I have always been faulted for having little to no patience.  When I was a kid, I just couldn’t wait for things…good or bad…to happen.  If I knew the outcome of something, like Christmas for instance, you couldn’t stand to be around me.  “Let’s get to it”, I always thought.  It hasn’t gotten any better over the years.  If anything it has gotten much worse.  I’m terrible.  I can’t imagine living with me, and wouldn’t if I had a choice.  
I don’t.  I have to live with this compulsion to get to the point.  I was even almost fired for it once.  A CEO of my company was beating around the bush about something he thought I had done(I hadn’t, and if I would have kept my mouth shut…), and half way through his meanderings and him-hawing, I said “look, could you get to the point of this?…I’m kinda busy”.  Not the right thing to say to someone with an inflated ego and the office to back it up.
Anyway, it has been like that for me since forever.  I am told to hold my tongue and to wait.  “See how things play out”, I am often cautioned. “You are just going to have to wait and see” is a phrase that could always spike my blood pressure like none other.  My Sister got all the patience.  She still says that if 9/11 was somehow accomplished by factions within our own government, that someone would have talked.  Someone would have blown the whistle by now.  I envy her patience.  I don’t share it.

That being said…

Since about two weeks after 9/11, I fully understood that it was a false-flag.  An “inside job”, as they say.  Not long after that, I made the determination that the mossad most likely master-minded it.  It is their style.  It fit.  I have uncovered nothing since that time to persuade me otherwise.  A forgone conclusion.  Period.  End of discussion.  Well, since then, the mountain of evidence pointing to its being a kosher endeavor is overwhelming.  I am not surprised in the least.  Nor do I dwell on it at all.  Litmus test.  All that.
But many are not so easy to convince.  They are still struggling with who did what and who knew who, and heaven-knows what else in their pursuit of “truth”.  Ok.  I get it.  Investigate to your heart’s content.  You are going to get to the right place in the end.  A shitty little terrorist encampment in occupied Palestine, full of jewish shit heads.  
I watched this video today and sent it on to a few ‘non-believers’.  Not out of “so-there-ishness”.  But just kind of an awakening call to the facts…not truth…about a lot of things that the tribe have always been behind.   It is interesting to watch this woman, who is obviously in complete possession of her mental faculties, take 9/11 apart, bit-by-bit.  But of course two points in the video stand out for me. 
First, was her story about Amy Goodman of “democracy now” fame.  And how she pleaded with Ms. Goodman to feature her story on air, to no avail.  I have always said that bitch is nothing more than a gatekeeper…I made that determination as well…people didn’t listen. I have said that she is just another zionist jew waving “democracy” in our faces.  Oh well.  Maybe a few will listen now.  But I doubt it.
Secondly, the whistle-blower in question, Susan Lindauer, made a rather off-hand comment in response to questions about a deal in which israhell provided mossad support of rebels, and in turn got permission to build an airbase in the NEW and improved Libya after the revolt.  And how that base was to be very near what is thought to be the location of all of Ghadaffi’s gold reserves.

I guess my point of this rambling piece is that she is going to get there in the end.  If she hasn’t already figured it out for herself that zionist-dual-citizen jews in the WH were behind the anomalies she herself witnessed prior to and after 9/11….she will understand this by and by.  We all will, one day soon.
The OWS movement complains on and on about inequality in the financial dealings of Wall Street.  They won’t hear the real reasons and about who the perpetrators of these crimes are…yet.  But they will.  
The tea-party initially protested unfairness in the two-party system and all the political shenanigans that have transpired recently leading to the essential shredding of our constitution.  They wouldn’t hear who was behind all this treason.  They will.
Backers of Ron Paul are on his band-wagon of dismantling the Fed, stopping U.S. terrorism, empire-building and policing of the world.  They have solutions to these problems…and they won’t hear who created them to begin with.  But they will.
My Sister won’t believe this woman.  Or at least she will think her delusional over some of her conclusions.  I’m sure she will view it.  She is a curious being, as are most of us.  But she won’t apply what she hears in it, to what I have been telling her all these years.  Not yet.  But she will…eventually.


15 thoughts on “Eventually…

  1. “From a Jew’s faceThe wicked Devil speaks to us,The Devil who, in every country,Is known as an evil plague.Would we from the Jew be free,Again be cheeful and happy,Then must youth fight with usTo get rid of the Jewish Devil.”

  2. Tim,it's like white water rafting and the boulders are the inconvenient truths -the ride is still a rush;the river will eventually wear away the convenient lies.thanks for all you do .

  3. Good article, good Video. By the way I feel sorry for your sister! Having you around would be like having Dennis the Menace as a brother! "Holly Smoke and Mirrors" seems appropro! The Jewfew are in control and rub our faces into it! Where are our heroes when we need them most? Bought off most likely or exterminated by their right hands! Hope and prayers somehow doesn't seem strong enough! We need help to eradicate our planet! Who we gonna call? How about help from planet Jewpiter… Maybe there lies the Jhost Busters! PLEASE COME HELP US NOW!!! Glenster

  4. Hey Timster,…I saw this a couple of days ago, I didn't watch it, I ripped and burned it, I will watch it today after the Cricket.Ditto with that cow from 'demagoguery now', also, I'm like you; "Hurry up and wait!" wtf, do it now!By the by, your writing was excellent today young man, you broke all the right rules for poetic license and adhered to all the essentials for structure and cohesion – well done that man!veritasPS lazy/illiterate anon-e-mouse is leaving verbatim, those two couplets everywhere that will have'em.

  5. Hey Timster, once again, every last word in this post resonates deeply with me. I've always tried (and largely succeeded) in being truthful in my endeavors in life, oftentimes to a fault. I don't know what it is – maybe my upbringing? I have always just operated out of the assumption that we should all be honest and up front about things. Of course I'm not perfect and make plenty of mistakes, but I think there are others out there that control things that make lying and deceit their modus operandi. Amy Goodman… Glenn Greenwald… Noam Chomsky… this is how I got started down this path Timster. These Jewish intellectuals and pundits were my starting point. I read these people (and still follow Greenwald) for a good year before I came across 9/11. It's funny – the Protocols specifically says that they will control all sides of the debate, and it's true, even with 9/11. These people will give you some valuable information, but will never give you the full story. Ever. It's dawned on me that everything in life boils down to the Jew factor – the government, the media, the wars, history, 9/11, ect. There is simply no other way around it, and once you figure this out, there's no way you can act like things are… the way they used to be for lack of a better word. We will all understand these facts… eventually.

  6. John – Yes, I think these dis-info agents on damage-control don't realize that by their very nature…the obvious BS they spew… awaken many to exactly what they are trying to spin or hide. Good point!

  7. Lindauer, Goodman, Chomsky…… Indistinguishable birds of a feather,………. PLANES REALLY DID hit the towers and Lindauer knew about it in advance. My kinda whistleblower…….

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