This Is A Test….This Is Only A Test…

I think I have a pretty good grasp of things.  Things as they really are.  Nothing surprises me.  Nothing’s gonna change my world.

This is the unconscious mantra of the common man. If you see life as a game…and I think most do…then you have to see the rules as being immutable.  You have to see the edges of the game board.  If you can’t, then they put you in that long-sleeved shirt.  So weather or not  we have read the bottom of the box-top where the rules are printed… the fine print…we understand that they are there.  The rest is just kind of “feely-meely”.  Ever play that game?  You put a bunch of objects in a bag and each player takes a turn at identifying the objects by touch alone.  No peeking.  Well, that is the home-version.  I think some jewish game company holds the copyright to the game that comes in a box with the rules printed under the box-top. And they will sue your ass if you are caught playing the game without having purchased it.
Anyway…for those that don’t fully understand the rules…we have options.  Next week in the United Snakes…we are going to all be snapped back into line.  Our combined Ministries of “Scare The Shit Out Of You”(by executive order), are going to issue a warning on all televisions, radios and even through the air we breathe.  It’s the first of it’s kind.  The whole nation is going to witness and be reminded of the power of “emergency warning” simultaneously.  I find that unnerving.  As a kid, it scared hell out of me that we had to do the “duck and cover” drills in school.  Not the inconvenience of crawling under your school desk while your ears were being assailed with sirens…but the whole idea of managed group panic.  I think that is what it was meant to instill.  Unnerving is probably an understatement.  
So this drill…this test…has a deeper meaning.  As it was meant to be in the 50’s and 60’s on a local level, it is a warning that “their” rules will not be breached.  They will brook no denial to their emergency management.  Everyone that must endure a momentary black-out of their favorite soap opera, will feel the power of the federal fist.  The long arm that reaches everyone.  Spooky is also an understatement.  For it plants the notion in the brains of those that are sure they have a pretty good grasp of things that they wouldn’t be testing this network, if it won’t be needed someday soon.  These are the box-top rules to the game…the defined edge of the game board.  And this will be a tweaking of those rules that you must always obey.  You will just have to fit this new fear into your mantra. Because after all…that is what it is about.  Fear. As far as I know, this is the largest event of its kind in the history of man.  Literally.  Well over 300 million people will simultaneously feel the effects of these few moments…directed by corruption itself.  The technology used to accomplish this event dwarfs 9/11 in its  sheer power to infuse terror in so many instantaneously,IMHO.
And yet few out there in this country even know that it is going to happen…yet.

I find it curious, to say the least…that this first federal emergency warning test…comes at a time when so many Amerikans are out on the streets of our cities enduring the cold, in hopes of changing our country back into something it never was.  I was always told there is no such thing as coincidence.  I believe that more and more as I grow older.
Perhaps this really is “just” a test.  To subliminally test the power of the tribe that have infested our halls of government.  To snap the populace back to reality.  Back into their game….copyright and all.  I’m willing to bet that after such a show of federal technological savvy…the OWS protests will start thinning out.  And the participants in such gatherings won’t even understand why.  It may just seem less important to them…on an unconscious level. 

If McLuhan was correct in his conclusion that “the medium is the message” (or massage, which is probably closer to the truth)…then national interruption of this “massage” is a message in itself.  Yes?  What I wouldn’t give to get his take on this age-of-the-jew, stuck on fast-forward.

