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Armageddon Approaches

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon

“An Israeli attack on Iran would create a disaster.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski
“The entire lake will become a killing field…the Gulf will run red with American blood.” — Military specialist Mark Gaffney.
Bombing Iran could be the final nail in the coffin of America—a decaying and morally bankrupt superpower where torture has been normalized and where the President is now free to kill anyone he chooses, anywhere in the world, who he happens to suspect is a terrorist.
Right now, Iran appears to be the object of universal detestation, at least among those who control the mainstream media and who are anxious to persuade the easily duped masses that Iran is a major threat to civilization.

Iran is perfectly capable of shutting down the Strait of Hormuz if it wishes, doing immense damage to the US navy in the process. It possesses a vast array of anti-ship weapons called Sunburn missiles, which it has procured from Russia and China over the last decade. These are state-of-the-art weapons developed by the Russians as a low-cost challenge to the expensive, tech-heavy weaponry of the US. Specifically, they are designed to sink ships, including America’s titanic aircraft carriers.
The imminent conflict, which now belongs in the high probability spectrum, is a conflict into which Russia and China cannot fail to be drawn. Their interests are inextricably linked with those of Iran. You could say that Iran is their semi-independent protectorate and ally.
If Iran were attacked and if Russia and China stood by and did nothing, they would lose face forever. They would be signaling to the world that they are weaklings, only too ready to cower at the feet of the American superbully. Indeed, they would then be next on America’s hit list.
Russia has a new 100-ton monster of a ballistic missile in the pipeline. It is aptly named Satan. And it will be used to devastating effect against America if America gets too big for its boots and gets overly aggressive.
Chinese Major General Zhang Zhaozhong recently stated that if America or Israel attacked Iran, “China will not hesitate to protect Iran—even with a third world war.”
*          *          *
A few points need to be clarified.
The US Navy is an efficient and professional organization, at the cutting edge of modern warfare, but the Strait of Hormuz is not the kind of environment in which the American navy would be invulnerable.
The Iranians can be expected to have a field day in the narrow confines of the Persian Gulf, virtually drawing American ships into a series of ambushes.
If one samples the technical literature on various military websites, one finds there is a lively debate going on about American ship defense systems. Nobody claims that any such system offers full protection against ship missile strikes. Right now, most ships remain vulnerable to such strikes, including America’s leviathan aircraft carriers.
These impressive Nimitz-class aircraft carriers each come with a full complement of 7–8 supporting ships, 70 or more assorted aircraft, and up to 6000 marines on board. In a 2004 article, military specialist Mark Gaffney, author of Dimona: The Third Temple? (1989), opines:  “The US Navy’s largest ships, the massive carriers, have now become floating death traps….In the Gulf’s shallow and confined waters evasive maneuvers will be difficult, at best, and escape impossible….The Gulf will run red with American blood.”
As for oil tankers, these are even more vulnerable than aircraft carriers. If attacked, these will sink easily, clogging up vital sea lanes and doing immense environmental damage to the entire Persian Gulf region.
It is of interest to note that the US is busy working on a new generation of laser defense to counter the sophisticated  anti-ship missiles possessed by Iran. However, these are still in process of development. This gives Iran a relative advantage if it is attacked now rather than later. Ironically, the longer America and Israel delay in attacking Iran, the better their chances of successfully countering the retaliatory measures they can expect from Iran.
Both America and Israel are unfortunately just not ready to wage the type of warfare they prefer to wage and at which they so excel: shooting fish in a barrel.
Unlike Iraq, which the warmonger neoconservatives told us would be a  “cakewalk—easily conquered in six weeks—Iran is unlikely to offer its American and Israeli antagonists easy opportunities to indulge in their fish-in-a-barrel fantasies.
Our courageous remote control warriors, hunched over their keyboards far from the din of battle, may be able to rain down death and destruction on innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, meanwhile salving their consciences by calling their victims “terrorists”, but there is nothing they can do with their drones to stop Iran’s deadly missiles from blowing up American aircraft carriers or sinking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.
*          *          *
The Sunburn is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world (see also here), designed to fly as low as nine feet above groundwater level and at more than 1,500 miles per hour. The missile uses a jerky pop-up maneuver for its terminal approach. This enables it in effect to dodge, or jump out of the way, of the Phalanx and other anti-missile defense systems: in short, to hit its target bang-on without being intercepted en route.
Given their low cost, these ship missiles are perfectly suited for close quarter naval conflict in the pond like environment of the Persian Gulf.
The Sunburn is versatile and easy to use. It can be fired from practically any platform, including the back of a flatbed truck. It has a 100-mile range, which is all that is necessary in the narrow Persian Gulf, with its 40-mile width round the Strait of Hormuz.
Fired from shore, the Sunburn will punch a room-sized hole through  any ship in the Strait of Hormuz in a fraction of a second.
These missiles therefore present a serious threat to the US Navy. Their power to inflict horrendous damage on hostile intruders simply cannot be exaggerated.
Developed by the Russians, and made fully available to China and Iran, the SS-N-22 Sunburn, a supersonic anti-ship missile, has been described as the most lethal missile in the world today.” (See also here for other anti-ship missiles designed, built, or operated by Iran. See here for a discussion of anti-ship missiles and US capability to defend against them.)
Compared to the Exocet, the Sunburn is a much larger and faster missile. It possesses a far greater range. Its guidance system is spot-on. The Sunburn can deliver a 200-kiloton nuclear payload (a 750-pound conventional warhead) within a range of 100 miles, more than twice the range of the Exocet. It seems the missile was specifically designed to defeat the US Aegis radar defense system.
The Sunburn’s astonishing accuracy was demonstrated recently in a live test staged at sea by the Chinese and observed by US spy planes. Not only did the Sunburn missile destroy the dummy target ship, it scored a perfect bull’s eye. It succeeded in hitting the crosshairs of a large “X” mounted on the ship’s bridge.
Unlike America’s drones, the Sunburn is not in the business of creating “collateral damage.” It does not kill innocent civilians by the score. It kills only the enemy.
In a 2004 article, Mark Gaffney writes:

US ships in the Gulf will already have come within range of the Sunburn missiles and the even more advanced SS-NX-26 Yakhont missiles, also Russian-made (speed: Mach 2.9; range: 180 miles) deployed by the Iranians along the Gulf’s northern shore. Every US ship will be exposed and vulnerable. When the Iranians spring the trap, the entire lake will become a killing field.

