Male And Female…

I have counted them.  There have been(up until last Tuesday) Eighteen gazillion, four-hundred and twelve words written and published in all the languages of the world about the difference between males and females of our species.  It was a daunting task, counting them all…but I felt up to it…and, well…there you are.  And of all these words only two sentences are valid.  I forget which ones those were, or I would quote them here.  Oh well.  I’m sure you can imagine what they said.

There are, however, 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion and one, words written about romantic love.  A huge difference.  I’m in the process of counting the number of feet of celluloid upon which this delightful conundrum has been dramatized.  I will be at it for a while.
So what’s so important about these differences and likenesses of the genders?  Why would we as a species be so obsessed to write and read, and film so much…  and that hasn’t changed either sex one iota?  I dunno.  What I do know is that we are obsessed with it.  The difference I mean.  It would seem a simple thing.  Women are women and men are…well, men.  We see it in nature; male and female of most species, and think little about it and its natural occurrence; or the roles which each gender plays in lower animal form.  But when it comes to humans…it is somehow more important to define and re-define these roles.
Now, you know…and I know…and I know you know…and you know I know you know…that somewhere, somehow, I am going to bring the “tribe” into all this.  Your expectations are well-founded.

Among the above mentioned 18 gazillion(and change) words written on the subject of the differences in our human sex-roles, a vast majority in the past…oh, hundred years or so…have been penned(to say nothing of the celluloid…which is a work-in-progress) referring to a faux-science invented by a bit of a disgusting old jewish Austrian fart.  You know the one.  The one that posited that most of our “gender” problems stem from hatred that we harbour for one or more of our parents …beginning in the womb.  A child wouldn’t even accept that as a plausible plot for a fairy tale…but there you have it.  Even though such gobbledygook  has been made fun of since its inception, there is still a great deal of the world’s population that believes this somehow.  Somewhere up there in their craniums. So most of these gazillions of words are somehow influenced by this bearded ashkanazi nut-job that slept with the “patients” that he never cured.  
This may be more important…politically speaking…than many of us are aware.  It has been said that the Western liberation of women has been fostered and financed by those of the tribe.  The top dogs in their cult.  I have found, through my research that this may in fact…be a fact.  It has been written that the WCTU and the “women’s suffrage movement” were both backed by Rothschild money.  That would be in the teens and twenties here in the Snakes. The suffrage movement, to put a wild-card into false elections, and another agenda for banning alcohol.  It is said that Rockefeller’s (Red-Shield bag-man) investment in the temperance movement really had the banning of home-made alcohol as a motive… so that it could not be used in place of his oil, for automobiles.  Well, that would make sense.  I know at the time, it was almost commonplace for most farmhouses to have mash-generated alcohol at the ready for lamps…and early autos could run just as well on this distillation as it could on jewish fossil-fuel.  That had to be stopped…I suppose.  I have also read that the ERA amendment to our Constitution, was little more, politically, than a manuveur by the tribal powers to instantaneously double the tax base for hegemonic zionist wars to be fought.  I dunno.  That too makes sense…to me, anyway.

But back to women.  They and jewish social engineering and their almost entirely discarded role as “gatherers” and “nurturers” seem inexorably linked somehow.  I dunno.  Maybe I’m talking through my hat here…I just can’t help but feel that there is yiddish involvement, when something causes so much social strife and  in the end…generates capitol.  Call me suspicious.
So anyway, when I see so much of the “Arab Spring” being tied to throwing off of traditional female roles in that culture…indulge me here…I see an ashkanazi hand.  
Now before you get your panties(or jock-straps) in a bunch and think that I am exhibiting chauvinism(I don’t even know what that term really means), I would ask you to examine a few questions.
In my view of things that have happened here in the West, and are now emerging in the East concerning female roles in society, I have to ask Cui bono? Does it benefit a woman to emulate the traditional male role?  Or does it benefit the JPTB?  

