Nothing lasts forever.  You know that. Not even anger.  It fades and is repressed, and well…other things become more important.  I guess that is where the count-til-ten thing comes in.  I was always told as a kid that I had a quick temper.  I did a lot of counting, trying to control it. I have most of my life.  Before I get to ten, I usually find a reason not to react negatively.  To a person…to a situation. Sometimes it has worked.  Sometimes it hasn’t. 

I remember a gang in Jr. High(that is what we used to call middle-school). It was comprised of a big curly-haired guy, Jim, that had failed a couple years and was head and shoulders above most of the rest of us, a few toadies and the leader.  The one at the helm of this crew was a smart-assed little shit who’s very nature begged confrontation.  My first encounter with “short-man syndrome”.  Don’t get me wrong…he wasn’t just mouthy…he loved to back it up.  A real fighter.  Under “aggressive” in the encyclopedia, this kid had several entries.  Anything he waded into that he saw he couldn’t handle was usually finished by Big Jim, his back-up.

Most boys in the school deferred to their rule. If the gang needed  money, or were just feeling particularly pushy…well their victim was quickly abandoned by the rest of us.  They got their money or their sadistic satisfaction, and most everyone else turned a blind eye.  I’m sure most of you men went through such circumstances in your boyhood.  It happens.  It always will, I guess.  I was no different.  When I saw them beating hell out of some kid, I walked away.  Usually.  It wasn’t any of my business.  The kid probably had it coming.  Until one day.  The afore-mentioned gang leader had a friend of mine up against the building with a club in his hand threatening to beat him senseless if he didn’t give him money, or say uncle or some such.

I walked up to my friend and told him we had to get home and that it was getting late.  “He ain’t goin nowhere till I get finished with him”, the little hoodlum said.  I merely said, “he’s leaving with me now”…all the while counting in my head.  The bully looked at me and released my friend.  Since I was a good foot taller than the kid, he just said “this ain’t over, pal”.  I knew it wasn’t.  But we walked away uninjured.  That day.

Of course a week didn’t go by that I was confronted in a hallway by my new enemy.  I started counting when I saw him coming.  He had a few members of his crew with him and so a renewed courage to finish what I had started.  Unfortunately for him, I got to ten before he even had a chance to throw a punch.  I snapped.  I picked him up and literally threw him head-first into a row of metal lockers, denting a couple of doors with his cranium in the process.  He slid to the floor and everyone scattered.  A teacher witnessed the whole thing.  Even his lummox of a friend, Big Jim, just stood there gawking as the kid attempted to get up.  “What did you do that for?” he screamed as we were both dragged to the principal’s office.  I was suspended and the smart-ass was put on notice to keep clear of me for the remainder of the year…which he did.
Now I am not relating this story to brag about my prowess then or now.  It is not meant as a vain attempt at heroism on my part, in the least.  You often ask yourself “I wonder what ever happened to so and so”.  Jim finally passed the 9th grade and went into the Navy,but my diminutive adversary was in and out of jail most of his young adult life.  Then one day while being stopped for a traffic violation, he pulled a gun and murdered the cop.  He was executed for the crime.  He was 30 years old, I believe.  I guess I count myself lucky that I never came upon him again in my adult life.  The guy was not right.  There are such people in the world.
This is a true story.  And although not meant to be a “tale of brave Ulysses”, to me it speaks to something I am at a loss to find in others.  What makes most people angry enough to get to ten and still be upset enough to do something about it?

There are so many short men in seats of power it seems.  All with their gang members.  They are not right.  They deserve a countdown…then a reaction.  And I am not talking about peaceful protest or civil disobedience.  Or turning a blind eye when some other guy is getting hell beat out of him.
Maybe I am still a bit quick-tempered.  But even if you are the long-fuse type, hasn’t it burned down yet?  Haven’t you reached ten several times and are lying to yourself about how you should finally react? 

I do a delicate balancing act on this site.  I don’t preach violence…but I am amazed there isn’t more of it.  And I don’t mean manufactured “lone-gunman” human interest stories.  Those evening news tales meant to keep you counting ten for fear that you will finally snap.  How many more rights do you let them take from you?  How many more people in the world do you let them kill in the name of their profit, and in your name?  How long will you look for a job?  How much more interest will you pay them on their loans for your very subsistence?  How many more lies will you listen to?  When do you snap?

