Who Are The Sheep?

A lot has been written out here about the common man being nothing more than a member of a herd of sheep.  I can understand where that sentiment comes from.  It looks that way from a distance.  There are definitely herd tendencies being displayed in our modern world.  This analogy is also been applied to the Western Gentile as a whole, by the anti-jewish blogosphere.  And I can see that too.  But I do not agree wholeheartedly. 
Yes, the ashkanazi mindset….that of supremacy…has finally achieved most of its goals, I think.  They occupy the true seats of power now. They rule.  The world is a mess.  They apparently aren’t very good at it.  Or perhaps this is what they envisioned in the dark alleyways of Krakow a few centuries ago.  Maybe this is how they want things to be.  I dunno.  Kinda sick, if you ask me.  But hey…I’m not jewish…so maybe I just don’t get it.  Or they may not be finished yet.  Many people in the above mentioned blogosphere…real Gentile people…would have you understand that their scheme will not see fruition until we are all in chains…literally.  I don’t know if I agree with that either.
But I think that we can all agree, that they don’t all seem to agree on their “protocols”…if there even are such contrivances.  Whatever.

But I think of another jew.  One that isn’t caught up in any grand scenario of world dominance.  There are plenty out there.  And of course they are going to be offended by sites like mine.  Detraction of their culture as a whole.  Broad sweeping virulent generalizations about their families and their cultural heritage.  You would too…I think.  
So when I see some mouthy jewish kid defending his cult…I gotta think…isn’t he part of a large herd of misguided even-toed ungulates?  I mean aren’t we all?…by definition.  We all look to our leaders for….well…leadership.  Direction.  Sanity even.  For a way to view reality that makes sense and that we can take home and live by.  Or rather live without.  That is to say, most people I have met are more interested in just getting on with their lives than philosophy.  They have kids to raise…jobs to hold down…etc.  Most do not have the inclination or the acumen for social aesthetics.  And I cannot fault them for that.  Even the common Western jew.  For he is also trying to live his life.  Albeit using different basic rules than the Gentile, he too looks to his leaders for guidance and a cultural meme that works well enough so that he can get on with “life on the ground”, so to speak.
Among the truths that most men( at least most Gentiles) accept is the notion that all men are equal.  So any culture that defies that fact is bound to rankle those that accept it.  It is so basic and simple and apparent.  To posit supremacy of any particular group of people is ludicrous to us.  Not only ludicrous…but taboo.  As well it should be.  For to even entertain that flawed thinking leads down a very dangerous slippery slope.  For those that would accept it…and those that would suffer from it.  So the leaders of this cult of judaism…the ones that provide the basic view of life to most Western jews…espouse such nonsense. And they do so either blatantly as through rabbinical views, or between the lines in their propaganda. So then the jewish “sheep” that accept this edict are no better than those Gentiles that are so counter-anthropomorphized.  Does that make sense? For all the alleged superior intelligence that this cult-ture of judaism assumes that they possess inherently, they unquestionably purchase more of their own mythology than the fundamentalist Christian of the dullest mentality.  Even Gilad Atzmon, a jew that is very critical of his own culture, and someone that I hold in high esteem for his considerable influence, accepts the myth of the holocaust as being a fact.  Go figure.

Maybe I am picking the fly-poop out of the pepper as they say, but to me this is integral in understanding how this cult has achieved so much power. Myth.  For us; for them.  Many speak to the jewish propaganda foisted upon the Gentile…but what of the myths hammered into the brains of their own?  This little mental exercise of mine, is in no way meant to excuse the machinations of the yiddish crime cult wielding so much power right now and the horror it has unleashed upon the world.  I am in no fashion a jewish apologist.  You should know that by now.  However, to defeat your enemy…you must understand him.  As a supremacist cult…he certainly understands us, and our “sheep-like” quality.  He must… to dominate us as he has.  I am merely trying to return the compliment…and by so doing…perhaps uncover his Achilles heel.

I met a young jew recently.  All of this is news to him.  His father is an israeli. His mother is an amerikan flibbertigibbet. He has little to no knowledge of what is going on in the world outside of his own little routines…like most of us.  He isn’t rich.  He isn’t filled with hate.  Just a pretty normal guy.  Agreed, he is probably more on the “exception” side of judaism, than the “rule”.  But he is a seemingly unassuming human being…not exceptional in any particular way.  I attribute this in him to the fact that he wasn’t raised by or around a close-knit jewish family/community.  More the better, as I have told him.  He has a unique perspective of things.  If anything, he is more reluctant to admit to his cultural heritage than assume that it would give him an advantage in his surroundings.
I mention him here to lend credence to my belief…firstly that jews are after all, only humans.  And secondly to drive home the importance of cultural mythology and its dulling and sometimes dangerous effect on such blank slates as children’s minds.  At this point the young man in question only knows that his culture is hated.  I don’t think he fully understands why.  But I see that as part of my mission…having been on the receiving end of his cult’s supremacist myths…to school him.  