There is usually some well-founded reasons for tradition.  It is traditional to, say…hate jews.  I think we all know where that comes from.  It is based in the reaction to the refusal of that culture to assimilate into any other, although they insist on living among Gentiles.  That is a natural response, I think.  Especially when their exclusiveness includes money-changing and war mongering.  Solid as a rock…is that logic.  And it continues.  Even here.
I would be the first to say “welcome to it…” when women demand the right to equal slave-labour wages.  “It’s all yours…” would be my response to a female’s quest for social leadership.  They certainly couldn’t screw it up any worse than jewish-purchased men have.
But it is my contention that an entire gender, is being played for fools. Or maybe both of us.  I don’t relish… nor do most men I know savor, the accouterments of our particular role in society.  It is frought with the frustration and desperation of being expected to provide for a family, with less and less resources to do so.  It is being expected to be undaunted in the face of certain ruin, and when, if we buckle under the pressure, are likened to “pussys”, if you will forgive my pejorative.  And nothing can be more devastating than this…to a normal male.  So is it any wonder that the jewish hand in the “gay pride” movement, provides those unwilling or unable to shoulder such burdens, a haven for the more “effeminate” of we males or the “tomboys” of females?  I dunno.  I am not gay, so perhaps I don’t understand.  But whenever I see jews leading a movement…I look for ulterior motives.  Sue me.  But please don’t write and call me a homophobe or some other psychobabble term that has no meaning to me.

 If the women’s movement here…and in the Arab revolt, is little more than social engineering borne of khazarian fantasies about black-ink entries in an account book…should any of us…Mr. or Ms., fall for it?  As I documented up there…there are more words written about “romantic differences”…that is, celebrating those distinctions, than those attempting to blur them.  And doesn’t that speak well for the”traditions” of sex roles?   Shouldn’t we both examine this whole thing with a little more suspicion and a lot more critical thinking?  Just sayin.
Kick it around, boys and girls…

Update: 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion, 12 hundred and fifty-two…after this.



I have a few friends.  Some are out here in this virtual reality, some are brick-and-mortar.  Most of these are writers of one stripe or another, and I admire them.  I admire anyone that can use language effectively to let you inside their heads.  To leak their very thoughts by putting one word after another.  Whether it is in the form of prose or poetry, fact or fiction, I have always held that ability in the highest esteem…and tried to emulate it.  I have, as many writers have done, failed miserably on some attempts…and succeeded moderately at other times.  It is part of the craft, I think.  

At one crucial moment a couple years ago, however…I decided to get into the fray of what I like to think of as “social politics”…or the popular philosophy of the world-wide-web.  And use my limited talents at lining up words in a horizontal fashion, as a weapon in the battle against what I deem a threat to our very survival as a species…judaism.

I have had moderate success at this.  Enough so, that I think I have changed a few minds about this menace.  That is enough for me.  I have satisfied my urge to accomplish my original goal, on a small scale.  Of course I would that I could continue this effort and in so doing, change even more minds than I have.  And I shall try.  But.

There are two things that should be very apparent at this site; my love of the written word, and my hatred of “the tribe”. These are things that have hounded me all my life. For good and bad.  I have tried not to be vain about the(to me)overwhelmingly positive(for the most part) reception my efforts of trying to bring these two things together have brought me here.  It is a struggle to do so.  It is difficult to think that I haven’t done some good.  Fired a few good shots at the enemy…even though I have missed terribly many times.  To have so many read my words and agree with them can have the effect, similar to a couple stiff shots of cheap whiskey…becoming full of ones self.  But I know better…and that feeling, is at best “cheap”.
At the very least I can honestly say to myself that I have been in the battle.  I think the more I write about this subject, the better I can get at opening the minds of those reading it.  I guess that I see my site as the Volkswagen of efforts out here.  It ain’t pretty…it ain’t comfortable…but if you stick with it, it just may get you there.
There are so many Mercedes’ and BMW’s and Rolls Royce’s out here…well, you know them.  They can get you there in style.  But I too am offering a ride, and I am gleeful to have you aboard in this trek to the real “truth”.  That place of the illusive universal agreement about the way our world should work.  My destination is a place in which the jewish religion no longer exists.  Most of the trip will be an uphill one.

I do not have all the answers.  I don’t have any, when it comes right down to how you should live your life.  I can only scribble out how I choose to live mine. Take it or leave it…for its literary merit, or limited wisdom.  Generally speaking, this is about questions.

