I Was Talking…

I had a great conversation with Adolf Hitler a few days ago.  We yukked it up for hours.  Neat guy.  Maligned by history…but who isn’t, that is on the wrong side of biased chronicles.  He and Eva had me over for lunch and afterwards we had a chance to clear up a few things that had been bothering me about his legacy.  Eva is a sweetheart to be sure.  A real…I dunno…compassionate, thoughtful woman.  And Adolf himself, although with my HS German and his thick Austrian accent it made it a bit difficult communicating effectively, is one hell of a conversationalist.  But that’s as may be.

I wasn’t really surprised by much that he said…but impressed nonetheless.  The eloquence with which he expressed his thoughts rather took me aback and made me feel wholly inadequate in my knowledge of pre-WWII Europe.  My few interruptions of the afternoon…sneaking outside for a smoke a couple times(Adolph abhors smoking)…were filled with trying to quickly absorb what I had just heard and marshaling the next few questions that I planned to ask.  All-in-all…a delightful afternoon. I mentioned an old friend to him, now passed-on, that had told me of meeting him, when this man was but a child in Adolph’s Hitlerjungend.  He of course couldn’t remember one little boy out of hundreds and thousands that he had met…but he reveled in the general memories of the German National youth groups.  He loved children, and bemoaned the lack of a family of his own.  It was one of his many regrets. His underestimation of jewish influence in the halls of governance in both England and America seemed to bother him more than anything.  “Contrary to now-popular belief, Germany had no plans to rule the world”, he said at one point with a sly grin and a bit of a sparkle in his eye. 

“I am interested in your OWS movement, young man” (I loved the “young man” part).  He pointed out that the time would soon be upon those like me, to start connecting dots for these protestors.  It was our duty, he said to point out that all they protest against are the same manifestations of the infestation of talmudic thought that once gripped his country.  “Materialism, money-changing and decadence…all hidden in an “occupied” media under their control…” were hallmarks of organized jewry, he pointed out.  He likened this behaviour, not as a conspiracy, but to children left alone in a candy shop.    It would only be a matter of time before the modern Amerikan would make these connections, he foresaw.  “Do your best to help them”, but he cautioned…”never underestimate their power”.
When I pressed he and Eva on the issue of the ‘holocaust’, as it is now known, there were few surprises in their response.  “Nonsense…pure and simple”, he stated.   “There were no plans to annihilate anyone, and certainly not that whining tribe”.  “We put them in work camps in an effort to remove their rallying influence, while trying to negotiate deportation of the group as a whole”, he said.  “Not too smart a move, as it turns out”.  Eva chimed in…”probably the worst of many errors made in that time”.  “But they seemed such a rag-tag group, with no real leadership among them, that is was difficult to pin them down to what exactly they DID want…short of staying in our beloved homeland”, she added.   “We as a country paid the price of that misjudgement”, Adolf said.  “For that error…I shall never forgive myself.”  “Modern Germany has our sympathies and our contrition” they both agreed.  When I pressed them on the report of having died of suicide in a bunker, they both said: “In your modern vernacular…If only”.  No, they had both been spirited away according to plans and had both lived long regret-filled lives in South America.  “We watched our beloved country suffer the consequences of our good intentions far beyond that which we would have wished to”, added Eva.
The afternoon ended as pleasantly as it began.  There was well-wishing all around…and I felt…I dunno….warmed by the experience of confirming what I already suspected.  That as this charming couple had imparted, there is little room in politics for honesty…then, now or ever.  And that it is never rewarded by posterity.  A simple wish to lead a populace in the right direction with a solid foundation of simple,yet noble values is near impossible.  This has been proven time and time again throughout our history as a species.  But is was never so graphically demonstrated as in the legacy of Hitler’s Germany.  Eloquence and perseverance aren’t always enough to lead  a people to their highest aspirations.  It usually must come from a movement below the radar.  From the true grass roots of a nation.  Beyond politics…on the concrete.

I often speak with those that have passed on.  It isn’t difficult.  All that is required is insight and imagination.  Letting go of preconceived notions of what others thought of these people…they will speak to you.  From your Great Aunt Helen to Charlemagne, they are there for you to know.  There for you to feel.  There for you.  To live again, ever so briefly.  Talk to them.  They are waiting.


32 thoughts on “I Was Talking…

  1. Amazing how your conversations sound much the same as mine. And I don't understand one word of German.But it is agreed that we must 'do our best to help them'. The Movement is fully under way. It IS growing. It will be earth shaking and society changing when it arrives. "…never underestimate their power."Thanks again, Timster.

  2. Timster, I love what you are saying, that we can and do know those who have died. This world is so upside down in every way, that yes, we often know people we have not "met", better than we know those living quite near our physical selves! This has been my experience again and again. I have some very dear friends, in fact my very dearest, who are not living here now. Beloved ones like Osho, Henry Thoreau, Henry Miller, George MacDonald, Vincent VanGogh and John Lennon. It's incredible, to be sure!!I hadn't thought to meet with people like Hitler, how very courageous of you. And we never know, in our world the people who look like angels are anything but, and people who we are certain are devils are not in the least. Perhaps we are all a little bit of each! I loved my grandmother, yet haven't thought to have teatime with her, I just may try!Thanks TimsterMarigold