The Sunburn’s payload hit, with its 750-pound conventional warhead, is apparently insufficient to sink an aircraft carrier, but it is enough to sink most other ships and their crews. So it is generally opined in the technical literature.
No conclusive studies, however, have been carried out to determine the effect of a swarm of missiles attacking an aircraft carrier simultaneously. Perhaps there is no need for such a study. Common sense will tell you that a swarm of killer bees is much more dangerous than a single bee. One bee you can easily swat; a swarm of bees you cannot.
An astute observer of the military situation has offered this comment:

Aegis and RAM systems do not stop Sunburn missiles. Those systems were designed to stop subsonic not supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles. Even then they were unsuccessful in stopping an Iraqi (subsonic) Exocet when it struck the American warship Stark during the Iran-Iraq war.
Supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles travel faster than a rifle bullet and it would take no more than three of them to sink an aircraft carrier. In fact, any surface ship is a floating coffin.
If anyone out there knows of a technology that can stop a rifle bullet in full flight, please let me know what it is.

“You don’t have to be Hannibal preparing for the Battle of Cannae,” military observer Russ Winter writes, “to see that the Strait is a potential “shooting gallery”.
The Strait of Hormuz is in fact an ideal ambush location for large and cumbersome ships that offer such easy targets you would have to be blind to miss them.
Without a doubt, the Iranians have marked out every firing spot along the Persian Gulf coast. Locating these hiding holes with low-flying attack helicopters will not be easy. Helicopters can be shot down.
Equally impressive is Iran’s missile range: 1500 miles and growing.  Hostile Bahrain and Qatar can easily be hit by the longer-range versions of the Sunburn or Onyx. So can the Saudi oilfields.
Indeed Israel itself, though further away, could suddenly find itself under a shower of deadly missiles, not only from distant Iran, but from Hezbollah just across the Lebanese border.
“This is going to be the Big One,” says Justin Raimondo, “a war that will make the invasion of Iraq look like a dress rehearsal for Armageddon.”
*          *          *
It is commonly acknowledged that Israel cannot go it alone in fighting Iran. To wage a successful war against Iran, Israel needs American help. Israel would naturally prefer America to do its dirty work for it.
Should Israel act alone, it would face the extraordinary problem of needing to refuel its bombers en route to targets about 1,000 miles away and refueling them again on the way back.
It has been suggested that the United States should provide Israel with three KC-135 refueling tankers. Some of these Israeli supporters in America claim they do not themselves advocate an Israeli attack on Iran, but they are kindly disposed to Israel and wish to see it supplied with tankers that would “extend the effective range of Israeli aircraft” and “improve Israeli credibility.” (See here)
Israel has of course achieved a modest success in destroying the nuclear facilities of two other relatively primitive countries in the region: Iraq and Syria. These two past Israeli successes are not overly impressive. As achievements, they are small beer. That is, compared to the massive challenges Israel would have to face in Iran.
When Israel destroyed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in June 1981, it was one ground-level building it destroyed. That simple operation required 14 Israeli aircraft. Israel’s other success, demolishing a partially constructed Syrian facility in September 2007, involved targeting a rudimentary warehouse-like structure built on a single floor—an exceptionally easy ground-level target.
The potential targets in Iran are not only far more numerous: they are widely dispersed and buried deep underground. Many of them are probably secret facilities whose very existence is unknown.
There is the fuel-enrichment plant at Natanz, a collection of below-ground facilities used to produce enriched uranium. Then there is the newer Fordow fuel-enrichment plant near Qom, built into the side of a mountain and buried deep underground under several layers of reinforced concrete. It is generally acknowledged that to crack open Fordow, and destroy its alleged nuclear weaponry, would be a task beyond Israel’s modest capacity. At a pinch, America could do it, maybe; but certainly not Israel acting on its own.
There are two other Iranian nuclear sites Israel would need to attack: the heavy-water reactor at Arak and the yellowcake-conversion plant at Isfahan.
There are three possible routes to Iran: north over Turkey, south over Saudi Arabia, or a central route across Jordan and Iraq. The US, having officially withdrawn from Iraq in December, is no longer under obligation to defend Iraqi skies from Israeli planes. The Iraqis themselves are of course unable to do so.  (See here.)
The recent Robb-Wald Report tells us that Israel has enough GBU-28 bunker-busting bombs to “severely damage, though likely not completely destroy, Iran’s known underground nuclear sites in a single well-executed operation.”
Perhaps even this is no more than wishful thinking. Note the loaded phrase: “known underground nuclear sites.” Best not to mention the unknown ones.
To achieve victory in Iran, Israel would be stretched to the limit. It would have to deploy several B-2 stealth and B-52 bombers, fighter-bombers and helicopters, along with ship-launched cruise missiles. It would not only  need to take out Iran’s underground nuclear facilities—an impossible task—but it would have to destroy Iran’s communications systems, air defense and missile sites, Revolutionary Guard Corps living quarters, munitions storage depots, airfields, and ship and port facilities—not to mention missile boats, minelayers and midget submarines.
Given that Israel, for all its vaunted might, was unable to defeat valiant little Hezbollah in 20o6, the chances of it stealing an easy victory from Iran would seem to belong in the realms of fantasy.
Not all Americans are in favor of aiding and abetting Israel in yet another rampage of wanton destruction—not after the crimes of Gaza which have left an indelible stain on Israel’s already dubious reputation.
Destroying Iran’s infrastructure may make sense to some callous Americans, but to many others it would seem a cruel and vicious enterprise. To poison a population of 74 million people, most of them women and children, with tons of depleted uranium, while putting thousands of other innocents into wheelchairs, is not an achievement likely to bring honor or prestige to Israel.
Not all of us have forgotten the lessons of history. We are cognizant of the fact that Iran has not started a war for 30o years. That it simply wishes to be left alone. And that it is Israel, rather than Iran, that seems to suffer from a serious pathological problem—a “collective madness”—with more than enough blood on its hands.
Speaking on behalf of Israel’s countless critics, one political pundit writes:

