Of Thor And Lemon Trees…

As a kid, I liked Thor Heyerdahl.  He was out there on the edge…putting his life on the line to prove some things that he thought to be true.  Most reading this don’t remember him.  But I do.

If I don’t water my lemon tree…it will wither and die.  So I water it. And keep it in the sunlight.  Things are like that.  That is our nature.  To alter what is…to what we think it should be.  And from Thor to my lemon tree, we fight against nature….well…until it fights back.  Mr. Heyerdahl, if you haven’t followed the link or don’t remember him, tried desperately at one point to prove that some indigenous peoples that weren’t indigenous peoples, were in various places in history because they migrated from continent to continent in crudely fashioned boats.  And that was to explain why we have mixed genealogies and races and people popping up in history that shouldn’t be popping up in history, in all sorts of far-flung places.  All because these primordial humans were smart and knew instinctively that there were other continents out there and by god, they were gonna paddle to them and start anew in strange lands.
Then came plate-tectonics.  Which made a hell of a lot more sense.  And we collectively forgot about Thor and his “putting-it-on-the-line” bravado, and few remember his many other contributions to archeology.  He was the real-life template for Indiana Jones(without the blind hatred for Germans). 

Things are like that.  Over the centuries that we humans have graced this rock, many bad ideas are pushed aside when better ones come to light to replace them.  Sometimes it takes a long time.

A few things that I think we will see falling by the wayside in the future are, for instance…airplane travel, money, twinkies(even now), war, tobacco, societies being “ruled” by the whims of other mere people, capitalism, fossil fuel, professional sports, the myth of manned space travel, sushi and the holocaust.
All of these activities, industries and endeavors are not very good ideas.  They are among the dumber things that we can come up with…but billions of people have had to endure these things in their short tenure…their one-and-only lives on earth.  It’s a shame really.  There has to be something better…a “plate-tectonics” kind of shift in the way we all think about the nature of many things.  And there are.  Better ideas.  The dumb notions that we as a species have held, that have been replaced by more sensible explanations are usually exchanged in our minds because…well…they just don’t make sense.  Some notions are harder to dispel than others and that usually has to do with money and the people-ruling-people thing.  There has proven to be a lot of money to be made from bad ideas. But even these things will become archaic in time.  We just have to quit watering the plant that is producing such sour fruit.  This plant of which I speak, is more often than not, the weed called judaism.  It will die from lack of attention, even if it seems the healthiest of dumb and destructive ideas at the moment.  Its leaves wither as we speak, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

The perception that some of us are better than others of us is a bad idea that even the simplest mind can now grasp.  It wasn’t that way only a few centuries ago.  We had royalty claiming that because of their blood-heritage, that they were suited and even compelled to rule over the rest of us.
Well, that dumb idea has more or less fallen from our collective minds.  But we have yet to reason out a few other silly misconceptions in that arena. Like the jew’s insistence that he is god’s chosen.  He attempts to lord over the rest of us by playing the eternal victim. There is no better example of this than his “holocaust” tales.  Although the followers in that cult truly believe that 6 million of their ethnicity died in WWII at the hands of the Germans –  the ultimate evil,  it is obvious to we “Thors” out here…that it just didn’t happen. We got in our little boats, and they sank.  When you see the same few pictures of piles of dead bodies, your mind goes into shock…at first.  But then if you start to use your “brain”, you begin to see that these bodies are emaciated.  Not dead and bloated from poison gas, but dead from starvation.  No wounds…no skin stripped from the bodies.  You also ask  yourself the question “how do I know…even though I am being told so…that all these bodies were Goldbergs,  Kaplans and Shapiros”?  And if you are a stickler for detail, you might even notice that there are one hell of a lot of uncircumcised penises in these snaps. A condition in which no self-respecting jew would be caught dead.

So then you realize that what you are really seeing is a few pictures of starved people.  That’s all….maybe a few hundred at best. A tragedy of war to be sure…but not a “holocaust”.  The rest of what the tribe offers as proof  of this myth has fallen away from credibility like the fictions that they are.  Try as we may to accept such a tale of 6 million murdered jews…it just doesn’t make sense, and is losing its favour among those of us that take the time to do even a small amount of research and some critical thinking. To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes…when you remove the impossible(and improbable), what remains is what happened.  This myth and all it supports is just another quest for money and the people-ruling-people thingy.  The difference between Thor’s quest and the now ruling tribe is that the rulers of this cult know it isn’t so.  Thor wanted to know.  He gracefully accepted plate-tectonics as a more common-sense explanation for some of his theories… but there is nothing graceful about the tribe and their plotting postulates.
But that’s as may be.
Things are changing.  Mr. Heyerdahl didn’t seek to have laws passed imprisoning anyone that didn’t subscribe to his view of history…and even though most of the scientific community thought at the time he was correct in his theories…no one was pushing his yet to be proven ideas down anyone’s throat.  It seemed to make sense, just as it seems that the holocaust could have happened as it is described.  The only way to really prove it, is to let people investigate what is asserted.  But that isn’t allowed…at this point in history.  So mankind is stuck momentarily with the crude-boat theory…when most of us know that can be disproved.  
Thor Heyerdahl was a famous man in his time.  And will be in my mind always.  Because he had the courage of conviction…and yet yielded many of his theoretical offerings when a more sensible theory was extended.  I like that.  Integrity.  I believe of all the qualities of man that will never fall from favour or fashion…it is that.


