Another Little Girl…

“How I would like to be dead, absolutely nonexistent,”
I started the conversation by saying “first of all, I want to dispel as many as I can, of these ludicrous stories about your exploits”.  “Ok”, she said.  “Did you sleep with Jack Kennedy?”  “We didn’t sleep, no”. 
She continued to be cagy like that throughout the discussion I had with Marilyn Monroe, or as I insisted on calling her…Norma.  
I have tired recently of talking to the dead.  So many encounters with them bring me down.  This was one of them.

In reporting this one, I am not going to take that prevelant “poor Norma Jean” attitude.  I am, and have long been pissed at her.  Her eyes don’t entrap me anymore…like they did.  They don’t beckon to me as they did to the past few generations of men( and women, I’m sure) that lusted after her…ached to protect her innocence. A non-existent innocence that is, and always was the most egregious of the myths that surrounded this siren.  
After spending an evening with her…and not in sexual congress…most of the legend fell away.  As it would I am sure if we on the receiving end of such media fairy-tales would  be allowed  a candid conversation with any of our idols.  Yes, as a young punk…like most young shit-heads…I idolized her.  Wasted adoration that could have been spent on real humans.  But be that as it may…the evening by the lake that I spent talking to this erstwhile sexual fantasy was sobering to say the least.

I first addressed a tired burnt-out drug-addled whore with scraggly bleached hair, that was wont to sing in her cracked voice and reticent to respond to anything I asked her.  I soon finished with this hooker and called on her to show me they young Norma Jean so I could get to the bottom of what attracted me and millions of others to her.  She appeared as an eleven-year-old wrapped in a tattered cloth coat and with a fresh, and expectant scrubbed face. A girl like any other adolescent her age.  Full of wonder about the world and filled to the brim with talkative goofiness.  There was nothing there for me.  No revelations.  “I wanna be a movie star”, she said.  “Or a princess and live in a castle”.  Typical, I guess.  I never had daughters…but common enough aspirations for the age she grew in, I suppose.  Nothing.  Nothing that hinted of the concubine of the rich and powerful that she was to become…but why would there be,at such an innocent age. 
I asked her to age to 17.  She was happy to accommodate.  When she did…and I watched this young woman dressed in tight clothes wiggling into the campfire light, I must admit…I was stirred.  I began to envision her life of decadence.  It was in her face even then.  That innocence being lost to womanhood and more importantly, to greed.  It was not pretty…but attractive nonetheless.
This was the girl I wanted to talk to.  This was the point at which the bargain was made.  Even before she agreed to disrobe for that first jew that promised her anything.  She had made the decision at this age.  Anything goes.  Innocence.  Normality. Human connectivity.  The die was cast here.
I queried, “do you know what judaism is?”.  She answered “not really, no”.  “They are the ones that will destroy you”, I warned.  “Oh yeah?…so what?”, she responded in a nonchalance that belied her future.  “I’m going places”, she added.  “What ever it takes to get me there…I’ll do”.  “If powerful men find me attractive and want to take liberties with me…well…I mean, it’s not like they are going to actually hurt me…it’s only sex”, she posited.

I tried to get this young woman to understand that what she was willing to sacrifice would further an agenda of a tribe that fed on that kind of attitude.  And that by succumbing to their sick fantasies…in film and on casting couches…she was empowering them.  That she was setting a precedent of “shiksas” that would live long after they had finished with her. An unreal dream that thousands of people would follow, only to meet a similar fate.  She didn’t get it.  Or she just didn’t care.  I must admit, I have never met a more self-centered and greedy person outside the tribe.  Sober and young and beautiful…she fully wanted, and was prepared to give up anything she had, to become that princess of her little-girl dream. 
There must have been something I missed while talking to that raggedy girl of eleven.  Some seed within her that would germinate into making her the world’s most conspicuous prostitute.  And yet, somehow she would retain a “victim” status through all that.  Several generations would remember her as the quintessentially exploited woman.  How can that be, I pondered as I looked into those sexually mercenary eyes that evening?  I didn’t know then…and I don’t now.  I hate that.  Not knowing what moves me.  What I can hate and yet feel drawn to.  I resigned the evening being repulsed and confused by all of her.  All ages that she showed me.  There was nothing more to her…and I hated her.  
I hated her and what she revealed of femininity raped.  For what she did to the “American dream girl”.  For the decadent pleasure she provided the jews that fed on her flesh and her will.  For the loss of innocence that we all shared in her repulsive behaviour.  And more than anything…the disenchantment.

At the very least…after all was said and done in her depraved life…she did finally get what she wanted in the end.  To be dead…absolutely non-existent.


23 thoughts on “Another Little Girl…

  1. Maybe she just needed to go through that whole "it may not be pretty, but I need some breathing room".Kali will not play by any rules, just looks that way, but I sometimes wonder how many teeth marks were laid down, and still to come. I think she will sleep until she wakes up. Then, clarity won't save anyone, but there is what happens when some need to pay attention, and that is a law that can kiss, or kill, and that is what it is.