The US cannot eradicate the Iran regime. It cannot bring Iran under its control, that is, not without creating a disaster for itself and the entire world….Doing that entails huge costs and risks to the US, all the countries in that region, and the many other countries that would be affected by it, including Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan….Right now, Obama must stop Israel from attacking Iran. (Emphasis in original). He must do so in the strongest ways available to him, like denying airspace to Israel for refueling its bombers. … The US [should] prevent Israel…from flying over Iraq and refueling.

Sound advice, it seems to me. Why support Israel? Cui bono? Iran has much more to offer America than Israel does.
Iran has oil in abundance, Israel has none. Iran does not hold America’s political class to ransom. Iran does not try to browbeat successive American administrations into putting Iranian interests before American ones. Iran’s dual citizens do not spy on America or sell American military secrets to Russia and China—there are no Iranian Rosenbergs or Jonathan Pollards. Iran does not coerce Americans into fighting and dying for it in foreign wars. Iran does not expect $3 billion a year in handouts, and even more in loan guarantees that never get repaid.
Iran would be a far greater asset to America than Israel could ever be. Israel is a liability and a burden.
More fool America for cuddling up to a “friend” who has stabbed it in the back in the past—the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty incident, the Jonathan Pollard betrayal—and is more than likely to stab it in the back again at some time in the foreseeable future.
Dump Israel. That’s my advice. Before Israel sets the world on fire, taking America with it.
*          *          *
Obama has in recent months begun to make it clear to Israel that the United States would not get involved in a war started by Benjamin Netanyahu without preliminary US approval.
Indeed, on January 20, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, informed Netanyahu that the US would not defend Israel if it launched an attack on Iran that had not been coordinated in advance with the US.
In May 2008, Netanyahu’s predecessor, Ehud Olmert, had requested the approval of George W Bush for an air attack on Iran. To his credit, Bush had refused to countenance any such move.
Netanyahu has since defied the US administration by refusing to assure Washington that he would consult them before making a decision to attack Iran.
Other US officials have apparently made it clear to Netanyahu that the US, unless fully consulted, would refuse to come to Israel’s aid in the event of Israel declaring war on Iran unilaterally.
If Israel did that, it would be on its own.
It would be a mistake for Israel to assume that America is under obligation to protect it from the consequences of its own folly. (For more details, see here.)
Writing in the Huffington Post, political commentator MJ Rosenberg advances the audacious theory that Israel has no wish to go to war right now, but is more interested in flexing its muscles and playing cat-and-mouse games with America. It wants to show everyone that Israel is now the Cat and America the Mouse: “Netanyahu and his camp followers do not really want a war now. They just want it understood that they can dictate whether there is one or not. And when. In other words, they want to show who is boss.”
It’s time for a showdown.
The capital of America needs to be moved back to Washington. Tel Aviv is too far away.
*          *          *
When Zbigniew Brzezinski says, “An Israeli attack on Iran would create a disaster”, he must be taken seriously.  
An old hand, and an expert on Russia, Brzezinski is the acclaimed author of The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. One cannot help wondering what Brzezinski thinks of the controversial statement  made by Leonid Ivashov, former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, which aired on Russia Today TV on February 1, 2012:

Russia does not want any military operations to be waged against Iran or Syria. These two countries are allies, and both are considered guaranteed partners of Russia. A strike against Syria or Iran is an indirect strike against Russia and its interests.

Later he adds, significantly, striking a chord with people like me who believe that America is now a crypto-fascist state masquerading as a democracy:

Everybody should acknowledge that Fascism is making great strides on our planet. What they did in Libya is nearly identical to what Hitler and his armies did against Poland and then Russia. Today, therefore, Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.

No need to ask who the New Fascists are.
Just turn on your television sets and you will see their smiling faces, telling you how much they love and cherish you—as long as you vote for them—and as long as you die for them in foreign wars for the aggrandizement of Israel.
*          *          *
It certainly needs to be asked: How much longer will America continue to fight Israel’s wars? What hold does Israel have over America? Is America prepared to sustain immense damage to its vital interests on behalf of an unstable and insolent ally that remains, if numerous polls are to be believed, the world’s most hated nation?
There are some indications that not all American operatives, especially in the armed forces and the CIA, are overly impressed with Israel’s increasingly irresponsible behavior. A significant rift in the friendship appears to be developing, a rift that will hopefully grow in time as America finally comes to its senses.
Relations could once again reach rockbottom, as when former US Secretary of State James Baker uttered his infamous remark about Israel’s Jewish American supporters: “Fuck the Jews, they don’t even vote for us.”
Former Centcom chief and retired Gen. Joe Hoar recently complained of a certain shady Israeli operation involving the terrorist group Jundullah, in which Mossad thugs had the impudence to masquerade as CIA agents: “Israel is playing with fire. It gets us involved in their covert war, whether we want to be involved or not.”