 I know.  You are thinking you have enough of those already.  But I think the key is to have the right ones.  I have answered a couple of my own about the jewish cult and that is mostly what I carry on about here. My answers have always worked for me.  I have many strong opinions about the descendants of the khazar and I will keep beating up these little squares of plastic until they put me in the fire…literally.  Not to worry.  For if there is anything certain about me, it is that I will keep trying. Right or wrong. I think that is what we are here to do.  To try.  To make an effort.
Even if it is an effort to push a rock up a hill…and though most of the time I feel that is exactly what I am doing…I also feel compelled to keep at it.
If I can inspire…or support people in my efforts…well, then I can sleep well.  And there are so many of you that can be so influenced.  So many bright and aware humans.
I see my site as helping to supply clarity when the waters are muddied by “ANTI-SEMITE”.  For as worn as that anathema is…it still has power among those that remain unaware.  I am attempting to maintain a place where you can re-define your mission of hate…not hate for people…but for a destructive force. The destructive force of the jewish religion. For this religion worships nothing but itself. And I feel that nothing good can come of that.  The Christian endeavors to be kinder;the Muslim, more respectful;the Buddhist more introspective.  But I have studied judaism and its followers from the inside out, and I can say without fear of contradiction that there is nothing redeeming there.  Nothing that celebrates life in any fashion.  So I strive to be a keeper of focus while their media influences so many, so falsely. 
If I can provide this…then I believe that to my own self, I have been true.  There are so many of you that have youthful energy and talents that I do not possess, I feel obligated to keep this place as a stepping stone for you to use in your campaigns against the tribal evil as we see it.
If I falter…forgive me my shortcomings…but keep returning.  My intentions are true…if not always my aim.

Fact, Fiction and Truth…

It is easy to assume that they have almost unlimited power.
The ruling ashkanazi, that is.

I for one…ain’t buyin it.  If they did, many things would be happening…and many things wouldn’t.
Firstly…I wouldn’t be publishing this. And you wouldn’t be reading it.
I don’t think I could be any more critical of the tribe in my expressions at this site…anymore hateful of their culture/religion, than I am.  Short of calling for their heads, I have said just about everything else.

Nothing.  Well…nothing to speak of, anyway.  I haven’t been arrested, imprisoned or even threatened…officially.  That’s just here in the United Snakes.  Things are different elsewhere, specifically Palestine.  Of course they hold more power than they have ever held before…but it is limited.  Its limits bespeak their numbers.  For without much more of the world’s population than they are…less than one percent…no matter how much wealth they have stolen, it won’t be enough.  It won’t last long enough.  Nor will they.

As Imran Hosein implies in this speech, they are also not clever enough.  Malcolm X saw through their veil, as have countless more of us.
 On a confrontational front…they are all mouth and little action.  They are only powerful in the face of the weak.  They are true cowards.  They threaten incessantly.  If I was to diagnose the jewish culture as I would a man…I would say he has “short-man syndrome”.  Bravado that cannot be backed up…trying to make up for lack of real power by talking a good game.  I have met hundreds of these types in my life.  They are pathetic.
But that’s neither here…nor there.  What I wanted to address was fiction.  I like it.  In books. In film.  Even art.  Where I don’t like it is in my politics.
I am trying to hammer home again, the same message I always go on about, but in each attempt I try to dig a little deeper.  Try to bring it to you in a more clear and recognizable form.  Perhaps I can present it to you as fiction.  Well, of a sort.  They certainly do.
I don’t care who it is out here that pontificates about this or that…they are usually not speaking from a reality.  It is second-hand at best.  These are questions really.  Not answers.  Not true journalism.  For there are no real journalists left.  No one that reports something on the ground to you…without coloring it slightly for their sponsors.  Even we in the alternative media do it.  Our sponsor is our agenda.  Many dig and dig looking to prove what we set out to prove.  That is poor science…it is poor journalism.  I’m not saying that this is a bad thing necessarily…it just is what it is.  But I tire of people confusing opinion that leads to a “truth” for them, being so damned dogmatic.  When says: “Israel is doing this because of that…”  or “Monsanto wants to poison all of mankind”, or “the moon is made of green cheese”.  These are opinions.  As fact, they are as baseless as the evening news, which has another sponsor to which it must answer. There is a distinct difference between “truth” and fact.  Illusive truth is born of opinion…fact is based in reality.

