The Wrong Side…

After having written this…I have to caution the reader.  You could skip the whole thing, and be not one whit worse off.  It does tend to wander.  But hey.  Times are tough.  2012 is the end anyway.

I always got picked for the wrong team in school.  I will invariably choose the wrong line in stores.  I always wind up behind that 106-year-old woman that can barely see over the steering wheel  and is doing 20 in a 55.  These are the minor annoyances in life…quick choices that make your day longer and more frustrating than it should be.

I can live with these.

I cannot live with conscious choices about which I have time to ruminate…and make the wrong ones.  Life choices.  My mother habitually cautioned her children that “we weren’t born into this life to pick and choose”. 
I always disagreed with that.  If anything, as I see it…that is the ONLY reason we are here.  To make choices.
I started doing this at an early age.  Weighing benefits and harm, using as much as I knew of logic at the time…and by using a behavioral, workable set of ethics.  Like trying on a new hat and walking around the store, glancing at reflections trying to see if it is “you”.   These guidelines led me to make quite a few abnormal conclusions about the way I wanted to live my life.  Fuck em if they can’t take a joke, I always said.  I could and was always ready to defend my selections…because, when time allowed, and sometimes even when it didn’t…I took the time to follow a train of thought to its conclusion…when few others around me did.
I am not singing my own praises…I just think this is what we are here to do.  I am sure everyone does it to a certain degree.  I think the trick is, to make these choices about the important things in life.  Not which flavour of ice-cream you want.  To decide what matters to you and will remain so for as long as you can foresee.

Having so decided about these, to me, important issues, the ensuing frustration with others that have allowed these decisions to be made for them, has been my cross over the years. It is important for me to rest assured that I am on the right side of issues that effect me personally…and many that do not.  Whether or not Palestinian children are imprisoned in a far off land, shouldn’t matter to me in the least.  But it does. If you choose to spend a large portion of your one-and-only life watching talmud-vision, it couldn’t possibly have any direct bearing on my life.  But it does. If the general populace of this planet do not understand or care that their precious lives are being manipulated in accordance with ancient bronze-age books…what the hell do I care?  I do.  Perhaps I shouldn’t….but there you are.
How I live my life…day-to-day…is a simple matter to me.  It is set in stone and will be engraved in said stone soon enough.  It is not important to anyone but me.  But how others choose to live theirs…concerns me.  It concerns me when some groups prohibit others(and attempt to so prohibit me) from making the choices that I have fought to attain in my own existence.
For all other than themselves…those of the jewish cult(for they are the ones in power right now)…foist these prohibitions on an unsuspecting world where ever they can.  That rankles me.  Everyone should be able to choose what is best for them, and have the latitude to defend such choices.  They don’t.  From a Palestinian child to a foreclosed homeowner…there are forces in place to see that there IS no choice in some pretty important matters.  This is why I write.  This is why I rant.