Israel’s Covert War against Iran
The tension between longsuffering Iran and an insufferable Israel, goading it to frenzy, is now at fever pitch.
Here is part of an interview between journalist Eleanor Hall and Iran specialist Geneive Abdo who is director of the Iran program at the National Security Network in Washington. I have compressed drastically in the interests of economy, but the full version can be read here:
ELEANOR HALL: Iran’s leadership says it’s sheer lies that it’s behind the [recent] attacks [on Iranian embassies in India and elsewhere] and that the Israelis have planted the bombs themselves to discredit Iran?
GENEIVE ABDO: Well I think that’s entirely possible. I mean, if you consider what the Israelis did for many years in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East, that theory is not so farfetched.
ELEANOR HALL: How incendiary is the relationship between Iran and Israel right now? Are we looking at an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities…?
GENEIVE ABDO: I think it’s certainly a decision Israel is taking very seriously.
ELEANOR HALL: So how dangerous do you think the situation is right now?
GENEIVE ABDO: I think it’s very dangerous. Far more dangerous than any escalation tension we’ve seen in 30 years.
ELEANOR HALL: So, how dangerous could it become if the Israelis do strike?
GENEIVE ABDO: It’s an extremely dangerous situation. The Iranians will not take this lightly, and they will use all the resources at their disposal to attack. They will cause chaos in the region, because their whole survival is on the line….You know, they could launch attacks on Latin America. They’ve even said that they would launch attacks on American soil. They will send missiles to Tel Aviv….If you consider what the Israelis have done in Lebanon…I don’t think that gives us much hope…
If Israel decides to launch an all-out attack on Iran, we can be sure of one thing: the towers of Tel Aviv will come toppling down. Not necessarily now, but one day in the distant future, when it is decided that vengeance is a dish best served cold.
The nuclear complex at Dimona could well be destroyed—if not now, later on, in the fullness of time—making Israel an uninhabitable wasteland.
Given its miniscule size, Israel could be destroyed in a single day, if not by Iran, then almost certainly by Russia or China.
Only a week ago, Alireza Forghani, head of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s strategic team, was quoted as saying: “It would only take nine minutes to wipe out Israel.”
No one seriously expects to see the annihilation of Israel right now, but Israel will have to take the consequences of its actions one day.
Israel will reap what it sows as Armageddon approaches.
The clock is ticking…
Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Her articles can be sampled here, her poems here.


I have always been faulted for having little to no patience.  When I was a kid, I just couldn’t wait for things…good or bad…to happen.  If I knew the outcome of something, like Christmas for instance, you couldn’t stand to be around me.  “Let’s get to it”, I always thought.  It hasn’t gotten any better over the years.  If anything it has gotten much worse.  I’m terrible.  I can’t imagine living with me, and wouldn’t if I had a choice.  
I don’t.  I have to live with this compulsion to get to the point.  I was even almost fired for it once.  A CEO of my company was beating around the bush about something he thought I had done(I hadn’t, and if I would have kept my mouth shut…), and half way through his meanderings and him-hawing, I said “look, could you get to the point of this?…I’m kinda busy”.  Not the right thing to say to someone with an inflated ego and the office to back it up.
Anyway, it has been like that for me since forever.  I am told to hold my tongue and to wait.  “See how things play out”, I am often cautioned. “You are just going to have to wait and see” is a phrase that could always spike my blood pressure like none other.  My Sister got all the patience.  She still says that if 9/11 was somehow accomplished by factions within our own government, that someone would have talked.  Someone would have blown the whistle by now.  I envy her patience.  I don’t share it.

That being said…

Since about two weeks after 9/11, I fully understood that it was a false-flag.  An “inside job”, as they say.  Not long after that, I made the determination that the mossad most likely master-minded it.  It is their style.  It fit.  I have uncovered nothing since that time to persuade me otherwise.  A forgone conclusion.  Period.  End of discussion.  Well, since then, the mountain of evidence pointing to its being a kosher endeavor is overwhelming.  I am not surprised in the least.  Nor do I dwell on it at all.  Litmus test.  All that.
But many are not so easy to convince.  They are still struggling with who did what and who knew who, and heaven-knows what else in their pursuit of “truth”.  Ok.  I get it.  Investigate to your heart’s content.  You are going to get to the right place in the end.  A shitty little terrorist encampment in occupied Palestine, full of jewish shit heads.  
I watched this video today and sent it on to a few ‘non-believers’.  Not out of “so-there-ishness”.  But just kind of an awakening call to the facts…not truth…about a lot of things that the tribe have always been behind.   It is interesting to watch this woman, who is obviously in complete possession of her mental faculties, take 9/11 apart, bit-by-bit.  But of course two points in the video stand out for me. 
First, was her story about Amy Goodman of “democracy now” fame.  And how she pleaded with Ms. Goodman to feature her story on air, to no avail.  I have always said that bitch is nothing more than a gatekeeper…I made that determination as well…people didn’t listen. I have said that she is just another zionist jew waving “democracy” in our faces.  Oh well.  Maybe a few will listen now.  But I doubt it.
Secondly, the whistle-blower in question, Susan Lindauer, made a rather off-hand comment in response to questions about a deal in which israhell provided mossad support of rebels, and in turn got permission to build an airbase in the NEW and improved Libya after the revolt.  And how that base was to be very near what is thought to be the location of all of Ghadaffi’s gold reserves.

