I See Now, You Can’t Stop…

I’m going back to childhood on this one.  Again.  It seems that we all place things that we experience in reference to those formative years…no matter how old we are.
I remember the first Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin movie that I ever saw.  I saw it at a drive-in in the company of an Aunt of mine.  Drive-ins were where you went to see second-run movies, outside sitting in your car.  Anyway, I think I must have been pretty young.  I was eating my popcorn and taking laughing cues from my Aunt.  She thought Lewis was hilarious.  I would look at his inane antics on the screen that would only amuse a dull-witted infant…then look at my Aunt convulsing in laughter…then look back to the screen to make sure I hadn’t missed something that caused her so much mirth.  I preferred the parts where Dino sang.

These were the early years of jewish “entitlement” in the media.  Before then, especially dealing with humor, the general public was not subjected heavily to jewish humor.  The lowest form of the artform.  It seemed then to me, and does even more so now, to be based in the basest form of comedy.  They were just, in these days of Jerry Lewis, Milton Berle and Jack Benny, beginning to encroach in this arena of the media, where Gentiles had dominated before.  Replacing wit with simplistic, often off-color jokes aimed at the lowest I.Q. in the audience. It worked.  Of course then came the obviously jewish saturation of dramatic film roles which lowered the standards in that arena as well.  As we see in this screen test of James Dean barely edging out a young Paul Newman for a role in “East of Eden”(no, I don’t think Newman had anything to do with Dean’s eventual demise…just an example-grin).

I made the mistake yesterday of being coaxed into watching a professional basketball semi-final game at a friend’s house.  I hadn’t actually watched commercial television for a hell of a long time(outside that annoying flickering at the tops of restaurant walls, where the eatery’s designers assume that their patrons are going to have some kind of electronic-disconnect-seizure if they don’t keep these talmud-vision screens on during business hours).  I never look at those screens when I go to such places of business…as a matter of fact…I have a little key-chain device with which I can, and do, surreptitiously turn them off, to the bewilderment of the staff.  But I relented and watched or rather endured this broadcast and my blood-pressure has yet to return to normal.

The game itself was fun to watch.  The commercials that took up more screen-time than the game, were…I dunno…maddening, disgusting, obvious, childish, transparent, annoying, nauseating, violent, patronizing, lying, loud…I guess the all-inclusive adjective that I am grasping for here is…”jewish”.  Totally jewish.
How do you people endure this shit for 153 hours a month? And probably more importantly…why? It leaves me almost speechless to think that humans can voluntarily beam this horseshit into their HOMES.  Does the average person ever think about what can be done constructively with 153 hours a month? Hell…just think of the extra sleep you could get…if nothing else.
So I am looking at my friend during this electronic-yiddish-money-changing spectacle…and I am looking back at the screen…thinking I missed something that would mesmerize me too.  And I laughed.
He says, “what?”.  I said “they must use special lenses to keep all those huge noses in frame”.  He says, “huh?”.  I says, “forget it”.

The point is…they don’t get it.  Those that endure this crap.  The fried-chicken commercials aimed at blacks.  The bank/mortgage commercials aimed at the mentally challenged.  All the happy minorities…happy to live in amerika and happy to buy all this shit…and ALWAYS..the curly-headed huge-nosed jew in the picture.  And I mean always.  Their reminder, albeit subtle at times…that they own this medium.  They own these corporations.  And they own your living-room.  They own you.  Shut up and watch the CG commercials and learn.  Learn on a very sub-harmonic level.  While attempting to continue the ball-oriented conversation with my friend during these commercials, I felt as if I was interloping on some sort of religious communion between he and the screen.  He would say “yeah…I guess” a lot as his eyes were transfixed on the screen. Only when they had momentarily released his attention to get back to the game, did I recognize this guy.  

“Spooky” is not the word.  “Frightening” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I would suggest putting a mirror next to the screen so these people could see how trance-like they are during these divine moments of electronic commerce…but they wouldn’t be able to look at it, when mammon commands their eyes.  I left his house in a different type of stupor.  One of realizing how far this has come since Jerry Lewis put my Aunt into fits of laughter.  This is scary shit. 

So go ahead.  Keep your tv on 153 hours a month.  I understand it a little better now.  You can’t not watch it.  You can’t turn it off and throw it in the shit-can.  It is a religion.  Worship. Buy a kippa and wear it while you worship.  It will be more fitting.
My cause against this electronic hold that the jewish has on you was defeated long ago.  Probably not long after the original Rebel was silenced.  Oh well.