I always felt that if I could count ten…and was still fighting mad, then I had a perfect right to be. This has always been my “anger management” technique.  It works.  Maybe you’re too comfy.  If so, please don’t vilify congress-critters for deifying israhell in exchange for the almighty dollar.  Not to me.  I’m busy counting.


Shakespeare And It’s None Of Your Goddamned Business…

I know.  There are few phrases in the English language that are as offensive as the title of this quite-likely-to-be porous post.  I just want to get something out there that few if any really think through.

On those rare occasions when I cruise the MSM out here, I am always mildly amazed at the fact that they are ALL eager to tell you about the “mom” that ate her baby from a dumpster, or some such.  What wouldn’t even pass as a decent thing to print in this mom’s local community newspaper is supposed to…and often does enrage an enormous readership, or “viewing” audience.  Just as if it is anyone’s business but the mom, the baby, their extended family or local law enforcement. I even had a friend at work detail such a story practically verbatim to me once.  I watched his eyes as he related the sordid tale just as he had heard it on “tv”.  There was an empty-animal look there.  And I honestly do not know what in his brain could produce such a countenance that frightened me more than his narrative.
I asked him why he was telling me this…and his answer was that it was “news”.  “I don’t see how this disgusting little tidbit is of any concern to me….or in fact real news”, I replied.  He was dumbfounded by my lack of interest and moved on to someone else to enthrall by what he had heard on his talmudvision.  Perhaps to garner the reaction he was seeking.  A likened fascination with such a sordid story.  Perhaps.  Or maybe he just enjoyed describing the account of inhuman activity. I dunno. But the power of this scares me.

I was recently watching a symposium on how to act Shakespeare.  It was amazing to me that even in my advanced stage in life, I have to admit that I learned a lot from it.  Well, perhaps not learned, but reconsidered many things.  It caused me to ponder.
In it, an actor was attempting to explain the dichotomy of how, by modern acting methods being heavily influenced by the film medium, an actor today is to treat an Elizabethan era play.
In his explanation of the difference between how these plays were accepted then versus now, he reminded us that in Shakespeare’s England, few were literate.  So being, the “audience”(meaning listening observers) of his time experienced these staged plays very differently than we “viewers”.  A very interesting distinction. He went on to say that we are now trained more to view a story put before us than to listen to it.  And we have been trained by the close-up of the movie and television lens to react more to facial emotion than lines spoken.  And so, an effective modern production of Shakespeare, and indeed its actors must MAKE an audience here the poetry and intent of his characters.

That hit home with me.  The disconnect.  And the connect.

How does this relate to filthy inhuman acts,(which even happened in the times of the Bard) now being peddled as news?
Along with being the greatest poet and playwright of all time, Shakespeare was also an innovator.  He brought the stories of Kings to the common people.  He demanded of his actors to do so naturally. 

“Speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you,
trippingly on the tongue; but if you mouth it as many of your players
do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines. Nor do not saw the
air too much with your hand thus, but use all gently; for in the
very torrent, tempest, and, as I may say, whirlwind of your passion,
you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it


This was Hamlet’s direction to his players and also the author’s advice to his own troupe.  He took the starch out of the modern play in his stage direction and his human poetry, for which there were eager ears.  A stilted royal tragedy became a human event to which the audience of the time could relate.  And yes, he pandered to the most devious in mankind.  One could view his stage works as morality plays and not be far off the mark.  But they were sensational.  He set the mold for common sensationalism in the theater to appeal to the uneducated, and created a bit of a monster, upon which his “Shylock” character would capitalize ever after.