I guess my point of this rambling piece is that she is going to get there in the end.  If she hasn’t already figured it out for herself that zionist-dual-citizen jews in the WH were behind the anomalies she herself witnessed prior to and after 9/11….she will understand this by and by.  We all will, one day soon.
The OWS movement complains on and on about inequality in the financial dealings of Wall Street.  They won’t hear the real reasons and about who the perpetrators of these crimes are…yet.  But they will.  
The tea-party initially protested unfairness in the two-party system and all the political shenanigans that have transpired recently leading to the essential shredding of our constitution.  They wouldn’t hear who was behind all this treason.  They will.
Backers of Ron Paul are on his band-wagon of dismantling the Fed, stopping U.S. terrorism, empire-building and policing of the world.  They have solutions to these problems…and they won’t hear who created them to begin with.  But they will.
My Sister won’t believe this woman.  Or at least she will think her delusional over some of her conclusions.  I’m sure she will view it.  She is a curious being, as are most of us.  But she won’t apply what she hears in it, to what I have been telling her all these years.  Not yet.  But she will…eventually.

Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism

By Robert Faurisson

The following is reprinted

from Robert Faurisson’s website

The term Hollywoodism refers to the transformation, often mendacious, of reality by the spirit and practices of a whole sphere of American cinema. At first, I shall discuss the evil in general done by Hollywoodism. Secondly, I shall describe the wrongs of Hollywoodism in the shaping of the imposture of “the Holocaust”, that is in building the myth of genocide, gas chambers and six million Jews killed by the Germans during the Second World War. Finally, in a third and last part I shall speak of Revisionism as the antidote par excellence to Hollywoodism and its incessant, aggressive publicity for the religion of “the Holocaust”.

1. Hollywoodism and the evil that it does

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “Hollywood” may signify “the US film industry” but also “a flashy, vulgar atmosphere or tone, held to be associated with the US film industry”. Used as an adjective the word stands for “the US film industry”, as in “a Hollywood movie, a Hollywood producer,” or means “flashy and vulgar”, as in the dictionary’s illustrative sentence “Flashy and vulgar, their clothes were pure Hollywood.”

A well-known facet of the ideology propagated by this film industry is the basic division of the world between the Good and the Bad. The Good are the United States and the Bad are those whom the United States decrees as such. The Good are fundamentally Good and the Bad are fundamentally Bad. The United States is always in the right and always wins, whilst the “Bad Guys” are always in the wrong and always lose. Thus there cannot, there must not be any pity for the vanquished: their defeat proves that they were indeed criminals. The winners will independently assume the right to try the vanquished in court or to have them put on trial by others.

Everyone can bring to mind what are known as “the Nazi atrocities”, especially the images of walking corpses or corpses proper. For the past 67 years Hollywood has presented them as evidence that the Germans had death factories wherein the SS spent their time killing, especially Jews. In reality, those corpses were proof that because of the systematic destruction of German cities by the Allies, Germany in 1945 was in its death throes: the inhabitants who had survived the deluge of steel and fire were living in rubble or in holes in the ground, exposed to cold and hunger; often there was hardly any food or medicine; the hospitals and schools were destroyed; practically no trains and convoys were running any longer; the refugees from the East terrified by the invading Red Army’s murder and rape numbered in the millions. In 1948 the Italian director Roberto Rossellini faithfully described this situation in Germania, Anno Zero. Therefore one must not be surprised at the fact that in 1945, in the labour camps or concentration camps, famine and disease (typhus, typhoid fever, dysentery) reigned, whilst medicines and disinfectants such as Zyklon B were sorely lacking.

Hollywood, along with British cinema and Soviet propaganda, had a terrible and direct responsibility both in the lies attending what was called the discovery of the German concentration camps (1945) and in the ignoble “lynching party” (the phrase is that of Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court at the time) that was the Nuremberg trial (1945-1946), where the winners of the war, in coalition, made themselves judges and jury to try the defeated. It is altogether true that in 1945 even a privileged concentration camp like that of Bergen-Belsen offered a nightmarish vision. But the horrors discovered there were not created by the Germans. They were due to the war and, in particular, an air war conducted mercilessly, to the end, by the Allies against… civilians. It took a fine cynicism to show those horrors and point an accusing finger at the defeated when the ones mainly responsible were the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force. In April 1945, no longer able to manage, the commandant of Bergen-Belsen, SS captain Josef Kramer, sent some men to meet the advancing troops of British Marshal Montgomery and warn them that they were approaching a terrible den of infection, and that they should not immediately release the prisoners lest they contaminate the civilian population and the British soldiers. The British agreed to work with the Wehrmacht. Once on the site, they kept the detainees there and tried to treat them but mortality remained appalling high for a long time. The British wanted to know how many inmates were buried in the mass graves. They extracted the corpses and counted them; then, using a bulldozer, a British officer pushed the bodies towards six large ditches where the soldiers forced female SS guards to cast them in with their bare hands. But this reality was very soon transformed by the film propaganda services, which had people believe that the bodies were those of people killed in an alleged extermination programme. A photograph taken from a plane and showing the bulldozer from afar made it possible to convey the impression that the vehicle was driven by a German soldier performing his daily work as an employee of a death factory. In one case, a photo taken from up close showed the bottom of the machine pushing corpses but “beheaded” the driver so that, with him not appearing as a Briton, it was reckoned he was a German. The Americans went on to make more and more falsifications of this kind. The American general Eisenhower, supreme Allied commander, was the impresario of this intensified Hollywoodism. The famous Hollywood film director George C. Stevens was brought to Germany in the uniform of lieutenant-colonel. His team shot 80,000 feet of film from which 6,000 feet (or 7.5% of the total) were selected for General William Donovan, special assistant to the US chief of counsel at Nuremberg. It was those parts carefully selected by the American prosecution which, on November 29, 1945, practically at the lifting of the curtain of the loathsome “Nuremberg Trial”, were projected to a stupefied world; some of the German defendants, most disturbed at what they saw, deduced that Hitler had carried out a gigantic crime behind their backs. In this sense it can be said that the “Nuremberg Trial” marked the triumph of Hollywoodism.