I felt as a young man that war is a very dangerous and destructive scam.  I have found over the years that I made the correct decision about that one.  I was and will remain on the right side of that issue.  There are no good wars.  All wars are for profit of a few…and the loss of many.  Period.  It is a fact.   This to me ranks with some of my simpler decisions.  There is no arguable position to the contrary.  The facts about war’s history are there for everyone to see.  The reasons for any coming wars are as thinly veiled as Sally Rand.  Why more cannot make this simple conclusion is beyond me. But hey, people are people.  If they were all like me…it could get pretty boring.  I just wish we could get major issues like this out of the realm of choice.  I long for a time in which debate is not appropriate in dealing with all such important subjects…where facts speak for themselves.  Where facts morph into “truths”, and they are filed away with such things as child-molestation, incest, cannibalism and other taboos.  You know…the truths that are being challenged now by the force of the above-mentioned group that hold the reigns of power at this moment in history.
We are now being told in this age, that nothing is sacred and nothing is taboo.  Especially those subjects about which we as a civilization have already made our logical decision.  Adults shouldn’t interfere with a child’s sexuality because it will mess with their values and emotions and will scar them for the rest of their lives.  You don’t have sex with your close relatives because it can and does produce serious birth defects.  You don’t eat human flesh because you are destroying your own species…and on and on. At some point these truths were designated as such, because we as a collective, have followed these thoughts to their logical conclusion.  But some would have it another way.  Some that wish to challenge factual information that has led to “truth”.  Some of these facts…if you possess the power that this particular group has via a world-wide media…can and have been challenged.  The reasons behind Nazi Germany comes to mind.  The justification for concentrating jews in labour camps to rid German society of a destructive force.  
There are a lot of things I don’t get.  I don’t get Ron Paul.  I don’t get war.  I don’t get TV.  I don’t get NASCAR or football…the list goes on and on.  But being on the right or wrong side of these things is important to me.  I think it should be as important to you. Which side you are on.  And as much as I don’t want to come off as a moralist here…I think a lot of these things should be investigated as much as possible before we go throwing our support behind them;or against them.  Or fence sitting.  I say, think it through…make a decision…stick to it.  As much as we want to dock in any port during this storm…well…I think you know where I am going here.
There are a lot of bad things out here.  Some things that don’t require re-examination.  War, filth, murder.  These things are kinda basic.  To our survival…to our collective sanity.  I don’t know if any of this is making sense to you.  It does to me. I see a lot of things going on that need to be settled one way or another before we continue with what we were doing…or we won’t be doing anything for very much longer.  
Getting on the right side of history in these matters is paramount.


20 thoughts on “The Wrong Side…

  1. Hello Timester…making the proper choices in life can make or break someone!….Your post is right on! Interested in your take on the thrivemovement.comHappy Apocalypse!

  2. Terrence – Glad you enjoyed it.My take? Well, until you mentioned it, I hadn't heard anything. Went to the site….uh….Ok…if you take out the "slickness" of it…the "work peacefully within the system"…Amy fuckin Goodman, Icke and a few others…well, then you have a start. Then you remove all the UFO bullshit, and until Tesla's invention for pulling energy from the air is proven, remove that too. Well, what does that leave us? Almost where we are right now. I read nothing about zionism there. They say they follow the money but as far back as they get is Rockefeller? Maybe I am being too harsh…but it reads like a pie-in-the-sky con-job. I will keep an eye on it though. thanks for the link.

  3. I believe another name for what you describe is moral relativism. IT has a high probability of self destruction built in as it is rebellion to well founded doctrine. The institution of all out gambling with the State is a good example. In my lifetime it was illegal to possess a lottery ticket. Porn too and run by guess who? Any who, you still pitching right up the gut. R. Olausen

  4. speaking of nothing sacred……i don't get the science channel… over the holidaZe… running promo's for that creepy weird-assed show 'oddities' wherein some whiny nutter chick tells us that she creates 'poo art'….. is a scat fetish and its discussion as an art medium ….on the science channel… now considered normal?

  5. Timster….with all the doom and gloom pervading most of the media …..thrive was like watching a Disney movie with a happy ending pending if we all just do a few simple things…..the end of the Judaic influence will not be that easy!….bloody hell!…. Thank you for all your work!

  6. Hey Timster, I always find something in your posts that resonates deeply with me. "I long for a time in which debate is not appropriate in dealing with all such important subjects…where facts speak for themselves. Where facts morph into "truths", and they are filed away with such things as child-molestation, incest, cannibalism and other taboos. You know…the truths that are being challenged now by the force of the above-mentioned group that hold the reigns of power at this moment in history."Facts speak for themselves, wouldn't that be nice for once? Like 3 buildings being completely demolished in New York… or Israeli fighter pilots bombing the shit out of a US ship… or the utter absurdity of the 6 million myth…I could go on here…I long for a time in which critical thinking and rational discourse are societal norms, not taboos. My New Year's resolution is to do my best to contribute to this development in whatever way I can. Cheers buddy, I've learned a lot from you this past year.

