and become more "JEWISH"…and most "Jew" worshipping BRAINDEADGOY will "JEW" worship even more fervently TOTALLY REJECTING TRUTH…placing themselves in JUDGEMENT…It's a DE FACTO thingy…'s a simple solution – PUT ALL THE "JEWS" in a VERY HOT OVEN…all the TRUE HEBREWS will emerge unscorched…the IMPOSTERS/usurpers will be reduced to ashes…problem solved….it's in the Bible.The most glaring problem/MASS MURDERERS threatening the Earth claim a heritage that is not theirs…that's the RUB.How sweet it is.Somber Reflection…It's darkest just before dawn…Davy

  5. Jackie Gleason was hilarious. Odd he has not had a resurrection in nostalgic favour… but then, he was gentile. He was SOOOO delightfully politically incorrect, like Carroll o'Connor from All in the Family. The day political correctness hit the public ~ comedy, a lot of good comedy ~ died.And yeah, the day is coming! I dunno what form it will take but I just want it to be the FLUCK resolved …. But I do think thinks will get mighty worse before that day comes…As always….Thanks for the memories…And if you tell me Perry Como was Jewish, I am gonna cry….

  6. Hello Timster…I hope it's sooner than later cause most of us are having a ruff go of it!….tired of the oppression and push back is always a bitch!

  7. Kenny – Thanks for the story! Yeah, I have heard that about Gleason too…hard partyier, but generous and pleasant/fun to be around. Well, he was Irish. I remember Spear's outfits that Jackie would make fun of every week on the show. Johnny Carson borrowed that routine with Doc Severenson.I had an uncle that married a jewess…she didn't care for our family. Too wild, I think she said…hahaha.

  8. Noor- Oh it will be resolved. And soon.No, Perry was purely Italian/Catholic. His family didn't even speak English when he was growing up here.

  9. Hi Timster..just checked into your blog now..used to source it from side bar at LVs,but since the short,sharp shunt happened,I lost track..have pasted into faves now..and thanks for your writing..keeps my perspective blade sharp and that is a good thing,esp. in the land of down under where I apathy.Lenny certainly looked as if he had been on a bender from hell,which I assume it was.Regards.

  10. Timster, great piece. Read it a few days back. A tonic. Here's a Seeker's tune which perhaps goes well

  11. Anon@12:16 – Thanks for the link. I haven't heard that one for years. The Seekers. Y'know, it was years before anyone here realized that they were Aussies. Like most acts from Oz, they fit into our music scene of the time rather seamlessly. And we thought…well, kinda mainstream, kinda sing-songy…but those groups and their songs lasted.

  12. This article boosted my spirits. I want to get it over with. If we're going to have a Third World War, then get on with it. This has been building up my whole life. I feel run down and worn out.

  13. I agree, I see the writing on the wall. I've always had a vision of Israelis running into the sea with only the shirts on their backs. Israel and Israelis is not the end all be all but I hope it (shit hitting the fan) BEGINS with their shitty little fake state and the Zionist Zombies there.

  14. Genie – "…Israelis running into the sea with only the shirts on their backs." Now there is an image that is almost sexual in nature!…hahaha

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