There is something in the base human character that somehow relates to inhuman acts.  And no matter how sporadic and isolated these acts are, there are those that will seek profit from them.  
Enter Shylock.  
These sordid news items are becoming more and more commonplace due simply to the conditions in which these misfits commit there abhorrent “newsy” novelties.  The jewish-owned media features these items constantly, I believe, from their wish to keep hammering into the heads of their “viewers” the commonly held jewish supremacy.  We are all inherently disgusting creatures and the yiddish are eager to point this out to us…daily.  And we goyim are mere cattle in the field committing sins against ourselves in our depravity on a constant basis.  So the evening news fulfills their two-fold motive.  It panders to our Gentile self-deprecation and stimulates that primal need for witnessing tragedy.  Throw in the fear that this type of news editing generates and they have concocted one hell of a nightmarish cocktail for their viewers.
And we drink.
But when you decipher a story such as “Mom eats her own Baby” on a very fundamental level you begin to see that such an act is most importantly, none of your business…literally. It does not effect you in the least.  It is not indicative of the human condition as a whole…at all.  It is not new.  Such goings-on have been going on since way before the 16th century.  It is not a reason to fear “moms” or some universal obsession they have to consume their offspring.  And if somehow you can identify with such a creature…then you are likely to hit tomorrow’s headlines having committed a similar crime.
So what is the matter of such reportage?  It can only exist for reasons of social manipulation.  The types of these stories vary from “Lone black gunman” to “Crazed internet psychopath” and each seem to have a nefarious agenda, but the common denominators are there.  Fear and planting the seeds of mistrust in fellow humans.  Is this a jewish “protocol” conspiracy?  I dunno.  I can only look at who owns this media saturated with these staple stories.
All I know is every time I hear or read such filth…I gotta think…”it’s none of my Goddamned business”.

Blame And Going Along…

Of all the criticisms I get, the most common is “aw c’mon…you blame the jews for everything”.
Somehow I have given that impression.  And somehow, no matter how many times I write it… I haven’t communicated that I don’t.  Blame judaism for everything bad in our world, that is.  Generally speaking; if anything, I blame the human species as a whole.  I am reminded of the scene from “Young Frankenstein” in which during a town meeting when everyone blames the monster’s appearance in their community on Doctor Frankenstein, one man stands up and says that it is the fault of scientists.  “They say they’re working for you, but what they really want is to rule the world!  They can’t help it…it’s in their blood”.  I would have to say that aside from its obvious humor…I concur reservedly.  It is not in their blood, but their cultish upbringing, and we have no one to blame but ourselves for going along with them…step by step.
I watched a video by Samuel Jackson called “blame”.  I liked it.  Because the philosophy behind it gets to the root of all the problems of mankind currently.  And although his message was pinpointed toward black gang members and guns…the gist of the speech is germane to what I speak to constantly.  Intellectual and moral laziness and the lack of courage, on an individual level. Even I am guilty of this at times.  But as the movers and shakers of this world understand, the easiest path is the one of least resistance. They have not always been of the jewish persuasion…these power-men.  Jews merely excel at such manipulation.  Which to Gentiles, is just as easy, when they begin to view those so controlled as a Sheppard dog sees his herd.  Something to be guided and corralled.  The dog knows that members of his herd will go along with the rest if so induced.  By force, example and fear.

As hackneyed an idea as it is, our modern world has become one of vanity, self-concern, victimhood and blame.  How did it get this way?  Has it always been such?
This well-worn guilt that we bear for ‘going along’ with things as they slide downward into creating a world in which none of us wish to live could be criticized as trite.  Something you see on a motivational poster in the lobby, like “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”.  We all agree.  “Yeah, yeah…I know.  I shouldn’t watch as much tv as I do.  I should teach my  children by example rather than punish them for doing wrong after the fact”.  And on and on.  But who has the time, right? I guess I would answer, “what is it in your life that is so important, that you let these things slide into chaos”?
I was involved in protest as a young man.  Many of us were and continue the activity yet.  I soon found fault in those efforts though.  It dawned on me that nothing good could come of it.  If there is something so protest-able in the world, who is to blame?  And what good does protest do to those that we have allowed to commit these acts we find so heinous as to take to the streets?  By the very nature of a group of people that would commit these acts, you should quickly understand that they are not beholden to your morality that decries such behaviour.  They are not going to reverse their way of thinking simply because you clog up the streets sporadically making it a bit more difficult for their drivers to get them to the office in the morning.  Surely we can see this.  Liars and cheaters are going to continue to lie and cheat.  They will not listen to reason. They will not be bound by your sense of fair play.  They will not stop their nefarious activities as long as they can profit from them.  Protest is merely asking them to stop. No. Begging them to stop.  

