So What?

A friend recently alerted me to an upcoming lecture tour by another “holocaust survivor”.  This woman, Irene Zisblatt, that is coming to an elementary school near you…has got to rank second only to Elie “Weasel” in her popularity on the holohoax-lie circuit.

But the lying Weasel has got nothing on this “Granny-like” character.
She specializes in spreading her lies to school children.  I would imagine that these kids sit in credulous awe as “Granny” weaves her fairy tales of evil doctors, bitch guards and swallowing then shitting diamonds. And how she outwitted them all to come to America and live to tell the tale.

Ok.  We all know the drill.  We have all had to put up with this shit for 40-50 years in the Occident.
Another acquaintance asked me once, after hearing me rail on against this disgusting propaganda…”So what?”  “So what if their tales are embellished…or even completely false?…what harm does it do?”  Well, there’s the rub, isn’t it.  What harm indeed.
Well, if it was just another ‘story’ told by ancients sitting around the nursing home like the following…each trying to out-do the other, it would be hilarious and harmless:

But to answer the question posed, it requires quite a bit more examination, and on multiple levels.
First, imagine yourself as a ten-year-old child being corralled into
an auditorium…and lo and behold, there is a woman onstage that looks just like your Grandmother.  She begins weaving these tales and says the word “poop”.  That’s fun.  Then she tells of evil villains, gas-chambers and jews.  You don’t even know what a jew is, but this story is better than anything your Gran tells you before bed!  These tales go to a special part of your brain’s filing system.  All wound around fairy tales and spooks under your bed.  But as you grow these tales are moved to the “known to be true” part of your cranium for they are reinforced by “facts” spewed out daily in the media about that time that your surrogate Granny told you of.  Six million.  Six million.  Then you feel yourself lucky to have been in the same room as this woman that told you the “truth”, way back then. Very impressive.

Next, even though all of these stories of concentration camp horrors have been debunked at one time or another, it is the constant reminder that jews are the eternal victim.  Oh, you may not go to hear Eva Kor, or pay to see “Inglorious Basterds“…but the images and the illusion of truth surrounds these slickly-marketed myths.  And you and your kids buy it like a Big Mac.  Gobble it down without tasting it.  Don’t listen to the warnings about the hazards of such fair…gobble it down.  The next one is even bigger and better.  And what does all this accomplish?  You have solidified the eternally-suffering-jew in your psyche.  Nothing can remove it.  He is playing his sad fiddle from the roof and you cannot deny him.
So when he tells you again of his suffering the concentration-camp type of hatred from the next evil Hitler…you believe.  You believe so much that you allow your child to die in his wars.  It is that simple.  It produces that much horror.  This holohoax excuses ten-times the detestable behaviour of those mythical Nazi “death camps”.  It is meant to excuse the TRUE open air prison camp that is Gaza.  It is meant to make you turn a blind eye to the unspeakable murder of women and children.  And it all starts with a lie.  The big lie.


12 thoughts on “So What?

  1. "Most" history is the lies we tell about dead people. Some groups lie better than others and with a shortage of critically thinking minds – the lies beget accepted facts. Shame really, that fictional account of ghost people suffering and dying …

  2. Mel Gibson's Dad tells a different story, coupled with an entertaining style…Small wonder he never appears on Talmudvision…where seemingly every time it is on there's a white female on an autopsy table…children are impressionable and should avoid real anti-semitism…or is that semi-antiism ?

  3. Tim, the people you refer to the violent religious extreemists hold nothing sacred ,the crucifix attest to that. This excerise in B S is abuse and should be recognized as such,what they do is distort, falsify thereby herding the sheep for milk,wool or meat with the tribute sent directly to the land of milk and honey.Still knocking at the door is all we can do until such time as someone answers.thank you Tim for knocking so hard

  4. Timster,How did you know I needed to laugh? Those guys were very funny!!I am sad to think that any child would have to call this woman Grandmother!!Thank you as always for trying to awaken us!!Marigold

  5. It was a miracle that Moshe didn't go up the chimney or end up as a lamp, bar of soap, or broom handle. We must punish some old 95 year old Ukrainian guy and release the latest evil nazis on the march movie from Hollywood. It has only been two months since the last evil nazis from 70 years ago threaten us right now movie. At least Americans can feel good again the Germans are an even bigger bunch of politically correct, israel's bitch, pussies.-++Dorfman Flounder++-

  6. Marigold – Yep. Amazing mix of Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python. Rare.My "granny's" favorite possession was a photo of a KKK style public lynching. So much for sweet old Grandmas.

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