I know very little as fact.  So I will not present any of my opinions as such…unless I know them to be.  Other than a paltry bit of first-hand knowledge that I have of the judaic religion/cult…the rest is opinion.  I try not to venture into fiction.
When I have said, for instance, that I know the narrative of the holocaust, as it is presented in the media, is more fiction than fact, I know this to be true and a fact.  I am basing my little bits of true journalism on eyewitness testimony from those that do not have an agenda…are not part of the fictional narrative.  No sponsors.  And from these facts, including letters-photos-interviews, I arrived at the conclusion that the agenda, the one of fiction…is the one that is purveyed in the media. I have researched the implications of these facts as best I can.  Then I extrapolate.  As carefully as I can, so as not to venture into a fiction of my own.  Especially when so many read these words. 

A reader sent me an email asking my opinion of many questions concerning Hitler and the Third Reich.  I answered these to the best of my ability, but I implied that few alive could give him the real answers that he seeks.  I could only give him my considered opinions.  As I said…I enjoy fiction…just not when it is portrayed as reality.  That is probably one of the reasons I started this site to begin with.  But during my examinations using fact as a base, I have formed some pretty unorthodox opinions.  And as ruminations, perhaps they are true.  I think they are…but would be hard pressed to prove them in a court of law.  Although not everything we believe to be true…those things that make sense and probably just “are”…need to be proven by court proceedings.  Sort of a, “if A=B and B=C, then A=C” kind of thing.
I guess what I am trying to get across is that, we should not confuse…and so many do…facts with fiction…or opinions.

So as I started out to say about tribal power of the judaic in our modern world …up there at the start…if I can write these words, and you can read them…and no one is stopping that process successfully yet, you must conclude one of a few things.  One-the power that so many believe the ruling khazar wields isn’t as all-encompassing as they think.  Or two-they do not see this type of caustic criticism as being important enough to censor(assuming that they have the wherewithal to do such a thing). Or three-I am entirely wrong about the evil machinations of this group in the first place.

I am going to discount options two and three, and pick door number one.
But that is opinion.  Not fact.  But not fiction.

The Holohoax, Or What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

After reading the latest debunking of the Ann Frank fraud…I got to thinking.  Firstly I got to thinking that because of Kanada’s “anti-hate” laws, anyone that publicly denies the hoax of 6 million dead jews can be in some deep do-do. And this type of article is pushing that envelope.  The sites based in that country have a lot of cohones to post it.  A tip of the hat to Noor and Northern Truth Seeker.
Then I got to thinking…mulling over the huge PR campaign by the jewish cult to force feed this type of talmudic humbug to the world. So I went straight to the horse’s mouth…or ass, as the case may be.


If you have never visited this site…and I can’t believe that anyone hasn’t in this modern world…you should know that it is a little…a teensy-weensy bit biased.  Biased toward the jewish point of view and israhell.  Well, that would make sense.  It was founded  by zionists.  It is maintained and monitored by zionists.  So I think we can safely say that the holocaust gets a fair bit of “good press” there.

So I looked up “holocaust denial”.

There was a now famous Monty Python movie…Life Of Brian…that poked fun at practically every religion known to man.  It was set in the time of Christ and parodied his life by showing you the life and the similar circumstances experienced by Brian…an unwitting jewish boy.
If you haven’t seen it…you haven’t lived.  It is that good.  
But anyway…there is a scene in which the jewish PFJ (People’s Front of Judea)…an organization to which Brian was drafted…have a meeting.  In this gathering, the leader, Reg, begged the question “what have the Romans ever done for us?”.
Well the punch of the skit is after he posits this query, all sorts of benefits begin to pop up from amongst the assemblage.  You kind of have to see it, to really appreciate the humor, but the joke was even revisited in Eric Idle’s(part of Monty Python) musical version of the routine…

So I got to thinking while reading about what Jimmy Wales had to say concerning holocaust denial…there’s a parallel here…and it is just as funny.  To wit, the following (emphasis and comments, mine):

