I Dunno…

I hear and read a lot of shit.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I hear this and that about what israhell is going to do.  Yeah..yeah.  I hear this and that about what Iran isn’t going to do.  Yep.  I hear this and that about what the U.S. is going to do in response to this and that.  And I read that a whole hell of a lot of people are pissed about the state of things.
To quote the Firesign Theater…”who’s Peggy?”.
It all seems to be a soap-opera bent on entertaining the living while the dead are piling up.  Like facebook.  I hate that shit.
I don’t really know what the point of this post is going to be, but I’m sure it has one.  
Where do I get off thinking that I know anything about world affairs and deals in back rooms?  I mean, if I would know about these surreptitious accords…well, then by definition, they wouldn’t exist. So I don’t really.  Neither do you.  No matter how much we speculate about the ‘hidden hand’, that is all it is…speculation. Speculation on the floor of commodities markets can make you money, or lose you your job.  Out here, it is more or less harmless.  Nothing invested, nothing gained; or lost.  So we keep putting our play-money bets down, hoping that what seems to be a sure-thing wager, will somehow find currency and win us…what…vanity, I-told-you-so’s, respect…the list goes on.  But how much of it…this wager we make…is rooted in true concern for our fellow humans, and how much is pissing in the wind? I wonder.
Maybe we should invest a bit more.  A bit more than play-money.
I think that every time a sock-puppet politician appears in public, shaking hands and slobbering on infants, we should perhaps return the salivary compliment and spit in their faces. With no priors…what’s the worst it could buy you for such a misdemeanor assult?  Save up and get a jewish lawyer and walk…with a suspended sentence and your name being put on some list.  Big deal.  If just a hundred people would do it, maybe a few million would wonder if that isn’t perhaps an appropriate response to politicians.  How about letting a skunk loose outside an AIPAC ceremony?  Of course, I’m just spit-balling here, but surely if I can come up with a few ideas that might only get you a few minutes in front of a local judge but do the establishment  a hell of a lot of scrambling, I bet you can top me in this creative effort.

I think that we should all jump through the hoops of waiting periods and spending a little of our savings to buy high-powered rifles with state-of-the-art laser scopes, to take out a few of those drones that are soon to grace our spacious skies.  Hey, you thought it was a predatory bird after your cat…and you had this gun handy.  What’s the worst it could buy you?  Jew-suspended sentence-watchlist. Hell…if our play-money speculation is on the money, we are on those lists anyway, right?  
I am seeing a definite lack of put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is imagination in the informed citizenry…in this country anyway.  What Pakistani wouldn’t give their eyeteeth to be able to go down to “Jim-Bob’s guns” and pick up a long-range sniper rifle…to shoot down, well…predatory birds.

I dunno.  I see ‘anonymous’ types hacking systems from their mother’s basement…and that’s a good thing.  I see normal 9-5’ers waving placards in the OWS movement, and that’s a good start.  But how much of this is play.  And how much of an investment is it?  What are you putting on the line?  Perhaps I am the arm-chair revolutionary nowadays, but I am not seeing any revolt being taken to the next level.  Hell, we put our flowers in the rifles of the National Guard and waved placards at cops over 40 years ago.  It got some attention and was called ‘social revolution’ back then.  It changed some minds I guess, but it is kinda old-hat and totally ineffectual now don’t ya think?
The JPTB and their minions don’t give a shit about that anymore.  And well they shouldn’t.  It doesn’t stop their zionist lying on your talmud-vision.  It doesn’t stop drone-mentality. It doesn’t stop war…it doesn’t even interrupt these creatures in their hell-bent for domination quest.  It doesn’t do anything but get a few seconds air-time on those slow-news-days, and solidifies that ‘right-to-assemble-peaceably-in-a-free-society’ crap.
I’m not advocating violence.  I’m advocating innovative protest and show-stopping dismantling of the state.
I guess I am also saying…what do we have to lose?  I mean…just how fed up are you?  Enough to take it to the next effective level?  A level to match theirs?

Y’know, I read a lot out here about how those of us that are ‘informed’ about the secret machinations of the tribe, are pissed.  Outside of a few people…I don’t believe it.  There is a certain way to react to various human emotions, and for the most part I am not seeing much but empty rhetoric and no real investment.  Don’t even bridge the subject of ‘sacrifice’.  
Call me a poo-pooer.  A nay-sayer.  A moon-calf(whatever that means).  But I’m gonna be the guy pointing out that I don’t see any real money on the table in front of these revolutionaries.
Maybe I expect too much…I dunno.


9 thoughts on “I Dunno…

  1. Timster,I appreciate how you expose your utter frustration with how things are! To me, just knowing how we feel in the face of today's atrocities, and allowing others to see us this way, IS the needed revolution. It will be individual, as in each one waking up from our personal dream worlds of thoughts, greed, unacknowledged fear and hurt, and simply facing the pain of our very existence. People who are asleep don't give a shit about the truth or what really is going on. There are too many great movies on Netflix and there's shopping and scrambling for more money and more things!So as each one starts to squirm and express his rage as you do, the uprising will happen in unexpected ways. Our job is simply to wake up to the truth of who we are first, and then we can see everything else quite clearly! Who knows what we will do??? I want to be part of this coming revolution, but the work is always individual. Thanks for showing us what it looks like to have great clarity and still not know what to do with it! Marigold

  2. One simple question.What atrocity has to happen,that has not already, before theentire world realizes these monstersare not going quietly?And finally turns on them.WITH violence.?

  3. The change starts with the individual. Boycott the system as much as you can even if resulting in a lower standard of living. Keep a low online profile, use a fake name and never use fakebook or mespace.

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