Life Is Tough…

“May you live in interesting times” – Anon.

It appears that no one really knows who actually said that.  It doesn’t matter really, although many have said it is a Chinese curse.  I don’t know if I accept that.  It sounds more like a pleasantry to me.  We all want to live in times that interest us.  We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves…well, most of us, I think.  I dunno.  Maybe I am wrong about that.  But damn…aren’t these exciting times?  
We get to be part of an historical new beginning.  That big step forward…following two steps back.  We are going to be witness to, and participate in the washing away of the human frailties that have held us back for so long.  We can choose at this very moment to be on the right side of humanity and all the positive things that come from that popular choice.  We have that choice…now.   And that moment is coming.  Make no mistake.  Whether you “just want a beer and watch the ball game” or are out there swinging placards at the bad guys…you will be a part of the coming-apart of the fascism that has ripped us all apart.
I talk to many people about the state of this country and indeed the state of the world.  I hear one thing consistently, and that is that they wish that they could just get on with their lives, without being constantly badgered about the problems of the world.  They just want to work at a job they like…raise their families…and enjoy life.  Without having to worry about the economy, wars, terrorism, politics, job security, mortgages…etc.  Well, I feel for them.  They have been told of an impossible dream world and for some reason they feel as if it is their right to live in it.  As if they are above the strife that all of their ancestors endured. Anointed.  The Amerikan dream.
Someone…probably the same wise-guy that came up with that quote at the top…once said, “be careful what you wish for…it could come true”. Well of course it did.  Momentarily.  The returning soldiers from WWII came back home with dreams of an easy life that they did not know before they left.  A life that they thought they had fought for and deserved for all their hard work on foreign shores.  A life of bar-b-ques and beer.  Eternal summers.  Prosperous new beginnings.  Peace.  They didn’t think much about justice.  That was a given in this new world.  It is what they fought to maintain…or so they thought.  They could put that trophy on their mantles and dust it off every now and again…but consumerism was the fare of the day.  Technology.  New.  Easy.  Affordable.  Limitless in its possibilities.  Well, we had it for a while. And is was boring.  And while we were complacent and getting fatter and contented, our trophies were stolen…and its time to regain them.

I always felt, although I have never given into the metaphysical, that this life is a punishment.  That before we are born into it, our consciousness/spirit/ identity did something for which this life of pain and pleasure is a discipline.  Without remembering it fully we are born into a prison of guilt.  The more heinous our former transgressions, the longer we live here.  To endure our comeuppances.  To pay a grocer’s bill that we ran up. Those that struggle to live lives of luxury, lives without pain are destined to serve long sentences.  And even perhaps a repeat-offense stint in this stockade.   This sounds a bit like reincarnation, but hey…it’s the best I can come up with after several scores of imprisonment.  And it makes sense.  I think we tend to see this thing….life…all wrong.  But that may be a part of it.  Not knowing.
All I know is that life is mostly pain.  Millions of nerve endings reminding you constantly not to do certain things that would jeopardize your continuance of this life.  This mortal pain.  Self-preservation instructions mock us and, like the stubborn parole board…make us continue to serve our sentences.  But what of pleasure, joy and happiness, you might well ask?  They are here and available to us as contrast, and only that.  Without pleasure, there can be no pain.  That is the way our brains are wired.  Without grief there can be no joy to be just as easily removed as discovered.  These act as rulers by which we measure our suffering.  Nothing more.  Nothing more profound than that.  The artists among us have shown us…there is no beauty without suffering.  The deeper the joy, the more vivid the suffering.

Shit.  That’s one of the more morose paragraphs I have ever penned.  But I think it, nonetheless.  Maybe I’ll start a new religion.  We will go out and kill anyone that doesn’t become a follower…thereby releasing them from their painful sentences.

Anyway…back to our most recent collective pains…the state of mankind.  The dark age from which we are about to emerge.  The age of the jew.  He is our trial and our occasion for nobility.  He and his talmudic philosophy under which we labour.  We will soon realize this “stone in our path”, that he represents.  Many realize it even now…and there is no turning back.  It is in our very marrow as a species to struggle.  We always have and we always will do so.  There will be short-lived eras after such valiant struggle in which we relax…but by our nature, we are not truly happy until we are brawling with fate to advance our species to a higher plane.  A newer level of understanding.  A jailbreak of sorts.  Perhaps we are judged by this activity and how much a part we play in it as individuals.  I dunno. 
The scourge of zionism is providing such an opportunity at this moment in our journey, I believe.  And a huge one at that.  For it is international.  No one on earth at this time is immune to its negative influence, and it will get worse before it gets better.  This impending battle will become more and more apparent in the next 10-20 years.  If only to witness that brilliant time, I wish for more punishment here in this prison. But, alas…my sentence is almost served and there is no stay of execution in the offing.  Life is like that too.  Full of disappointment for the very nature of it I describe. 
Life is tough. Good. I can’t help but think it should be.


23 thoughts on “Life Is Tough…

  1. Timster,I kind of think that this human life is a divine experiment. We are consciousness evolving. We were perhaps living with less freedom and consciousness as animals or trees or even rocks. Now we are waking up, we know that we are alive, we see that we will die. We laugh and cry and love. We are on a journey to our full awakening so it is a crazy journey, full of unknowns. And yes, the pain is there always. We felt a oneness with life when we were unconscious, and we will feel that oneness when we are fully awake, like a Buddha. In between the animal world and the awakened world is this human one. It is so full of potential, but mostly we choose to go back to the animal state, a rest from our human dilemma. We need to keep waking up no matter how painful it is. Our hell is not going to be over until we are fully conscious. Not dreaming but living in the reality. So, I don't see it as a punishment so much as an opportunjty to be one with the whole existence. Although I agree with you that we may not need to be here like this once we see past the desires and illusions. When all we are is love why struggle with things the way they are here. Yeah, this earth may simply be a hospital with everyone here only because they are ill!!Marigold

  2. Hey Timster, Have you ever thought of putting these essays into book form? I am being serious. Might not make a whole lot of money or most likely none at all, but I wouldn't mind having the 'Collected Works of…' in my hands. Might tend to focus the mind on long camping trips and would be a way of showing my great grandchildren what we thought of 'way back when'. Thanks again for saying it better than anyone else.

