No one likes a spoiler.  I don’t wanna hear how the story comes out before I watch or read it.  Half the fun of fiction is discovering with the author…whodunnit.
Reality is another matter.

Ron Paul has been called a spoiler.  That means, in politics, to remove support from a given candidate or party by launching a counter-campaign that is not meant to win a seat…but just to imbalance the election.  It is a version of “divide and conquer”.  And we know who’s game that is.  I don’t know if that is what he has been up to in these past two presidential elections.  Neither do you…when it comes right down to it.  I don’t really care either.  But a lot of people do. The judaic ruling class of this country loves a federal election. And as hard as it is to grasp…the Amerikan public are still falling for it.  It is the ashkanazim’s chance to use all their best moves by making the game appear to be playing out on a level equitable playing field.  To hearken back to “democratic” elections like one of their epic films.  To make the voter feel as if they have a say in government…when anyone here will tell you…they don’t.  We don’t have elections here, we have appointments… and I sincerely doubt that there are any real ones anywhere in the world whose outcome effects anything significant.  Who occupies such visibly powerful office cannot be left to chance…or heaven-forbid…the will of the unwashed masses.  It just doesn’t happen.

But aside from bullshit politics and all the hoopla they can generate…there is a lot more going on in this country and indeed around the world.  And it looks bad.  It has all the earmarks of a catastrophic event…or series of events, that will be played out like a passion-play on the world stage.  Timing is important for the movers and shakers of these coming calamities that will have you cowering in your closet when they come to fruition.  They must be seen as quickly falling dominoes…one preceding and causing the fall of the next, if these crises are to be believed.  One questionable event can spoil the whole sequence and reveal the hand that guides it.  There won’t be a second chance.  It is “all-in” for the global tribe and they all must play their part and remember their lines on cue. 

Like the Christmas play in which your child plays a shepherd…lines will be forgotten…cues will be disregarded…stage fright sets in.  But unlike a forgiving parental audience…we will not just giggle quietly and allow them to finish their performance. We will all know “whodunnit”.
It would take an idiot to not see this coming.  Everything is being set for it as you read this.  The 72-hour notice that KBR put out to activate FEMA camps across our nation…the Iran debacle with spy-drones…the deletion of posse comitatus under the “indefinite detention” bill, which essentially nullifies our Bill of Rights…the internet “kill-switch”…the troop movement from Iraq back to the states(under the pretext of “ending” that war)…the troop movement to Syria…the troops in Australia…the election game-show…and finally the coming of the most revered Christian holiday.  
As I said up at the top of this thing…everyone hates a spoiler.  But sometimes, it can be a good thing.  I think we all are on tenterhooks at the moment.  Things are happening too quickly to take them all in for most of us, and in the West(where the game is afoot) it is a stressful and emotional time of the year.  It is time for their play to begin.  The stage is set and the audience will participate, whether they want to or not.  It’s all or nothing now.
But because it is soooo difficult to rule the world…many have tried and failed.  Because you can’t make people believe what you want them to believe all the time.  Because shock-value fades.  Because this is this.  It will all fail miserably.  The hand WILL be revealed.  But not before that yiddish claw has caused more damage than he ever has in this tired old world.

This is not meant to be fear-porn.  I don’t incite for fun.  I don’t predict just to say “I told you so”, in case I was right.  You know that I am right.  Here and now.  I have no talent for prognostication, but as you look around you, it should be obvious to even those that purchased the yiddish lies before, time and time again, that this is the end-game.  This is what it was all for.
I hope I am wrong and I hope I am right.  I do not want to see the wanton slaughter that I am afraid is coming, and yet it needs to happen to expose those that have heralded such international horror.   They won’t have it any other way, I’m afraid.
So on one hand we out here are playing the spoiler, telling you what is going to happen…and on the other…we don’t want to be saddled with such a task.  But there it is.


20 thoughts on “Spoiler…

  1. Bless his little heart, Dr. Paul, the designated dissenter as I call him, was portrayed as 'dangerous' last night for not wanting to start WWIII. I hear he even used the term false flag the other day but so far has left that out in the debates. Only going so far only gets you so far but I suppose it keeps him alive. Still waiting for that 'spoiler' moment from him…and waiting…and waiting.

  2. "I hope I am wrong and I hope I am right."Indeed.I hope that I am wrong about divine intervention because strangely, my ego says not only that I am prepared, and that I will survive, but that I will prosper in whatever remains. I hope "they" blow it up baby; START-FUCKING-OVER. As enlightened as I may want to be, and do believe is possible, I cannot get by the hatred I have… for many things – including the induced suffering of the masses, by the way. I am human, I am weak… just get this shit over with.

