Fact, Fiction and Truth…

It is easy to assume that they have almost unlimited power.
The ruling ashkanazi, that is.

I for one…ain’t buyin it.  If they did, many things would be happening…and many things wouldn’t.
Firstly…I wouldn’t be publishing this. And you wouldn’t be reading it.
I don’t think I could be any more critical of the tribe in my expressions at this site…anymore hateful of their culture/religion, than I am.  Short of calling for their heads, I have said just about everything else.

Nothing.  Well…nothing to speak of, anyway.  I haven’t been arrested, imprisoned or even threatened…officially.  That’s just here in the United Snakes.  Things are different elsewhere, specifically Palestine.  Of course they hold more power than they have ever held before…but it is limited.  Its limits bespeak their numbers.  For without much more of the world’s population than they are…less than one percent…no matter how much wealth they have stolen, it won’t be enough.  It won’t last long enough.  Nor will they.

As Imran Hosein implies in this speech, they are also not clever enough.  Malcolm X saw through their veil, as have countless more of us.
 On a confrontational front…they are all mouth and little action.  They are only powerful in the face of the weak.  They are true cowards.  They threaten incessantly.  If I was to diagnose the jewish culture as I would a man…I would say he has “short-man syndrome”.  Bravado that cannot be backed up…trying to make up for lack of real power by talking a good game.  I have met hundreds of these types in my life.  They are pathetic.
But that’s neither here…nor there.  What I wanted to address was fiction.  I like it.  In books. In film.  Even art.  Where I don’t like it is in my politics.
I am trying to hammer home again, the same message I always go on about, but in each attempt I try to dig a little deeper.  Try to bring it to you in a more clear and recognizable form.  Perhaps I can present it to you as fiction.  Well, of a sort.  They certainly do.
I don’t care who it is out here that pontificates about this or that…they are usually not speaking from a reality.  It is second-hand at best.  These are questions really.  Not answers.  Not true journalism.  For there are no real journalists left.  No one that reports something on the ground to you…without coloring it slightly for their sponsors.  Even we in the alternative media do it.  Our sponsor is our agenda.  Many dig and dig looking to prove what we set out to prove.  That is poor science…it is poor journalism.  I’m not saying that this is a bad thing necessarily…it just is what it is.  But I tire of people confusing opinion that leads to a “truth” for them, being so damned dogmatic.  When Joe-conspiracy-guy.com says: “Israel is doing this because of that…”  or “Monsanto wants to poison all of mankind”, or “the moon is made of green cheese”.  These are opinions.  As fact, they are as baseless as the evening news, which has another sponsor to which it must answer. There is a distinct difference between “truth” and fact.  Illusive truth is born of opinion…fact is based in reality.

I know very little as fact.  So I will not present any of my opinions as such…unless I know them to be.  Other than a paltry bit of first-hand knowledge that I have of the judaic religion/cult…the rest is opinion.  I try not to venture into fiction.
When I have said, for instance, that I know the narrative of the holocaust, as it is presented in the media, is more fiction than fact, I know this to be true and a fact.  I am basing my little bits of true journalism on eyewitness testimony from those that do not have an agenda…are not part of the fictional narrative.  No sponsors.  And from these facts, including letters-photos-interviews, I arrived at the conclusion that the agenda, the one of fiction…is the one that is purveyed in the media. I have researched the implications of these facts as best I can.  Then I extrapolate.  As carefully as I can, so as not to venture into a fiction of my own.  Especially when so many read these words. 

A reader sent me an email asking my opinion of many questions concerning Hitler and the Third Reich.  I answered these to the best of my ability, but I implied that few alive could give him the real answers that he seeks.  I could only give him my considered opinions.  As I said…I enjoy fiction…just not when it is portrayed as reality.  That is probably one of the reasons I started this site to begin with.  But during my examinations using fact as a base, I have formed some pretty unorthodox opinions.  And as ruminations, perhaps they are true.  I think they are…but would be hard pressed to prove them in a court of law.  Although not everything we believe to be true…those things that make sense and probably just “are”…need to be proven by court proceedings.  Sort of a, “if A=B and B=C, then A=C” kind of thing.
I guess what I am trying to get across is that, we should not confuse…and so many do…facts with fiction…or opinions.