For along with this site, which is viewed as offensive to those of his heritage that are perhaps too entrenched in the hate taught them…I see it as a responsibility to open the eyes of as many “sheep” as possible.
Gentile…or jew.
“A group of 36 US lawmakers have in a letter to the FBI and the US State Department urged the Palestinians released from Israeli prisons to be put on the terrorist watch list.”


18 thoughts on “Who Are The Sheep?

  1. Hey Timster, good post as per your usual efforts. In the day to day lives, when you throttle the pipe down to just what affects you immediately, you don't always have too much of an idea of how you're perceived by others, also, without the indoctrination on a daily basis, you may not realize your part, how ever tiny it may be. I hope that made sense. The headline at bottom of article….. I saw that headline too, but my I didn't find the list of the "lawmakers". You can bet Steny Hoyer and Eric Cantor will be at the top, though. M. Beaver

  2. Your nobody till some body loves you,so find yourself somebody to love. The world is the same and no one will change it so…. The naked pic? do not be afraid to tell the truth.Go out for dinner,we haven't a hope in hellFiller up? yes sir,All the weapons in the world but not a soul with any balls,Let;s just keep posting, o k B a nice day , pout, deekps Have you had enough yet? if so stop the world and get off.

  3. "We all look to our leaders for….well…leadership. Direction. Sanity even. "errrr, newp. can't say that i do, nor ever much have… inre any hierarchical power structure, secular or religious.guess my daddy was more of a philosopher than i've realized..as i was brought up to question everything, i hope i've done the same for my kids so far.i know the differing level of awareness hasn't made anything easier for them. it's a burden…it makes them different. being different can be dangerous. there is whole other set of ops rules, when you are physically surrounded by 'penned sheep', but mentally occupy the treeline.a friend asked once, why wake em up? wouldn't it be easier on em, just to let em be…to let them sleep?told him, probably.. but, i just couldn't do it…

  4. kikz – Good for you…and it is great that you are teaching your children the same. I was referring more to the "common" man however. Those commonly called sheep.One of my fave scenes from Life of Brian, is the one in which he is speaking to the multitude saying "..you don't need to follow anybody" and then the whole crowd repeats it. I recently saw a vid of an Occupy gathering in which the same thing was going on…the speaker was saying something inane…and the crowd repeated his words verbatim…SPOOKY!

  5. You know those announcements in the newspaper that are in really small type that announce that someone has changed their name, or their company's name or ownership, or that a law suit has been filed or settled? You know, the ones that go on and on in legalese at the bottom of a page that you need a magnifying glass to get through. Well, if this blog was a newspaper and it included column space for ink that only a lawyer could love I would pay to say that the Saturday, October 22, 2011 posting over at at Northerntruthseeker entitled "This Is Revolting: Jewish Rabbi Rabinovich's Speech To Emergency Council Of European Rabbis In Budapest, Hungary, January 12th, 1952!" is a steaming cartload of donkey granola headed for the border. Google "Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich" to find out why. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbi_Emanuel_Rabinovich

  6. Hey Timster,…I should have mentioned that WE get a mention, ya gotta read down (or scroll as I did); like you I like to know who is linking me, yid sites are mostly my concerns, however, this is quite a strange bird to find carrying our seeds! Haaarggh! Left wing christian – FUCK ME! Was Stalin a TV evangelist? Cooooeee!"Lenin spoke in tongues", haaarrrgh!Timster the TV evangelist! Cooooeee!veritas

  7. Who – "antisemitic canards"….hmmm. I wonder where that came from. It think Abe Foxman is the only person on earth that uses the term canards…I wonder if he wrote that little entry? Every other word is "antisemitic"…must be him…hahaha.

  8. Hi Timster,Been loitering here for a while, enjoying your well researched words of wisdom.Thought you may be interested in a show from the UK called Derren Brown's Experiment – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4shngySiIU – which explores de-individuation. I thought it was relevant to this piece and the young chap mentioned… keep him away from the crowd!The first show in the series is called 'Assassination', and also raises some interesting questions.Cheers!Jester.

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