When I was just a kid, I had a neighbor with a new Rambler.  For those of you too young to remember the car, it was the Volvo of that bygone century.  Heavy, ugly and built like a tank.  A family car.  Anyway, this neighbor was involved in an accident that totaled his brand new vehicle.  A few weeks after the wreck, his damaged car appeared in his front lawn on a home-made platform for all to see with a huge hand-lettered sign.  The sign detailed the fact that his insurance agent had refused to honor his policy and pay for the damages.  This agent I learned later, was a jew.  It was a local agency that the owner maligned on his sign warning all to stay clear of this agent.  There was quite a bit of narrative on the sign spelling out the facts in his case.  It was a busy corner on which this man lived and displayed his graphic grievances, and all that passed the house slowed to read it.  The car remained there only a week or so. The agent settled the case, packed up and left town.
This is a true story.  It is not meant to be an example of the power of consumer advocacy.  There is very little if any power in that any more. This too has been co-opted.  The tale is meant to demonstrate how to ‘protest’, if you will.  You stop inequity before it gets started.  You turn off the television when it spouts lies.  You cut off the most powerful weapon “they” have against you.  Money. You don’t beg them to stop lying to you and cheating you. YOU stop it.  When we all stop going along with their plan, they have no choice but to close shop and leave town.  It is just that simple.  It can be just that effective.  

I have found over the years that the trained ashkanazi is usually at the bottom of such lying and cheating in this world, but such behaviour is in no way entirely exclusive to their cult anymore.  They have taught us well…and we went along with it and learned the profit motive behind it.  And when this way of thinking about profit only turns on us personally…well, we start pointing fingers in blame…and protesting.

So go on.  Watch your television.  Attend your begging session/ protests directed at deaf ears.  Blame everyone but yourselves for the children you send off to fight the wars for the jewish. But don’t expect me to blame anyone but you for the jewish success in their underhanded enterprises.  You go along and you let it happen on an individual basis.

Armchair Revolution…

There is a lot that needs to be said about the way things have gone awry in our modern world.  And there are plenty of us saying it.  Is the pen really mightier than the sword, or is that as outdated as its components?  I dunno.

I always thought that if I could have anything I wanted…it wouldn’t be riches.  It wouldn’t be constant guilt-free sex with goddesses.  It wouldn’t be power over others.  It would be the lack of something.

Fear has kept me from living an entirely different life than I have. Had I been piloting my own craft without concern of consequences to my physical well-being…well, things would have been different.  When I look back on the small triumphs that I have made…they were always the product of forgetting about my own safety and momentary comfort.  I learned from this and took more risks.  Many injuries down the road, I pulled over and licked my wounds as we are all wont to. Age has a lot to do with that. Then came my old nemesis…fear.  
Fear is a powerful foe.  But it is everyone’s.  It is owned by friend and foe alike. My old foes sell it to me, and like it or not, it is seductive.  It pushes me back into my comfortable hole with those soft bars on a prison of my own construct.  I don’t want to be here…so I try and write my way back to the path.  Because I didn’t always just write.
If there is one thing that a formal education will get across to you concerning the art of the pen, it’s that you cannot write about something that you have not experienced.  Nobody wants to read your ruminations about what it might feel like to be out there soaking up the reality of life.  You cannot write from the sidelines and make anyone believe you were ever part of the action. Libraries are filled with such stuff.  But the words written by the doers not the wishers are the ones to which we have always gravitated.  But even reading these accounts is not enough.  Because that was never the intent of such good writing.  It is and always was an invitation, I think…to verify such experience artfully reported in the best of our prose.  From a romantic sonnet to witnessing the subjugation of whole societies, the good author pleads with you to see AND experience it for yourself. At least any worth his salt.  I attempt this also.  Many of us do.  Then there are the others.

I constantly cruise these avenues of citizen journalism on the net.  Those writers trying to fill in the gap left behind by professionals that became too professional;the whores of the jewish media. Using the classical definition of journalism…these citizens fall short. Webster says that journalism is: 

     A: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.