So as I started out to say about tribal power of the judaic in our modern world …up there at the start…if I can write these words, and you can read them…and no one is stopping that process successfully yet, you must conclude one of a few things.  One-the power that so many believe the ruling khazar wields isn’t as all-encompassing as they think.  Or two-they do not see this type of caustic criticism as being important enough to censor(assuming that they have the wherewithal to do such a thing). Or three-I am entirely wrong about the evil machinations of this group in the first place.

I am going to discount options two and three, and pick door number one.
But that is opinion.  Not fact.  But not fiction.


5 thoughts on “Fact, Fiction and Truth…

  1. There is little way to "prove" anything… documentation altered or destroyed,images altered, minds altered… even your own first hand senses can deceive you.Thus far I have concluded, or deluded myself that history is bullshit… and I really would like to know what this place really is.

  2. Hey Timster,…The ability to know thy enemy, is essential to strategic planning, it doesn't matter one iota what motivates you, it is absolutely necessary to understand that which motivates your enemy – my enemy believes beyond any reasonable argument, that they have been chosen by an omniscient, omnipotent entity that THEY describe as a/the GOD.Their God is a belligerent, blood lusting deviant that offers material and sensual gains to those that worship this creature and do its bidding – how is any of this NOT relevant to our current struggle?If the Inca priests believed that by cutting out the beating heart of an innocent child and consuming it raw, their Gods would be pleased with them and shower them in gifts and glory – what do I care a fuck? They are evil nutters!If another tribe of nutters write a series of phantastic reverences and guides to day to day living and call this the Old Testament, what does it matter to me that their shyte is true or not? I have to approach my enemy from a position of intellectual strength, not academic arrogance. If they think I am their hereditary slave, big fucking deal – come and get me. "I don't care who it is out here that pontificates about this or that…they are usually not speaking from a reality."The pan calling the kettle black? Pffft.This Post is so circular in its contradictions as to be chasing its own arse.Timster, if something is bugging you, get it off your chest, the EPA are refusing to allow folks to skip around the mulberry bush anymore because of erosion.Tough lurv? I dunno, I just prefer to see your guns pointed at THE enemy. Or did someone declare Martial law on bullshitters at the truther barricade? If that's the case, we're fucked mate!This probably reads far more bellicose than the spirit is is scribbled in, the yids are about to turn one of my favourite Aussie towns into Okinawa, drugs, vice, murder rape and public drunkenness as de rigeur. By the way the quiet word is that the facility these bumpkin fucking yankee marines are about to move into, is designed to house 20,000 troops! Ya, what's up with those logistics? Something your prez aint sharing with the colonial herds downunder?Life is gett'n worse everyday, let's see how much longer peaceful resistance lasts, eh?Your digital mate downunder.veritas

  3. As soon as we stop being afraid of them, they lose all power. So this is what we all must work on–eliminating the fear they have bred in all of us. It's entirely doable–at least that's my belief. We must imagine what is the worst they can do to us–and mentally accept that possibility with the courage I know we all have inside of us. We never flinch in the face of their evil deeds. The fear they encourage and breed in all of us create negative energies which they feed on and then use to their advantage. We have been bear down for so long that most of us do not believe in our own inherent power. They are as powerful as we allow them to be so let's stop allowing them to destroy us. I hold unwavering hope that humanity will wake up.

  4. Yeah. All- I humbly apologize for this one. I thought I was above piecing a bunch of crap together and calling it a post, just to fill space. Apparently not…(grin). Skip this turd if you haven't already read it. Don't hold me to the fire if you have. I guess they can't all be gems.

  5. tim… don't worry… we are all mostly water… therefore our stability, or lack-thereof, should not be held accountable. this is the way of a craftsman especially; we ebb and flow. we carry seaweed, shells and such. examine these things and carry the dross out to sea!

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