The Chess Game, Or "Don’t Go In There, Tex…It’s A Trap!"

Have you ever been at a protest?  Well, if you haven’t…you haven’t lived.  What an adrenal rush.  How empowering it feels.  The camaraderie…the bodies…it’s almost sexy.  It is sexy.  It is something to hear your own voice mixed with those of your fellow dissidents flying in the face of the “man”.  No matter who the man is.  And when it comes right down to it…it is always cops.  Cops doing their job….as they view it…the best they can.  Reactive….with emotions running through their brains, spilling from duty to defense to offense.  It has a circus atmosphere of daring,  potential violence and the false thrills of a really kick-ass drug.
And it usually accomplishes nothing.  Nothing for the participants anyway.  I don’t attend them anymore.  I never relished the idea of being the lowest chess piece on the board.

I remember as a kid watching silly westerns on a Saturday afternoon at a matinee just for kids.  There was always the part where the hero unwittingly walks into a trap set by the bad guy.  We in the audience know that the hero…if he isn’t careful…will fall for it.  And he always does.  Every time.  Of course he gets out of the trap eventually, and it only served to prove that the bad guy was REALLY bad.  Anyone that would deliberately ambush our hero like that! 

I also remember kids around me screaming at our hero not to fall for it…not to go in that door…not to open that chest; as if he could hear them.  I looked around at the emotional faces of my friends and wondered what in hell could be going through their heads…screaming at a movie screen like that.  Then caught myself doing it.  Fun times.  Harmless.

I’m going to partake in that emotive activity again here today.  I am going to address those attending the many “occupy” protests.
“It’s a trap!” 
“Don’t go in there!”

Well…maybe it isn’t quite that urgent.  But having that same feeling I had as a kid…knowing that things aren’t as they seem to the hero…I can once again try to help our celluloid idol.  For if you attend…that is what you are.  A fiction.  A yiddish one.

Go to the protests.  Show your solidarity against corporate greed and war.  Do it.  Enjoy the experience and let your voice be heard. Enjoy the sexiness of it all.  But don’t take it too seriously.  It is indeed a trap of sorts.  It has been planned like that chess game of which I spoke, up there somewhere.  Planned by a chess-master.  You can foil a few of his moves.  You can raise a defense here and there…but the game is his…as long as you choose to play.  When you sit down to play by established rules…it is his game.  And he will win.

I never really liked the game of chess.  I was good at it when I was younger…but I didn’t care for the uncomfortable feeling of deceit that one has to assume, to play it well.  To master the game, you must be deceitful.  You must assume that you are in a war trying to outwit your foe.  Outwit is not the right word though.  Out-sneak is more descriptive.  You must deceive your opponent into believing that you are going to attack on one front…while you are mustering your forces on another.  It is nerve-racking for those that are basically honest people.  There are such animals.  One has to suspend that openness to be furtive.  Be furtive to win the game.  On some level during any game I have played…I was also incessantly battling with my conscience over being so dishonest…even if only a little.  But enough to tell me that winning a silly board game isn’t worth that suspension of my personality.  So I don’t play it anymore.  There are many out there that are better at the game than I.  And they worry me.  I think the best of them are almost always of khazarian strains.
Hmmm…I wonder if there is a connection there?  Of course there is.  The qualities required of this particular game are intelligence,of sorts(assuming that intelligence is the relative ability to solve problems), and….let’s face it…most importantly…sneakiness.  The same process that the bad guy has to have to set traps for our hero.  There is nothing noble about this game.  It is war on a table.  And by deception we will do war.

But back to the protests.  I said a few posts back that I believe these world-wide revolutions are all planned.  Planned by the chess-masters.  The bad guys.  I have seen nothing recently to dissuade me from that position.  Have you?  Aren’t these just well-played chess moves that force an outcome? And isn’t the outcome of all this revolt always “new boss=old boss”?  And isn’t the new boss worse than the last?  Remember…as in chess, they must create a problem…then provide the solution for which you the opponent will fall…a trap.  A trap that wins the game for them.  You may put up your defenses here and there against the master…trying to protect all that is dear to you.  Fending off every attack, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. You may take a few sacrificed pieces of the enemy…while he is having you chase chem-trails and Freemasonry…watching celebrities while Palestine loses its voice in the UN.  Occupying Wall Street, while he lives in luxury in the Hamptons or Brentwood.
We are still playing “their” game.  We are sitting opposite them at their table.  This will never win anything against the master in his contest. But life isn’t the game that the ashkanazi banker thinks it is. We will eventually get out of the trap.  The real historic episode will begin when the board is dumped and his pieces go flying to the floor. But not before.

So enjoy your protesting…for now.  Feel the power that you could have.  You will need that spirit later.  Thrill at the “coming attractions”.  Then think about taking the battle off the chess board.  Off the screen.  The only place we can actually win.


8 thoughts on “The Chess Game, Or "Don’t Go In There, Tex…It’s A Trap!"

  1. Hey Timster,…Nice analogy with the chess thingy, I used to be a helluva chess player, I just don't have the energy to connive sufficiently well to bother anymore. That last pic there, tits out; are they OWS trogs? If they are, well, there it is! Yids will have their porn and giggle like the kid from The Exorcist, no doubt now, that ows thing is BS!Nuff said about that shyte…moving on.Nice Post.veritas

  2. Currrent chess champ, Kasparov, is a jew. The late Bobby Fisher may be jewish but that is not exactly clear. Other than that you would be hard pressed to find jewish grandmasters. Alekhine thought that chess was antithetical with jewish values.I think you are a little off base with your analogy. Chess is about application of sound mathematical assumptions. The better one understands the underlying axioms the better one will play. It is more about method than inspiration and deceptive tactics.A guy, not a jew, named Blackburn played 10 games simotaneously while blindfolded. Won them all. He relied on method. If you get a chance try reading anything written by a guy named Chernev.Me, I am mediocre at best but I love the game.I think jews would be more suited to billiards. Suckers congregate around pool tables and it is a perfect environment for cheating people out of money.

  3. Anon@7:44 – Great comment! Thanks for the obs. Well, actually…I played for many years and found the jewish to dominate the tournaments. Bobby Fisher was a virulent anti-semite…and a jew. That is why he was taken out by the MSM. He was probably one of…if not THE best player in the history of the game.I knew players that saw the game as an exercise in math as a method and it is effective… but to me it still is a game simulating war. Perhaps that is why I never really got "tournament" good at it…who knows. I chose chess because of the game's reliance on subterfuge and I dunno…sneakiness. I could have used billiards or perhaps poker would have been better…hahaha. Now there is game dominated by liars. Thanks for the comment!

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