The Song DOES Remain The Same…

Those Zep fans out there will have to forgive my paraphrasing in the title here.  It is so fitting to what I want to put out there though, that I just had to lift it.

I’ve been wanting to write on this topic, and although I have touched on it a few times before, I have never dedicated an entire post to it.
I watched a video on Zombie Soup today that got me thinking that I should impart what little knowledge of the subject that I have…coupled with a bit of a rant that has been stuck up there in my cranial confines for years.
If you haven’t already followed the hyperlink above, the short film deals with the Brill Building; the real ‘hit factory’ of the 60’s and 70’s.  It also describes the jewish influence in that process of turning out an amazing amount of popular songs of the era.

Now, a lot of people, I think, hold a skewed perception about songwriters.  As with any topic that isn’t fully investigated…myth tends to gather like ground fog, pertaining to the “talent” it takes to pen a successfully popular song.  You don’t really understand or care what it takes to compose these dittys, you just know you couldn’t do it.  You sing along with the hook and forget it, until the next one comes down the pike.  I guess the point of this all is that…you actually can do it.  Just as well as the song-smiths do.  It isn’t difficult in the least.  As with any enterprise to which the word ‘talent’ is ascribed however, very little if any is required.  And I think that of that talent that is used, 10% is just an interest in music, and the other 90% is vanity or longing for the wealth such an endeavor often brings.  Cue the jew.

Tunes-smithing is actually a well-worn formula. Wash/rinse/repeat.  
The video that I linked about the music that came out of this synagogue-of-songs, calls these jingles ‘great’.  That is not the term I would use.  Although, when listened to now by someone that grew up in that era…I think we confuse the nostalgic memories that  these songs evoke, with true musical genius.  And so will you…in 30 or so years, you will be humming a Rihanna melody and thinking to yourself, “how could we have listened to this crap?”.  Trust me on this.  It will happen just as I know every word to “happy birthday sweet sixteen”.
And the reason that you will relegate these songs to the scrap heap of silliness of youth is because they are not time-worthy…they are not borne of any talent of composition…they are just jingles that anyone with even a passing interest in doing so can pen.

Want to know the trick?  K.  Take a phrase…any phrase, between a few words and a full sentence.  The more prefabbed “wisdom” it bespeaks, the better.  Like…I dunno…a maxim…”A stitch in time saves nine”.  Now keep repeating that phrase over and over to yourself.  Notice a rhythm.  It does have a rhythm in its amount of syllables.  And in that rhythm is a rise and fall of emphasis…notes. Can you hear it?  “…a STITCH in time saves niiiiine”.  Simple.
As in the scene from My Fair Lady…”it’s so NICE of you to let…me…come”.  So when Henry Higgins is attempting to teach Eliza the proper rhythm of phrasing, he is also teaching her song-smithing.  It is a craft…a simple one.
Now all you have to do is to take that phrase(the hook), expand on its limited wisdom a bit, then write a middle 8, as they call it.  A name for 8 bars that serve as a relief from the chorus(follow same instructions as before and put it in the same key)…then as I said up there…wash/rinse/repeat.  Repeat the rhythmic phrase you began with in its own little melody of accent…and bingo-jingo…go sell it to a goyim singer.  You can make millions.  If and only if, you have the right connections.  We know what those connections are.

I learned all this from a song-smith. Yes, he was jewish.  He taught me a lot about music.  Well, rather the industry that prostitutes music.  This isn’t what I like to think of as music.  Not Mozart.  Not Cole Porter.  Not Hoagy Carmichael, Lennon, Joni or Dave Mathews.
But even these legendary composers(and hundreds more like them) of real, lasting melody and lyrics understood and used some song-smithing.  Mozart realized that his ability to churn out a popular “song” in his vaudevilles allowed him the space to create truly gorgeous music. Writing formula songs, John Lennon (with the help of the master of popular sing-songy junk, Paul McCartney), climbed to the top of the musical world and we then heard that of which John was really capable.  Of course you could add your favorite composers/performers to this list.  But I think it is a pretty good rule of thumb for those of you that are not musically inclined, that if a composition has lasted any great length of time, it probably wasn’t produced using the trickery I describe.
So when I see such a piece lauding the popular song…especially jewish tune-smiths, as great……..well, I gotta laugh.
I have to laugh, because as the title of this piece states, if there is one thing is certain in the world of popular yiddish music, the ‘song’ remains the same.


