The Holohoax, Or What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

After reading the latest debunking of the Ann Frank fraud…I got to thinking.  Firstly I got to thinking that because of Kanada’s “anti-hate” laws, anyone that publicly denies the hoax of 6 million dead jews can be in some deep do-do. And this type of article is pushing that envelope.  The sites based in that country have a lot of cohones to post it.  A tip of the hat to Noor and Northern Truth Seeker.
Then I got to thinking…mulling over the huge PR campaign by the jewish cult to force feed this type of talmudic humbug to the world. So I went straight to the horse’s mouth…or ass, as the case may be.


If you have never visited this site…and I can’t believe that anyone hasn’t in this modern world…you should know that it is a little…a teensy-weensy bit biased.  Biased toward the jewish point of view and israhell.  Well, that would make sense.  It was founded  by zionists.  It is maintained and monitored by zionists.  So I think we can safely say that the holocaust gets a fair bit of “good press” there.

So I looked up “holocaust denial”.

There was a now famous Monty Python movie…Life Of Brian…that poked fun at practically every religion known to man.  It was set in the time of Christ and parodied his life by showing you the life and the similar circumstances experienced by Brian…an unwitting jewish boy.
If you haven’t seen it…you haven’t lived.  It is that good.  
But anyway…there is a scene in which the jewish PFJ (People’s Front of Judea)…an organization to which Brian was drafted…have a meeting.  In this gathering, the leader, Reg, begged the question “what have the Romans ever done for us?”.
Well the punch of the skit is after he posits this query, all sorts of benefits begin to pop up from amongst the assemblage.  You kind of have to see it, to really appreciate the humor, but the joke was even revisited in Eric Idle’s(part of Monty Python) musical version of the routine…

So I got to thinking while reading about what Jimmy Wales had to say concerning holocaust denial…there’s a parallel here…and it is just as funny.  To wit, the following (emphasis and comments, mine):

“According to James Najarian, “Holocaust deniers working for the Institute for Historical review are not trained in history(whose history?) and “put out sham scholarly articles in the mock-academic publication, the Journal of Historical Review”  They appeal to “our objectivity, our sense of fair play, and our distrust of figurative language”. Thus, they rely on facts(THOSE BASTARDS!) to grab the readers’ attention. These facts, however, are strung by what Narjarian calls “fabricated decorum” and are re-interpreted for their use. For example, they pay particular attention to inconsistencies in numbers(how could they be so crass?).
Holocaust denial propaganda in all forms has shown to influence the audiences that it reaches. In fact, even the well-educated—that is, college graduates and current university students alike—are susceptible to such propaganda when it is presented before them. This stems from the growing disbelief that audiences feel after being exposed to such information, especially since Holocaust witnesses themselves are decreasing in number. Studies centered on the psychological effects of Holocaust denial propaganda confirm this assertion. Linda M. Yelland and William F. Stone, in particular, show that Denial essays decrease readers’ belief in the Holocaust, regardless of their prior Holocaust awareness”.
Now…am I nuts…or isn’t this a bit like saying “well, yes…the numbers don’t add up; our language about this hoax is figurative; it really isn’t “fair play” because we own the media that pushes it;  intelligent well educated people are starting to doubt our fabrications…but it’s because all of the liars that we can muster that are old enough to have possibly been in those German work camps, are dying off …but…what have the Romans ever done for us?” 
I dunno…maybe it’s me…but I can’t help but laugh at this.  The Monty Python skit…and the zionist one.  I wonder if you would get kicked out of a holohoax museum for laughing.  I have never been to one…but I’m sure I couldn’t keep a straight face. 
So move over “Life of Brian”…there is no way you can match the ironic hilarity of a jew defending this myth.
 Reg -” All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?” 

Attendee – Brought peace? 

Reg – “Oh ,shut up!”


17 thoughts on “The Holohoax, Or What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

  1. Tim, Things that make me wonder:Were German camp commandants so stupid that they would publicly commit mass murder? (German military officers were indeed stupid, but I doubt they were that stupid.)If murder and robbery were the reasons for the final solution why did they haul the victims back to camps? Wouldn't it be easier to must murder them where you found them? Why the train rides?The logistics for such an exercise as purported during the holocaust are staggering?Execution by gassing requires special equipment and ventilation and a well trained cadre of technicians and managers. It takes 2 hrs to cremate a corpse in an oven made especially to reduce a body to ashes. The body needs to be moved during the process for complete reduction. —-8760 hr in a yr.6,000,000 over 6 yrs (middle of '39 to the middle of '45) 1,000,000 per year. About 120 an hr every hour everyday for 6 yrs, on average. This while attempting the largest military assault ever in history (operation barbarosa, invasion of russia-big mistake!) Just because I don't always write you doens't mean I don't read you.Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.Good Luck, McCob