I think that George Orwell was wrong.  I even think Aldus Huxley was mistaken.  And here’s why.  In Orwell’s dystopian society that served as the backdrop to his novel 1984 ( a book that makes up a great deal of the mantra of the critical thinker since it was written), he hammers home the concept that under the successful tyranny of the new world, man will always be observed in his everyday life by Big Brother.  The national government.  “Big Brother Is Watching You” read all the messages for Winston in his daily life.  When in reality…in OUR dystopian existence…YOU watch big brother.  He is right there on your talmudvision.  No one will ever be ruled effectively by negative reinforcement.  The tribe understands this.  So big brother is being watched and revered in Western society 6-8 hours every day, in virtually every home, voluntarily.  Men must willfully submit to tyranny…or it just doesn’t work for long.  And you do.  With the flip of a switch…big brother knows where you are.  Right there in front of him…and listening to his every syllable.  And he is a jew.  It is not mandatory, for if it was…every man-jack (and Jill) of you would step out of line.  As did Winston and his sex/romance obsessed mate. Ours is willful compliance.  It has to be, to endure. 

You are rewarded for your obedience by frivolous entertainments…the more mundane or prurient…the better.  The more forgettable…the better.  It keeps you coming back to a place where you do not have to face the little realities of your life.  So when the “test” of taking away these little fru-fru entertainments momentarily…when your media is shown to be subservient to the will of the REAL big brother…you will feel the power and the fear.  With this technology brought to you by ‘homeland security” or “INGSOC”…they can activate their Pavlovian will.  In this respect, our 1984 is much more effective and successful.  There will be no “boot in your face”.  There is no need.

Maybe I’m dead wrong about this.  But I  think I have a pretty good grasp of things.


20 thoughts on “This Is A Test….This Is Only A Test…

  1. Timster, again, thank you for these insights into our sick world. I don't watch the television or care about their entertainments! These mass drug pushers can't have an effect on those who have tasted the reality of who they truly are. The only way out of their schemes and agendas is to not need any agendas. If somebody wants to be drunk and. numbed,, he will be available to one form of bullshit or another. The screen is powerful, all of those nice Rachel Maddows just trying to clarify the political goings- on and blah blah blah!!I hear these voices on the screens in my home, but I walk past them. "…when we successfully killed Osama Bin Laden…". And on and on. Oh god, I just don't care about even the Beautiful things they offer us on the screen. I prefer the real even if it is ugly or painful to me, then their fake hope and "good" news!Every moment we live is a sort of test, do we want to wake up or be lulled back to sleep!I love your ramblings, I hope you don't mind mine. Marigold

  2. to date…this is by far the best i have read.. and a little unnerving..because i have been wondering, and thinking these same things. on another note.. lately, i have been seeing people with clown-faces.. i take a second look, and they are normal…as i walk away, and look back..clown-faces.. very creepy. i am sure my sub-conscience is testing me. ; ]

  3. So what goes down?Everything?Or just the idiocy on tv and radio.Do the blogs go down as well?Does Iceland agree?If the hit is only on mainstream and non-US sources are still available, it will not affect me.For I have no desire to listen in the first place.

  4. speaking of fear…the peep creepz at boston dynamics have outdone themselves..if BIGDOG creeped you out.. well meetPETMAN's not lookin good for the home team… speaking of countermeasures.. i wonder what a taser blast/shell or EMP would do to these things? somebody(s) would be wise to surmise probable onboard security systems, and come up w/possible long/short range deactivation tactics.disabling visual sensors/systems could be as simple as paint balling.this can't be the world my kids will inheret………

  5. cripes.. inherit… sorry typeO.on a lighter note.. i see some fear is finally being lost by the AP… xymphora's latest second link contains an 'interesting' exchange btwn state dept spokeswitch and 2AP reporters at the briefing. 🙂

  6. I would have thought nothing of it had I not saw the date 11-9-11. Well that's not exactly true because my antennas spring up at the slightest mention of FEMA. Connected to that date just set off all the alarm bells. Things are too weird today, it already feels like something is about to expode.

  7. Whinstoney – I am not sure. They don't really make that clear on the website. I have heard that it is going to be internet interruption as well…but that seems a bit far-fetched. I guess we will have to just wait and see.

  8. Genie – Thanks for bringing that up. I was going to mention the date thing and forgot. Oh…BTW…NEVER say that "E" word on the net. You'll find yourself in a FEMA camp.

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