2. Hollywoodism’s part in creating the myth of “the Holocaust”

“The Holocaust” of the Jews then became a sort of religion whose three main components are the extermination, the gas chambers and the six million martyrs. According to an article of faith of this religion Hitler ordered and planned the methodical slaughter of all European Jews; in so doing he committed a crime without precedent, a specific crime, later called genocide. Then, in order to commit this specific crime, he had a specific weapon developed, a weapon of mass destruction, the gas chamber, operating especially with a powerful insecticide, Zyklon B, whose active ingredient was hydrogen cyanide. Finally, the result of this enormous crime was the death of six million European Jews. The Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was the focal point, the apogee, the Golgotha of that horror. After the war a whole propaganda developed around this holy trinity of “the Holocaust”, a whole industry of “the Holocaust”, a whole business: the “Shoah Business”. In the United States the film industry has fed on this belief and spread it throughout the Western world. It is especially since 1978 that such propaganda has been developed, particularly with the four episodes of the U.S. miniseries Holocaust recounting the saga of the Weiss family. It is no exaggeration to say that the showing of that series became, as of 1979, practically mandatory in an entire portion of the world. It triggered a torrent of films including, by Steven Spielberg, Schindler’s List, by Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful, by Roman Polanski, The Pianist. In France, in 1985, Claude Lanzmann honoured us with a documendaciary running for over nine hours: Shoah. The number of Emmy Awards, Oscars and other prizes given to films like these is staggering. A mogul of the Entertainment Industry, Andrew Wallenstein, once stated in The Hollywood Reporter: “Let’s just say it: the real reason we see so many of these movies is that they’re awards bait.” It is such observations that have given rise to the saying “There’s No Business Like Shoah Business,” inspired by the refrain of the song, sung by Liza Minnelli amongst others, “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

3. Revisionism is an antidote to the poison of Hollywoodism

Revisionism is not an ideology but a remedy for the temptation of ideology. It is a method. Whether in matters of literature, science, history, the media or any human activity whatsoever, it prescribes that the reality of a fact be established prior to any considerations on that fact. One must again see, hear, read what is believed to have been seen, heard or read. One must be wary of first impressions, of emotions, rumours, and must not rely on anything or anyone until one’s own thorough investigation has been conducted, all the more if one is studying a war rumour for – let us not forget –, in wartime the first casualty is the truth.

In the little time I have left here I cannot, unfortunately, describe how and at what price in fifty years of research I, along with a good number of other revisionists, have come to the conclusion that “the Holocaust” is decidedly but a gigantic imposture, as I was able to convince myself after a few years. Already on December 17, 1980 I had summarised this conclusion in a sentence of sixty French words of which I do not see a single one that needs removing today. Here is the English translation: “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

To get an idea of the spectacular victories won against that imposture thanks to the revisionists’ work, one may refer to two studies appearing in my blog: “The Victories of Revisionism” (conference paper for Tehran, December 11, 2006) and “The Victories of Revisionism (continued)” (September 11, 2011). It is no exaggeration to say that currently, in France and elsewhere, the authors who used to defend the “Holocaust” thesis are in complete disarray. The trouble is that censorship and repression still prevent the general public from becoming aware of this good news, but with the Internet, times are changing, and quickly.


The general belief on the part of the Western world in “the Holocaust” has long been the sword and shield of Zionism. But today Revisionism is putting this belief in peril. This conference on Hollywoodism will mark, I think, one more step in our common struggle, a struggle for the rights of all – especially the Palestinians –, a struggle for the whole world to free itself from a tyranny based on the Greatest Lie of modern times.
Tehran, February 3, 2012

I Dunno…

I hear and read a lot of shit.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I hear this and that about what israhell is going to do.  Yeah..yeah.  I hear this and that about what Iran isn’t going to do.  Yep.  I hear this and that about what the U.S. is going to do in response to this and that.  And I read that a whole hell of a lot of people are pissed about the state of things.
To quote the Firesign Theater…”who’s Peggy?”.
It all seems to be a soap-opera bent on entertaining the living while the dead are piling up.  Like facebook.  I hate that shit.
I don’t really know what the point of this post is going to be, but I’m sure it has one.  
Where do I get off thinking that I know anything about world affairs and deals in back rooms?  I mean, if I would know about these surreptitious accords…well, then by definition, they wouldn’t exist. So I don’t really.  Neither do you.  No matter how much we speculate about the ‘hidden hand’, that is all it is…speculation. Speculation on the floor of commodities markets can make you money, or lose you your job.  Out here, it is more or less harmless.  Nothing invested, nothing gained; or lost.  So we keep putting our play-money bets down, hoping that what seems to be a sure-thing wager, will somehow find currency and win us…what…vanity, I-told-you-so’s, respect…the list goes on.  But how much of it…this wager we make…is rooted in true concern for our fellow humans, and how much is pissing in the wind? I wonder.
Maybe we should invest a bit more.  A bit more than play-money.
I think that every time a sock-puppet politician appears in public, shaking hands and slobbering on infants, we should perhaps return the salivary compliment and spit in their faces. With no priors…what’s the worst it could buy you for such a misdemeanor assult?  Save up and get a jewish lawyer and walk…with a suspended sentence and your name being put on some list.  Big deal.  If just a hundred people would do it, maybe a few million would wonder if that isn’t perhaps an appropriate response to politicians.  How about letting a skunk loose outside an AIPAC ceremony?  Of course, I’m just spit-balling here, but surely if I can come up with a few ideas that might only get you a few minutes in front of a local judge but do the establishment  a hell of a lot of scrambling, I bet you can top me in this creative effort.