  2. Timster,I'm so glad that you "got to thinking", because that of course got me to thinking……I am quite new to being even partially awake to this whole Jewish/Zionist elephant in our rooms! I usually awaken to these kinds of things rather quickly, I simply feel the trueness in my being. So I trust that and begin exploring and digging and listening to all that comes my way. It is all a happening for me. Like with 911 and many, many passionate awarenesses that I have, I only keep having that initial realization confirmed and expanded upon again and again, as I continue to open to the reality of whatever it is. So I am waking up to Israhell and am astounded. I'm very grateful to be here. The Anne Frank story really drew me in, and so I love to explore this in my own small way. On a lighter note, I was pondering over myself (ha!), and I recalled how I had never consciously stolen anything. And then, a memory came up. I was about fourteen, and my friend suggested that we grab some hair curlers sitting by the door at Woolworths and run! Just for fun! Well, how she convinced me, I don't know. I was a good little Catholic girl!! So we got away, yet I wasn't thrilled, and it haunted me for a long time. Stealing and cheating and lying never seemed to fit with my sensitive self. The funny part is this: my friend was Jewish, probably the only Jewish girl I ever befriended. And her family had plenty of money, so there was no real need to steal. Mmmmmm…. I just got to thinking ……Marigold

  3. Marigold – It's a curse, really…being right all the time.I have informed your local prosecutor about the curlers, and he said it would be best if you just turn yourself in at this point…(grin)

  4. What has Islam ever done for the Holocaust besides host a weekend conference in Tehran a few years ago at which no papers presented there by the skeptics were ever published? You'd think some insanely wealthy oil sheik, or Middle Eastern entrepreneur, would underwrite the publication of revisionist research in the West, or endow a Real History chair at an Pakistani university. But, noooooooooo! They'd rather raise polo ponies and shop at Harrod's. If the Holocaust were exposed for the faith based Jewish death cult that it is Zionism wouldn't have a leg to stand on anymore. Shrines, museums, memorials, and study centers in places like Nebraska, where it never even happened, would dry up and blow away. So, what has Islam, with all it wisdom and wealth, ever done for the Holocaust except obsequiously swallow this preposterously morbid story? I've read my share of revisionist lit, but none written by a Mulsim.

  5. Nothing came of it except a Press TV David Duke vs Wolf Blitzer smackdown moment and another televised soundbite in which Norman Finklestein made an ass of himself by referring to revisionists as "Flat Earthers" in a phone exchange with Duke and Lady Michelle Renouf. Oh yea, and one of the conference organizers Dr. Christian Lindtner, a Norwegian Sanskrit scholar, has since decided that German field reports of the shootings of commie partisans and their enablers in the Eastern Territory by the Einsatzgruppen constitute a high enough death toll [even without gas chambers] for the continued academic endorsement of the Holocult. David Irving has embraced the same dubious evidence presented at war crimes trials conducted in Poland and Germany after Nuremburg. The pits quaked for a week.

  6. Hey Timster,…wdw: "the shootings of commie partisans and their enablers in the Eastern Territory by the Einsatzgruppen constitute a high enough death toll [even without gas chambers] for the continued academic endorsement of the Holocult."Surely then by this criteria, what the illegal mercenaries in Iraq, Blackwater, Xe etc did, manifested a crime against humanity, with the toll in Iraq being a verifiable figure in excess of 1 millions, then the gravity of the crime surely outweighs the holohoax and so, demands an international military tribunal/ war crimes trial, hmm?veritas – daydream believer.

  7. Looks as if I will have to watch Life of Brian. TY for the link kiddo.As usual, a pensive piece.Interesting, Marigold's story. I was a nice naive Catholic girl with a boyfriend. The first person to get me roaring drunk and take him off to seduce him was my friend, a Jewish girl. AND she seduced my best girlfriend and HER boyfriend too. Then she ran off and became a lesbian sex counselor. But I did not have my ah ha moment regarding race etc until a few years ago as I learned….

  8. Noor – It is required viewing. Something to look for…the "crack suicide squad" were jewish Nazis. There was a whole routine about them in the film, but the "producers", although they loved the fun being poked at Christians, felt such reference to jews was too offensive…go figure.

  9. Hey Timster, great piece! Made me laugh out loud! "Thus, they rely on facts…." LMAO! I gotta be honest here, I haven't seen Life of Brian or any Monty Python movie. Sad story…maybe this weekend though?who+dares+wings makes a number of great points. Off the top of my head, the only Muslim I can think of that talks straight about the Holohoax is Jonathan Azaziah. And yes, there are Holohoax organizations alive and well in Nebraska. There's probably a total of 5,000 Jews in the entire f-ing state!

  10. I have the 2007 Directory for the Association of Holocaust Organizations. It's 248 pages. Granted, maybe a combined fifth of the listings are for organizations in Israel, Britain and Canada, but most are in the USA. I doubt there is any state left that doesn't have a (501c3) tax subsidized Holocult indoctrination center. These are scams because someone is getting paid to organize and run them and it isn't Polish Catholic Auschwitz survivors. Whoever builds the first life sized replica of a Nazi gas chamber out of used copies of The Diary of Anne Frank and charges an entry fee could make some serious bank. Put it on wheels and park it at malls across the country and you've got a career.Think of all the great swag you could sell off the back of a mobile Holocaust museum parked in front of a Starbuck's. "Hey, Rube!"

  11. Hey Timstr,…w+d+w LMFAO!Haaaargh!….I sir, will volunteer to stack said fictional novellas – I swear this solemn oaf, fist firmly pressed upon frontal lobe! SAR!Whoooot!If I had a valid driver's license I'd volunteer to drive said, Bus!I must now, awaaaay, for I am to be the queen of the Maaaay!veritas

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