Hate Values…

I watched a couple vids yesterday that had a deep effect on me.
They both addressed the same issue.  They were both telling and chilling in their essence.
The first was Keith Olberman’s take on charges of “anti-semitism” being present in the OWS movement.  The second was of two women at such an “occupy” rally, passing out leaflets and screaming about jews being the unnamed one-percent that the protests decry.
 I say these vids were “chilling”.  Perhaps portentous would be a better word…but definitely spooky…the pair of them.
Firstly, Keith was playing the role…and even had a guest to help…of the naysayer.  This movement is not anti-semitic  in nature and the GOP commercial that they ran of a man standing among the Wall Street protesters with a poster that said “Google Jewish Bankers”, was merely a ploy by the Republican party to put a nasty spin on the protest efforts.  Well, that is to be expected.  Nothing new there.  Find a “nut-case” and make your case… for whatever agenda you are pushing…on his back.  Olberman was correct in that assessment.  However, the commercial interested me more.  For in it, after showing the man garnering all types of reactions to his particular brand of protest…ie vilifying the correct crowd…the tag line, “hate is not an American value”, flashed on the screen.  I don’t own a television machine…so I hadn’t seen that particular commercial before…or heard it’s desperate message.
I beg to differ.  Hate most certainly is an amerikan value.  One of the most important, I reckon. It defines we here in the Occident.  Unfortunately.  And I find it particularly important, in a last-ditch desperation sort of way, that the JPTB are airing such views.  They…of all people.  The ones that foment that very emotion in their media.  Bloodthirsty “Injuns”, the maniacal “Hun”, the sneaky “Japs”, the disgusting “Gooks”, evil “A-rabs”…all of our wars and our racial strife in this country have been brought about by media-instilled hatred.  Hatred that is condoned and proffered by those in power.  And as far as I can see…the reigns of power in this Western world of war, have never really been in any other hands but those of the ashkanazi jew.  Either blatantly…or behind the scenes.
But it is different when the hatred that is so profitable to them, is starting to turn toward them as a group.  That blind emotion must not be allowed to be directed at the one cult that manufactures it.  Funny the way things have of coming home to roost.  Live by hate…die by it.  As it has, throughout the history of the jew in his mischievous wanderings through the Gentile world, his hatred has come back to him yet again.
The second video is of two gals handing out leaflets and yelling about the jews in power, at an “occupy” gathering in the nest of the yiddish…Florida.  If ever I have seen two females with testicles…these are they.  
When I see such bravado in the face of overwhelming opposition, it is a bit frightening.  These women were saying little if anything with which I disagree.  However, the position that they were shouting from the street corners…firstly, is not something that the protestors want to hear…at the moment.  Secondly, when hawked like cheap watches, it has the ring of simple-minded, indefensible and reactionary bleating to it.  The sheets of paper they were handing out probably did more good than their shouting…at this point.
But as I have said here many times before…this is the face of what is to come.  It will NOT be pretty.  The identification of talmudic philosophy in world politics, and its negative influence of such…will not be discussed over brandy in a comfortable men’s club.  The issue of banning such a fanatical cult and its supremacist ethos, will not be debated calmly by gentlemen in any kind of rational forum.  It will be hammered home with broken glass and blood.  That is the way things are truly settled in the West.  How the west was won….so to speak.  The mob knows no other method.  A mob driven by hate…and it will be.  Hatred will be in the driver’s seat, for we have learned it from those that will suffer the most from it.  No amount of pontificating in their media…no amount of “hate them…not us” being broadcast will stop the slaughter.  This I guarantee. And it is only beginning. Their media and their money will lose the power to sway a crowd that is sick of suffering both.
It will take some time.  But it will boil down like cabbage… to its essence.  And the essence of blind hatred is not going to be on the evening news.

So when I see this unfolding, I recoil a bit.  Not that I do not want to see the resultant disdain…say some 20 to 30 years down the line…of judaism.  The time when even mention of the word “jew” will bring memories of hatred. But the path we must endure till then will be horrific.  Innocents will suffer and die. Group-think will rule the day.  Violence will fill the streets and hearts of those in them.  But through these growing pains, perhaps a better world will emerge.  One in which the haters will not teach their poison.  When all we hate will be our own history.  And the judaism that has brought us to this revolution…will be banished and forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Hate Values…

  1. Hey Timster,…Nice work! One of those chicks is "teutonicwarriorchick", she used to "follow" my shyte, until they pulled her Blog.Very hardcore, no punches pulled with her!Very powerful Post there good-buddy, I love it when you are on the edge, I am always keen to see if you lose it and really let fly, maybe you have too much self control, me, I don't give a fuck; I am one of the bi-products of yiddish evil, I climbed out of their slime, like Frankenstein's monster, I have turned on my Keeper.Coooeee, let's win this thing, for our Grand Kids!veritas

  2. V – She's my kind of woman! I like my women a little on the revolutionary side…If we do…it will be much better than what our GP's left us to contend with.

  3. Hey Timster,…They got me again, faark, nevermind, here's my new alternative, alternative, alternative blog, haaaargh:http://v4veritas.blogspot.com/v4veritasP.S. The yiddish fucker that hit me, goes by the name of brian morrison, he quoted "I am one of the bi-products of yiddish evil, I climbed out of their slime, like Frankenstein's monster, I have turned on my Keeper." from this Post. Didn't have the gutz to comment, just scurried off to yidsrael and filed for my demise.

  4. V- Yeah. He's been here many times. I dunno if he is hasbara or just outta his freakin gourd. Annoying son-of-a-bitch. Like your new site! Keep pluggin away, Bro!

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