He Later Recanted…

His myths are too strong…his grip too tight.  It’s as if we are under a mattress and there are a score of useful idiots standing on it.  We cannot be heard…and if we are…we are not. Or so it seems…right now

I watched two videos and a movie yesterday.  One was of a fellow truther being shouted down in a public square as he spoke the words that we all know to be true.  Another was of a staged news program in which 3 jewish kids attempted to explain…and thereby dilute…the meaning of the “occupy” movement, for the viewing audience.  When asked what they would have instead…what their plan was for a better system than the one that has gotten us all into these wars and debt…they were…on cue…speechless.  This was meant to tell the viewers that the occupy wall street people were just a little upset.  They were angry, and they should be, by golly.  And CNN is going to help them all they can.  By presenting their grievances…by being on their side.

I also watched an old movie…a biopic of Richard Wagner.  Directed, written and produced by hollyweird jews.  There was no mention of his delusional “anti-semitism”.  I don’t even know why the director, or more importantly, the JPTB in tinsel-town even attempted such a film.  In his jewipedia entry it covers his anti-jewish writings and rantings…but implies that it was the fine line of genius/insanity that drove him to vilify the tribe members of his time.
That has always been the case.  It is always: “…he later recanted his position of anti-semitism”….whether this or that historical figure actually did.  From Manetho, a third century Greek historian…to Martin Luther to Henry Ford…all revered figures in history that have pointed out the machinations of the jewish cult(in the ashkanazi-revised view of things), were either severely insane, or temporarily deluded, and later apologized for their sins against god’s chosen.

When I stated up at the beginning of this piece that “his myths are too strong…his grip too tight”, I refer to the present day.
If the “eternal jew”, as Ford called them, can teach us anything, it is patience.  Patience and perseverance.  For that is how they rose to the heights we bemoan…and that is how they will be defeated.  We must keep chipping away at their fairy-tales…their myths.  We must expose them at every turn before our fellow Gentiles will make the connections necessary to understand that this gutter-religion must be banned for all time.
It isn’t going to happen tomorrow. It isn’t going to happen in this “occupy” movement. They are not ready to listen yet.  It isn’t going to happen in my lifetime…and probably not within the next generation.  Unless.
Unless these zionist devils help us in our efforts.  More and more, I am beginning to see that they will.  The September 11th false-flag attack came very close to tipping their hand entirely.  Many believe that the yiddish signature can still be exposed in these events.  More power to them for trying.  I do not condemn or slight ANY effort to explicate the tribe’s evil intent.  Reviewing the few names above…and MANY many more throughout history…we are in GOOD company.  And we should feel proud to number ourselves among them, on this account, no matter how small our contribution.
But for this cabal of zionists to continue their reign of terror, they are going to have to be more and more bold in their actions.  And as they are, they expose more and more of their persona.
It is our job to seek out every opportunity that arises in this arena.
To uncover what we know…and the world will eventually understand…impedes the advancement of our human journey.
At this point in history, we are the few.  We are the prescient.  We understand what is going to happen…what must happen.  We are regarded as nut-jobs, wing-nuts…conspiracy theorists, and even the “occupy” crowd does not want to hear us.  Although many in those throngs soon will.  When what they think they want does not come to pass.  When they see their demands compromised…their leaders selling out…and no real changes as a result of their protest.  Then they will be ripe for learning “why”.  And we that have been through this all before, will be there to explain it.
And as it does to us now…it will make perfect sense to them.  This enthusiasm that we see across the land that will be diverted shortly…will rise again in the same people when they realize that they did NOT hit at the root of these weeds that infect the human garden.  They will listen then.  We must do our homework now…and be prepared for that time.  We will NOT recant…we will NOT apologize.  And in the future world upon which we wager our very reputations now, there will be no revisionist historians to write that we did.


10 thoughts on “He Later Recanted…

  1. People want jobs at this point. Nothing else matters, we're tired of all the crap coming at us from all directions. Is it too much to ask for a tiny sliver of our American pie!

  2. Timster, I believe you need to clarify some things. The loss of jobs have eroded our present livelihood, let alone the new graduates. Where are they going to find jobs. Are they not attempting to make a point about greedy people that have sold us the middle class out? Where should we be protesting? Please go into more detail, explain where we should direct our anger if not at Wall Street? I wait for your reply!

  3. Glenster – You pose some interesting questions. I will try to answer them as my opinion dictates.Where should you be protesting? I spent years in protest marches…sit ins…occupations of government buildings…being abused by cops. When I look back on it, little if anything came of all my effort. What got the nation's attention in those times was Kent State, in which an innocent girl was shot dead by the National Guard. That is where this is going…if it isn't diverted by the jewish hand…and quickly.As I have said, I do not condone violence…but I am a realist and I know when these mostly intelligent people out there in the streets see NO impact of their efforts…they will push harder. And as was said in the movie "V for vendetta" the same thing will happen that always does when people without guns meet people with them. It will be bloody. It may not be soon. It will take some time for these mostly middle and upper-middle class protestors to realize that they are merely fodder for the jewish evening news. But sink in it will…eventually. That is when things will start heating up. And they will go after the "real" enemy. Not wall street lackeys…but the yiddish movers-and-shakers behind them. Right now it is more about vanity than anything else. It won't remain that way when push comes to shove…and the people that are ACTUALLY affected by the economy come out to the streets. What I see now are spoiled amerikans with a few afternoons free to carry some placards and do some chanting and vent a bit. An entirely different crowd is going to take their place. Then is when I will join them. Even at my advanced age…I wouldn't turn down an invitation to tar-and-feather a few ashkanazi banksters.So my advice, is unless you want to spend your time posing as protestors for the cameras…wait…you will have your chance for REAL revolution soon.

  4. Timster, I, too, was in a lot of actions against this, that, and the other thing. Then I found this line by Alexander Haig. "I don't care if they march and protest. SO LONG AS THEY PAY THEIR TAXES."I do not know the man's religious standing, but the line made me realize the important of pressure-cooker-release politics.That is when I changed my way of doing things. Small things rather than public displays although I still played with those at times.I wonder, going by what I see over at Mr. Friend's blog, if there is any chance of those who KNOW of the Zionist menace will become more heard.He posted several videos along that line today. I posted another I found. John has more or less proven that the movement is co-opted, but still it seems like more are learning the truth.This, by the way was an excellent piece. You and I, old chap, are of the same age group I believe. I might mention that the only reason Ford recanted was because his wife was terrified. The Jews attempted to take his life at least once and it was close, I think it was something to do with a vehicle he was in. He did it only for her peace of mind.AND if I remember correctly, the whole apology was handled in a way that, playing the verbal game as well as his opponents, Ford never really did say "I am sorry". But they had to accept what he gave them.A good example of truth in public ~ Helen Thomas.

  5. Noor – Yes, I agree. Well, Haig was Irish Catholic, but he did the bidding of the (jewish-owned) MIC, and expressed the same sentiment there that Rothschild did…which is in essence.."so what?" Which is what lost one Marie Antoinette a place to hang her jewels. And it WILL come to that. It is time, I think.I applaud John's efforts. He is out there taking it on the chin, like you and I did in a time gone by. But he is realizing more quickly than we, that they are not ready to listen to real reason…and they are not willing to look toward the direction we are pointing…yet. They will however.Yes, I had read that about Ford as well. It has been a LONG time coming, but his "eternal jew" is about to become ephemeral.

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