I think that we should all jump through the hoops of waiting periods and spending a little of our savings to buy high-powered rifles with state-of-the-art laser scopes, to take out a few of those drones that are soon to grace our spacious skies.  Hey, you thought it was a predatory bird after your cat…and you had this gun handy.  What’s the worst it could buy you?  Jew-suspended sentence-watchlist. Hell…if our play-money speculation is on the money, we are on those lists anyway, right?  
I am seeing a definite lack of put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is imagination in the informed citizenry…in this country anyway.  What Pakistani wouldn’t give their eyeteeth to be able to go down to “Jim-Bob’s guns” and pick up a long-range sniper rifle…to shoot down, well…predatory birds.

I dunno.  I see ‘anonymous’ types hacking systems from their mother’s basement…and that’s a good thing.  I see normal 9-5’ers waving placards in the OWS movement, and that’s a good start.  But how much of this is play.  And how much of an investment is it?  What are you putting on the line?  Perhaps I am the arm-chair revolutionary nowadays, but I am not seeing any revolt being taken to the next level.  Hell, we put our flowers in the rifles of the National Guard and waved placards at cops over 40 years ago.  It got some attention and was called ‘social revolution’ back then.  It changed some minds I guess, but it is kinda old-hat and totally ineffectual now don’t ya think?
The JPTB and their minions don’t give a shit about that anymore.  And well they shouldn’t.  It doesn’t stop their zionist lying on your talmud-vision.  It doesn’t stop drone-mentality. It doesn’t stop war…it doesn’t even interrupt these creatures in their hell-bent for domination quest.  It doesn’t do anything but get a few seconds air-time on those slow-news-days, and solidifies that ‘right-to-assemble-peaceably-in-a-free-society’ crap.
I’m not advocating violence.  I’m advocating innovative protest and show-stopping dismantling of the state.
I guess I am also saying…what do we have to lose?  I mean…just how fed up are you?  Enough to take it to the next effective level?  A level to match theirs?

Y’know, I read a lot out here about how those of us that are ‘informed’ about the secret machinations of the tribe, are pissed.  Outside of a few people…I don’t believe it.  There is a certain way to react to various human emotions, and for the most part I am not seeing much but empty rhetoric and no real investment.  Don’t even bridge the subject of ‘sacrifice’.  
Call me a poo-pooer.  A nay-sayer.  A moon-calf(whatever that means).  But I’m gonna be the guy pointing out that I don’t see any real money on the table in front of these revolutionaries.
Maybe I expect too much…I dunno.

The Song DOES Remain The Same…

Those Zep fans out there will have to forgive my paraphrasing in the title here.  It is so fitting to what I want to put out there though, that I just had to lift it.

I’ve been wanting to write on this topic, and although I have touched on it a few times before, I have never dedicated an entire post to it.
I watched a video on Zombie Soup today that got me thinking that I should impart what little knowledge of the subject that I have…coupled with a bit of a rant that has been stuck up there in my cranial confines for years.
If you haven’t already followed the hyperlink above, the short film deals with the Brill Building; the real ‘hit factory’ of the 60’s and 70’s.  It also describes the jewish influence in that process of turning out an amazing amount of popular songs of the era.

Now, a lot of people, I think, hold a skewed perception about songwriters.  As with any topic that isn’t fully investigated…myth tends to gather like ground fog, pertaining to the “talent” it takes to pen a successfully popular song.  You don’t really understand or care what it takes to compose these dittys, you just know you couldn’t do it.  You sing along with the hook and forget it, until the next one comes down the pike.  I guess the point of this all is that…you actually can do it.  Just as well as the song-smiths do.  It isn’t difficult in the least.  As with any enterprise to which the word ‘talent’ is ascribed however, very little if any is required.  And I think that of that talent that is used, 10% is just an interest in music, and the other 90% is vanity or longing for the wealth such an endeavor often brings.  Cue the jew.

Tunes-smithing is actually a well-worn formula. Wash/rinse/repeat.  
The video that I linked about the music that came out of this synagogue-of-songs, calls these jingles ‘great’.  That is not the term I would use.  Although, when listened to now by someone that grew up in that era…I think we confuse the nostalgic memories that  these songs evoke, with true musical genius.  And so will you…in 30 or so years, you will be humming a Rihanna melody and thinking to yourself, “how could we have listened to this crap?”.  Trust me on this.  It will happen just as I know every word to “happy birthday sweet sixteen”.
And the reason that you will relegate these songs to the scrap heap of silliness of youth is because they are not time-worthy…they are not borne of any talent of composition…they are just jingles that anyone with even a passing interest in doing so can pen.

Want to know the trick?  K.  Take a phrase…any phrase, between a few words and a full sentence.  The more prefabbed “wisdom” it bespeaks, the better.  Like…I dunno…a maxim…”A stitch in time saves nine”.  Now keep repeating that phrase over and over to yourself.  Notice a rhythm.  It does have a rhythm in its amount of syllables.  And in that rhythm is a rise and fall of emphasis…notes. Can you hear it?  “…a STITCH in time saves niiiiine”.  Simple.
As in the scene from My Fair Lady…”it’s so NICE of you to let…me…come”.  So when Henry Higgins is attempting to teach Eliza the proper rhythm of phrasing, he is also teaching her song-smithing.  It is a craft…a simple one.
Now all you have to do is to take that phrase(the hook), expand on its limited wisdom a bit, then write a middle 8, as they call it.  A name for 8 bars that serve as a relief from the chorus(follow same instructions as before and put it in the same key)…then as I said up there…wash/rinse/repeat.  Repeat the rhythmic phrase you began with in its own little melody of accent…and bingo-jingo…go sell it to a goyim singer.  You can make millions.  If and only if, you have the right connections.  We know what those connections are.