     B : writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest. 

The new citizen journalism to be found in the alternative media out here, to my way of thinking, is trying to fit somewhere between these two.  Where we all understand that option B is the current state of the mainstream media, we that oppose such prostitution are taking our cue from this definition, rather than the classic “A” choice.  Well that would make sense.  “B” is more powerful on the surface.  We write to our reader’s wishes.  We wallow in the editorializing and agenda-driven reportage as much if not more so, as our opponents in the Talmudic press.

I attribute this to fear.  Stick with me here.  We are as subject to this widely disseminated emotion, as the “sheeple” to whom we would write.  We succumb to it as much as they.  Fear porn is as big a weapon in our arsenal, as it is with the kosher opposition.  We scream about new-world-orders and illumi-naughty demons while the zionists and their minions scream about al-CIA-duh boogy-men.  Who is right? I would tend toward my own camp of trust-no-one, but only because there was a time.  There was a time when I spat in the face of the supremacist jew. I know him.  I have my scars…and I will collect more before I leave this earth.  But have all those that ‘prognosticate with pen’ done anything but scream from their comfy living rooms?  I think not.  Have they relinquished that emotion which they purvey to others?  Or are they as caught up in it just as much as the minivan Moms hoping Obama decides to bomb the evil Iranians back to stone before it’s too late?  How much backbone do these armchair revolutionaries have when it comes right down to putting aside THEIR fear?  Cue “The Red Badge of Courage”, and its lessons about this emotion that is more powerful than any cannon.

I am not anyone’s hero.  I only hope to be my own, when I look back on my tenure here.
So watching Alex Jones’ bravery with a megaphone and dubious funding, or reading the revolutionary thoughts of an editor of a million-hit-a-day website that never leaves his comfy desk and chair…well, it doesn’t light a fire under me.  So I am not astonished when these writings garner only ‘hallelujahs’, and no action from you. You know better.  They aren’t about to put anything precious to them on the line.  They won’t go to prison or join a violent revolt.  They want you to do it.  Just like Benny Nutty-yahoo wants you to die for his sexual fantasy of jewish supremacy in the Middle East and beyond.  Be their proxy.  Not that much difference.  Not that I see anyway.
To be sure, we need the thinkers and writers to point out facts in our struggle to overcome the jewification of our world, and those that can put these facts into the semblance of a defense.  But more than that, we need true sober journalists where none exist anymore.  And those with their feet on the ground and familiar with the enemy’s modus operandi.  From experience.  And we need a LOT less fear mongering.

Relevance And Their Game…

Trust me.  I am under no illusions. Theirs or mine.

Relevance is big with me.  Not in the now necessarily, because now is a state of mind and anything that doesn’t contain ‘now-less’ relevance is transient and doesn’t concern me…except for how it plays in the game.
I watched another movie.  Yes, I have always been hooked on moving pictures and what they could have done for our minds.  The communication and the learning that could have happened save the hijacking that took place in this art-form’s infancy. The promise is lingering there still in those cans.  But that’s as may be.

The movie was made in the adolescence of jewry’s use of the media for propaganda purposes.  The 50’s.  I don’t expect you to have seen it.  It has no bombs, blow-jobs or blood.  No color even.  But it was heralded in its time as an important “drama”, and shot the author of the screenplay into fame and fortune.  One Rod Serling.  Before ‘Twilight Zone’, Serling wrote many human dramas and put them to film. For the most part…these were “morality plays”.  Only they taught the wrong one.  

The original production of “Patterns”, the movie in question, was first broadcast on television.  It was so popular, that you have Serling and that play to thank for ‘re-runs’.  It was the first ever TV program to be aired twice.  But aside from these facts, and the melodrama of this screenplay’s popularity…to me, it is exceptionally relevant.  A kind of a ‘this is how it all started’ thing. This time period is when their game began to be sold to the general public through the media they had stolen.

