What I Am Not…

Like most boys in the 50’s to 60’s, posers or serious musicians, I learned at least to make some noise on the 6-string instrument of the day.  I plinked and plunked till I could make some coherent melodies without accompaniment.  That amazes a young person.  The self-taught(usually)craft of actually expressing oneself through music.  No matter how bad or commercially inviable.  As obi-wan said “you have just taken a step into a much larger world”…or something platitudinous like that.  Besides it was hugely fun to slam out power-chords and pretend to be Hendrix or Ray Davies.  Oh well, even now many young folks still find a part of themselves in the vibrations of these guitar strings.  No matter how much of their personalities as adults remain in this rudimentary understanding of the universal language…it is character building at the very least. 

Some understand this language of music better than others.  Or at least how to speak it.  Some keep it as a hobby, and use this experience as a language-lesson, if you will, that affords a keener appreciation of the efforts of those that stuck with it.  I fell into the latter category over the years.  So I am not a musician.

Gilad Atzmon is.  Gilad is also a jew. I can’t help but like this guy.  For both reasons.  Before you pick your jaw up off the floor from hearing that I like a person BECAUSE they are jewish…let me explain.  In his book “The Wandering Who?”, which I truly enjoyed reading, he struck a chord with me.  He mentions there that a huge influence on his self-image as a younger man, was a book written by the self-hating jew, Otto Weininger; “Sex And Character”.  I too have read this book and also enjoyed it. In the book, Weininger(whom is reputed to have received praise as the
“only good jew” from Adolph Hitler)stated essentially that what he hated about jews was what he saw and hated in himself.  I have always agreed with this on a more universal scale.  I think we all do.  Hate others for what we see, or at least see the potential for, in ourselves.  For instance, I hate racism because I was raised around it. I abhor religion in general because I was also so influenced.  So this can be a mechanism for positive denial of a negative influence.  And, if you read and listen to Atzmon, you will understand what I mean.

To me, he possesses a huge portion of quintessential “jewishness” himself.  He is comfortable in the spotlight, vain and impressed by his own opinions and musical abilities.  But this is one of those rare occasions in which someone’s jewish cultural upbringing serves them well.  And I don’t necessarily say that just because I agree with most that he has to say.  He fully understands (even more so than most Gentiles because he is an israeli jew) what is “hate-able” about judaism and the criminal state of israel on a very fundamental level, and exposes it. Exposes and disavows it.  I have to respect that. Directly from the horse’s mouth.

I will not be as successful as Atzmon in my efforts in publishing a book.  And definitely not as successful as a musician.  That’s okay.  I gave up on music at about the same time I was beginning to understand “jewishness” from other horses’ mouths.  And even though we espouse essentially the same philosophy regarding the negative force of the yiddish, Atzmon is jewish himself…and it is tough to make the label “anti-semite” stick on an israeli-born jew.  The Western jewish power establishment has fits trying to do so…but fewer and fewer are buying it.  So he is a force on our side. To me this learned hubris of his is what is needed, because it is used for good.  Even though he will not, or as yet hasn’t, even gone into the subject of holocaust-revisionism(although I have never heard him drone the 6-million mantra)…still, this is friendly-fire in the nest of vipers in which he was raised and I give it a standing ovation.  And he is a hell of a tenor-sax man.
But I don’t mean to go on about him as if he was a hero.  There are no heroes.  Not even guitar-ones…well, with the possible exception of Jimi Hendrix. 
So on this Cinco-de-Mayo, and the night of the “Super-moon” and the Kentucky Derby and on and on…  Maybe there is some magic in the ether.  Maybe not.  Maybe there is a super-war on the horizon…maybe that is just wanna-be jazz musicians and their fear-mongering crap.  It just feels as if there is something about to be unveiled.  “Something wonderful” perhaps, as the spirit of Dave Bowman would tell us. 

But another thing that I am not, besides being a jew or a musician…is a prophet.  Come to think of it, I am probably as comfortable in my life for what I am not, as much as for what I am.  Go figure.


6 thoughts on “What I Am Not…

  1. A neighbor buddy has played for 40 years and can tear one off on the ol' axe. I can barely strum an open E and the neighbor is not much on giving lessons. He gave me an old Japan Tiesco guitar and an amp and a chord book. When you listen to Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton you think yea that is easy but it isn't easy at all. Django Reinhardt is one of my favorite guitar guys. He did it with three working fingers on fret hand. I want a bass, maybe a good short scale. It is a shame that kids today are all about (c)rap. My gen was a little bit when it first took off so we could piss off the parents. You don't see too many guitar wizards today. Kenny Wayne and Joe Bonamassa come to mind. -Archie live at Das Bunker-

  2. Interesting post Timster, I think Atzmon is an interesting guy for sure. He is certainly saying some important things, especially because of his background. "To me, he possesses a huge portion of quintessential "jewishness" himself. He is comfortable in the spotlight, vain and impressed by his own opinions and musical abilities. But this is one of those rare occasions in which someone's jewish cultural upbringing serves them well."100% on the money here! Although he hasn't flat out said the Holohoax is a fraud, he criticizes the centrality of that (manufactured) event in the mind of Jews, and by extension the West, because the Jews control the West in almost every conceivable way. He advocates historical revisionism, even though he himself hasn't publicly challenged this myth. A friend of mine in LA went to see him speak when he was on his book tour a few months ago. He asked him why he hasn't touched the subject of 9/11, in particular Israeli involvement in 9/11, and Atzmon completely dodged the question… figures. The two Biggest Jewish Lies – the Holohoax and 9/11 – are untouchable for most people. One day we'll get there, one day… BTW – Still waiting for the book to arrive, can't wait to read it!

  3. John – Yeah, he was lecturing not too awful far from here last year, but I couldn't make it. I would love to get him in an off-the-record conversation.Thanks for the purchase! LMK what you think…

  4. Archie – Wow. Not too many appreciate Django. Well, few that I know anyway. I could listen(and often do) to he and Stephan jazz it up for hours!

  5. I have dreams where I play a mean guitar, those dreams are euphoric! If someone handed me a guitar before my mind came back to reality, I swear, I could play that sucker! Then, I open my eyes, all hope is lost… I feel so sad. To lose ourself for a spell, in music, a book, a blog, watching the simplicity of rain, snow or the pure beauty of a baby, is the best the average Joe can look forward to! The lies, the manipulation, become, oh, so hard to bear sometimes! The front page of a newspaper ran a story of a survivor of the Jewish concentration camps. The first thing I thought of was you my friend. Then I thought how sad, to have such a thing in any paper let alone being on the front page… Ah, but was all about an old woman and book sales, throwing in a big time director S. S. I suppose they must continue with what has been created, so many years ago… It never stops does it Timster!!!

  6. Glenster – Nope. The myths just keep on comin!What is truly sad about these aging liars is that they are always scheduled to speak to elementary school children, spreading their hatred and filth that only a child would believe. I hope they all burn in hell for the shit they keep spreading. This is TRUE child abuse.

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