Under The Radar And There’s An App For That…

I see that Susan-has-been-Sarandon is staying in the news with her offensive remark, defaming Nazis.  Why can’t people leave the Nazis alone?  They are compared to some pretty nefarious characters nowadays…and are no longer around to defend themselves.  Maybe that’s the reason.  I think there’s an app for that.  You just fill in a name…add an equal sign…and the ADL goes off like that teakettle  you wish you hadn’t bought.  Don’t these mouthy hollyweird types understand that words like “nazi” and “holocaust” are copyrighted?  Sheesh…some people’s children. I see that Jon Leibowitz is throwing all his considerable political weight behind his brother on Wall Street….surreptitiously.  There’s an app for that too. It’s called misdirection.  You can get it for the 4-s.  It is guaranteed to baffle even the most educated of college students as this little sparrow-fart leads them laughing…off of yonder cliff.  Oh well…

I see that the celebs that are really suffering in this economy are getting out there in force for y’all .  All the 99%’s from Alec Baldwin to Naomi I’m-not-a-beautiful-Gentile-so-I-will-write-a-book-about-the-evils-of-beauty Wolf.  They share your pain. Truly.  You aren’t paying enough attention to them…you are wandering around in the streets protesting their paychecks.  There’s an app for that.
When I was a kid, the first thing a jew did when they were seeking acceptance as a phony-baloney celeb for the Gentile majority…was to get some rhinoplasty.  It seems they don’t have to now.  Even non-ashkanazim are going for the jew look.  What a wonderful development for them…their noses have come out of the closet, sort of.  We accept them for what they are now.  I dunno…maybe I’m being mean.  But like I said…it was when I was a kid.  Things change.  There are apps.  There is even an app for MAD magazine.  That was my first…I guess…exposure to “jewishness” back then.  I didn’t know it at the time.  I didn’t get 80% of it’s “humor”.  It was just a magazine that kids looked at.  It was a bagel in print.  I didn’t even get the tag line(what, me worry?) for the Gentile-looking dummy/mascot of the zine….Alfred E. Newman.  A Gentile with a jewish name?  
Was William Gaines making fun of me?  Sure.  But then it was under the radar like so many super-hero comics the tribe published for us.  The ones that tenderized us goyim children.  Anyway…we didn’t really get it.  But it wasn’t wasted on a subconscious level, I don’t think.  Humor is a funny thing.  It can tell the truth…it can lie.  It can do both with equal power….equal dynamics.
I see that the Palestinian bid for statehood in the U.N. is struggling along quietly under the radar…there are more important things to think about.  There are exotic animals on the loose in Ohio, fer chrissake!  There are exotic animals loose on Wall Street.  There is NO app for that.  There’s….Baby Lisa…people tied up in basements…people tied up in debates…”Occupy The Ignorant” movement…we are swamped with news and the apps are being developed as we speak.  Or as I speak.  You just listen.  You listen…I’ll tweet.  They’ll twitter.  I will translate.  I’ll podcast.  You download.  It’s all so confusing.
There was a domestic incident in my neighborhood one night last week. All we heard as we were sitting out on the back porch was a woman screaming bloody murder as she ran by our house.  It happens in even the best of areas…my wife tells me.  I don’t remember that as a kid growing up…but maybe it was just under a kid’s radar.  I dunno.  All I know is it happened quickly.  Then the woman was in a patrol car and the black-and-whites were prowling the local streets for the perp.  Apparently it was her Marine husband that I know just by sight.  He has served a hitch or two in one of the wars for israhell.  Anyway…apparently he snapped.  Maybe too many bleeding peasant women in his dreams…but a switch got flipped in his brain…and he went after his wife. They didn’t find him that evening.  But much later…around two a.m. when I normally wander out for a smoke…I heard him creeping through my woods.  For just an instant…I reflexively thought to yell out for him to get the hell offa my property…then I thought better of it, thinking he might have a weapon, and startling him in such a fashion could garner a large bore projectile through my body.  So I didn’t.  Then I thought…why not?  That would be a respectable…if even ironic way to pay my final bill and check out.  So I did.  Damn.  He wasn’t armed, I guess.  He just ran.
I didn’t hear anything more about his domestic problems, or whether they eventually caught him.  It kinda went under the radar.  This area is very big on servicemen as heroes…all that.  Oh well.  An opportunity missed for the both of us.  He could have gotten rid of an anti-war dinosaur…and I could have gotten out of this mess for good.  It was not meant to be cheri’.  I’m sure there is an app for that too.

Seriously…there are some dumb MF’ers out there. But that isn’t even the point.  Not the one I am trying to sneak up on today.  Well, it’s rainy and cold, and I am about fed to the teeth with all the apps.  All the misdirection.  Nothing is as it is presented.  This faux reality created for our enjoyment and distraction is pissing me off. Mankind seems to be at a tenuous position at the moment.  Somewhere between “voicing concerns” and “hanging the motherfuckers”.  But the weapons aren’t firing yet.  You figure it out.  I can’t.


5 thoughts on “Under The Radar And There’s An App For That…

  1. Timster there be crazy asses everywhere these days. Sometimes I can't sleep so I go out riding around here in the heartland in the early am hours. I'm not afraid of the people coming off the interstate, they look like normal people. It's the times I am looking for adventure and go into the heart of my community and drop in for a chug of soda that I become scared!!! I now take my 357revolver and my pump shotgun with me. I'm getting old, maybe my syesight is going or playing tricks on me. I see mighty strange looking people. There are aliens every where. I don't think these aliens are from south of the border though! The aliens I see are strange, talk strange, maybe it's just me, but damn, there's a lot of strange activity. I quit watching the nightly news, too much strangeness. P. S. All them movie people also look star-range, who knows where there from!!!

  2. golfclap :)MADi remb one issue in particular, a spread wherein all the stereotypical racial epithets accompanied by associated character traits were slung, sort of a rickles' equal opportunity offender primer… it was …funny in that the examples were truthful albeit exaggerated. was channel surfing the other night, ran across the one on 'real snipers'…didn't watch for long…. it's a wonder more of these guys don't come home and flip. don't know they could remain in anything less than the hyper-vigilant state of mind that they must, while on TOD.not something ya can turn on/off.some reasons, i think.. for the continued relative quiet…. food/sports/alcohol. when those go, all bets are off. yaknow….speakin of 'under the radar'…US hunters are, after all, the largest meandering army in the known world. this makes me smile. 🙂

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