There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

Some people are born skeptics.  These people don’t believe anything you tell them.  They believe little of anything they read or even see with their own eyes.  I don’t know what causes that.  Perhaps a severe childhood disappointment.  Maybe when they found out that there was no Santa Clause, their psyche snapped.  Causing them never to accept anything even the most trusted of their circle tells them. I dunno.  You can’t please these types.  As my Mother was wont to say “they would bitch if you hung them with a brand new rope”.

I am one of those so afflicted.  This has caused me untold grief throughout my life.  I mean I can accept some things as fact…the sun rises and sets.  I get older. The water I drink has been on this planet for a gazillion years and has passed through an inestimable amount of human and animal digestive systems. This is this.  It isn’t something else.  You know.  But when you go around not believing things presented to you, it can get tiring.  It is exhausting to question everything.  Well, everything of any substance…excluding recycled hydrogen molecules and planetary movements.  I’m tired.

So, I’m cruising the info highway today and I came across this little tidbit on goonsquad, a site that I really like.

Now, I says to myself, holy shit.  No way. This is NOT going to get aired…this truther movie planned for talmud-vision release on September 11th of this year.  I’m following the links and come to the website dedicated to said upcoming film, and I am as shocked as I was when I saw people believing the original 19-arabs-in-a-cave fairytale.  WTF?  The zionist PTB are actually going to air this?  This fictional mock-commission investigation that will disprove the above mythical tale?  Well, it’s about time…says I.

Then that old feeling kicks in.  That bio-bullshit detector with which I have been afflicted all these years starts going off. 
“DONG DONG…WARNING… BULLSHIT…DON’T BUY IT!”, says the little machine in my head.  It tells me that this whole scenario does not make sense, if logic serves.  Why would an aging jewish actor, and a jewish producer, and a jewish director take on such a project?  What could possibly be the motive for this, says I.  
Why would hollyweird jews want to open a can of worms that I have already decided has “israeli mossad…do not open” stamped all over it?  Could I have been wrong all this time?  Was it just some evil Gentile/Republican plan all along?  Did I falsely assume that zionists in that hell-hole and their minions that had infiltrated the Bush white house had pulled off the biggest false-flag in our world’s history?  Could I have been wrong about this?  No way.  I am not that dumb.  I couldn’t have been duped by people as paranoid as I about something this obviously whitewashed.

I search my brain for an explanation. Only one thing shows up.  Timing.

If this project comes off as planned, it would be viewed by millions of people.  Millions that couldn’t go to the bathroom if tv didn’t tell them to.  They will believe it…no matter how many disclaimers are added to it about its being fictional.  And since no alternative scenario for 9/11 will be given, the focus will be on those that covered it up.  And who covered their tracks?  George Bush and his REPUBLICAN administration.  Wait a minute…the fog is clearing.  I am starting to get it…REPUBLICANS…elections on the near horizon.  Obama, that guy that isn’t taking anything off of various tables…ya see?…it is all starting to make a little more sense.  If the question can be left open, then doubt is planted about the whole of the party that was in power during the questioned events of that September morning.  Probably all the republicans in office then were in on it.  They can’t be trusted…and Obomb-a needs four more years to clean up this mess that they left us.  I can envision, if this fiction is aired, Barack being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on the subject.  I can imagine him saying “Even if the charges of this film are true, we must move beyond it…we cannot dwell on the past republican mistakes”.

Could be.  Could be.  I dunno.

Many scenarios could be behind this thing.  Many things could be playing out now behind the scenes as I write this.  It could fall on its face as so many other truth-movement projects have.  But this has an aroma of horseshit about it that stinks to high heaven….to me.  The guy that questions everything reflexively.  And as I have observed in my tenure here, the smellier something is, the more it is pushed and the more it is purchased.
If I am wrong, I will admit it(begrudgingly).  I have before…a couple times.  If this project is aborted by the jewish networks, I will apologize here semi-publicly.  If Ed Asner and all the yiddish behind this project turn out to be honestly looking for answers and are willing to let the chips fall where they may, I will be contrite in my mia culpas.  I will tally this up as mere paranoia on my part.  Unfounded suspicion of a culture that I have falsely accused of the most heinous of criminal intent over the years. Or, I will say I am sorry…IF this film actually airs, is accepted and opens a new popular investigation implicating people that I never suspected of masterminding that plan.  If it is then revealed that 9/11 wasn’t meant to start two wars for israel and a war on Islam.

But as the title of this project implies…I have never been one to give that “trust” that is so violated.  I have never found that to be to my advantage.  To trust. There is no pleasing me.