 In the play an aging executive is being pushed out of a corporation for his aging ideas of fairness in business.  This morality is seen as a drawback to the corporation’s growth by the younger(jewish)son of the founder that has taken the reigns of the company.  He is in the process of establishing a business empire through underhanded means, and having to fight the older man left from his father’s days at every turn on a playing field of ethics.  An interesting idea, to be sure. And one which is not only relevant today but could have been an opportunity to defeat the idea of the jewish ‘is-ness of business’ on such a field.  

However, being penned as it was by a jew, the conclusion of the story finds the older man dying and a younger executive taking his place…vowing to continue exerting the more measured morality for which the old man fought…but more importantly being the CEO’s right-hand man.  He thought of quitting after his predecessor’s demise( a heart-attack caused by an argument with the younger president), but an exceptionally important line uttered by the jew in charge changed his mind.  The CEO praised our young (obviously Gentile) hero’s abilities, offered him anything he wanted to take over in the dead man’s job, and even told him that if he must…he would be allowed to act as the CEO’s ‘conscience’ in the offered position.  Here Serling could have made a statement.  And he did.  The only one that his culture could have made.  The wrong one.  Our hero took the job.
I have just panned “Atlas Shrugged”  the book published about the same time in our country’s history, for the exact same flaws concerning the, what I would term a jewish-fascist business model.  And indeed, as we witness…a social one.  
This is when it began.  From two outposts, if you will…of the same enemy encampment.  Both authors fought moral censorship in their efforts, and yet both were wildly successful in changing the game.  Changing it from one of time-tested morality plays that served to solidify fairness in a constitutional republic and a “do unto others” coda…to yiddish greed allowed by a ‘democratic’ ethic…or the lack thereof.

I know, I am dragging you through some pretty dated stuff.  Old novels and movies.  But to me,  you must understand where their game started.  You have to understand when the rules were changed and how they went about altering them before you can effectively take them out of their game.  You must see where we as a society went wrong. Where we turned a blind eye.  Where we were too busy to stand up for the rule of justice in our species.  A rule of our game…not theirs.
I am not a great writer.  I am not even a good one.  But what I bang on about here is honorable, I feel.  And necessary.  It is an old idea, but it is relevant.  And as I said to begin with…relevance is big with me. 
I am under no illusion that I will be remembered as a man of letters or even a good man at all.  For the most part, I can and have been a bit of a horse’s ass most of my life.  I have no illusions to the contrary.  But I do believe that you can redeem a negligible existence by acting upon your convictions even when they garner you naught but ridicule; if they are noble ones.  I think that petitioning for justness is such a conviction.  
I would not have taken the job in the play.  I would have told Dagney Taggart to go fuck herself.  I would have done everything in my power to take these relevant characters out of their game.  Sue me. If anything I write can be seen by a few as relevant or revealing, then I am in ‘my’ game.
I hope you see the relevance.

Atlas Shrugged, Ron Paul And A Book

If I ever said anything bad about book editors in my life…I take it all back.  I wouldn’t want to do that for a living.
Yes, you surmised correctly.  I am about to publish my first book and it will be available here soon.  Probably a few weeks to a month.  It will be a companion to the site. It will contain what I and another editor consider to be my best essays, a long introduction, forward and afterward.  True antisemitism that you can hold in your hands.  I encourage you to purchase it.  I hope to make enough profit to pay for publishing it…but I doubt it.  I will make it as dirt-cheap as I can, and offer my services for book-signing.  I can just imagine they will be lined up for that.
But that isn’t entirely what I wanted to cover today.