“According to James Najarian, “Holocaust deniers working for the Institute for Historical review are not trained in history(whose history?) and “put out sham scholarly articles in the mock-academic publication, the Journal of Historical Review”  They appeal to “our objectivity, our sense of fair play, and our distrust of figurative language”. Thus, they rely on facts(THOSE BASTARDS!) to grab the readers’ attention. These facts, however, are strung by what Narjarian calls “fabricated decorum” and are re-interpreted for their use. For example, they pay particular attention to inconsistencies in numbers(how could they be so crass?).
Holocaust denial propaganda in all forms has shown to influence the audiences that it reaches. In fact, even the well-educated—that is, college graduates and current university students alike—are susceptible to such propaganda when it is presented before them. This stems from the growing disbelief that audiences feel after being exposed to such information, especially since Holocaust witnesses themselves are decreasing in number. Studies centered on the psychological effects of Holocaust denial propaganda confirm this assertion. Linda M. Yelland and William F. Stone, in particular, show that Denial essays decrease readers’ belief in the Holocaust, regardless of their prior Holocaust awareness”.
Now…am I nuts…or isn’t this a bit like saying “well, yes…the numbers don’t add up; our language about this hoax is figurative; it really isn’t “fair play” because we own the media that pushes it;  intelligent well educated people are starting to doubt our fabrications…but it’s because all of the liars that we can muster that are old enough to have possibly been in those German work camps, are dying off …but…what have the Romans ever done for us?” 
I dunno…maybe it’s me…but I can’t help but laugh at this.  The Monty Python skit…and the zionist one.  I wonder if you would get kicked out of a holohoax museum for laughing.  I have never been to one…but I’m sure I couldn’t keep a straight face. 
So move over “Life of Brian”…there is no way you can match the ironic hilarity of a jew defending this myth.
 Reg -” All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?” 

Attendee – Brought peace? 

Reg – “Oh ,shut up!”

Just So You Know…

My Sister just sent this to me, from Seattle.  We should all be aware that we ARE getting something accomplished.  We can and are removing the blinders.  This is from the same group that went through all that brouhaha a couple of years ago over such messages that were purchased to be displayed on city busses. Please go to their site and help keep this kind of thing out there.
Hang on to the seat of your pants, Seattle…there’s about to be another kosher shit-storm coming over this.

For your edification; Rachel Corrie was from the State of Washington.  I think her murder is a wound that never healed there…and that’s a good thing.  Just thought I would pass this along to you folks to let you know to keep pushing…we’ll get there.

Marilyn et al…

I asked a 19 year-old the other day…”who is Marilyn Monroe?”.
He got a bit of a blank stare on his face as he went cycling through his recognition files…then his eyes lit up and he said “Oh…that’s that singer dude that wears the evil-looking contacts.”  

This really happened.  I didn’t know what to say about that at the time.  I do now. Obviously. 

Things change.  People move on.  I don’t fault this guy for not knowing that name in an instant.  That name that brought up an image of heavenly sex for most of the male species for so many years.  One of the most famous and infamous names of the 20th century.  Hell…this is the 21st century, after all.  Move on, Timster.
When I was a kid, I didn’t know who Tex Beneke was. He was a heart-throb of my Mother.  She had to explain him to me.  That happens.  We place so much importance on celebrity, that we often miss the fact that it is fleeting…and is so designed.  Life is fleeting.

I won’t try to explain who Marilyn was.  Well…not as such.  I won’t bore you with facts like she once said that so many men fantasize about having sex with her, that most of her lovers came away disappointed that her body turned out to be only human.  She was just another woman.
Celebrity can do that to even the most astute of us.  There are people that cash in on that.  They are usually members of a certain tribe.  I think we all know to whom I refer.  But be that as it may…I miss Marilyn. I looked forward to growing old with her…even from a distance.  There are so many idols of my younger days that I won’t have around to share in the aging process…as a gauge of sorts. There are a lot of celebrities that I miss…even Michael Jackson…and I didn’t even care for him.  I grieve over the loss of Gentile celebrities that have fallen foul of the tribe that sold them in life.  Most of them anyway.  Those that were usually, like Marilyn and Michael, foolish and youthful enough to believe celebrity and thought they wanted it.

A few years ago I was going to be a businessman.  A merchant.  I opened an espresso shop in a tourist town.  I learned a lot…mostly that I am not a businessman. As my Sister put it…”it failed because you gave away the shop”.  She was right.  I have a passion for good coffee and wanted to share it with the public.  Those two things are diametrically opposed.  Anyway it suffered several years of financial failure as I enjoyed several years of serving the best espresso that I could.

