Atlas Shrugged, Ron Paul And A Book

If I ever said anything bad about book editors in my life…I take it all back.  I wouldn’t want to do that for a living.
Yes, you surmised correctly.  I am about to publish my first book and it will be available here soon.  Probably a few weeks to a month.  It will be a companion to the site. It will contain what I and another editor consider to be my best essays, a long introduction, forward and afterward.  True antisemitism that you can hold in your hands.  I encourage you to purchase it.  I hope to make enough profit to pay for publishing it…but I doubt it.  I will make it as dirt-cheap as I can, and offer my services for book-signing.  I can just imagine they will be lined up for that.
But that isn’t entirely what I wanted to cover today.

If you haven’t read “Atlas Shrugged” or are unfamiliar with the influence of Ayn Rand, the following won’t mean much to you.  Sorry.
A few days ago I watched as much as I could stomach of the recently flopped film version of “Atlas Shrugged”.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why this film didn’t make it at the box-office.  It was true to the book (well, part one anyway).  It had all the straw-men in place throughout the weak plot, just like the novel.  The characters were as unbelievable and two-dimensional  as when Alisa Rosenbaum penned them over half a century ago. All the heroes in the film espoused the blind Machiavellian selfishness true to form just as the jewess author, I’m sure, would have them do.  The plot development in the film was faithful to the book that took this country by storm from 1957 to the late 60’s.  I always thought that that tome just begged to see the silver screen.  It had everything that the jews in hollyweird demand of its entertainments.  But maybe I was wrong.
Perhaps, when viewed graphically…when it’s in the public’s face, so to speak…its philosophical flaws are much more apparent…and, I dunno…disgusting?
After enduring a little over a half hour of that tripe, I took a look at the viewer reviews on netflix.  Hmmm.  Maybe people aren’t as dumb as the Rosenbaums of this world would have you believe. 
I saw reviews from those that were not aware of the novel or Ms “Rand’s” talmudic view of things, and as one viewer stated: “…the heroes of this movie are nothing but apologists for the one-percenters that the OWS is currently busy protesting – bad timing for such thoughts and a movie”.
So I had to ask myself after viewing this thing, “Why was this book ever so wildly popular?”.  I had to think about it for a few moments.  That’s all it took to come up with a feasible response. 
Atlas Shrugged was published at a time in this country when everyone and their hairdresser was looking under their beds for communists.  They were our current enemy.  Aside from the blunt-instrument bludgeoning that Senator McCarthy provided, we needed a more reasoned resistance to this evil ideology.  A thinking man’s response to the political movement operating in the USSR…our sworn arch-nemesis.  So who better to provide such a resistance than a Russian defector that was repulsed by her own tribe’s politics?  In her novels which read like soap-operas, she trotted out the selfishness platform on a social scale…and a laissez-faire capitalism as a political dynamic.  All tied up in the hero-worship that was gaining popularity through jewish comic books.  It was time.  Her ideas sold like proverbial hot-cakes to an unsuspecting audience of pseudo-intellectuals of the era.  I was one of them.  I was ripe for a new way of visualizing the world and its possibilities as much as the next puffed-up revolutionary.  I admit it.  I also listened to some pretty bad rock music.  I will defend neither today.
But that’s as may be.
The failure of this movie is being blamed on many things in the jewish media.  The direction.  Marketing.  Acting.  Timing.  You name it.  Everything, but the real reason. This movie version of Randian philosophy, although not as popular as the treatment of “The Fountainhead” in 1949 starring Gary Cooper, is what it is.  It cannot be dressed up as noble or even desirable in its message.  It is shallow and flawed.  There are no heroic leaders among men.  No one should follow anyone.  Anyone that tells you that you should worship a fellow human for his superior abilities…is trying to sell you something.  And she was.  With a face from which even a mother would recoil, to a jewish philosophy equally as repugnant…I take heart that modern audiences now reject her tripe.  It gives me hope that the human condition is coming around to its senses.  It is becoming clear that under whatever guise such abhorrent yiddish views are displayed…the general public isn’t having any.