  7. Dear Timster:"I felt as a young man that war is a very dangerous and destructive scam. I have found over the years that I made the correct decision about that one. I was and will remain on the right side of that issue." Do you remember when we had a mini debate? In your rebuttal you tore me up for expressing pretty much the same sentiment. That didn't bother me. But when you compared me to the 60's counter culture I was a bit miffed. I hated those fucking feckless bums. A bunch of spoiled ass upper middle class white kids that wore thrift shop clothes and listened to horrible music. I like hippies though. I like to think that I am one. Remember that song from 1963 'Down Street' by the Orlons? "where do all the hippies meet, down street, down street…." A hippy was just someone who knew the latest dance steps. Haight/Ashbury changed it for the worse.I am rambling…Happy New Year Tim. For what it is worth I get a lot from reading your stuff.McCob; the hippy

  8. Timster,I, for one, find it impossible to skip a word of your posts!I have also struggled like you and have always insisted on looking quite deeply into most things that came before me. I am finding that the awareness, the seeing (without a prejudiced mind) is much more vitall than any choice I might make. It is to be awake that changes us and thus the world beyond us. So many walk around with personal worlds of small, private minds, and so they are sleeping, simply zombies. Early on, I wanted to see what really is, but what I am choosing, to me, is not so important. If I look and see without placing values of right/wrong, good/bad, then I can start to relax and accept myself, my world. And be in tune with reality. Because life seems to basisbe choiceless. Life allows so much that we aren't able to understand or accept. Life loves death as much as life, hate as much as love. Our small minds try to decide, but I think we only make ourselves miserable and defeated. I am starting to trust life to be rid of war, hate, poverty and all that is "ugly". Is ugly just one more interpretation of ours? And really, war will never stop, or lies, until each one is fully awake and full of light. Individual change is the only possible change. Henry Thoreau was a strong believer in that. So, here we are, back to square one, our own consciousness to make clean. Believe me, I have tried to change myself, my family, the society in a thousand ways and have only been disturbed!Perhaps if we are open and available to life, then there are no wrong lines, wrong people, wrong choices. It really is some bittersweet medicine, but it is healing to me.So let us go on waking up, and trying to understand what is within us and without us!Marigold

  9. R. Olausen – Of course. I try not to scare my readers off with off with philosophical terminology(or myself). Bite-size…that's my motto(grin). Thanks for the comment.

  10. Hello Timster-"Kikz – The tribe DOES seem to have a fascination with excrement, huh? Well…I guess that would make sense".Yes they do and yes it does. I thought I was the only one that noticed this.What you refuse to understand is… the "people", the "sheeple" or whatever you want to call them… DON'T WANT TO KNOW. They DON'T care. They will work harder or get another job or sacrifice or go hungry or live in cardboard boxes if need be. They refuse to give up the "dream". If they can't make it, then there is something wrong with THEM. That's what they have been taught to believe, but if they can hold on long enough, the current political flavor of the day will save them. The mind set goes deeper than you realize.

  11. "Smash those metal motherfuckers to hell!"Little relevance, I just love that quote."Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."Sometimes Val Kilmer gets it right.Yes, I know: way off topic. I have had enough of the topic. It does me no good to think about how stupid things are. I believe that I am prepared: going down in a blaze of gunfire or unimaginable torture vs. direct access to the collective consciousness.

  12. Picture Interpretation! A line in the sand. I say poor photographer! Crazy old woman behind the wheel. I'm glad my mother no longer drives!WOW-ZA, I really, no I really like this next picture. Curves, curves curves!!!Kids standing around. Looks like my place of employment!Nude woman as the table with food on her delightful body. Damn! Damn! Damn! You've really threw me a curve on this picture. All I can say is, Eat up!!!You've made me soo hungry, I forgot about the last picture! I no longer care!Damn Timster! Are you aware your pictures seem to tell a story. I can't see the story through the pictures! Whatever your article was about seems to have taken a back seat, to the fine pictures1 Any how, keep up the good work and maybe someday I'll read your articles! AH!HA!HA!HA! Just having some fun with ya Buddy! Good post! Good comments!

  13. B – Perhaps you are right. I catch glimpses of it in TV clips on jew-tube and I cannot fathom the fact that people actually watch that shit. What does that say about our mentality?

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