20 thoughts on “There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

  1. Alright Tim, good call.BULLSHIT!This movie implicating israel and the US secret services in 9/11 will NEVER be shown on the MSM because the MSM is complicit up to their eyeballs.The possible explanation is that like the missing pentagon 2.3 trillion announced by Rummi on Sept.10,2001 was "lost" when the next day the sky fell.My take; zionist Rothschilds are pushing Obummer to invade Iran BEFORE the film airs so that the film is "lost" before it ever airs.Wizards chess of the global thermonuclear kind where both israel and USA will be sacrificed by the zio NWOers for their global take over. Both israel and USA sense the danger and are balking – so they should. They will both be turned to glass.The Rothschild international usury bankers are tired of waiting for Nitwityahoos, Bushes, Soetoros to pull the trigger. This film release is a deadline to dig their own grave. USrael has been a pawn to the NWO overlords all this time.The film will never air on the MSM, it is a threat to USrael to commit hari kari.And ya know what? Barry and Nitwit will probably succumb to the threat even though they deep down know it will mean their countries' end.Mouser

  2. I've liked reading your comments so much.But to say that you're reading my mind this time would be a massive understatement. For forces that control both sides and to come out of the Satan most holliest city Hollywood with "The Chosen" fighting for the "Goys" truth, is not laughable but tragically commical.I'd like to know the reasoning behind Goon Squad doing a story and reporting it. I'd hope that his intentions are to exposed it as a sham.

  3. Hey Timster,…Yep, "horseshit", I have just posted a vid that was created in virtual secrecy, that is the nature of the world we live in. this slick yiddish shyte is just to BIG to be real.Ans that yokel woody harrelson has zionist heritage, wasn't his father one of the marksmen placed at the JFK murder?This vid project is yiddish controlled opposition shyte.veritas

  4. Hey Timster!I have been missing you, I'm glad you are back. These days, I comment only here!Trust! We are not born as skeptics, no, we come here fully trusting and available to all things. Very soon we are destroyed. Usually, these days, by the time we are two. So they destroy us, take away our trust so that we can be dependent on them. And the parents begin this crime to humanity! Now without trust, we will have to believe lies, stories, anything, but not ourselves. If we trust ourselves, we will question everything, we won't be manageable. A two-year old still has his inner bull-shit meter within, that is why he will yell no! And scream, even when he knows he will be punished and silenced. So trust is something we need in order to explore this world ourselves. And I am coming back home to my trusting self. Those who are in places of "power" want us to only trust our fear, so then they can bring in their lies and stories to comfort us. Santa Claus! You may be right in that!!I know ones who will trust nobody, not even the sweetest of souls, and yet they will believe liars, politicians, priests, saviors!! Thus, we have 9/11 and all the ugly wars!I do love David Ray Griffin, perhaps this project has good intentions. Still, your suspicions and Mousers cannot be wrong. This movie will not happen. Thanks for your heart,Marigold

  5. Hey Timster, I've got a funny story to tell you and everyone here. As some of you may know, I am into the San Diego for 9/11 Truth group. I've had quite a bit of a falling out with many of the "leaders", mostly because they are so cowardly and dishonest when it comes to Israel's CENTRAL ROLE in the operation. After my little speech at the Occupy SD rally back in November, the 9/11 Truth people don't want to have anything to do with me. Go figure.Anyways, Howard Cohen, the guy making this film, actually came and gave a speech a while back for the group. He was explaining his film, saying he wanted to have something that would get people thinking. He said, "I bet if I asked every person in this room what happened on 9/11, all of you would say something different. Let's try it, raise your hand if you would like to explain to us what happened." I was the first to raise my hand, and I politely said something similar to this: "Israel and criminal traitors in the United States government and media pulled off 9/11 to start a war against the Muslim world." Oh boy, you should have seen the look on his face. LOL! The very next person in the crowd raised his hand and bashed me for bringing up Israel, saying I was "distracting" people! Once again, go figure. I think the purpose of this film, and many of these 9/11 Truth groups, is to get people to simply question what we were told and ask for a new "independent investigation" – refusing to place any blame on anyone because "we just don't know what happened." Bullshit. They are hosting an event this Sunday that I plan on attending. Unfortunately, we will not be examining the one issue that needs examining: who did 9/11, and why. I'll be sure to bring that part up though!

  6. Just go down that no particular order…Harrelson's breakthrough role came in the television sitcom Cheers (jew-central) as bartender Woody Boyd. Some notable film characters include basketball hustler (criminal) Billy Hoyle in White Men Can't Jump, bowler Roy Munson (hustler, conman, seducer of Morman children, sleazeball) in Kingpin, serial killer Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers, magazine publisher Larry Flynt (Hef was busy with Maher) in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and on and on.

  7. John – Thanks for the GREAT story! You have a lot of guts bringing that up to him. Kudos!Yeah, I can't figure if they are just ignorant, ignorant and stupid, or have something else in mind. If they open this can of worms, they will truly be sorry unless they already have another "bullshit" story to replace the first one.Keep up the good work, my young friend!

  8. One of those who would bitch about the material the pot is made of if they found a pot of gold? Find fault in a wet dream? We need those people they are hard to fool. -Zippy the Pinhead-

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