If you haven’t read “Atlas Shrugged” or are unfamiliar with the influence of Ayn Rand, the following won’t mean much to you.  Sorry.
A few days ago I watched as much as I could stomach of the recently flopped film version of “Atlas Shrugged”.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why this film didn’t make it at the box-office.  It was true to the book (well, part one anyway).  It had all the straw-men in place throughout the weak plot, just like the novel.  The characters were as unbelievable and two-dimensional  as when Alisa Rosenbaum penned them over half a century ago. All the heroes in the film espoused the blind Machiavellian selfishness true to form just as the jewess author, I’m sure, would have them do.  The plot development in the film was faithful to the book that took this country by storm from 1957 to the late 60’s.  I always thought that that tome just begged to see the silver screen.  It had everything that the jews in hollyweird demand of its entertainments.  But maybe I was wrong.
Perhaps, when viewed graphically…when it’s in the public’s face, so to speak…its philosophical flaws are much more apparent…and, I dunno…disgusting?
After enduring a little over a half hour of that tripe, I took a look at the viewer reviews on netflix.  Hmmm.  Maybe people aren’t as dumb as the Rosenbaums of this world would have you believe. 
I saw reviews from those that were not aware of the novel or Ms “Rand’s” talmudic view of things, and as one viewer stated: “…the heroes of this movie are nothing but apologists for the one-percenters that the OWS is currently busy protesting – bad timing for such thoughts and a movie”.
So I had to ask myself after viewing this thing, “Why was this book ever so wildly popular?”.  I had to think about it for a few moments.  That’s all it took to come up with a feasible response. 
Atlas Shrugged was published at a time in this country when everyone and their hairdresser was looking under their beds for communists.  They were our current enemy.  Aside from the blunt-instrument bludgeoning that Senator McCarthy provided, we needed a more reasoned resistance to this evil ideology.  A thinking man’s response to the political movement operating in the USSR…our sworn arch-nemesis.  So who better to provide such a resistance than a Russian defector that was repulsed by her own tribe’s politics?  In her novels which read like soap-operas, she trotted out the selfishness platform on a social scale…and a laissez-faire capitalism as a political dynamic.  All tied up in the hero-worship that was gaining popularity through jewish comic books.  It was time.  Her ideas sold like proverbial hot-cakes to an unsuspecting audience of pseudo-intellectuals of the era.  I was one of them.  I was ripe for a new way of visualizing the world and its possibilities as much as the next puffed-up revolutionary.  I admit it.  I also listened to some pretty bad rock music.  I will defend neither today.
But that’s as may be.
The failure of this movie is being blamed on many things in the jewish media.  The direction.  Marketing.  Acting.  Timing.  You name it.  Everything, but the real reason. This movie version of Randian philosophy, although not as popular as the treatment of “The Fountainhead” in 1949 starring Gary Cooper, is what it is.  It cannot be dressed up as noble or even desirable in its message.  It is shallow and flawed.  There are no heroic leaders among men.  No one should follow anyone.  Anyone that tells you that you should worship a fellow human for his superior abilities…is trying to sell you something.  And she was.  With a face from which even a mother would recoil, to a jewish philosophy equally as repugnant…I take heart that modern audiences now reject her tripe.  It gives me hope that the human condition is coming around to its senses.  It is becoming clear that under whatever guise such abhorrent yiddish views are displayed…the general public isn’t having any.

And as much as I am reticent to include him, I feel it my duty to bring up Ron Paul. Although I will make a few enemies over this, of all politicians I have ever heard, he more than anyone is the most obviously influenced…at least economically speaking…by this infectious jewess.  When he tells young voters that the market should dictate the economy, or that everything from property rights and employment to the marketplace should be on a contract basis…well, he might as well be reading from Rosenbaum’s “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”.  Such a system doomed to be owned by greed and monopoly(even more so than it is today) should be shunned by someone who professes the desire  to diminish the size of government.  Such policies that put human ignorance at the mercy of jewish corporacracy is not something I would vote for.  I dunno about you.  Politically speaking, I am an anarchist.  I don’t believe that anyone…politicians or their lobbyists have the right to govern.  However, I am also a realist. Mentally, humankind is out of shape.  They have not been taught to think for themselves.  If anything, because of the jewish-owned media, the opposite is the case.  The general amerikan public
are woefully vulnerable to this type of tyranny. And although they reject Rand in the movie house, if her social philosophy is the ruling one…which I see it becoming…they will not recognize it as such.  When they package it as “liberty”, as Paul does, we are in for a world of hurt.  It is liberty for the few.  The heroes of a Rand novel.

So my publishing of “How Dare I: The Book” couldn’t come at a better time.  It’s my chance to kick her while she’s down, so to speak.  At a time when I see the 99% rejecting corporate heroism, my bucket-list effort of publishing a book of anti-jewish sentiments should be well received and probably garner me a Jew York Times best-seller slot.  Either that…or a lengthy prison term.