  3. Timster, I'm booking you a nice quiet room in my Sanitarium, a nice restful ten years in the mountain with me as your therapist will create new and proper working synapses with the best drugs that them big Pharmas can produce! I can clearly see by your non-brainwashed mind the new modern medicines haven't been prescribed to you yet! We can take care of that for you! I am currently undergoing a study on a new drug called Bejew. Israeli maufactured, they say it enlightens gentiles to THEIR tuth! After reading your current post about talking to Hitler, I'm worried about you! Your blog, How Dare I has fried your brain! Please accept my free ten year all expenses paid stay in the mountains! I ass-ure you we'll enjoy the pleasures that only shekels can buy! You name it they'll buy it! The goal is to let you get use to things that only money can buy! We'll be rich my good man, we'll be transformed into "evil" where anything and every thing is made to be guilt free! Damn! Is that not the goal of every man that has ever existed! To be free of guilt and change the laws to suit themselves! No more caring about humanity! Free to be the Devil himself! This was on my mind as I woke up after reading your post about Adolf Hitler! Damn to know the truth and nothing but the truth would be so DAMN FANTASTIC!!! You my good buddy have gone CRAZY, like me and I like it!You talking to Adolf Hitler! Good one!!!

  4. Brilliant interview.You are on to something here young man! That old "who in history would you most like to meet" taken a few steps beyond. History, entertainment, common sense, all imaginatively packaged.MORE!Although you can skip Mengele please.

  5. Marigold – Yeah. Give it a try. It's fun and informative, and it kinda takes over your psyche…amazing. Oooh…I MUST talk to Vincent! I wonder if he would care for dinner?

  6. Glenster – Ya think? Off the deep end, huh? Well…I knew is was coming. Everyone told me it would happen one day. But it's not as bad as I thought…matter of fact…it's kinda fun! YAY! Mountains, huh? Can I bring my friends?

  7. Noor – Thank you. That is certainly encouraging coming from you.Well, Joe was an odd fellow. I have spoken with him before. Not really someone I would have tea and biscuits with. Next up…a midnight cruise with Marilyn Monroe, I think. About which I may…or may not…write. Ha.

  8. Mengele's personal journals recently went up for auction. If there was any damning testimony in them, rest assured we would've been informed. The journals were bought by a Jew for $300,000."I don’t have anything to hide. Terrible things happened at Auschwitz, and I did my best to help. One could not do everything. There were terrible disasters there. I could only save so many. I never killed anyone or hurt anyone. I can prove I am innocent of what they could say against me. I am building the facts for my defense. I want to turn myself in and be cleared at a trial."- Dr. Mengelelink 1link 2

  9. Timster and kind commenters,Yes, these controllers tried to tell us not to look too deeply into anything, including death and the dead. They allowed the books, but they tried to keep them in the schools – protected, distorted, interpreted by them. Well it hasn't worked, you have run off and arranged your own meeting with Hitler and his wife, my god nothing can stop us now!!And of course the freer we become, the crazier they imagine us. That's their tool to rein us back to their lies and stories. We can be like the Sufis and carry our own secrets, only to be understood by fellow Sufis!!I've arranged a meeting with Vincent, you and me! He would love dinner, he never quite dined enough!Marigold

  10. Take some time to converse with some dead Germans and Gentiles who lived through the Jew circus charade that was Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. Hitler was, is, and always will be – alive or dead – Jew-puppet. Google Skokie Jew Cohen as Nazi ten year old dick sucker. Spitting image of Der Fuhrer (the Furor in Orwellian-speak).

  11. Wow, great post Timster! I find Hitler to be a fascinating individual, but there is so much garbage out there about him, not to mention the legitimate points Jim Condit, Jr. has raised about his Zionist connections. I don't buy his overall thesis, but he does raise some interesting points. My general view is that Hitler was a man of principals who recognized the problem of organized world Jewry. OWS doesn't want to hear the truth, sadly. The New (Jew) World Order has psychologically enslaved so many people, most cannot even entertain alternative ideas or explanations of events. Good thing is, we don't need people like that on our side anyways.

  12. Blammo – Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff. From what I read there, he seemed an interesting…if not severely troubled individual. Knowing what I know of jewish-revisionist history, I give him the benefit of the doubt about charges leveled.

  13. John – Thanks! I asked him about his alleged hidden jewish heritage and he said "It wouldn't surprise me…" I don't know what he meant by that.They will wind up on our side…or sorry at some point that they weren't.

  14. Timster, I loved this post so much I had to go back and give it a second look see! I liked it better the second time. Have you made a time machine? Can't wait for the next installment of Timster Travels Back In Time or Timster Has A Time Machine And Will Travel!

  15. "It wouldn't surprise me…"Well said. 'Jewishness' is a disease of the mind, no more, no less.My German father, whom I've only spoken to on a few occasions, when I was a youth, has an ambiguous surname. I've been meaning to get in touch with him and ask him about our lineage, but it wouldn't surprise me either.In the US, I believe the vast majority of Blacks have some White lineage. Khazars have been so long residing in Germany that their situation is likely the same. I believe in times long past there was a Yiddish peasantry which was not of the extremist bent and exhibited some degree of assimilation ("Hitler's Jewish Army, for example), whereas today such 'Jews' are few and far between. I do not believe in the 'monolithic conspiracy since the beginning of time' theory.Here's to a New Year, Timster

  16. Adolf was sitting in his Mein Kampfy chair with Eva, what fine taste in women. Those color films Eva filmed are great, especially the part where she does gymnastics in her bathing suit! Bwahaha! Timster the word verification says Histr!

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