  2. This story invokes a spiritual sadness ,of sorts, in me. The revelations of late are like winds that blow away a life spent in the fog, one feels hollowed out .great writing regards

  3. Sobering post Tim.I wonder if Norma Jean had Borderline Personality Disorder – fits like a glove IMHO.Should have queried her if she even ever met JFK. The zionist forces wanted to besmirch the anti-zionist president and controlled the media which which to concoct any blatant lie including Marilyn and JFK they wanted.When he was blown away in Dallas (not by the patsy) but by the antichrist jugernaut, JFK was already believed by the Amerikan public to be guilty of adultery according to the zionist controlled press.Mouser

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  5. Wow! I like it! Eerily sad, yet most likely full of truth! As long as there are people that are willing to allow themselves to play along with the dastardly ones, sick ways it will always continue!!! You best rest that brain of yours before it burns out. haha My recommendation as Professor of Humor is to write a silly piece and have some fun. Let Carlin take some jabs from the great Comedy Club of the beyond! That ought to be a good one! Glenster

  6. First a funny short story and then my comments.About what all little girls want. Mine were different although the older did want a castle. Every time we drove by the local penitentiary that is a big beautiful old building on well kept grounds, she would sigh and say "When I grow up I want to live THERE!" Kid had no idea of what a jail was back then…..Now, to MM.Marilyn was a mind controlled MK Ultra sex slave. She was the first "presidential model" to be produced. Others to follow include Anna Nichole who was not such a dummy and who oddly enough wanted to BE Marilyn. Just like her to be exact, and like MM, she ended up dead young after the media and Hollywood had broken her and used her up. Others include Kathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor and I have a feeling Lewinsky might have been one as well. She performed the usual Presidential model work and ruined an already rotten President and American morality was hurt along the way.Presidential Models were the creme de la creme, intelligent and broken to do anything sexual to please. MM was probably the most notable of the lot. She spent much time alone when she was not married to some handler or another. One of her maids said that she was almost like a prisoner much of the time and what the public saw was all show.Marilyn was killed when the jig was up and the stories about the means of her death are myriad but she was murdered, no ifs ands or buts about it. Why? Could be any of many reasons and all to do with her relationships with the Kennedy's. She put much more store in her relationship with the hyper sexualized JFK than really existed. As for Bobby, well, that is what sex slaves do, they serve. She was no more the hard assed floozy predator than Anna Nichole was. She was manufactured by the Jews once they had her in their grasp. Anna Nichole was brought up that way from childhood… Not so much is known about Norma Jean's origins. Both women were spat out and assassinated when the PTB decided to put them out of their misery. Both women had also begun to break from their programming as happens in the late 20's and then most slaves are sacrificed or murdered. SO MUCH $$ could be made from the deaths of these women…..Also, when Marilyn spoke like a child that soft breathiness could have been part of her programmed sexuality. Also when a person is traumatized in MK ultra, they most frequently revert back to the age they were when the process was initiated. For example, there is a video of Anna Nichole before her death. She has ugly make up on and talks like a child. A 3 or 4 year old child.This video was passed about to show she was a drunk or a druggie but she was totally clean. She had been playing with a child and had reverted. She responded to adult questions just exactly as a small child would respond, the naivete and confusion in her eyes was genuine.I think that is possibly the source of part of Norma's charm. She somehow maintained an air of that innocence about her at all times.Consider also that Michael Jackson also had that same sort of innocence and breathlessness about him. He too was an MK Ultra slave, this has been documented. As were his siblings. He, too, was assassinated when his programming broke down and so much $$ could be generated from his passing.Norma Jean was a victim, pure and simple. She may have knowingly placed herself in danger not knowing what she was getting into. She might have been brought up from a young age. We don't know. But like everything else to do with MK ultra victims, there is so much grey it gets a lil hard to know what is what unless, like O'Brien, a sort of miracle and a lot of therapy takes place and the memories are handled properly.Amen. Said my bit.

  7. Noor – Thanks for you input! You could be entirely right. The King's concubine. I would liked to have been there however when she made that decision to "go to the dark side".

  8. Marylin had to have had a good mind. A cinematic actor has to understand how to time their actions, gestures and attitudes (hit the marks) and dialogue to where the camera will get the strongest angles for the characterization. It isn't rocket science but it does take a brain and some studying; one needs to learn the tricks of the trade. Then you have to be able to sing, dance or act….I doubt Marylin would be remembered so well if she didn't die young. Her body of work just is not that impressive. Personally, I think Britney Spears has a lot more sex appeal (so far as entertainers go…Britney is HOT!) Howard Hughes didn't like Marylin as her feet were deformed and this detail put Howard off. Or so I have been told.McCob

  9. McCob – Well, I have heard that every line she ever spoke was written down for her somewhere off cam. I have heard a lot of things. I know the lens was in love with her. I don't know about deformed…ugly, yes.Britney who?

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