13 thoughts on “The Song DOES Remain The Same…

  1. "how could we have listened to this crap?"Uhm, many of us were brought up on Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan?That question had me laughinnnnnnnnng so hard. And yeah I fully get that bit about sentimental value. Think Joe Cocker.

  2. Whato Timster,Aaah the musical production line, its great isn't it ?I've recently returned from Mehico where i was fortunate to be in the presence of some very good musicians.Anyone of them was talented enough to be able to make it big time except in one respect…. they never had the right connections.its not what you know but who you know and thats the same story the whole world over.Loads of talent so little oppotunity… the way is barred.Never mind they can still turn their hands to other art forms can't they….. oh wait, erm , perhaps not!

  3. I use to always listen to the oldies. Made me feel like a teenager again. Reliving fun of that time. Then several years ago I found myself hating the songs I once loved. Very interesting post makes one think! We have been manipulated into buying the wares of the Evil Ones. Either their so smooth or we're so stupid! Actually both most probably!If I had a brain like yours I would write a book! Your bud Glenster.

  4. Song-smithing is but one way the zionist 'jews' have taken over the world. We are under a last minute full court blitz for our lives.###The NWO is already upon us.They don't care what a lot of left over hippies say or write about anymore. They just released 30,000 predator drones on an asleep populace.What is said here, be it philosophic or spiritual, has no bearing on the day to day march toward totalitarism of the elite over the rest of the world.Talk of God and avatars and astrology and universal consciousness are just part of the bread and circuses allowed to the masses. Such talk and words have zero effect on the true raw fascism being weilded upon the 99%.We are just cattle and sometimes even less. Killing us by the millions (Iraq) right in front of the eyes of the other livestock is concrete proof we are all paralysed by the powers that truly are.Should a ray of hope surface in the form of a candidate intending to stop the wars, stop the murder, he or she is vote-frauded off stage. What the people want is of no consequence.We are futile in our attempts to talk logic and truth as a way to stop this juggernaut machine. Those controlling the machine are laughing at us the way an adult might laugh at children in a sand box arguing over where to build their toycar garages.Show me one single world event since the sixties (or even the last three centuries) that was not directly or indirectly planned by the powers that be.We are in the swan-song of the peace movement of the sixties which already died on Kent State campus.There is little or no hope for resurection of the peace movement.Even the trolls and golem are laughing at us as another drone, provocateur, death squad splatters the brains of another innocent civilian daily.To be or not to be?We are all cooked.Stick a fork in us and turn us over, we're DONE.

  5. Lead Zeppylean were jew infested?! The song No Quarter is about Vikings and one of my favorite Led Zeppleen songs. I know that Sturmführer, DJ Himmler, Graveland and Stuka won't be jew infested. How do these juice infest everything. -Nebelwerfer-

  6. They just know how to work us but eventually people wise up, that's why they go after the new generations. When I was a tween, Jim Morrison was on some TV show doing a performance and I was in super focus like you could never find me doing in school, and my mother came along and saw it and said "look at his pants, that's disgusting!" (remember his tight black leathers) and she went to the TV to shut it off. I jumped up and ran to the TV and shielded the knobs with my body. LOL. she could not get past me and finally let me sit back and finish watching. There you go, kids rule! And why they are targets. The next example though is the adult example. For the 2008 election we had the worst clown line up ever for candidates so that when Obama appeared we jumped at it. PERFECT timing for a non white chanting "change". So we had Mr. phoney baloney MalcomX. They KNEW what we would buy. And we got burned. Maybe we are not so gullible next time, but maybe it is too late. The NDAA, what more could Jews want? Fuckers.Good points you made on the topic, Tim.

  7. Genie – Thanks. And thank you for the Morrison story! Laughed out loud at that one. A shame we don't still have parents to shut that damned thing off for us. We wouldn't have bought that "change" Bullshit.

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