I opened the shop very early every morning.  Being just down the road from several performance venues at my location, I heard tell of many celebs coming through town…and I served several.  But this particular fall morning I wasn’t prepared for my first customer of the day.  
A small woman walked in asking if I was open yet.  I said “sure…coffee’s brewing”.  She was in a normal looking jogging suit, no makeup and sunglasses.  She sat down after I got her drink and we being the only two people there, started jabbering away at each other.  Weather, jogging, the town…it went on for the better part of an hour.  I liked her.  She was funny and…I dunno…worldy-wise. Tough.  She brought up the subject of celebrities frequenting the area and I told her my tales.  She seemed unimpressed…but hey…some are not swayed by that sort of thing.  At one point she removed her sunglasses and I glanced at her eyes that looked as if they had both been blackened in a fight.  “I know”, she said  “rough night”.
She struck me as nothing out of the ordinary and I took her for just another tourist…but just a bit more entertaining to talk to.  As she left and thanked me for the coffee and chat, she stood with the doorknob in her hand and asked “you don’t know who I am, do you?”  “Nope”.  “You aren’t a fan of country music?”.  “Nope…I always thought of that phrase as a bit of an oxymoron”, I said.
She laughed and waved goodbye.  I found out later that she was a mega-country celeb.  That impressed me.  Not her celebrity…just the fact that millions of people would love to have been in my place on that chilly morning…sitting there chatting away with their idol.  Oh well.  As they said about Marilyn…she was just another woman.
But that isn’t what I wanted to talk about.  I do skew off in different directions if I am not reigned in.

I guess some celebrities are like that.  Tough.  Tenacious. Unswayed by the glamor of their profession…knowing, but not buckling to the jewish hand that they must salve to get where they are and stay there.  Like the woman in my shop.  I would think you either have to be that way…diplomatic with yiddish handlers making a buck off of your talent, but keeping your distance…or you give in to their control.  If you resist too much, as so many have, you can wake up dead.  The list of those that have dared to countervail their domination and paid the price…often the ultimate one, is long indeed.  It is a sad state of affairs that the ashkanazi own celebrity.  So many in the limelight began their journey to stardom by just pursuing a passion.  A passionate nature for any endeavor is a terrible thing to see destroyed.  But it is his game.  The hebrew manipulator of Gentile talent.  A talent of which he is envious.  Envy can breed horrible thoughts and deeds even in the best of us…so we are all witness to what the worst of us can do.  To those we admire and idolize.
Michael Jackson vilified jewish handlers in an off-hand interview.
He died shortly thereafter.  James Dean pissed off a jewish media boss and paid the price.  Jimi Hendrix planned to fire his jewish manager and had wine poured down his throat till he drowned. Francis Farmer was said to have gone insane.  Mel Gibson is the new Hitler…and on and on…

And Marilyn , when asked about how the new venture of starting her own production company would effect her career, said “this means I won’t have to suck any more jewish cocks”.

These are not people to take lightly.  They were dangerous then…they are worse now.  The impunity with which they control us all in one way or another is something that Norma Jean didn’t understand, although she should have…having been surrounded by them constantly.  Perhaps someday our children or grandchildren will learn what really happened to all of these people that had their lives and their passions destroyed.  Someday.  But they probably won’t feel the grief…because they don’t remember them.
But anyway…to my young friend…THAT’S who Marilyn Monroe was.

"When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set." -Lin Yutang

Don’t Quote Me…

I am just an observer now.  I am not a participant. I often point out things that people don’t want to notice.  It’s not polite. I am not polite. I am opinionated, that is a given, but my opinions are formed mostly from observation…not from the thoughts of others.  Take it or leave it alone.  No matter.  I don’t thrive on approval or vanity.  My opinion means nothing.  If it helps some arrive at the place that I am mentally…I humbly apologize.  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
They say that as you grow older, time moves faster.  Things move faster.  Well, of course that is just perception. I have held many truths over the years.  They have fallen by the wayside to be replaced by others that in turn are tested by time whizzing by them.  From this perspective…these advancing years…things do seem to move more quickly; at a more rapid pace.  But they move in a meaningless motion.  Without a singular direction that I had assumed that civilization would take. All swirling in their futile circles around some pretty childish “truths”.  Money. Sex. Vanity.  Fear.  That’s all there is. Religion is thrown in there at times, but only as a veil for one or other, or all of the big Four.