13 thoughts on “Of Thor And Lemon Trees…

  1. Hey Timster,…Nice Post, haa I remember him, I seem to have a memory of a "Short Feature" featuring his exploits prior to the Main Feature at the cinema when I was kid. The image of that dodgy raft-house-boat is certainly a memory that I have, I used to dream of building one myself!veritas

  2. Timster….you have a great mind….Thor's tales of adventure are epic in my mind… His early book Fatu Hiva, in his own words, was a hippies dream. Living off the land, without any modern conveniences. Not easy to do, even in the 1930's…….all things must pass, but the mean spirited Judaic influence would be better to pass sooner than later!

  3. The holohoax was just that – a political ruse.The Red Cross reported in 1949/50 a total jewish loss of life in all WWII concentration camps og 271,000.From starvation and disease, no human gas chambers have been found anywhere.There were a total of 2.5 million jews in all of Europe in 1940. How could 6 million be gassed to death?It is a politcal lie, just like 9/11.The thing about the truth, it never changes.Thank you for your post.Mouser

  4. Timster,Thank you for a thoughtful post. I wasn't aware of Thor Heyerdahl, although I must be a follower of his. Funny, for most of my life I stayed clear of anything to do with the holocaust. Those piles of dead bodies gave me the shivers, I didn't bother to count them or examine their condition. I think it is true the more gruesome the lie, many just stay clear and so become believers of huge lies. And when I first came closer, it was to encounter Anne Frank, through the "diaries". You just can't sudy or learn anything worthwhile from the accepted media. We were all told lies from our earliest moments. We were all expected to swallow everything that was fed to us from parents, teachers, churches and politicians. We read and studied from their holy books. In a better world, one that I try to live in right now, nobody tells anybody what to believe! And that starts with the parents who are the first to poison the child. A child is so trusting that he will believe anything at a very young age. And it is good that he is trusting and innocent!We must not exploit his innocence, but respect it and leave the child to find his own way, to trust himself always. If he grows in this way, no lie, big or small, can fool him. So let us question everything and allow our children to do so. We should never be an authority to a child, we can only share our own experience and he may consider it or not. I think this is how we rob the tribe of its power, when our light as individuals is brighter than their darkness. The liars are counting on a stupid mob to destroy, so we must be awake, alert and questioning of anything that comes before us. As we grow this way our courage and innate intelligence increases. To me, war is the uglist lie imaginable! I am glad that this hideous idea will one day be no more!Marigold

  5. Well said my friend! Good comments! What can I say? The truth be in the uneducating ourselves, of the educated system, that keeps us uneducated!Damn! If I would of had a teacher like you, I might of learned something! Instead I find myself learning "truths" when I'm almost gone!

  6. Interesting post. ….A few things that I think we will see falling by the wayside in the future are, for instance…airplane travel, money, twinkies(even now), war, tobacco, societies being "ruled" by the whims of other mere people, capitalism, fossil fuel, professional sports, the myth of manned space travel, sushi and the holocaust……..To this list I would like to add Spielberg. For more than 30 years, his films – whether 1941, E.T., Munich, The Color Purple, Amistad, Raiders/Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan, Empire Of the Sun, Jurassic Park/Lost World, War Of Worlds – are proganda pieces. Let us not forget Schindler's List – a master work of fiction that lands on top 10 all-time lists sandwiched somewhere between Les Enfant Du Paradis and Casablanca. You have to go back to the 70's to find a Spielberg film that isn't escapist propaganda/fiction crap; think Sugarland Express, Duel, and Jaws. Actor Crispin Glover was right when he pegged Spielberg as an uncreative man in a baseball cap. I think we know what he really meant to say about Spielberg. I have a post suggestion: 20th Century's greatest marketing scheme Hostess Twinkies notwithstanding. I write of that greatest of Jew comedians, the stage master himself, Adolph Hitler. Who or what can lay claim to the homage that is paid this guy? I went to see the film Rum Diaries last weekend. Giavanni Ribisi play Moburg, only with a twist; the film character has a Hitler fascination. Go figure. There is no mention of Hitler in Hunter S. Thompson's novel of same name. But Ribisi's character is imbued with an over the top Hitler fetish. Got to love the Jews. Never miss an opportunity for the ridiculous or unobtrusive reference to the 'evil one'. I suppose since the 6 million Jews perishing didn't gain traction at WWI's end, the Jews had to wait for Jew propaganda film maker Reifenstahl and television to drive home the fiction that is WWII. Still, nothing compares to the relentlessness that is the marketing of Anti-Semite spoofing Jew, Adolph Hitler: He's Gilbert Godfried, Don Rickles, and Harpo Marx rolled into one.

  7. Now that I check again Timster, my comment here was never published. Maybe went to spam? I've had a few comments outright deleted on kenny's blog, maybe it got deleted here, too.

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