And as much as I am reticent to include him, I feel it my duty to bring up Ron Paul. Although I will make a few enemies over this, of all politicians I have ever heard, he more than anyone is the most obviously influenced…at least economically speaking…by this infectious jewess.  When he tells young voters that the market should dictate the economy, or that everything from property rights and employment to the marketplace should be on a contract basis…well, he might as well be reading from Rosenbaum’s “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”.  Such a system doomed to be owned by greed and monopoly(even more so than it is today) should be shunned by someone who professes the desire  to diminish the size of government.  Such policies that put human ignorance at the mercy of jewish corporacracy is not something I would vote for.  I dunno about you.  Politically speaking, I am an anarchist.  I don’t believe that anyone…politicians or their lobbyists have the right to govern.  However, I am also a realist. Mentally, humankind is out of shape.  They have not been taught to think for themselves.  If anything, because of the jewish-owned media, the opposite is the case.  The general amerikan public
are woefully vulnerable to this type of tyranny. And although they reject Rand in the movie house, if her social philosophy is the ruling one…which I see it becoming…they will not recognize it as such.  When they package it as “liberty”, as Paul does, we are in for a world of hurt.  It is liberty for the few.  The heroes of a Rand novel.

So my publishing of “How Dare I: The Book” couldn’t come at a better time.  It’s my chance to kick her while she’s down, so to speak.  At a time when I see the 99% rejecting corporate heroism, my bucket-list effort of publishing a book of anti-jewish sentiments should be well received and probably garner me a Jew York Times best-seller slot.  Either that…or a lengthy prison term.


26 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged, Ron Paul And A Book

  1. Good post. Best of luck with the book, I look forward to it.I like Ron Paul, and that alone triggers all sorts of warning signals and flashing red lights. Im not a religious man, but am well aware of the anti-christ personality, and he seems to fit the bill.If it appears to good to be true, then it probably is.Again, the very best for the book.Vince

  2. Okay, Timster, I'm buyin'. Just as soon as you get the details up.I have an unbreakable rule to support-by-purchase anyone I consider at least half-right. I did it for Mike Collins Piper, John Kaminski, Sam Francis; I never tell anyone which half I think they're right about and my library is getting quite eclectic.The film version of ATLAS, if you fast-forward a lot and keep the beer coming, is accurate to about 80 percent of what I remember of the Objectivist attitude. By the time I met Rand she was visibly failing. This was at the 1978 Ford Hall Forum speech and I sat in the roped-off dumbass supporters section, but no longer a believer. She had managed to piss off her last uptown fans that year, the magazine STARLOG used to paraphrase her constantly when it first came out. Then her editors got an audience with her and hated her in five minutes. Even ailing, she had the energy of a runaway boiler and a rotten temper to match.A fellow heritic was with me at Ford Hall, and pronounced a verdict that is clearly in the movie version: Ayn was the only adult in the world who ever believed in Captain Nemo. A tiny number of people make the world "work", everyone else is "ballast"? Rand had no idea how the world works at all. Millions created the disciplined, law-abiding, prosperous society she lived in. She really thought a handful of Captain Nemos should get all the credit and most of the money. After all these years, people still believe. Amazing.

  3. Timster it's about time you wrote a post, but I see you been busy! Magnificent! We should all buy several books and hand them out. I see you haven't lost your touch good post! I did missed you and thought someone from the one percent had offed you! Just kidding my friend!!!

  4. Hey Timster, looking forward to the book! I also tried watching the film, and it was just terrible, I couldn't finish it. I haven't read the book, but am pretty familiar with it. My old man is a big fan, or at least used to be. We have discussed it a few times. When I still bought into the system, so to speak, I studied the leftist/progressive types (Noam Chomsky) and the libertarian/free-market types (Milton Friedman). I always tried to keep an open mind, and thought that each side made relevant points. Since waking up to the Jewish crime gang that controls both the leftist/progressives and libertarians/free-market advocates, I've realized that it's all propaganda meant to keep us from questioning the one group we need to be questioning: the Jews. That's what it all boils down to. Forget the left and the right (Communists vs. Capitalists) – it's the Jews you have to study if you want to understand what is really going on and what has happened in history. Everything else they throw at you is meant to distract. I'm embarrassed looking back at a post I put up in December saying we should all be supporting Ron Paul… what was I thinking?

  5. There are some who avert that the "philosophy" of super-individualistic, materialistic selfishness developed by the Russian Jewess Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum was only meant to weaken the "goyim" and make them an easier prey for that ethnic Mafia that we know as "Jewry".I don't know, but all too often "ideas-for-goyim" developed by this tribe do have that effect. The best thing to do is to simply ignore everything they write.It would save you a lot and keep you sane.Good luck with your book.PS.Some corrections : forward should be foreword, and afterward should be afterword. As for corporacracy,there is no "official" form of this word.The form corporatocracy does also occur. Usually the first part of such words end in -o. Since the full word is corporation, the form corporatiocracy would be logic.There exist an analogical word natiocracy that could serve as a model.