Now some will say that I left out “love”.  I didn’t.  I just spelled it differently when I named it as “sex”.  For that is all that it is…well, sex coupled with vanity.  You can talk about love until your gums bleed, but to me it is like religion…just a cloak for a more basic motivation.
Procreation with a lot of vanity thrown in.  This is not a new observation of love.  Something that every civilization on the planet has written billions of words trying to glorify…or sell.  You can and probably have felt this emotion.  This drive.  There is nothing wrong with it.  
Philosophers have pointed out the basic drives and complicated them.  I have read them all at one time or another.  Aristotle says we are what we do.  I don’t know if I believe that.  I have done a lot of things that I don’t think define me as a person.  Plato says we are watching shadows on a wall. Meh.  Maybe.  Kierkegaard tells us that a true lover cannot be heartbroken.  I guess he saw the vanity in love.   And these truths that they have hammered out, also fall away when age grants you a more sober perspective.  A more on-the-ground set of rules that you try to impart to the younger…who don’t listen.  I didn’t.  That is the scourge and the glory of youth.  Not listening closely enough.  To others that have been there.  To themselves.  That probably accounts for the circular quality dictated by the big Four drivers of the human psyche.  We have to learn for ourselves.  Most never do learn the big lessons.  They die thinking they are leaving something to their heirs;when in fact they are merely making room for those that follow to make the same errors in judgement.  They must be errors.  Life cannot be this meaningless.
I have no answers about life…no grand vision of how things really are.  But I’ll wager that it isn’t about fear or money, sex or vanity…when it comes right down to it.  Or love.  But maybe that’s just me.

Now I could go on to say that the ruling class of our planet at the moment…the descendents of a warring tribe from southern Russia…purvey the big four to the rest of us, because they want more of it for themselves.  Sex, money and vanity.  Fear is for the rest of us.  I could say that they take advantage of our addiction to these simplistic things because they believe that’s all there is to life.  And I would probably be correct.  It certainly seems that way.  They have no real religion as the Gentile knows it.  No true moral compass. No veil of worship to mask and deceive its own followers into thinking that one or the other of these is somehow noble.  And that is why they are so bent on selling them to the rest of us.  They don’t know any better.  That might be partially true. I dunno.  What I do know about them is as leaders…they suck.  They exalt these basic ancient impulses as supreme in the human condition.  I can’t help but think they are wrong about this.   I also know that if these sophomoric two-dimensional entertainments is what you crave….you’ve come to the right planet…and at the right time.  “Want sex?  We have stacks of it.  Vanity?  We will make you think that physical appearance and/or celebrity is the end-all be-all and that sexual union can be a commodity as well as a noble aspiration. Fear? That is what we thrive on!  Money?  Well, not so much. That’s ours”.

Anyway, I have always been told I think too much.  I make too much out of simple things.  I evaluate every detail and miss the big things, and their importance.  Maybe that’s true.  But I have decided quite a while ago that I don’t think I want to be a part of this particular planet at this precise point in history.  It’s not my cup of tea.  It isn’t linear enough for me. It isn’t moving ahead…just around.  No advancement.  There aren’t enough people here like me.  You might say that is vanity.  You could be right. 

All I know is that I feel like I am walking down the midway of a cheap carnival listening to jewish hawkers trying to sell me things that I don’t want.  Nor can I conceive of a time when I would want them.  They scream at me…”c’mon Lucky…it’s your turn to win the Kewpie doll”.  But I don’t want it.  It is cheap and discard-able.  Barkers scream at me to get on-board the latest and greatest ride.  The one that goes around and around…and you wind up back on the midway…dizzy. Much like all those circular motions I mention up there.
And the lights and the whizzing and loud hawking over the bad music is giving me a headache from hell.  It is all identifiably yiddish in nature…this nightmare of an existence.  I see the seedy carny behind every booth, no matter how attractive it appears from the midway.

I’m grateful at least that I won’t have to endure this much longer.  Probably to the delight of many.  But the world is too much with me today…so don’t quote me.