  3. If I put my hands over my eyes will it all go away? -seems we are all watching and waiting for the intermission whenever that is to have a cuppa and relax -gee I don't remember buying tickets for this show but here I am and Your?(mr, miss, ms,)have we met?hehehee ho ho ho

  4. Tim,Exactly. You named each one of the facts running around in my head right now.The FEMA concentration camps are opening – why? Because the 'end-game' is afoot.They will fail but not before nuclear bombs and millions of us are dead.My gut feeling after 4 years of intensive personal research after realising 9/11 was zio/US/newworldorder move.Juri Lina states in his independent research of the zionist bolshevik slaughter that ca 150 million men/women/children were executed in cold blood to begin the zionist communist new world order.He we go again…

  5. Mouser – I am reading "The Controversy of Zion" at the moment, and I dunno…it just seems to make sense in light of what that pack of hounds has accomplished up to now.

  6. They get a lot of their "power" through the fear they create in others, so I refuse to be afraid of anyone or anything. It's like I have thought through the worst that can come for me and/or my family–and since I've read more than enough of their horrors–I know the worst could be mostly unfathomable to the human mind.For those of us on earth, the worst I suppose is death in this world. So I am prepared for that and am not afraid. I say BRING IT.They love and use the fear they generate in people to forge ahead like the inhuman maniacs they are. I'm keeping every ounce of energy for myself and those I love. I channel that energy in love and know that protection and salvation are mine. They cannot steal our souls. We are more powerful than any of us believe.

  7. You reached into my brain and, although your vocabulary is a tad different, you certainly verbalized a lot of what runs around in my peanut brain, like an effing old fashioned looped tape at times. It feels like a waiting game is all we can play. No amount of new opened eyes will change what is to come.All my life this has been in the background in one form or another and I don't think I will go into some of the visions I have had but they are soul searing scary. I don't know how the camp thing will play out up here in Canada although I know there are lots up here too but the Canadian spirit is already so much more "owned" than that of the Americans so who knows. There are camps here but are they being readied? No one knows.. there is no information.Dr.Paul could be real, could be a lightening rod. No one knows. I watch him with jaundiced eye although his voting record has always been good and he voted in accordance to what was right although I notice in the passing of this latest big bill for indefinite detention, his name is not on either the yes or no ballots.All my life, because of my innate knowledge and visions, I have never ever fit in with the world. Felt myself to be watching from the side… like walking through a foreign culture. Personal spiritual experiences let me know that I was back this time to tidy up a lot of loose ends and to do what I could with the coming times.I go out on a limb to say this is not the first time I have experienced the end of an age … and the beginning of the one we are winding up in these times. But I sure hope it is my last… Nothing we face surprises me, we have,…. the human race…. been through all this before. I, for one, have considered how to deal with things when the time comes, and I doubt I want to hang around. It is the same nasty fluckers as before behind all this evil, just different labels… I have gone on record before as saying, on an intergalactic level, on a danger scale, ten being the most dangerous, I was once told by one who knew these things, our planet is a 9.5. We are the seat of a great battle upon which much rides… In the meantime, like all the rest with moderately open eyes… I try not to chew my fingernails to the quick in anticipation.

  8. well….with all of these profound comments to your post tim, it seems as though an epiphany of sorts has occurred here…a momentous event on the hor-i-zon is upon us. noor, i try not to bite my nails, but sometimes my eyes are darting all over the place, and a huge sigh escapes from my person. we wait.

  9. I suppose the magicians tricks fool us because we wish to believe. Santa Claus Democracy (What we're taught in school that is brainwashed into our heads.) Being young with our lives to get on with you wish to believe your being taken care of! I've liven in fear from the first moment I can remember! Fear of the devil through the religous choices of my parents and grandparents! Fear of my father from mental disorders and alcoholism! I FEARED FOR MY MOTHER UNTIL THE DAY HE DIED! I breathed relief for the first time in my life, only to be replaced with the fear creeping into my soul from realization that the government and the world was not what I WAS TAUGHT! I cried this year as I read the newspaper on 12/06/2011 a special section in my hometown newspaper about war veterans telling their own individual perspective of serving their country. These fine men never once questioned the possibility of LOSING their life, for the cause! They never allowed themselves to doubt the credibility of their Politicians!!! As long as these fine young men believe and are willing to put their lives on a line we're goners! My personal thoughts on this subject is the games of the last 30 years or so have done more damage to their minds. They can't understand they don't see death eye to eye as much as previous wars! IT'S VIDEO GAMES AND DRONES!Excellent piece much to think on Timster!

  10. "Hanukkah is a celebration of a military victory and massacre against the Greek Syrians whose only crime was to be tolerant to the Jews of Jerusalem and accept them freely. Jewish leaders could not accept this because Greek tolerance and friendship posed a danger of assimilation so they massacred them!"Not much has changed for the synagogue of Satan (zionist false-jews) since.Now it's global a la Rothschild NWO.

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