  6. Timster,I'm so glad you are back, more than a week is much too long to be away! But you're returned with wonderful news of your book, so you are forgiven. I fell into Ayn Rand very briefly when I was only eighteen, so eager was I to expand my vision after growing up Catholic in a very unintelligent environment. We need only look at that face, like you said, to know this is not a blessed one!Please don't go off to prison, your courage is inspiring to us all. Just the fact that anything and everything that matters cannot be uttered, makes you want to shout it all the louder from the housetops!!!!Thank you for your voice which lovers of truth and beauty can always hear.. Marigold

  7. Franz – Very well put. I too fell for her crap and was an "objectivist". I attended a performance of her stilted play "Night of Jan. 16" when she and the "Brandons" were there. I met them. That was about the time I was becoming seriously suspicious of all things jewish. I remember getting my mother to read one of her books and when asked what she thought of it, she told me "she is the only author I have ever read that quotes herself". Ha. Bells…alarms…I started reading closer after that. Then when she demanded a threesome with the Brandons and they fell apart…well, I began to see what her novels were all about. Her.

  8. Glenster – Thanks. Since much of what I am publishing is considered a criminal offense in about 28 countries…it's only a matter of time. Ah…what the hell. 3 hots and a cot is good enough for me.

  9. John – Thanks. You are right on all counts. Don't be embarrassed…I too heard what I wanted to hear from him. He is a likeable old bloke, and he is up front about his policies. Refreshing if nothing else.

  10. Franklyn – Ha. I knew it! You ARE my college creative writing professor! hahahaha…Corrections noted. And that is just why this editing process is taking so long. What are you doing for the next few weeks?

  11. Timster,As usual, great visual.No need to fret over the prospect of 3 hots and a cot. When you start hammering home on how the Jews have hung their "Land Between Atlantic and Pacific" takeover hats on Hitler as anything but JEW and enemy of German people, then you may lose your Paypal Acct and book publisher. After all, here in Jewlandia, EVERYTHING is controlled. Meanwhile, my nostrils burn, my eyes itch, and I can't remember what i wrote in previous paragraph. It couldn't be the stratospheric aerosols are working ………..

  12. Be interesting to see if your stuff is allowed across the Canuck border.I read Ann Rand when I was in my late teens. She was prerequisite reading if one wanted to pose as a genuine fake intellectual where I lived. Hipster nerd sorta stuff.That was about the time I was studying dystopian novels with great interest. Rand did not sit too well with me.Simply, I found it to be pretentious trash and was relieved to close the final page. As a result, I figured it the perfect name for Pamela Geller's blog.

  13. Surely I must have read a different version… or I really am simple. I obviously took from the book that which agreed with "me."It's been awhile, and I'm not bothering to look the stuff up…–Government: loaded with the usual "stupid white men" and all their "freinds" and idiotic policy.Hank Reardon: Works his ass off; refuses basically to cave to the Gov, or give away HIS product. Ditches his dirtbag wife & family.–Very much like myself, I'd rather leave – which they do.Since I value what goes on here with this blog… and a few of the commentors, maybe someone would care to enlighten me. Of course this wouldn't be the first time that my own feelings involuntarily translated the written words.Almost forgot: I thought the movie was dogshit [sic].

  14. Noor – Pretentious trash…that about sums it up. Yes, I am interested in that as well. We shall see, I guess. If not, I will set up a pay-pal or something.

  15. Dave – Well, to me the movie summed up all that was wrong with the book. And Rand herself. If you read all her books you would come to understand that she saw life as a struggle in which only the strong willed honorable people win. If you were at the top, it was because of your righteous determination and uncompromising attitude. I hope to tell ya that isn't how it is…nor ever will be. But that is just on a social level, which her novels cover. On an economic level she was a believer in free-market capitalism…only. The market will always determine a positive outcome. All these 'honorable' businessmen will provide corporate leadership, and we lesser beings should just tag along. Yeah, right. I think we are just emerging from that hell-on-earth as we speak. In all her works, she always misjudges the human psyche. People are just not like her characters. As she sees it…there are leaders and there are stupid morally bankrupt followers. All men are basically evil…save her Hank Reardons and Howard Roarks(who all want to have sex with her). Gosh, I wonder where she got such an idea? It couldn't be from her supremacist jewish upbringing, ya think?Pure unadulterated jewish trash…cleverly packaged. And she ugly.

  16. Timster:I see that now. I believe that I read "Atlas Shrugged" right when I was realizing just how corrupt and weak the government is – I was furious.I would say that that, along with the fact that I live very near a bunch of lazy, weak-willed people, effectively filtered the content that you mention… and that is the only of hers that I have read.Thanks for the summary.

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