13 thoughts on “I See Now, You Can’t Stop…

  1. Timster,Thankyou for attempting to open our eyes to these subtle, powerful trips that take over our lives without any true rebellion. We are all boiling frogs, dying, dead. These televisions are finishing off all aliveness. I have not watched it since I followed the 2008 elections. That cured me for good! Even the movies are a subtle conditioning!! I very rarely can sit through one. I recently saw Miyazaki's The Secret World of Arrietty. That was beautiful!I understood your description of your friends face as he couldn't not look at the screen. I see that face often in those around me!!I am craving the Reality!! Nothing on those screens reach very deeply into me. I met Jerry Lewis many years ago backstage, and he was horribly rude to two young girls just wanting to say hello. God I hate it all!! Its so sad and frustrating to watch the children I love especially, mesmerized endlessly by the screen. All we can do is live in awareness of what really is, not what is projected on their screens. And the adults aren't even trying to see beyond the television and films. I'm so annoyed over this, and just like 9/11, Fukushima, the wars, the lies, you're a freak if you speak out!Anyway, thanks. Marigold

  2. Bingo! I want that device you have. I resent having tellies in restaurants I patronize. My Mom once admitted to me, at the age of 85+, that when Ed Sullivan used to have all those Jewish comics, she felt dirty after listening to them. Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Morey Amsterdam, Rodney Dangerfield… etc etc etcThus spoke a good French Canadian woman of her basic instincts and had no clue about "Jewishness".As for your aunt and Jerry Lewis. I lost a lot of respect for the French when I heard he was the hugest thing going over there! So much for French "cultchah".We are not a TV family. My daughter has a 55" TV and has never hooked up to cable. It is for movies of her discretion or her computer.She never was interested in the tube or its moronic offerings.The younger went to friends houses and got a brainful of Friends and that horrendous Sex in the City and it truly made her a MUCH different person. Not that I expected clones, mind you.The first is a total non consumer and an earth friendly computer nerd jock and egghead who just happens to be gorgeous. The second is a consumer and, although not foolish, does not dig deeply into things.Even with ME for a Momma!She embraces the sex in the city sickness of women friends and heavy gay acceptance, not realizing that hanging with gay guys will never get her close to a man who will appreciate her as a woman.The ads. I think those folks all get stoned on the chemicals they advertise… fresheners and cleaners etc… How can one look so blissed out over dish detergent otherwise?

  3. Noor!I loved your comment! Thank you!I too have one of those "sex in the city" daughters!And she is so beautiful she can easily be one of them. What seems to save her is she is so loving, especially to her momma. She loves to get lost in these shows. She also loves the Desperate Housewives! Ha!!I was never very attracted to those Ed Sullivan guests; notice how not one is very beautiful!!!!Marigold

  4. Talmudvision is the manifestation of an anti-thesis…ever wonder what the Thesis is ?Kinda like semi-antiism…seriously how can a Man be somewhat opposed to a rabid dog mauling his child ….with jaw dangling onlookers tranced into inactivity by excessive talmudvision consumption….one might hear some excuse like this…INRE – Waco…"They could have come out"…"Mistakes were made on both sides"…"The Jews are Gods chosen people"…http://www.onegoodkitty.com/OGK-Mind-Control.htmcan't wait for the real darwin awards….ceremony…Best regards, Davy

  5. Timster I lost track somewhere along the lines, I was waiting for a commercial so I could fix me a sandwich. Is this the point you're trying to make, "If we watch too much TV we'll die in a car wreck." Oh, oh, oh, I just thought of something. No wonder I can't write worth a shit! I spent too much time watching The Three Stooges, Little Rascals and The Road Runner cartoons as a kid! Yep, now I understand! Thanks for clearing this up for me Dr. Chaney.

  6. Noor – Yeah. Get one. They are fun with a capitol F. To watch all the worker bees buzzing around confused because their jewtoob got killed. It's especially fun when a waiter turns it back on…usually climbing up on a chair to do so. You let him get the power back on…then put the chair back…then you "click" turn it off again, all the while looking around like the rest of the dummies saying "Hey, turn the tv back on!" What larks! It seems so few are immune to this shit. I guess it takes years of training to produce a species that will sit on their asses and absorb that filth. I opted out an too early an age. Now I can't stomach it. I wish I could bottle my disgust and sell it…haha…

  7. Those old Jew TV comics, I hated all of them when I was a kid. My parents were not fans either. Thank God. Then came Chuck Barris. I always thought TV was created by retards for retards and good programming was an occasional accident.

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