I learned all this from a song-smith. Yes, he was jewish.  He taught me a lot about music.  Well, rather the industry that prostitutes music.  This isn’t what I like to think of as music.  Not Mozart.  Not Cole Porter.  Not Hoagy Carmichael, Lennon, Joni or Dave Mathews.
But even these legendary composers(and hundreds more like them) of real, lasting melody and lyrics understood and used some song-smithing.  Mozart realized that his ability to churn out a popular “song” in his vaudevilles allowed him the space to create truly gorgeous music. Writing formula songs, John Lennon (with the help of the master of popular sing-songy junk, Paul McCartney), climbed to the top of the musical world and we then heard that of which John was really capable.  Of course you could add your favorite composers/performers to this list.  But I think it is a pretty good rule of thumb for those of you that are not musically inclined, that if a composition has lasted any great length of time, it probably wasn’t produced using the trickery I describe.
So when I see such a piece lauding the popular song…especially jewish tune-smiths, as great……..well, I gotta laugh.
I have to laugh, because as the title of this piece states, if there is one thing is certain in the world of popular yiddish music, the ‘song’ remains the same.

There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

Some people are born skeptics.  These people don’t believe anything you tell them.  They believe little of anything they read or even see with their own eyes.  I don’t know what causes that.  Perhaps a severe childhood disappointment.  Maybe when they found out that there was no Santa Clause, their psyche snapped.  Causing them never to accept anything even the most trusted of their circle tells them. I dunno.  You can’t please these types.  As my Mother was wont to say “they would bitch if you hung them with a brand new rope”.

I am one of those so afflicted.  This has caused me untold grief throughout my life.  I mean I can accept some things as fact…the sun rises and sets.  I get older. The water I drink has been on this planet for a gazillion years and has passed through an inestimable amount of human and animal digestive systems. This is this.  It isn’t something else.  You know.  But when you go around not believing things presented to you, it can get tiring.  It is exhausting to question everything.  Well, everything of any substance…excluding recycled hydrogen molecules and planetary movements.  I’m tired.

So, I’m cruising the info highway today and I came across this little tidbit on goonsquad, a site that I really like.

Now, I says to myself, holy shit.  No way. This is NOT going to get aired…this truther movie planned for talmud-vision release on September 11th of this year.  I’m following the links and come to the website dedicated to said upcoming film, and I am as shocked as I was when I saw people believing the original 19-arabs-in-a-cave fairytale.  WTF?  The zionist PTB are actually going to air this?  This fictional mock-commission investigation that will disprove the above mythical tale?  Well, it’s about time…says I.

Then that old feeling kicks in.  That bio-bullshit detector with which I have been afflicted all these years starts going off. 
“DONG DONG…WARNING… BULLSHIT…DON’T BUY IT!”, says the little machine in my head.  It tells me that this whole scenario does not make sense, if logic serves.  Why would an aging jewish actor, and a jewish producer, and a jewish director take on such a project?  What could possibly be the motive for this, says I.  
Why would hollyweird jews want to open a can of worms that I have already decided has “israeli mossad…do not open” stamped all over it?  Could I have been wrong all this time?  Was it just some evil Gentile/Republican plan all along?  Did I falsely assume that zionists in that hell-hole and their minions that had infiltrated the Bush white house had pulled off the biggest false-flag in our world’s history?  Could I have been wrong about this?  No way.  I am not that dumb.  I couldn’t have been duped by people as paranoid as I about something this obviously whitewashed.

I search my brain for an explanation. Only one thing shows up.  Timing.

If this project comes off as planned, it would be viewed by millions of people.  Millions that couldn’t go to the bathroom if tv didn’t tell them to.  They will believe it…no matter how many disclaimers are added to it about its being fictional.  And since no alternative scenario for 9/11 will be given, the focus will be on those that covered it up.  And who covered their tracks?  George Bush and his REPUBLICAN administration.  Wait a minute…the fog is clearing.  I am starting to get it…REPUBLICANS…elections on the near horizon.  Obama, that guy that isn’t taking anything off of various tables…ya see?…it is all starting to make a little more sense.  If the question can be left open, then doubt is planted about the whole of the party that was in power during the questioned events of that September morning.  Probably all the republicans in office then were in on it.  They can’t be trusted…and Obomb-a needs four more years to clean up this mess that they left us.  I can envision, if this fiction is aired, Barack being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on the subject.  I can imagine him saying “Even if the charges of this film are true, we must move beyond it…we cannot dwell on the past republican mistakes”.

Could be.  Could be.  I dunno.

Many scenarios could be behind this thing.  Many things could be playing out now behind the scenes as I write this.  It could fall on its face as so many other truth-movement projects have.  But this has an aroma of horseshit about it that stinks to high heaven….to me.  The guy that questions everything reflexively.  And as I have observed in my tenure here, the smellier something is, the more it is pushed and the more it is purchased.
If I am wrong, I will admit it(begrudgingly).  I have before…a couple times.  If this project is aborted by the jewish networks, I will apologize here semi-publicly.  If Ed Asner and all the yiddish behind this project turn out to be honestly looking for answers and are willing to let the chips fall where they may, I will be contrite in my mia culpas.  I will tally this up as mere paranoia on my part.  Unfounded suspicion of a culture that I have falsely accused of the most heinous of criminal intent over the years. Or, I will say I am sorry…IF this film actually airs, is accepted and opens a new popular investigation implicating people that I never suspected of masterminding that plan.  If it is then revealed that 9/11 wasn’t meant to start two wars for israel and a war on Islam.

But as the title of this project implies…I have never been one to give that “trust” that is so violated.  I have never found that to be to my advantage.  To trust. There is no pleasing me.