We Were Talking About Hate…

A couple of posts ago, I brought up the emotion.  And that is what it is. Hate. An almost uncontrollable urge.  A cave-man survival tool.  We still have it in spades.  It lurks in our prehistoric brain box that we carry around with us.  It will pop up and tell us things…about society…about ourselves.  Like most urges, it can be stimulated artificially.  It is always at the ready.  Ready to defend us; to preserve us; to destroy us.

Likes and dislikes are those thoughts that require thought process.  Experience.  I dislike seafood.  Through the experience of having consumed it on many occasions…I have decided that I don’t care for it, thank you anyway.  But that dislike was borne of involving myself in the experience.  I don’t hate seafood.  I don’t hate argyle socks.  I just don’t care for them.  They can evoke an emotion similar to hatred…but I am not on a crusade to ban them forever.  I don’t secretly feed my hate monster by burning them in effigy. Some guys like them…I don’t hate those that do. 

I do hate judaism.  This is both a dislike and a hatred.  It is borne of experience that I have allowed to transcend to that ancient brain function…for purposes of survival.  I try not to blindly hate those that practice that gutter religion…and by practice, I don’t mean those that merely worship in a synagogue.  I refer to those jews that have bought into the very anti-human “chosen-ness” of it’s culture.  Those that accept the religious teachings of judaism just enough to think themselves better than their fellow humans.  These are not holy people.  Not that I have much tolerance for anything “holy”.  That state of being never produced anything positive in my estimation.  But that may just be me.  I am speaking now of “jews” that take that edict and run with it; that can become the object of my hatred.  They are mostly secular.  That is to say that they are happy to be part of a culture that they have been told are supreme human beings, but relegate all else taught in their religion/culture to its proper place of supernatural voodoo.  In my view of things, they are right to do that.  But the ones that pick up on the supremacist part of the religion and nothing else, stimulates that defensive hatred in me.  And it should you.  Of course all religious people “pick and choose” what fits them best and make it their modified Christianity, or Islam…for few religions could withstand strict adherence to all their edicts.  Judaism, however is the only religion that includes in its dogma, the notion of the supremacy of its followers.  And that…as we have witnessed…is an exceptionally dangerous notion.

I have implied up there that I try not to hate anything before I understand it.  Jews fall under this personal guideline.  Especially those that exhibit all the outward indications of “jewishness”…because I understand that all jews are not supremacist assholes.  I know this to be a fact.  Through experience.  I am not easily duped…and I question most everything.  I have always been such a pain in the butt.  So if I meet a well-heeled person with a huge hook-nose, beady close-set eyes and kinky dark hair…then yes, warning signals go off in my head.  But I do not act on them.  I am merely overly sensitive to what follows.  And that’s a shame.  But that is what I have learned from experience.  What the jew has taught me.  But I don’t unleash this primal emotion that he wants me to.  Not until I get to know the person.  No matter how many strikes they have against them…they still get all the pitches.

When I see in the media…the social engineering that to me is blatant…the artificial stimulation of hatred in its intended audience…my blood boils.  The primordial emotion comes to the surface and it is strong.  Its strength lies in the fact that it is both…a reflection of experience…and that blunt instrument of violent thought.  Not that I would react with violence.  I understand that this is just what the stimulation is attempting to produce.  I will not harm others.  Yet.

A reader asked me “who” will finally succumb to the violence that the system procures. Whether you see the “system” as a natural progression of the “Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”…or merely greedy non-denominational banksters. Who will be one to cast the first stone?  If you are to apply the wisdom of the biblical parable and answer that those without sin will be the first…and we are talking about the “sins” of the ashkanazi…then I would conclude that most Gentiles certainly have the moral rationale to initiate such action.
I say most.  Not all.  For part and parcel to the horror that this tribe has brought to the world, is the willing non-jew’s participation.  The ones that enable this cult and their quest for artificial supremacy.

So I answered the reader’s query by saying “you”.  And so it shall be…I believe.  It will come to this; they will push it to this.
Obfuscate all you want, but at no point will those jews in the seats of power, retreat.  At no juncture will they say: “Sorry…our bad.  We have been naughty and we won’t do it anymore…here is all your money and power back”.  The very nature of the beast that I describe knows no such disengagement.  It ain’t gonna happen.  So as a fellow writer once stated, “when their push comes to our shove”…finding the one that will cast the first stone will not be difficult.  That time is coming.  They will be at your door…and you will know them.
They have taught us to go regularly to that well of hatred within ourselves.  To dip deep into such emotion to hate their enemies.  We know the path to that reservoir..all too well.  That is among their many mistakes.  No one rules the planet for long…because it is against the diversity within human nature.  That very “diversity” that they espouse…for the Gentile…not for themselves.  Those that have attempted global dominance in the past have suffered horrible defeat, relative to their efforts.  The judaic will also suffer the hate that they have visited upon the world…tenfold.  Hate breeds hate…even in the best of us.  Count on it.
Hate is unreasoning.  We have been taught to use it…and use it we will…for our survival.


20 thoughts on “We Were Talking About Hate…

  1. Indeed Timster.Jewllywood itself admits to it…"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with.It doesn't feel pity, or remorse or fear. And It abosolutelywill not stop…ever…until you are dead".The Terminator.How the tribe does love to brag.

  2. Those enlightened ones among us insist that ultimately Love Rules, God is Love; rise above the hatred, your ego, and love your enemy.I must appear weak in their eyes. I actually do not think that I can forgive the "them" causing the ills of the world. I certainly will not at this point. Spiritually, I guess that I'm sunk. At best I might be able to remain neutral and see if we do receive some divine intervention; but they might be at my door before that were to occur.Hate is such a strong word, and a powerful emotion… and it seems perfectly directed at those in power.

  3. I agree with anonymous to Timster.I have quoted that same line many times regarding the psychopath since they are not considered human beings. I have seen that personality type in my own siblings. They can't be reasoned with or bargained with. They are vindictive, cruel, vicious, and evil. Their greatest asset or weapon, are there lies.

  4. icebacks, dagos, curry munchers, swamp kikes, herring chokers, camel jockeys, commies, rosbifs, fags, carpet munchers, squareheads, teepee creepers, yugos, nachos, frogs, krauts, limeys, pizza bagels, rednecks, pinkos, rail hoppers, bozgors, mulletheads, beaners, moon crickets, pollocks, ivans, zipperheads, sheepfuckers, zebras, seagulls, nickel noses, blockheads, canucks, ping pangs, blue eyed devils, goyims, med wops, hajis, pakis, wagon burners, spooks, crackers, skimos, wetbacks, poofters, diesel dykes and nazis.

  5. Hey, Tim,There is no justice, at least not so any man would recognize it if he saw it. What is truth? Fuck, I don't know! There are no such things as rights. There is only luck and sooner or later we all run out of that. The human condition has always been fucked and would be with or without jews. Men like to fight and they (we) are arrogant.Just wanted to say hi. Hope you are doing well.Still a hippy and a happy person.McCob

  6. Hey, Timster…,I have been reading you, kenny and lavender luck pretty regular. I read Les Visible, too. I don't post comments too often. It seems some like to reply to me with vulgar indignation. But, such is life. One can't expect everyone to like them.Gregory Peck a jew? A jew in show business? Who ever heard of such a thing? I heard Bogart was a jew, too?Good luck to you!McCob

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