  3. Yes, I agree indeed, life is dual, you know positive-negative, after all I believe we live in an electric universe, so everything has its opposite, born from each others one could say….Pain and reward, this is how the world goes by.Isn't it on top of rotting matters that the most pretty flowers thrives?William Blake said:"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."Also: "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."Enough said…

  4. TimsterAnd thank you for sharing Van Gogh's beautiful Wheat Field with Crows. Some of his final thoughts. "As for my own work, I will risk my life for it and my sanity is half shot away because of it – fine – but you're not one of those dealers in men as far as I know, and you can choose the side you're on, it seems to me, and act with genuine humanity, but what's to be done?"Whew! Perhaps his question is to all of us!Marigold

  5. Timster:As always, great graphics… I do just visit for the pictures, dontchaknow.Vincent; the beauty.This life, on this earth is but a school, I believe… one I detest at present – maybe because I'm failing.

  6. wonderful post..hmm thoughts..ok, so the main component of reincarnation is that there is an entity – that continues thru and beyond physical lifetimes. let's call that a soul/spirit.. just to assign a term……the reincarnation/karma thing has always bothered me. logically it falls,,,what is the point? for this entity/soul to evolve somehow by being reintroduced into this environment or another through a physical vehicle/body which is utilized while here but decays/degenerates back into the physical environment from which it sprang. rinse/shampoo/repeat….while here…. to evolve… one must learn and incorporate thoughts and behaviors of the 'new input'. lessons as it were, ok, so………. if the point of being here is to learn lessons/evolve (choosing wisely) and the negative consequence of not learning those lessons (choosing unwisely) is to 'repeat the class/grade'…. if you don't get to bring forward your learned lessons to each grade/reincarnation…. what's the point? if cumulative wisdom is the goal, why the negation of the previous knowledge/lessons?i don't think karma extends beyond one incarnation. logically.. how can an entity be held accountable for a prior incarnation? how would any cumulative lesson be learned if the previous incarnation's choices and consequences aren't consciously remembered? that's just silly… ok.. you don't remember what you did in that lifetime, but you get to pay for it in this one!…… (tribal accent) suchaaaaa deaaaaaal and guilt taboot!ahem……bad analogy, but…..ya can't play hopscotch blindfolded and accomplish very much……..other than excessive physical injury……. headscratch…

  7. Straw – Tell ya what…you find a publisher that is willing to invest in it, and I will edit and punch up the best of the essays…AND give you a leather-bound, signed first edition. Deal? (grin). Again, thanks for reading!

  8. KikzI think all the ugly religions of the world have poisoned our lives from very early on. All the lies about karma, sin, guilt, punishment and lessons to learn. I experience my life more as something that is a journey to a blissfulness. And I won't learn it, I may simply fall back into it. I don't buy into any of their forced morality either. Just because some people are peddlers of huge, centuries-old lies, doesn't mean I have to despair of the beauty that surely must be there. I can't help thinking that something very joyous and vastly loving is lying there waiting for us. The god or bliss or whatever you want to call it must lie within us and not when we finally pass some mysterious test, but perhaps when we finally just surrender to the love, we just open and say yes! We have all felt it in rare moments, it must be ours to own or be!Marigold

  9. Marigold:You are mistaken; I have never felt it. I could not even define it. I have felt supreme sadness though… perhaps that was a result of unrecognized love, now lost.I think that I'll just leave my name off of this comment.

  10. thx timster..i agree marigold… it would seem institutionalized religion's ancient MO in essence… to get us to acquiesce our freewill to choose… and have them insert themselves unnecessarily into what is an unbroken direct connection w/the divine 'love'. lying/scaring us into false belief that no such direct connection to that 'love' exists – unless and only if; we promise to do what 'they sockpuppet'.. deity commands- and prescribe what we must do to experience that deity's love. bollocks…. kaminski wrote a great one today… afternoon thing i think he's ever written.worth the peruse.. enjoy, and happy wknd to y'all. :)

  11. ……brawling with fate to advance our species… sentence is served and there is no stay……Timster, you need to get out of the basement a bit more…….That or lay off the Dosteyevski novels 'cause this reads a lot like Creepto On-boarders Jones and Glenn. Surf's in the cross hairs!

  12. Keep the presses rolling Timster. Behind those words lies a brain. That's becoming harder to find these days! Instead of rounding us up and treating us like sheep into camps. Hopefully beyond this exercise in existence lies clear beautiful skies, pristine lakes full of bass just waiting to jump on our hooks…..damn I fell to sleep at the keyboard and had a dream! One can still dream right?

  13. Timster,No matter the content, your visuals are top notch; no one can touch 'em……I can't share your glumness, however, with a world full of comedians such as Jon Stewart (married shicksa), Sarah Silverman (not a schicksa), George Burns (married shicksa), Woody Allen (tapped mother/daughter schicksas), and greatest Jewish comedian of all, Adolph Hitler (screwed Jews masquerading as schicksas)! Hitler and Groucho: Hair slickers, mustache nutters, and pant-slack tumtitty hikers! Comedic Maestros!

  14. There is a punk/hardcore band with an album called Life's Not Hard You're Just Soft…can't remember the name of the band. Keep hacking at that root Timster, carry on!

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