Good News And Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, I gotta admit…I’m kinda excited.  About a lot of things at this point.

This is official launch-day for my new book.  YAY!  You can order it here.  I encourage you to buy as many copies as you can afford.  Not for my profit(I don’t get that much per copy), but to cover costs of distributing it world-wide.  Not that I think that it is the greatest book since “Moby Dick”.  But it is another nail in the coffin…albeit a small one(maybe a finish-nail?) of jewish rule.  If it makes it to the Jew York Times best-seller list, or I win a Nobel/Pulitzer…all proceeds will go to Palestine.  Barring such accolades, I will use what small returns I get from sales to put back into Amazon’s world-wide promotions and even pay to get it in the brick-and-mortar book stores down the street.

If you use your second-sight, so many positive things are happening against the tribal clutch on things.  The o-bomb-uh administration told Shimon Perez to go stick the synagogue-of-Satan’s Jonathan Pollard pardon plea up his yiddish ass.  Ben Stein is making ridiculous “holohoax-let’s-bomb-Iran-as-a-passover-treat” videos(anyone?anyone?), AND my new book is now available…did I mention that you can get your copy straight off the presses here?  In a few weeks…if israeli intelligence doesn’t cuff me on my front doorstep, it should be available on amazon.  I don’t think it will be shippable to anyone outside the United Snakes from them however, until I can afford to put an ISBN number on it.  That costs.
But until then you can buy world-wide at Lulu…here 

I would also not object if some of my more disagreeable followers in countries where holocaust-denial, or inciting “racial hatred” is a crime, were to deem it necessary to take a copy to their local prosecutor’s office and demand my arrest.  
Ok, ok…I have a martyr complex.  But I see it this way; firstly, it might help sales and that means more money being funneled to Palestinian relief.  And secondly; I don’t care if they lock me up for writing a book.  They can throw away the key for all I care.  My race is almost run, and I can’t think of a better way to depart this veil than to go with a sparkling clean conscience.  Three hots and a cot is all I require till then.  Of course I dramatize and over-estimate the consequences and importance of this little book…but the yiddish have a maxim: “Hope for the best, but expect the worst”.  Maybe that is why their cult has survived so long.  Who knows.
But for these very reasons, the tribal powers that be will probably just ignore my publication.  Either way is ok with me.  It’s kinda like the old academic maxim “publish or perish”, only it may be “publish AND perish”.
I would also ask all the great online friends that I have made over the years to help me sell this tome on their sites. We have never really met, but I certainly feel a kinship with you all.  We are in this together, after all.  I promise that what I have said about any profits or consequences concerning my meager efforts in this publication are true…and I won’t “Jeff Rense”,”Mikey Rivero” or “Alex Jones” you. Any Mediterranean home that I will buy as a consequence of my book sales could likely be one behind bars on the South-Eastern shores.
Even if my readers can’t afford a copy…and I am sure there are some that cannot(hell, I had to save-up for months just to afford publishing it)…I would encourage you to review it with 5-stars on any online venue at which it will be sold, to push it in the face of the jewish powers that be.  Help me strike at that root of most of our problems.  Any effort/sales on your part will be enormously appreciated by myself, and all our grandchildren.

There.  That is about as much shameless self-promotion as I can stand.  So short of making myself gag from tooting my own horn, I will leave it at that…and leave it up to you.


23 thoughts on “Good News And Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Hey Timster,…I have posted your Book pic on my Blog and the link is in the picture, Click on the Book!veritasP.S. Assuming of course that I am one of the Internet mates you mention, Doh!(?)

  2. Hey Timster any relation to Lon?This is gonna make great reading for my holiday next month in a country where i know it will be appreciated….. Greece.All the best!

  3. Good luck on the publication! I have put a button/image on my page. It will probably only be up high near the top for a week or two, but it will stay on the page. I hope this helps your endeavour just a tad if not much more!

  4. Oh, Cookie Monster!!! Congrats!I can't wait to get a copy…two Israelis stayed in my vacation cottage…I plan to exorcise it with your tome. Mozeltof:)

  5. Finally we can purchase a copy! Lol, I'll buy your book buddy, you've helped me overcome a lot of things in this journey. Particularly, publicly naming humanity's common enemy: the Jew. Not merely "the Zionists", but the Jews, plain and simple. Well, Jews that have a supremacist bent and want to rule/control the world. But isn't that basically inherent in the religion? So I suppose Jews that don't think this way aren't really Jews now are they? Man, isn't Ben Stein a real piece of shit?

  6. Dan – Good question about the e-book thing. I have to pay to have an ISBN # assigned to it to make it an e-book, which I intend to do as soon as I sell enough hard copies. The ISBN also allows book sellers to market it outside Lulu. Like Barnes and Nobels and world-wide Amazon shipping and promotion. I'm pretty sure that Lulu ships outside the U.S. right now.

  7. Hey Hello Timster, I'm around…just silent at times, lucky for my friends. I've a farm in the mountains, no English speakers around, your writing not only keeps me sane…it's unraveled a lot of scary stuff that happened to me. I was married to a Judaic and it turned into a nightmare. I'd like the lawsuit to be finished so i can write about my experience. And I'll bet a lot of people don't wonder just what the hell happened to them, as I did. They just feel sick and bad from this kind of experience. I extracted myself. I grew up thinking we're all the same. What a numbskull! but a charming one 🙂 I got to take a peek at how being in a relationship with this kind of 'cabron' can do and it isn't pretty. they look like us, hey? And, would you kindly explain "young Priest/old Priest" since it's been a long long time since those catechism classes! I'm very very grateful knowing what I know now. And once you know and feel it, you have to do something…anything, especially talk about this layer of slime covering the beautiful world…but we must do. And can do. hugs hugs and cookies – from the jungle not too much space here haha (lucky you). Congrats again on the book.

  8. JJane – Glad to hear you are still reading. Thanks. The "young priest,old priest" thing was in reference to "the exorcist"Thanks for the comment!

  9. Happy May Day Comrade Tim! May your tome bring you many credits of kapitalist acquisition and help crush the evil white kapitalist oppressors. Let us put aside selfish interests in our glorious golden utopian collective so that comrades may benefit.

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